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Part 20 30 40 50 60 70

Foreign trade statistics.
Training of foreign participants in census procedures and general statistics.
Special services and studies by the Bureau of the Census.
Public information.
Cutoff date for recognizing boundary changes for the 1970 censuses.

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such officer or employee of the Bureau Sec.

as he designates and shall be affixed to 20.1 Authority.

all certificates and attestations that may 20.2 Description.

be required from the Bureau. 20.3 Custody.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this Part 20 issued under R.S. 161, as amended, sec. 8, 68 Stat. 1012, as amended; 5 U.S.C. 301, 13 U.S.C. 3.

SOURCE: The provisions of this Part 20 appear at 25 F.R. 2163, Mar. 16, 1960, unless otherwise noted.

20.1 Authority.

Pursuant to section 3 of Title 13, United States Code, the Bureau of the Census oficial seal and design thereof, which accompanies and is made a part of this document, is hereby approved. & 20.2 Description.

Seal: On a shield an open book beneath which is a lamp of knowledge emitting rays above in base two crossed quills. Around the whole a wreath of single leaves, surrounded by an outer band bearing between two stars the words “U.S. Department of Commerce" in the

PART 30—FOREIGN TRADE upper portion and “Bureau of the

STATISTICS Census" in the lower portion, the lettering concentric with an inner beaded

Subpart A-General Requirements—Exporters rim and an outer dentilated rim.


30.1 General statement of requirement for $ 20.3 Custody.

Shipper's Export Declarations. The seal shall remain in the custody 30.2 Related export control requirements. of the Director, Bureau of the Census or 30.3 Shipper's Export Declaration forms.


Sec. 80.4 Preparation and signature of Ship

per's Export Declarations. 80.5 Number of copies of Shipper's Esport

Declaration required. 80.8 Requirements as to separate Shipper's

Export Declarations. 80.7 Information required on Shipper's

Export Declarations. 30.8 Additional information required on

Shipper's Export Declaration for In

Transit Goods (Form 7518). 80.9 Requirements for separation and

alignment of items on Shipper's E

port Declarations. 80.10 Continuation sheets for Shipper's E

port Declaration. 80.11 Authority to require production of

documents. 80.12 Time and place Shipper's Export Dec

larations required to be presented. 30.13 [Reserved] 30.14 [Reserved] 80.16 Procedure for presentation of declaran

tions covering shipments from an

Interior point. 80.16 Corrections to Shipper's Export Decla

Subpart B-General Requirements

Exporting Carriers 80.20 General statement of requirement for

the filling of manifests and shipper's

Export Declarations by carriers. 80.21 Requirements for the filing of mani

fests. 80.22 Requirements for the alling of ship

per's Export Declarations by do

parting carriers. 80.23 Requirements for the filing of Ship

per's Export Declarations by pipe

Une carriers. 80.24 Clearance or departure of carriers

under bond on incomplete mani. fest or Shipper's Export Declara

tions. Subpart C—Special Provisions Applicable Under

Particular Circumstances 80.30 Values for certain types of transac

tions. 80.31 Identification of certain nonstatisti

cal and other unusual transactions. 30.32 Exports of completo machines or other

complete units in partial shipment

lots. 30.33 Vessels, planes, cargo vans, and other

carriers and containers sold foreign. 30.34 Return of exported cargo to the United

States prior to reaching its final

destination. 30.35 Shipments between U.S. points in

transit through Canada diverted to

Canada. 30.36 [Reserved] 30.37 Exceptions from the requirement for

reporting complete commodity detall on the Shipper's Export Decla

ration. 30.38 (Reserved]

Sec. 30.39 Authorization for reporting statistical

information other than by means of individual Shipper's Export Decla

rations filed for each shipment. 30.40 Single declaration for multiple con

signees. 30.41 “Split shipments" by air. 30.42 (Reserved] 30.43 (Reserved] Subpart D-Exemptions From the Requirements

for the Filing of Shipper's Export Declarations 30.50 Procedure for shipments exempt from

the requirements for Shipper's Essa

port Declarations. 30.51 Government shipments not generally

exempt. 30.52 Special exemptions for shipments to

the U.S. armed services. 30.53 Special exemptions for certain ship

ments to U.S. Government agencies

and employees. 30.54 Special exemptions for mall ship

ments. 30.55 Miscellaneous exemptions. 30.56 Conditional exemptions. 30.57 Information on export declarations

for shipments of types of goods covered by $ 30.56 not conditionally

exempt. Subpart General Requirements—Importers 30.70 Statistical information required on

import entries. Subpart Special Provisions for Particular Types

of Import Transactions 80.80 Merchandise entering U.S. Customs

Territory from U.S. Foreign Trade

Zones. 30.81 Imports of merchandise into Guam. 30.82 Identification of U.S. merchandise re

turned for repair and reexport. 30.83 Statistical copy of mall and informal

entries. Subpart GmGeneral Administrative Provisions 30.90 Confidential information, import en.

tries and withdrawals. 30.91 Confidential information, Shipper's

Export Declarations. 30.92 Statistical classification schedules. 30.93 Emergency exceptions. 30.94 Instructions to Customs. 30.95 Penalties for violations.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 30 issued under R.S. 161; sec. 2, 76 Stat. 951, 77A Stat.; 5 U.S.C. 301; 13 U.S.C. 301-307; 19 U.S.C. 1202, 722, 1484 (c); Reorganization Plan No. 5 of 1950, 15 F.R. 3174, B4 Stat. 1263; Department of Commerce Order No. 85, June 21, 1962, 27 FR. 6397.

SOURCE: The provisions of this Part 80 appear at 31 FR. 11867, Aug. 27, 1966, unless otherwise noted.

NOTE: The term "Customs Director as used in this Part 30 means the Regional Commissioner of Customs if the transaction 10 at the port of New York City; the district director of customs 11 at the headquarters port of a customs district other than New York City; and the customs officer in charge of the port if at a nonheadquarters port. See notice issued by the Commissioner of Customs and published in the FEDERAL REGISTER of July 13, 1966 (81 FR. 9529). Subpart A-General Requirements,

Exporters 8 30.1 General statement of requirement

for Shipper's Export Declarations. (a) Shipper's Export Declarations shall be filed by exporters or their agents in accordance with the definitions, specifications, and requirements of the regulations in this part for all commodities, gold and silver, except as specifically exempted herein, shipped as follows:

(1) To foreign countries or areas (including the Canal Zone and Trust Territories under U.S. administration, and including Foreign Trade Zones in foreign countries or areas) from any of the following:

(1) The United States, including the 50 States and the District of Columbia.

(ii) Puerto Rico.

(ul) Foreign Trade Zones in the United States or Puerto Rico.

(iv) The Virgin Islands of the United States.

(2) Between nonforeign areas as specified below:

(1) To Puerto Rico from the United States.

(u) To the United States from Puerto Rico.

(ii) To American Samoa and the Virgin Islands of the United States from the United States or Puerto Rico.

(b) Shipper's Export Declarations shall be filled for merchandise moving as described above regardless of the method of transportation. Instructions for the filing of Shipper's Export Declarations for vessels, aircraft, railway cars, etc., when sold foreign appear in g 30.33. Exemptions from these requirements and exceptions to some of the provisions of these regulations for particular types

of transactions will be found in Subparts C and D of this part. (31 F.R. 11867, Aug. 27, 1966, as amended at 34 F.R. 14592, Sept. 19, 1969; 85 F.R. 4948, Mar. 21, 1970) & 30.2 Related export control require

ments. (a) Under the provisions of the export control regulations of the Office of Export Control in the Bureau of International Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce (Parts 368–399 of this title),' Shipper's Export Declarations are also required for shipments of merchandise from U.S. Possessions to foreign countries or areas. In the regulations in this part, the term U.S. Possessions includes the irgin Islands of the United States, Guam Island, American Samoa, Wake Island, Midway Island, and Canton and Enderbury Islands.

(b) For all shipments to foreign countries or areas, the Shipper's Export Declaration is an export control document. In preparing and filing export declarations for shipments to foreign countries and areas, therefore, the shipper must comply with all pertinent export control regulations as well as the requirements of the statistical regulations of this part. For convenience, a few provisions of the export control regulations and of the Customs regulations closely related to statistical requirements have been incorporated in the regulations in this part. Information concerning export control regulations and information concerning agencies other than the Department of Commerce exercising export control authority for particular types of commodities may be obtained from the Ofice of Export Control, Bureau of International Commerce, Washington, D.C. 20230, or from Department of Commerce Field Offices. (31 F.R. 11367, Aug. 27, 1966, as amended at 35 F.R. 4948, Mar. 21, 1970; 37 F.R. 23251, Nov. 1, 1972] 30.3 Shipper's Export Declaration

forms. (a) Official forms, or privately printed forms conforming in every respect to the oficial forms, shall be used in complying


[blocks in formation]

* See also the Export Control Regulations of the Office of Export Control, which may be purchased from the Government Printing Office or Department of Commerce field offices.

with requirements for Shipper's Export or they may be privately printed. SupDeclarations as follows:

plies of the Alternate Shipper's Export (1) Except for shipments for which Declaration and the Continuation Sheet the Shipper's Export Declaration for In- to the Alternate Shipper's Export DecTransit Goods (Commerce Form 7513) laration (both forms designated Comis required as specified below, the Ship- merce Form 7525-V-Alternate) are not per's Export Declaration shall be pre- available from Government sales ofices pared on Commerce Form 7525-V or on but must be privately printed. Sample Commerce Form 7525-V-Alternate. The official Alternate Forms and their Conarrangement of Form 7525-V-Alternate tinuation Sheets may be obtained from conforms to and is designed for simul- the Foreign Trade Division, Bureau of taneous preparation with various other the Census, Washington, D.C. 20233, or shipping documents commonly used, from the New York Ofice, Foreign Trade such as the dock receipt, short form bill Branch, Processing Division, Bureau of of lading, etc. Form 7525-V-Alternate the Census, 434 Customhouse, New York, is acceptable in lieu of Form 7525-V with- N.Y. 10004. Privately printed Shipper's out limitation.

Export Declaration forms must conform (2) For merchandise shipped in tran- strictly to the respective official form in sit through the United States, Puerto size, wording, color, quality (weight of Rico, or the Virgin Islands of the United paper stock) and arrangement, includStates from one foreign country or area ing the instructions printed on the reto another, including such merchandise verse side and also the Budget Bureau destined from one foreign place to an- Approval Number printed in the upper other and transshipped in ports of the right-hand corner of the face of the form. United States, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin The quality (weight) of paper stock used Islands of the United States, and for for- in printing the Shipper's Export Deceign merchandise exported from General laration form is not less than 16 nor more Order Warehouses or from Foreign Trade than 20 pounds commercial substance. Zones, the Shipper's Export Declaration Occasional shippers may obtain copies for In-Transit Goods (Commerce Form

of Shipper's Export Declarations free of 7513) shall be filed. Form 7513 shall

charge from local Customs Directors, also be filed for merchandise subject to

Post Offices, and Department of Comgovernment inspection, examination, or

merce Field Offices. permit arriving from a foreign country which is rejected and exported. (Al- & 30.4. Preparation and signature of though Form 7513 provides that it is to

Shipper's Export Declarations. be used for foreign merchandise, it should (a) The Shipper's Export Declaration be used also for U.S. merchandise which shall be prepared and signed by the shipafter having been exported has been re- per, owner, or consignor, or his properly turned to or through the United States authorized agent. For shipments to forand is again being exported under any eign countries, if the Shipper's Export of the conditions described in this para- Declaration is prepared by an agent his graph. Except for rejected merchan- authority to sign such declaration shall dise, Form 7513 is not to be used for the be in the form of a properly executed reexportation of goods for which entry power-of-attorney, signed by the shiphas been made on Customs Forms 7501 per, owner, or consignor or in the less or 7502.)

formal written authorization printed on (b) The Shipper's Export Declaration the export declaration. The power-ofand the Continuation Sheets to the

attorney shall be on file in the agent's Shipper's Export Declaration (both forms

office and available for inspection on dedesignated Commerce Form 7525-V), and

mand. In every event the data required

on the Shipper's Export Declaration shall the Shipper's Export Declaration for In

be complete and correct and shall be Transit Goods (Commerce Form 7513)

based on personal knowledge of the facts may be purchased for a nominal price

stated, or on invoices or information from Customs Directors, Department of furnished by the principal. Exporters Commerce Field Offices, and the Super- who authorize the preparation of their intendent of Documents, Government export declarations by an agent shall Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402, provide the agent with information for

this purpose which will in every respect 8 See $ 30.10 for instructions as to use of meet the specifications in § 30.7. Parthe Continuation Sheet.

ticular attention is called to the fact that

invoices and other commercial documents furnished to the agent for other purposes may not necessarily contain all of the particular types of information needed for the preparation of the export declaration, and special arrangements should be made so that the information needed for the export declaration is noted upon or accompanies the commercial documents furnished to the agent, if he is to prepare the Shipper's Export Declaration.

(b) Shipper's Export Declarations shall be typewritten or prepared in ink or other permanent medium (except indelible pencil). The use of ditto, hectograph, or other duplicating process, as well as the overprinting of selected items of information, is acceptable.

(c) All copies of the Shipper's Export Declaration shall contain all of the information called for in the signature space as to name of firm, address, name of signer, capacity of signer, etc. The original Shipper's Export Declaration shall be signed in ink, but signature of other copies is not required. The use of signature stamps is acceptable as signature in ink. A duly signed legible carbon or other copy of the export declaration is acceptable as an "original" of the Shipper's Export Declaration. (31 F.R. 11367, Aug. 27, 1966, as amended at 34 F.R. 812, Jan. 18, 1969] & 30.5 Number of copies of Shipper's

Export Declaration required. (a) Except as provided elsewhere in these regulations the Shipper's Export Declaration shall be delivered to the carrier or postmasters, as specified in $$ 30.12 and 30.15, in the following number of copies:

(1) In duplicate for shipments, except by mail, destined to all foreign countries except Canada.

(2) One copy only for shipments to Canada and nonforeign areas.

(3) One copy only for mail shipments to all destinations.

(b) In addition to the standard requirements set forth in paragraph (a) of this section, additional copies of Shipper's Export Declarations may be required for export control purposes by the regulations of the Office of Export Control or other Government agencies or in particular circumstances by the Customs Director or by the postmaster. (37 F.R. 23251, Nov. 1, 1972)

§ 30.6 Requirements as to separate

Shipper's Export Declarations. Except as specifically provided in Subpart C of this part, a separate Shipper's Export Declaration (in the required number of copies—see § 30.5) is required for each shipment (consisting of one or more kinds of merchandise) from one consignor to one consignee on a single carrier. In addition, more than one declaration is required for an individual shipment as follows:

(a) For consignments by rail, truck, or other vehicle, requiring more than one rail car, truck, or other vehicle, a separate export declaration is required for the merchandise carried in each such rail car, truck, or other vehicle. lowever, Customs Directors are authorized to waive this requirement where multiple car shipments are made under a single bill of lading or other loading document and are cleared simultaneously.

(b) Commodities requiring a validated export license shall not be reported on the same export declaration with commodities moving under general license. $ 30.7

Information required on Shipper's Export Declarations. The following information shall be furnished in the appropriate spaces provided on the Shipper's Export Declaration and shall conform to the requirements set forth in this section. (See § 30.92 for information as to the statistical classification Schedules B, C, D, P, and W referred to in this section. Also, see $ 30.8 for information required on Form 7513 in addition to these requirements.)

(a) Port of export. The name of the U.S. Customs port of exportation shall be entered in terms of Schedule D, “Code Classification of U.S. Customs Districts and Ports." (See § 30.20 (c) for definition of port of exportation.) (The boxes for District and Port codes in the upper portion of the form are to be completed by Customs except where the Customs Director requests that they be completed by the person preparing the declaration.) For shipments by mail, the name of the Post Oltice where the package is mailed shall be inserted in the space for U.S. port of export.

(b) Method of transportation. Except on Commerce Form 7513, the method of transportation by which the goods are exported (or shipped to a nonforeign area where the declaration covers such


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