Reorganization of the Government Agencies: Hearings Before the Select Committee on Government Organization, United States Senate, Appointed Pursuant to Senate Resolution No. 69, Seventy-fifth Congress, First Session, on S. 2700, a Bill to Provide for Reorganizing Agencies of the Government, Extending the Classified Civil Service, Establishing a General Auditing Office and a Department of Welfare, and for Other Purposes. August 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9. 10, 11, 12, 1937

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Page 196 - This report shall contain such information and data collected by the Commission as may be considered of value in the determination of questions connected with the regulation of commerce, together with such recommendations as to additional legislation relating thereto as the Commission may deem necessary; and the names and compensation of the persons employed by said Commission.
Page 284 - All claims and demands whatever by the Government of the United States or against it, and all accounts whatever in which the Government of the United States is concerned, either as debtor or creditor, shall be settled and adjusted in the General Accounting Office.
Page 227 - The Commission is also authorized to avail itself of the cooperation, services, records, and facilities of such State authorities in the enforcement of any provision of this Act.
Page 423 - An act to provide for the better organization of the treasury, and for the collection, safe-keeping, transfer, and disbursement of the public revenue...
Page 193 - The commission is to be non-partisan; and it must, from the very nature of its duties, act with entire impartiality. It is charged with the enforcement of no policy except the policy of the law. Its duties are neither political nor executive, but predominantly quasi-judicial and quasi-legislative. Like the Interstate Commerce Commission, its members are called upon to exercise the trained judgment of a body of experts " appointed by law and informed by experience.
Page 169 - service employee" means guards, watchmen, and any person engaged in a recognized trade or craft, or other skilled mechanical craft, or In unskilled, semiskilled, or skilled manual labor occupations; and any other employee Including a foreman or supervisor in a position having trade, craft, or laboring experience as the paramount requirement; and shall include all such persons regardless of any contractual relationship that may be...
Page 454 - Congress, approved August twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred and twelve, to provide for the opening, maintenance, protection and operation of the Panama Canal and the sanitation and government of the Canal Zone...
Page 122 - Washington it has been proposed to transfer the Forest Service from the Department of Agriculture to the Department of the Interior...
Page 196 - The inquiry of a board of the character of the Interstate Commerce Commission should not be too narrowly constrained by technical rules as to the admissibility of proof. Its function is largely one of investigation and it should not be hampered in making inquiry pertaining to interstate commerce by those narrow rules which prevail in trials at common law where a strict correspondence is required between allegation and proof.
Page 128 - Board, in accordance with the civil-service laws, and whose compensation shall be fixed in accordance with the Classification Act of 1923, as amended. Each such veterans...

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