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lic and other nonprofit organizations and that applicable Federal and State wage agencies for the purpose of planning, pre- and hour standards will be observed or, paring for and initiating special pro- in the case of a grant for a workshop grams to expand vocational rehabilita- operated by a State, county, or municipal tion services where such programs show government, give assurance that the promise of substantially increasing the workshop will comply with wage and number of persons vocationally rehabili- hour standards specified by the Comtated. Such grants may be made during missioner, which will be at least equal the fiscal years ending June 30, 1966, to those imposed by the Federal Fair through June 30, 1971.

Labor Standards Act; (e) specify the $ 401.101 Application procedure.

duration of the project; (f) set forth the

budget for the project and the methods Application for a grant under this pro- for meeting costs; (g) show plans for gram may be submitted by a duly au- continuation of the project activity, if thorized officer of a State vocational re

appropriate, including anticipated habilitation agency or other public or sources of funding, after expiration of private nonprofit organizations or agen- the project grant; (h) described arrangecy which is now providing or is capable ments for reporting to the State agency of providing vocational rehabilitation

or agencies requested information reservices that will lead to the placement garding the persons served and those of the handicapped in gainful occupa- vocationally rehabilitated under the tions. The application shall be made in project; (i) contain an agreement to the form and detail required by the Com- make such reports and to keep such recmissioner and shall be submitted to the ords and accounts as the Commissioner regional representative of the Vocational

may require and to make such records Rehabilitation Administration. If the and accounts available for audit purapplicant is an organization or agency poses; and (j) provide such other inforother than a State vocational rehabilita- mation as the Commissioner may find tion agency, the application must have

necessary to assure that the project prior approval of the appropriate State meets requirement for approval. vocational rehabilitation agency or agencies before submittal to the regional rep

§ 401.103 Project activities. resentative. Applicants (when other (a) Expansion projects may include than a State vocational rehabilitation but are not limited to such activities as agency) shall secure prior consultation the following, provided they will result and assistance from the appropriate in a substantial increase in the numbers State vocational rehabilitation agency or of persons vocationally rehabilitated over agencies and the regional representative the numbers currently being rehabiliin the development of their proposals tated: (1) The demonstration of newly and the preparation of their applica- developed rehabilitation techniques and tions. Each applicant will be notified in methods that have been found to be efwriting of the action on its application. fective; (2) expansion and extension of & 401.102 Application content.

present vocational rehabilitation services

in order to serve additional disabled peoThe application shall (a) describe the ple; (3) the initiation of new vocational organization that will conduct the activ- rehabilitation services or activities; (4) ities, showing the nature and scope of the initiation or expansion of vocational its present vocational rehabilitation

rehabilitation programs for groups of services and the numbers of State agency

disabled individuals such as the homeclients and others rehabilitated into

bound; (5) preparation and placement of gainful occupations in the past 2 years;

handicapped individuals in self-employ(b) describe the specific activities to be

ment; and (6) the employment of addi

tional staff in workshops, rehabilitation undertaken, showing how these activities

facilities, and service programs. will increase directly the numbers of

(b) Expansion projects may not inhandicapped persons prepared for and

clude: (1) Construction or substantial placed in gainful occupations; (c) pro- alteration of rehabilitation facilities, vide for qualified and adequate staff, in- workshops, or other buildings, or the cluding a project director, and adequate acquisition of land; (2) research unless supervision to accomplish the purpose such activity is an essential component of the project; (d) in the case of a grant of a project primarily designed to profor a private, nonprofit workshop, specify vide services that will increase the num

bers of handicapped individuals who will be vocationally rehabilitated; (3) staff training; or (4) activities designed primarily to improve administration unless it can be clearly shown that such improvement in administration will result directly in increased vocational rehabilitations. $ 401.104 Federal financial participa

tion, The following conditions will govern Federal financial participation in approved expansion activities: (a) Federal financial participation will be available for only those expansion activities approved in the project application and only in the total amount approved in the project application; (b) Federal participation in any single expansion project shall be limited to a maximum of three (3) years; (c) the Federal share of the approved project costs shall not exceed 90 per centum; and (d) the respective Federal and grantee shares are not applied to separate parts of the project but are treated as total project expenditures. If the grantee is a State vocational rehabilitation agency, grants shall be made only if the Commissioner is satisfied that the State agency will comply with such conditions concerning the utilization of allotments and the expenditure of State funds as the Commissioner may find necessary to assure that State funds will be effectively used to earn allotments under section 2 of the act. § 401.105 Project revisions.

A revision to an approved project for expansion activity shall be submitted whenever necessary to reflect any material change in the scope of the project or in its operation or administration. $ 401.106 Termination.

If for any reason the grantee discontinues an approved project, the grantee shall notify the regional representative and the State agency in writing, giving the reasons for termination, an accounting of funds granted for the project, and other pertinent information. The grant may be terminated, in whole or in part, at any time at the discretion of the Commissioner. The grantee and the State agency will be given prompt notice of the termination, including the reasons therefor. Such termination shall not affect obligations incurred prior to the termination of the grant. Upon termination or completion of a project, the proportion

of unexpended funds attributable to the Federal grant shall be refunded. & 401.107 Grant awards.

All grant awards shall be in writing, shall set forth the amount of funds granted, and shall constitute for such amounts the encumbrance of Federal funds available for such purpose on the date of the award. The initial award shall also specify the project period for which support is contemplated if the activity is satisfactorily carried out and Federal funds are available. For continuation support, grantees must make separate application in the form and detail required by the Commissioner. $ 401.108 Reports.

In the case of any project a final activity report shall be submitted not later than ninety (90) days following termination of the project. A progress report shall also be submitted with each request for a continuation grant. Financial and other reports shall be submitted at the intervals prescribed by the Commissioner. All reports shall be submitted to the regional representative in the form and containing the information specified by the Commissioner, with a copy to the State agency. $ 401.109 Payments.

Payment of the Federal share of an approved expansion project may be made in advance for estimated costs of operation, or as reimbursement to the grantee and shall be subject to such requirements as the Commission may establish. § 401.110 Distribution of funds.

Federal funds for expansion projects (except for a reserve for priority projects) will be distributed initially each year on the basis of population so that there will be opportunity in each State to plan for orderly expansion of vocational rehabilitation services and to submit approvable applications under this subpart. Funds may be redistributed from time to time during the year if they are not to be used within the State, $ 401.111 Factors considered in evalu.

ating proposals. In evaluating proposals for expansion grants a number of factors will be considered by the Vocational Rehabilitation Administration, such as the following: The extent to which a project proposal

will result in an increased number of grants are made under Subpart H of this persons vocationally rehabilitated; the part. merit of a proposal in relation to other expansion proposals in the State and in

§ 401.122 Organization for Statewide

planning. the region; the distribution of expansion projects among the States and regions

(a) A basic condition for the receipt and among various program areas, in

of grants under this subpart is the descluding disability groups; the amount of ignation by the Governor (or in the case Federal funds available for support of

of the District of Columbia, the Board expansion projects; and alternate

of Commissioners) of an organization sources of financing for the proposed

that acts for the State, has stature, and project activities.

has responsibility to develop and carry

out Statewide planning for the orderly Subpart G–Grants for Comprehen- development of vocational rehabilitation

sive Statewide Planning for Voca- services adequate to meet the needs of tional Rehabilitation Services

handicapped individuals within the

State. This organization shall be a Com§ 401.120 Purpose.

mission especially created for this planSpecial project grants authorized in ning, a legislative Commission, or a State section 4(a) (2) (B) of the act shall be agency whose primary role is Statewide made for paying the cost of planning for planning or the provision of vocational the development of a comprehensive vo- rehabilitation services. If the organizacational rehabilitation program in each

tion designated by the Governor is not a State, including the orderly development

State vocational rehabilitation agency, of services and resources (public and

the State vocational rehabilitation nonprofit private) so that by July 1, 1975, agency, or agencies, shall be represented or sooner, vocational rehabilitation serv

on the designated organization and shall ices will be available to all handicapped

be significantly involved in the conduct Individuals in the State. This planning

of the planning. shall include, among other things, esti

(b) The Commission or agency must mates of present and projected voca

include, or utilize an Advisory Committee tional rehabilitation needs through 1975;

that includes, representatives of the State assessment of the adequacy of present

legislature (except in the case of the prograins and resources in terms of pres

District of Columbia); labor; manageent and projected needs; and delineation

ment; medical and health-related orgaand description of the specific steps nec

nizations and institutions; the Goveressary for the development of adequate

nor's Committee on Employment of the vocational rehabilitation resources and

Handicapped; education; the public and programs within the State.

voluntary agencies providing rehabilita

tion services to the physically and men$ 401.121 Coordination with other State- tally handicapped and other appropriate wide planning.

public agencies and civic groups inThe comprehensive Statewide plan- terested in the development of rehabilitaning for vocational rehabilitation shall tion services. Such representatives shall be coordinated with other planning in be outstanding leaders in their respecthe State relative to the poverty stricken,

tive fields of endeavor. the mentally ill, the mentally retarded, (c) The Commission or agency shall the expansion of educational services for designate a director or coordinator to be the handicapped, the construction of re- responsible on a full-time basis, and habilitation facilities under the Medical

shall have other adequate and competent Facilities Survey and Construction Act

staff, for conducting the Statewide planof 1954, the construction and expansion

ning program. and operation of workshops and rehabili- & 401.123 Application. tation facilities under the Vocational Re- Application for comprehensive planhabilitation Act, and with such other ning grants may be submitted by the planning as is pertinent to the provision organization designated by the Governor. of vocational rehabilitation services. Application shall be made in the form The planning with respect to workshops and detail required by the Commissioner. and rehabilitation facilities shall utilize, The project application shall include: to the maximum extent feasible, the (a) A description of the organization efforts made under projects for which responsible for the comprehensive State

wide planning; (b) provision for a full costs of operating the project. The grant time planning director or coordinator; for any i fiscal year shall not exceed (c) a description of the agencies, insti $100,000 to any one State. tutions, and organizations that will be

§ 401.127 Use of grant funds. involved in the planning and their respective roles; (d) a proposed budget; (e)

(a) Grant funds may be used for the a description of the scope and the man

following costs of carrying out Statewide ner in which Statewide planning will be

planning activities: (1) Salaries includcarried out to achieve the orderly de

ing fringe benefits of full or part-time velopment of services and resources in

employees of the designated organizathe State (including vocational reha

tion or other State agencies to the exbilitation services provided by private

tent that they are assigned specifically to nonprofit agencies) for making voca

the planning and related activities aptional rehabilitation services available

proved in the application; (2) fees or to all handicapped individuals by July 1,

honoraria for consultants who are not 1975, or earlier; (f) a description of how

otherwise regular full-time employees of the planning under the project will be

the State or Federal Government or fedcoordinated with other pertinent plan

erally sponsored projects (except that ning; (g) an agreement to make such

such full-time employees of institutions reports and to keep such records and

of higher learning may receive fees or accounts as the Commissioner may re

honoraria in accordance with generally quire, and to make such records available applicable policies of the institution and for audit purposes; (h) estimated dura

within limits specified by the Vocational

Rehabilitation Administration); (3) tion of study; and (i) such other information or provisions as the Commissioner

travel costs of employees and consultants

paid from the grant and of other persons may require. Applications shall be submitted to the regional representative of

rendering services to the project; (4) the Vocational Rehabilitation Adminis

services provided to the project under tration who is available for consultation

contract with another agency or instituand assistance to the State on all matters

tion, as set forth in the approved applica

tion, to carry out parts of the Statewide pertaining to the Statewide planning including the development of the applica

planning activity; (5) supplies required

to carry out approved activities during tion. Applicants will be notified in writing of the action taken with respect to

the grant period; (6) amounts actually their applications.

paid for rental of space, equipment, or

telephones, or for postage and supplies, $ 401.124 Revisions.

required by the staff of the designated or

ganization whose salaries are paid from An amendment to an approved appli

grant funds or who are assigned or decation shall be submitted whenever nec

tailed to that organization for carrying essary to reflect any substantial change

out the approved activities; and (7) prein the scope of the Statewide planning

paring, publishing and distributing reor in its conduct or administration.

ports and related information. § 401.125 Grant period.

(b) Grant funds may not be used to

pay for the following: (1) Costs of servThe grant period shall begin on the

ices for the handicapped; (2) purchase of date requested by the State in its appli

equipment; (3) construction, alteration, cation, except that it may not begin on a

or renovation of space; (4) overhead or date earlier than the date on which the

indirect costs; or (5) any other costs not application is approved. The grant pe included in the approved application. riod shall be 1 year unless otherwise ap

(c) Expenditures incurred for any proved by the Vocational Rehabilitation

category of expenditures (e.g., salaries, Administration. The grantee must make

travel, supplies) shall not without apseparate application for continuation

proval of the Vocational Rehabilitation support beyond the grant period.

Administration exceed by more than 25 § 401.126 Payments for Statewide plan

per centum or $1,000 (whichever is greatning.

er) the amount approved for each such

expenditure category. An initial payment will be made soon after an application has been approved. § 401.128 Termination. Subsequent payments will be made when If for any reason the grantee disconneeded and requested by the State and tinues an approved project, the grantee in amounts sufficient to meet estimated shall notify the regional representative

in writing, giving the reasons for termi- and to provide for a continuing program nation, an accounting of funds granted for assessing such needs and evaluating for the project, and other pertinent in- activities for establishment, construcformation. The grant may be termi- tion, utilization, development, and imnated, in whole or in part, at any time provement of workshops and rehabilitaat the discretion of the Commissioner. tion facilities. The grantee will be given prompt notice of the termination, including the reasons

$ 401.141 Single application. therefor. Such termination shall not A single application shall be made by affect obligations incurred prior to the any State for a grant for a State plantermination of the grant. Upon termi

ning project for workshops and rehanation or completion of a project, the bilitation facilities. Application may be proportion of unexpended funds attrib

made at any time by the State vocational utable to the Federal grant shall be re- rehabilitation agency, or, in States in funded.

which there is a separate agency for the

blind, by either agency, provided that $ 401.129 Expenditure reports.

the other agency in the State submits in Reports of expenditures will be sub- writing an endorsement of the applicamitted in such form, detail and fre- tion indicating agreement with the obquency as prescribed by the Commis- jectives and program stated therein and sioner. The final expenditure report will support for the project. show total cumulative expenditures through the completion of the project.

$ 401.142 Joint planning by two or more

States. § 401.130 Planning reports.

A State agency may, if it so desires, (a) Annual progress reports and such enter into an agreement with the vocainterim reports as required by the Com- tional rehabilitation agencies of one or missioner on the progress achieved and more other States to develop a cooperathe activities conducted shall be sub- tive plan for (a) determining the need mitted by the State organization respon- for workshops and rehabilitation facilisible for Statewide planning.

ties and (b) a continuing program to (b) The State organization shall sub- assess such needs and evaluate activities mit to the Vocational Rehabilitation Ad- related to the establishment, construcministration through the Governor a tion, utilization, development and imcomprehensive final report on its activi- provement of workshops and rehabilitaties, findings, and recommendations on tion facilities. Statewide planning for vocational reha

& 401.143 Application content. bilitation at such time and in such form and detail as the Commissioner may Applications shall be made in the form specify.

and detail required by the Commissioner (c) As an essential means of achiev- and shall be submitted to the regional ing the objective of providing rehabilita- representative of the Vocational Retion services to all handicapped persons habilitation Administration. Applicants by July 1, 1975, or earlier, the State shall are encouraged to secure prior consultapublish and widely distribute the infor- tion and assistance from their regional mation contained in the final report to representative in the development of the groups and organizations participat- their proposals and the preparation of ing in the planning, to other interested the applications. The project applicagroups and to the public at large.

tion for an initial grant under this sub

part shall include (a) designation of an Subpart H-State Planning Grants for individual with primary responsibility

Workshops and Rehabilitation Fa- for the implementation of the project cilities

activities; (b) a description of the na$ 401.140 Purpose.

ture and scope of the activities to be

undertaken during the initial grant pePlanning grants authorized in section riod, and during the remainder of the 12(g) (1) of the act shall be made for the project period (up to July 1, 1970), and purpose of paying part of the cost of the methods to be used in accomplishing organized efforts by the State vocational the purposes of the project; (c) a prorehabilitation agencies to make an initial posed budget; (d) a description of the determination of the State's needs for number and qualifications of the staff to workshops and rehabilitation facilities, be assigned to carry out effectively the

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