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regulations in this part have been lost, misapplied, or otherwise diverted from or improperly used or expended for other than the purposes for which they were paid.

(b) The Assistant Secretary may, in his sole discretion, terminate the grant, in whole or in part, if he finds that any of the conditions described in paragraph (a) of this section exist. Such termination shall be effective 30 days after the mailing of a written notice of termination to the applicant. $ 1200.11 Repayment.

In the event that the grant is terminated, any funds that have been paid

to the applicant by the U.S. Travel Seryice which have not been expended or contracted for upon receipt of the notice of termination shall be repaid to the Assistant Secretary within 30 days of such notice. » $ 1200.12 Federal coordination.

The Assistant Secretary may, prior to approving any travel promotional project, take such steps as he deems appropriate, to coordinate such project with other Federal agencies or seek the advice of such committees as may be established for the purpose of reviewing tourist development or promotion plans and programs.

Subtitle (Regulations Relating to Foreign

Trade Agreements


2001 Creation, organization, and functions.
2002 Operation of committees.
2003 Regulations of Trade Information Committee.

Appendix A Administration of the Trade Agreements Program.



established as an agency in the ExecuORGANIZATION, AND FUNCTIONS tive Office of the President by section 2

of Executive Order No. 11075, as

amended (Appendix A). 2001.0 Scope and purpose.

(b) The Office of the Special Repre2001.1 Creation and location.

sentative for Trade Negotiations is lo2001.2 Organization, 2001.3 Functions.

cated at 1800 G Street NW., Washington,

D.C. 20506.
AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part
2001 issued under sec. 401, 76 Stat. 902; 19 $ 2001.2 Organization.
U.S.C. 1802. EO. 11075, as amended (Appendix

(a) The Office of the Special RepreA).

sentative for Trade Negotiations is SOURCE: The provisions of this part 2001

headed by the Special Representative for appear at 36 F.R. 23620, Dec. 11, 1971, unless

Trade Negotiations provided for in secotherwise noted.

tion 241 of the Trade Expansion Act of 8 2001.0 Scope and purpose.

1962 (76 Stat. 878; 19 U.S.C. 1871), who

is directly responsible to the President. This chapter sets out the basic terms

In addition, the Office consists of two of reference of the Office of the Special

Deputy Special Representatives for Representative for Trade Negotiations

Trade Negotiations provided for in secand the procedures whereby it carries

tion 2 of Executive Order No. 11075, as out its general responsibilities under the

amended (Appendix A), and a profestrade agreements program. One of the

sional staff. primary purposes of this chapter is to in

(b) Established by, and under the di. form the public of the unit in the Office

rection and control of the Special Repknown as the Trade Information Committee, whose function is to afford an

resentative for Trade Negotiations are opportunity to interested parties to pre

three interagency committees, the Trade sent oral and written statements con

Executive Committee, the Trade Staff cerning the trade agreements program

Committee, and the Trade Information and related matters.

Committee, provided for in Part 2002 of

this chapter. § 2001.1 Creation and location.

$ 2001.3 Functions. (a) The Office of the Special Repre

• (a) The Special Representative for sentative for Trade Negotiations was

Trade Negotiations (1) advises and as136 FR 23620, Dec. 11, 1971.

sists the President in the administration

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