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[blocks in formation]

Title 14-Aeronautics

and Space

(This book contains part 1200 to End)


CHAPTER V—National Aeronautics and Space Administra






Part 1200 1201 1203 1203a 1203b

5 11 28

30 33

1204 1205 1206


48 66

1207 1208

68 68

1209 1210


Statement of organization and general information
Information Security Program
NASA security areas
Security programs; arrest authority and use of

force by NASA security force personnel
Administrative authority and policy
Availability of agency records to members of the

Standards of conduct .....
Uniform relocation assistance and real property

acquisition for Federal and federally-assisted

Boards and committees
Development work for industry in NASA wind tun-

Privacy Act-NASA regulations
Release of information to news and information

Space Shuttle
Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System

Environmental quality
Duty-free entry of space articles
The NASA seal and other devices, and the Congres-

sional Space Medal of Honor
Protection of human subjects
Care and use of animals in the conduct of NASA

Inventions and contributions
Patents and other intellectual property rights .......

1211 1212 1213


87 90

1214 1215


1216 1217 1221

141 148 165

168 182

1230 1232

192 199

1240 1241 1245


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