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O Executive orders arit to 2192

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It is through Federal Register publication FEDERAL REGULATIONS

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participate in Federal rulemaking activities (Individual volumes . separately b y such as motor vehicle safety standards, priced) asmon on ysbru vlivem ber environmental regulations and many other

items of interest to the average consumer. THE CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS is a codification of the gen.

Each issue now contains a “Highlight" listeral and permanent Federal regula

ing which gives a brief description of the tions. Regulatory material published

major items of general interest in that in the Federal Register is keyed to the Code of Federal Regulations, which is colors issue. ijs bobuloni a con published under 50 titles, pursuant to no lado os

5127 44 U.S.C. 1510.

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Title 15—Commerce and Foreign










CHAPTER 1-Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce.....


CHAPTER 1–National Bureau of Standards, Department of Commerce. .


CHAPTER III–Domestic and International Business Administration, Depart

Or Uominerce · · · · ·



CHAPTER 1V-Foreign-Trade Zones Board ...........

CHAPTER V-Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance, Department of

Commerce · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · CHAPTER VI—Bureau of Domestic Commerce, Department of Commerce.

CHAPTER VII—Office of Import Programs, Department of Commerce. ..

CHAPTER VIII—Office of Business Economics, Department of Commerce . .


CHAPTER 1X–National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Depart

ment of Commerce . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

-CHAPTER X-Office of Foreign Direct Investments, Department of Commerce 1000

CHAPTER XII—United States Travel Service, Department of Commerce . . 1200



CHAPTER XX-Office of the Special Representative for Trade Negotiations. 2001

Subtitle A--Office of the Secretary

of Commerce

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Employee responsibilities and conduct.
The Seal of the Department of Commerce.
Procedures for handling and settlement of claims under the Federal Tort

Claims Act.
Rules of procedure for handling contract appeals.
Public information.
Classification, declassification and public availability of National Security

Operation of vending stands.
Standardization of data elements and representations.
Flammable Fabrics Act procedures.
Nondiscrimination in federally-assisted programs of the Department of Com-

merce-effectuation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Procedures for a voluntary labeling program for household appliances and

equipment to effect energy conservation.
Procedures for the development of voluntary product standards.
Prohibition of transportation by vessel of commodities and products from

and to Southern Rhodesia.
Fair packaging and labeling.
Procedures relating to reviews by the Secretary of Commerce.
Procedural rules for proceedings conducted pursuant to enforcement of

Executive Order 11246, as amended, and rules, regulations, and orders

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Subpart A-General Provisions Sec. 0.735-1 Purpose. 0.735-2 Relation to basic provisions. 0.735-3 Applicability. 0.7354 Definitions.

Subpart B-General Policy 0.735-5 General principles. 0.735–6 Standards required in the Federal

service. 0.735–7 Special requirements of the Departo

ment. 0.735–8 Limitations on private activities and

Subpart C-Statutory Limitations Upon

Employee Conduct
0.735-9 Employee responsibilities.
Subpart D-Regulatory Limitations Upon

Employee Conduct
0.735–10 Administrative extension of statu-

tory limitations. 0.735–10a Proscribed actions. 0.735–11 Gifts, entertainment, and favors. 0.735–12 Outside employment or other ro

tivity. 0.735-13 Financial interests. 0.735–14 Use of Government time or prope

erty. 0.735–15 Misuse of employment or informaSec.

procedure relating to employee responsi0.786-16 Indebtedness.

bilities and conduct. 0.735-17 Gambling, betting, and lotteries. 0.786–18 General conduct prejudicial to the 80.735–2 Relation to basic provisions. Government.

(a) This part implements the fol0.788–19 Reporting undue induence to su

lowing: periors.

(1) The provisions of law cited in this Subpart Statements of Employment and

part; Financial Interests

(2) Executive Order 11222 of May 8, 0.735–20 General provisions.

1965 (3 CFR, 1965 Supp. p. 130); 0.735-21 Form and content of statements. (3) Part 735 of the Civil Service regu0.735–22 Employees required to submit lations (5 CFR 735.101–735.412, inclustatements.

sive). 0.735–22a Employee's complaint on fling

(b) This part prescribes additional requirement. 0.735–23 Employees not required to submit

standards of ethical and other conduct statements.

and reporting requirements deemed 0.735–24 Time and place for submission of appropriate in the light of the paroriginal statements.

ticular functions and activities of this 0.735–25 Supplementary statements.

Department. 0.735–26 Interests of employees' relatives. 0.735–27 Information not known by em

$ 0.735–3 Applicability. ployees.

This part applies to all persons in0.735-28 Information not required. 0.735–29 Confidentiality of employees' state

cluded within the term "employee" as

defined in $ 0.735–4, except as otherments. 0.735–30 Relation of this part to other wise provided in this part. requirements.

$ 0.7354 Definitions. 0.785–31 Special Government employees.

For purposes of this part, except as Subpart Supplementary Regulations

otherwise indicated in this part: 0.735–32 Departmental.

(a) “Employee”: 0.735-33 Operating units.

(1) Shall include: 0.735-34 Effective date of supplementary

(1) Every oficer and employee of the regulations.

Department of Commerce (regardless Subpart Go-Administration

of location), including commissioned 0.735–35 Responsibilties of employees.

officers of the Environmental Science 0.735–36 Responsibilities of operating units. Services Administration; and 0.735-37 Procedure.

(1) Every other person who is re0.735-38 Availability for counseling.

tained, designated, appointed, or em0.735-39 Authorizations.

ployecl by a Federal oficer or employee, 0.735-40 Disciplinary and other remedial

who is engaged in the performance of a action. 0.735–41 Inquiries and exceptions.

function of the Department under au

thority of law or an Executive act, and Appendix A-Statutes Governing Conduct of

who is subject to the supervision of a Federal Employees.

Federal officer or employee while enAppendix BPosition Categories, Grade GS gaged in the performance of the duties

13 and Above, Requiring Statements of of his position not only as to what he Employment and Financial Interests By

does but also as to how he performs his Incumbents.

duties, regardless of whether the relaAppendix C-Position Categories Below GS- tionship to the Department is created by

13 Requiring Statements of Employment assignment, detail, contract, agreement, and Financial Interests By Incumbents.

or otherwise. AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part o (2) Shall not include: 18sued under E.O. 11222 of May 8, 1965, 50 (1) Members of the Executive Reserve FR. 6469, 3 CFR, 1965 Supp.; 5 CFR 785.104. except when they are serving as em

SOURCE: The provisions of this part o ap- ployees of the Department under the pear at 32 F.R. 15222, Nov. 2, 1967, unless circumstances described in subparagraph otherwise noted.

(1) of this paragraph; Subpart A-General Provisions

() Members of crews of vessels owned

or chartered to the Government and op$ 0.735–1 Purpose.

erated by or for the Maritime AdminisThe purpose of this part is to set forth tration under a General Agency AgreeDepartment of Commerce policy and ment; or

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