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The official seal of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is
a disc of blue sky strewn with white stars, to dexter a large yellow sphere
bearing a red flight symbol apex in upper sinister and wings enveloping
and casting a brown shadow upon the sphere, all partially encircled
with a white horizontal orbit, in sinister a small light blue sphere; cir-
cumscribing the disc a white band edged gold inscribed "National Aeronau-
tics and Space Adininistration U.S.A." in red letters.

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$ 1221.104 Establishment of the NASA

Logotype Insignia. The NASA Logotype Insignia (Attachment C), to be referred to as the NASA Logotype, was established by the Administrator as the official signature and design element for all visual communications formerly reserved for the NASA Insignia. The NASA Logotype was developed under the Federal Design Improvement Program initiated by the President in 1972 and approved by the Commission of Fine Arts in November 1975. The NASA Logotype shall be used as set forth in § 1221.110(b), the NASA Graphics Standards Manuals and any related NASA Management Issuance(s) or specification(s) approved by the Administrator and published subsequent hereto.

8 1221.106 Establishment of official NASA

Astronaut Badges. A separate and unique badge may be designed in connection with or in commemoration of each manned flight mission for the particular astronauts involved. Each approved badge shall be officially identified by its title, such as “Apollo 17 Badge,” etc. Collectively, these badges will comprise the official Astronaut Badges. The NASA Astronaut Badges shall be used as set forth in § 1221.110(c) pursuant to approval as set forth in § 1221.111(c).

8 1221.107 Establishment of the official

NASA Flag. The official NASA Flags for interior and exterior use (Attachment D) were created by the Administrator in January 1960. Complete design, size and color of the NASA interior and exterior flags for manufacturing purposes are detailed in U.S. Army QMG Drawing 5-1-269; Revision 14 September 1960. The NASA Flags shall be used as set forth in § 1221.110(d). $ 1221.108 Establishment of the Adminis

trator's, Deputy Administrator's and

Associate Administrator's Flags. (a) Concurrently with the establishment of the official NASA Flag in January 1960, the Administrator also established NASA Flags to represent the Administrator, Deputy Administrator, and Associate Administrator. Each of these flags conforms to the basic design of the official NASA Flag except that:

(1) The size of the flags is 3 feet x 4 feet;

(2) The Administrator's Flag has four stars;

(3) The Deputy Administrator's Flag has three stars; and

(4) The Associate Administrator's flag has two stars.

(b) Flags representing these senior officials shall be used as set forth in $ 1221.110(e). 8 1221.109 Custody of the NASA Seal.

The Executive Officer shall be responsible for custody of the NASA impression Seal and custody of NASA replica (plaques) seals.

(6) The NASA Flag, and the Administrator's, Deputy Administrator's, and Associate Administrator's Flags, which incorporate the design of the NASA Seal.

(7) Official NASA prestige publications which represent the achievements or missions of NASA as a whole.

(8) Official publications (or documents) involving participation by another Government agency for which the other Government agency has authorized the use of its seal.

(9) Use of the NASA Seal for any other purposes than those prescribed in this paragraph (a) is prohibited, except that the Executive Officer may authorize, on a case-by-case basis, the use of the NASA Seal for purposes other than those covered by this paragraph (a) when in his judgment such use would be appropriate.

(b) The NASA Logotype. The NASA Logotype is authorized for use on the following:

(1) Official NASA articles:
(i) NASA letterhead stationery.

(ii) Official films produced by or for NASA.

(iii) Wearing apparel and personal property items used by NASA employees in performance of their official duties.

(iv) Required uniforms of contractor employees when performing official public affairs duties, guard or fire protection duties and similar official duties within NASA installations or at other assigned NASA duty stations, and on any required contractor-owned vehicles used exclusively in the performance of these official duties, when authorized by NASA contracting officers.

(v) Spacecraft, aircraft, automobiles, trucks, and similar vehicles owned by, leased to, or contractor-furnished to NASA, or produced for NASA by contractors, but excluding NASA-owned vehicles used and operated by contractors.

(vi) Equipment and facilities owned by, leased to, £ or contractor-furnished to NASA, such as machinery, major tools, ground handling equipment, office and shop furnishings (if appropriate) and similar items of a permanent nature, including those produced for NASA by contractors.

8 1221.110 Official uses and restrictions.

(a) The NASA Seal. The use of the NASA Seal is restricted to the following:

(1) NASA award certificates and medals.

(2) NASA awards for career service.

(3) Security credentials and employee identification cards.

(4) Administrator's documents; the seal may be used on documents such as interagency or intergovernmental agreements and special reports to the President and Congress, and on other documents, at the discretion of the Administrator.

(5) Plaques; the design of the NASA Seal may be incorporated in plaques for display in Agency auditoriums, presentation rooms, lobbies, offices of senior officials, and on the fronts of buildings occupied by NASA.

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The color of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration flag will
be of blue bemberg taffets weave rayon, four (1) feer, four (4) inches on
the hoist by five (5) feet, six (6) inches fly. In the center of the color
will be the Official Seal of the National Aeronautics and Space Adminis-
tration thirty inches in diameter. The devices und stars of the Seal will
be embroidered by the Bonnaz Process. The color will be trimmed on
three edges with a knorted fringe of rayon iww and one half (2 1/2) inches
wide. Cord und tusse'ls will be of yellow rayon strands. Ser duwing
reference above for complete details.

Technical Description of Exterior Flag:

NASA flags for external use may be procured in two sizes: 5' 9'0"
(without fringe) or 10x19' (without fring). Detailed dessen, wurs and
Size specifications are as set forth in the thin my referenced above.

(vii) Official NASA pamphlets, man- (ix) Certificates (NASA Form 699A uals, handbooks, house organs, bulle- and 699B) covering authority for tins, general reports, posters, signs, NASA and contractor security personcharts, and items of similar nature for nel to carry firearms. general use, other than those covered (x) NASA occupied buildings when in paragraph (a)(7) and (8) of this sec- the use of the NASA Logotype is more tion.

appropriate than use of the NASA (viii) Briefcases or dispatch cases Seal. issued by NASA.

(2) Personal Articles—NASA Em (5) The manufacture, sale or use of ployees:

any colorable imitation of the design (i) Business calling cards of NASA of an official Astronaut or Program employees may carry the imprint of Badge will not ordinarily be approved. the NASA Logotype.

(d) The NASA Flag. (1) The NASA (ii) Limited usage on automobiles. If Flag is authorized for use only as foldetermined appropriate by the cogni- lows: zant installation official, it is accept- (i) On or in front of NASA installaable to place a NASA Logotype sticker tion buildings. on personal automobiles where such (ii) At NASA ceremonies. identification will facilitate entry or (iii) At conferences (including discontrol of such vehicles at NASA in- play in NASA conference rooms). stallations or parking areas.

(iv) At governmental or public ap(iii) Personal items used in connec- pearances of NASA executives. tion with officially recognized NASA

(v) In private offices of senior offiemployees' recreation association ac- cials. tivities.

(vi) As otherwise authorized by the (iv) Items for sale through NASA Administrator or his designee. employees' non-appropriated fund ac (2) The NASA Flag must be distivities.

played with the United States Flag. (3) Use of the NASA Logotype for When the United States Flag and the any other purposes than those pre- NASA Flag are displayed on a speakscribed herein is prohibited, except er's platform in an auditorium, the that the Assistant Administrator for United States Flag must occupy the Public Affairs may authorize on a position of honor and be placed at the case-by-case basis the use of the NASA NASA representative's right as he Logotype for other purposes when in faces the audience, with the NASA his judgment such use would be appro- Flag at his left. priate.

(e) The Administrator's, Deputy Ad(c) NASA Program and Astronaut ministrator's and Associate AdminisBadges. (1) Official NASA Program trator's Flags. These flags shall be disand Astronaut Badges will be restrict- played with the United States Flag in ed to the uses set forth in this para the respective offices of these officials graph (c) and to such other uses as the but may be temporarily removed for Assistant Administrator for Public Af use at the discretion of the officials fairs may specifically approve.

concerned. (2) Specific approval is given for the following uses:

8 1221.111 Approval of new or change pro(i) Use of exact reproductions of a posals. badge in the form of a patch made of (a) Any proposed change to the cloth or other material, a decal, or a design and description of the NASA gummed sticker, on articles of wearing Insignia set forth in Attachment B or apparel and personal property items; to the NASA Logotype set forth in Atand

tachment C requires the written ap(ii) Use of exact renderings of a proval of the Administrator and subbadge on a coin, medal, plaque or mission to the Commission of Fine other commemorative souvenirs.

Arts for its advice as to the merit of (3) The manufacture and sale or free the design. distribution of badges for the uses ap (b) Any proposed new insignia or proved or that may be approved under logotype and its use must be approved paragraphs (c)(1) and (2) of this sec in writing by the Administrator and tion are authorized.

submitted to the Commission of Fine (4) Portrayal of an exact reproduc Arts for its advice as to the merit of tion of a badge in conjunction with the design. If approved by the Adminthe advertising of any product or serv. istrator and advice received from the ice will be approved on a case-by-case Commission of Fine Arts the insignia basis by the Assistant Administrator and use of such insignia or logotype for Public Affairs.

must be prescribed in this part 1221

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