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Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal in the budget documents are consistent with the con
Year 1995 contains the Budget Message of the Presi- cepts and presentation used in the 1995 Budget, s
dent and presents the President's budget proposals. the data series are comparable over time.

Analytical Perspectives, Budget of the United Budget of the United States Government, Fisca
States Government, Fiscal Year 1995 contains analy- Year 1995Appendix contains detailed informatio
ses that are designed to highlight specified program on the various appropriations and funds that constitut
areas or provide other significant presentations of budg- the budget. The Appendix contains more detailed infor
et data that place the budget in perspective.

mation than any of the other budget documents. I
It includes economic and accounting analyses, such includes for each agency: the proposed text of appro

priation language, budget schedules for each account
as a balance sheet-type presentation; information on

new legislative proposals, explanations of the work t
Federal receipts and collections, including user fees and be performed and the funds needed, and proposed gen
tax expenditures; analyses of Federal spending; detailed eral provisions applicable to the appropriations of entir
information on Federal borrowing and debt; the Budget agencies or group of agencies. Supplemental and rescis
Enforcement Act preview report; current services esti-

sion proposals for the current year are presented sepa
mates; and other technical presentation, such as the rately. Information is also provided on certain activitie
national income and product accounts.

whose outlays are not part of the budget totals.
It also includes information on management improve-
ments; the budget system and concepts; a listing of Automated Sources of Budget Information. Cop
the Federal programs by agency and account; and a ies of the budget number data in electronic form ma
glossary of budget terms.

be obtained from the U.S. Department of Commerce

National Technical Information Service, Springfield, V
Historical Tables, Budget of the United States 22161, telephone (703) 487-4650. Refer to stock numbe
Government, Fiscal Year 1995 provides data on bud-PB94-500030. Historical budget information is avai
get receipts, outlays, surpluses or deficits, and Federal able on compact disk (CD) from the U.S. Departmen
debt covering an extended time period in many cases of Commerce, Office of Business Analysis, HCHB Roor
beginning in fiscal year 1940 and ending in fiscal year 4885, Washington, D.C. 20230,

D.C. 20230, telephone (202
1999. These are much longer time periods than those 482–1986. Refer to the National Economic, Social, an
covered by similar tables in other budget documents. Environmental Data Bank (NESE-DB). There is
The data in this volume and all other historical data charge for both of these items.

1. All years referred to are fiscal years, unless otherwise noted.
2. Detail in this document may not add to the totals due to rounding.



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