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Pennant's Tours in Wales, with Notes, portrait, | Puckle's The Clnb, or a Grey Cap for a Green

and numerous plates, 3 vols. 8vo. half calf, neat, Head, portrait and numerous fine engravings scarce, 12s

1810 by Thurston, fine impressions, LARGE PAPER Peters's (Rev. Chas.) Critical . Dissertation on the royal 8vo half morocco, neat, scarce, 5s 1817 Book of Job, 4to. calf, good copy, 3s6d 1751 Pugin's Treatise on Chancel Screens, and Rood “ This valuable work contains a large portion of

Lofts, their Antiquity, Use, and Symbolic SigCritical learning, and throws much ligot on all the nification, plates, 4to. cloth, 6s6d pub at 158 1851 sobjects which it investigates,"-Lowndes.

QUAKERS--Haneock's The Peculium, an endeaPhilosophy in Sport, ma.le Science in Earnest, an vour to throw light on the causes of the decline of

attempt to implant in the Young Mind, the first the Society of Friends, post 8vo. cloth extra, 2s principles of Natural Philosophy by the aid of pub at 5s

1859 the popular Toys and Sports of Youth, with Quakerism-Bates on the Doctrine of the Friends, engravings, post 8vo. cloth, 3s6d

1853 8vo. cloth. ls6d, York, 1829-Gurney on the Photograms of Everyboily's Eastern Tour, to Athens Distinguishing Views and Practices of the Society Smyrna and Palestine, with engravings, 12mo. of the Friends, post 8vo. clothes

1859 cloth, extra, 1s9d pub. at 5s

1860 RALEIGH'S (Sir Walter) HISTORY OF THE Picart's Religious Rites & Ceremonies of all Nations, WORLD, portrait, frontispicce, and curious old

abridged, with numerous curious engravings, maps, thick tolio, calf, scarce, good sound copy,
thick 4to. cloth, 10s
1826 10s6d

1677 Plain Sermons by contributors to the “ Tracts for Raphael's Familiar Astrologer, an easy guide to

the Times,” vol 1, 8vo cloth, 3s pub at 6s6d N D. Fate. Destiny, and Foreknowledge, engravings, Plaw's Rural Improvements, a series of Domestic 8vo. half crimson morocco, scarce, 6s6d 1841

and Ornamental Designs suited to Parks, Plant- Records of Longevity, an account of individuals
ations, Rides, Walks, Rivers, Farms &c, calcula- who have attained the age of 100 years and
ted for Landscape and Picturesque effect, 38 apwards, by T. Bailey, frost 8vo. cloth extra,
plates, 4to. boards, 3s

gilt, 1s6d

1857 Pope's Homers Iliad and Odyssey, numeroas plates, Richardson's (Bishop) Choice Observations upon

il vols. 12mo. calf, good copy, 5s6d 1732 the Old Testament, containing many remarkab'e Potter's Antiquities of Greece, with numerous matters either not taken notice of, or nuistaken

notes &c., by Dr. Boyd, also maps and plates, by most, with larger observations upon the Book
thick 12mo. cloth, 2s pub at 7s6d
1837 of Genesis, folio, calf. scarce, 5s

1656 Potter's Discourse of Church Government, 7th RICHARDSON'S ICONOLOGY, or Collection

edition with notes &c., by Crosthwaite, 8vo. of Emblematical Figures. 109 larga plates, cloth, 2s6d

1845 exhibiting 424 subjects, with explanations from Preston's (John) The New Covenant, or the Saints classical authorities, 2 vols. folio, half calf, the portion, small 4to. calf, scarce. 2s6d 1629 binding cracked, scarce, 258

1772 Preston's Student's Theological Manual, comprising thc History of the Canon, Theological Evidences, conventional figures of all the virtues, vices, passions,

Very useful to artists and others, as it gives the Biblical Antiquities, Old and New Testament muses, seasons, arts and sciences, and other matters, of History, Church History, Doctrine and Prophecy, which the personifications are ideal.

Svo. cloth, as new, 5s pub at 7s6d 1850 Roherts’s History of Letter Writing, from the Prichard (Dr. J. C.) on Insanity, and other Disor- earliest period to the fifth century thick 8vo.

ders of the Mind, 8vo cloth, 3s pub at 14s 1835 cloth, scarce, 7s6d pub at 18s W. Pickering. 1843 Printing (Origin of)-Dr. Middleton's Art of Robinson's (Rotsert, of Cambridge) XVII Village

Printing in England, Meerman's Invention of Discourses, and VI Morning Exercises, 8vo. the Art at Harleim, &c., 8vo. boards, scarce, portrait, half calf, 2s

1796 28

1771 Rome's Fate in the Latter Day, among the Nations Private Devotion-Shepherd's Preparations for, and their Wars, numerous curious emblematical post 8vo. calf, gilt, very neat, 2s

1832 plates, 8vo. limp cloth, 1s3d pub at 10s6d 1860 Prophecy-Lectures on, by Dr. Bengo Collyer, 8vo. Scoresby's (Rev Dr.) Voyage to Australia and half calf, neat, 2s6d pub at 128

1809 Round the World, for Magnetical Research, enProverbs of Solomon, HEBREW, with Latin transla- gravings, 8vo. cloth extra, 3s6d pub at 12s 1859

tior in parallel columns, and Latin Commentary Scotch Law Cases, Donaldson against Forbes,

by Schultens, 4to half calf. scaice, 58 1748 Duke of Gordon against Sir. J. Grant, Case of Proverbs of Solomon, and Salomon's Song, trans- the Managers of the Chapel of Elgin, with

lated from the Hebrew, with notes and remarks Correspondence, M.S.. case of Janet Henderson,

by B. Hodgson, L.L.D., 4to. calf, 2s6d 1788 several memorials &c., relating to the Salmon Psychology - The Spiritualist, being a short expo- Fishings in the River Spey, and many other

sition of Psychology based upon material truths, ca:es and things, in a thick vol, 4to. half calf, and of the faith to which it leads, square post


N.D. 8vo beautifully printed in antique style, cloth, Sculpture-Townley Gallery of Classic Sculpture Ted edges, 1s6d

1857 in the British Museum, by Sir. Hen Ellis, with Raleigh (Sir Walter) his Life, Voyages, and Times, engravings, 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, gilt, 3s6d pub by A. Cayley, 2 vols. 8vo. portrait, calf, neat, 3s

at 9s

1846 Rowe's (Nicholas) Works, Plays The Fair Penitent, Seekers! (Archbishop) Works, Sermais, Lectures, etc., portrait, 2 vols. 12mo. calf, 2s

1764 etc., complete, with Life and Character by Scott's Commentary on the Holy Bible, numerous Porteous, portrait, 6 vols 8vo whole calf very plates, 3 vols. 4to. calt, 188

neat, 10s



Recently added to the large Stock on Sale, (from several collections lately dispersed), by



Books of all kinbs, and in any quantity, Purcbased for Cash, or Taken in Exchange. Several former Catalogues may still be had.

The Books are all Warranted Perfect her Where a single book is ordered, and no answer returned, the book wanted is sold.

This forms the 4th vol, of the entire work.

Abernethy's (The celebrated Dr.) “My Book," on | All Round the World, an illustrated record of

Lacal Diseases and Aneurisms, 8vo. boards, 1-6d Voyages, Travels, and Adventures in all parts of Accum's Art of Brewing Porter, Stout, Ale, Table the Globe, edited by Ainsworth, numerous engra. Beer, &c., 12mo. boards, 1s6d

1821 vings, imperial 8vo. cloth, gilt, 4s6d pub at 7s6d Adams (Thos.) Practical Works; Sermons from Ames' Typographical Antiquities, enlarged by T. Texts in the Old and New Testaments, Medita- F. Dibdin, containing memoirs of our ancient tions on the Creed, &c., 3 vols. 8vo. cloth extra, printers, and a register of the books printed from ferui liom edges, 10s

1861 A.D. 1650 to A.D. 1600, royal 4to. boards, uncut, Addison's Speciater, with his I ife by Dr. Johnsen, 123 pub at £3 13s 6d

1819 strail vels. calf, gut, neat. 7s6d

1961 Addon (Wa, M.D.) on Healthy and Diseased

Structure, and the true principles of treatment an Infallible Way to Contentment in the midst of for the cure of disease, especially Consumption A Panorama of the New World, being Adventures

Calamities, 12mo. calf, 1s6d 1688, Reprint 1803 and Scrofula, 8vo. cloth, 2860

1849 A Prre Enquiry into the Nature and Origin of

during a Residence in Australia and America, by Eril, 12mo. calf, is6d


Kinahan Cornwallis, 2 vols. post 8vo, cloth, 2s AGRICULTURE, &e. -On Bones as a Manure,

pub at £lls

1859 1200. serred, Is-Bayldon on the Valuation of Arabia and its People Dr. Crichton's History of, Property, 8vo. boards, 1s6d, 1834-On Disea:e;

also the Life of Mahommod, Conquests, &c., of of Horned Cattle and Sheep, boards, 18, 1825–

the Saracens, the Modern Arabs, the Wababees, Donaldson on the Cultivation of the Plants of

Bedoins, &c., with plates, thick post 8vo. cloth, the Farm, 12mo. cloth, 1s6d, 1847–Duties of

gilt edges, 2s6d pub at 53

1852 she Shepherd, Cowherd, Ploughman, and Farm Arabian Tales and Anecdotes, by E. W. Lane, Bailiff, and how to perform them, 18mo. doth,

and Popular Customs, Sports, &c. of South Italy, 18mo. cloth, 1s6d

1846 136d- Elkington on Draining, plates, 8vo. half

1805 celf. 1861, 1814-Falkner's Muck Manual, 12mo. Art of Reading, by Sheridan, calf, 1s6d chołk, 2s60, 1843 - Hannam's Economy of Waste ARTIFICIAL LIGHT-A cum on Gas, and on Manures, 12mo. cloth, 1s6d, 1844-Haywood's

Gas Apparatus and Machinery, coloured plates, Letters to Farmers, 12mo. cloth, lsbd, 1852—

royal 8vo. half eelf, 2s, 1815--On Wax, Tallow, Hayward's Science of Agriculture, 8vo. boards,

and Sperm Candles, and the Manufacture of Gas, 1:60, 1825-Hodge’s Lessons in Chemistry for

cloth. 1s3d, 1856-Hughes on Gas and Gas Farmers, &c., 12mo. closh, is6d, 1848--Johnston's

Works, 12mo. cloth, 1890, 1853—Matthews on


Gas Lighting, boards, 1s6d Agricultural Chemistry, and Gcology, 12mo. cloth, 1s6d, 1844-Low's Practical Agriculture; Artistic Anatomy-Sharpe's Elements of Anatomy 8yo. cloth, 3s, 1938–Smith's Productive Farm

for the use of Students in the Fine Arts, plates, i1:8, 12mo. cloth, 186d. 1846—Stephens' Practical

royal 8vo. boards, 2s, 1818-Simpson's Anatomy Draining. 8vo. cloth, 1s6d, 1846—Trusler's Art

of the Muscles, for Students in the Fine Arts, of Farming to get £700 a year on 150 acres,

13 plates (one wanting), 4to unbound, 2560 N.D. dvo, cloth, 186d. 1820—Whitley's Application of Atterbury's Sermons and Discourses on several Geology to Agriculture, 8vo. cloth, 23 1843

subjects and occasions, 4 vols. 8vo. portrait, calf, Aids to the Study of Natural History, Botany,

gilt, ncat, 5s

1735 Geology, Mineralogy, and Technology, with 400 "The glory of our English orators."- Doddridge, engradings, royal 8vo. cloth, ls6d


* One of the best of our English orators."-Johnson. Alan's (J. H.) Pictorial Tour in the Mediteranean, Autobiography of a Journeyman Printer, or the

teluding Malta, Dalmatia, Turkey, Asia Minor, Working Man's Way in the World, post 8vo, Grecian Archipelago, Egypt, Nubia, Greece, cloth, 2s pub at 3s6d

1857 Iorion Islands, Sicily, Italy, and Spain, with maerous fine plates of ancient monuments, views,

“We are disposed to value it highlv."-Tatt's Mag,

None can read it without feeling himself a bener &c., foto, half morocco, 18s pub at £3 3s 1843

more contentod, and a wiser man."-Weckily Nous

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Bagster's Comprehensive Bible, for the Family, , Book of Family Crests and Mottoes, with 4000

the Pulpit, and the Study, contains a copious engradings of the Crests of the Peers, Baronets, body of critical notes, 500,000 selected passages and Gentry of England and Wales, and Scotland dissertations, explanations of weights, measures, and Ireland, a dictionary of mottocs, &c., 2 vols. M S.S. versions, Jewish writings, &c, introduc- small 8vo. cloth extra, 14s pub at £1 ls 1838 tions, and concluding remarks to each book, five “ Perhaps the best recommendation to its utility indexes and tables of contents, &c., printed on and correctness in the main is, that it has been used as thick paper, wilh large margins for manuscript

a work of reference in the Herald's College. No wonder

it sells." --Spectator. notes, royal 4to. half vellum, cloth sides, 218 pub at £2 6s

1827 Botany-Descriptive and Physiological, hy ProBarclay (John, M.D.) on the Muscular Motions fessor Hanslow, with engravings, 12mo. cloth,

1835 of the Human Body, thick 8vo, half calf, 2s,

2s pub at 6s 1808—and New Anatomical Nomenclature, rela Botany-Introduction to, by Miss Wakefield, with ting to the terms which are expressive of position

plates, 12mo. boards, 1s6d

1831 and aspect in the animal system, 8vo. calf, iscd Brooks' (Rev. J. W.) Elements of Prophetical In

1836 Baskerville's splendidly printed large type edition

terpretation, 12mo. cloth, 1s6d pub at 5s of the Greek Testament, royal 8vo. calf, 53 1763 Brooks on the Erection of Dwelling Houses, with Bate (Geo., M.D.) Elenchi Motuum Nuperorum in

Specifications, mode of taking out quantities to Anglia, simul ac Juris Regii et Parliamentaris,

determine cost, &c., with engravings, 12mo. cloth, with portraits of Charles I. and II., 2 parts, 8vo.


1860 calf, 2s6d

1663 Brougham's Paley's Natural Theology, with illus "A work worth reading."-Bp. Warburton.

trative notes and dissertations by Lord Brougham

and Sir Charles Bell, also Lord Brougham's DisBEHMEN'S (Jacob) WORKS, with Life of the

course of Natural Theology, 3 vols. post 8vo. author, and figures illustrating his principles,

engruvings, cloth, searce, 7s6d

1835-6 by Rev. Wm. Law, 4 vols. 4to. curious plates, Brougham on the Law, and on Education-Sermons boards, dery scarce, £3 103


from the Pulpit-Annals of the Socratic School, Bell's Anatomy and Physiology of the Human

and other tracts, 8vo. boards, 1s6d Body, Bones, Muscles, Joints, Arteries, Brain, Brougham's (Lord) Sketches of Statesmen of the Nerves, Organs of the Senses, the Viscera, with

time of George III. 6 vols bound in 2, sewed 3s. plates, 3 vols. 8vo. half calf, also an additional

pub at 6s.

1853 volume of plates of the Bunes, Muscles, and Broughton's Historical Dictionary of all Religions

Joints, 4to. boards, together 4 vols. 7s6d 1804-16 from the Creation of the World, 2 vols. folio, Berzelius on the Use of the Blowpipe in Chemical

calf, 10s6d

17515 Analysis, and in the Examination of Minerals,

A curious work on religious sects, Payan, Jewish, plates, 8vo. boards, 2s


and Mohammedan sacred books and writings, opinions, BIBLE, BLACK LETTER, BREECHES EDI- rites, &c.

TION, with CURIOUS OLD ENGRAVINGS, Old and Brown's Reminiscences of an Old Traveller throughNew Testament and Apocrypha, with the Book

out Europe, 8vo. cloth, 1s6d

1840 of Psalms, by Sternhold and Hopkins, with (the Bruff's Engineering Field Work, with plates, 8vo. Music) apt notes to sing them withall, laying cloth, 3860

1840 apart áll ungodly songs and ballads, first title Brunton's Compendium of Mechanics, 12mo. plates, wanting, and two leaves repaired, otherwise in

1s, 1824-another copy, cloth, 2s pub at 5s 1837 fine condition, thick folio, calf, rare, 20s

Buchanan's Christian Researches in Asia, and

London, 1575 Notices of the Translation of the Scriptures Another copy, BLACK LETTER, BREECHES EDITION, with Book of Common Buchanan's (Rev. Claudius) Sermons; the Star in

into the Oriental Languages, 8vo. boards, Issd Prayer, two right profitable and fruitfull Concor

the East, the Light of the World, the three Eras dances, and Psalms, (ends with Psalm cxxxiii.)

of Light, Healing Waters of Bethesda, &c., 8vo. notes as in the above copy, fine engraved title page, boards, 1s6d

1812 with figures of the Apostles and Evangelists, two

Buck's Treatise on Religious Experience, 12mo. leaves damaged, otherwise in fine preservation, half calf, 1s6d

1805 thick small 4to. calf, neat, red edges, 158

1608 Bulwer Lytton's Plays-Not so Bad as we Seem, Bibliotheca Patrum-S. Chrysostomi Homiliæ in

Svo. sewed, 1:6d pub at 5s, 1851-and Money, S. Pauli Epistolæ 1 ad Corinthios, thick 8vo.

a comedy, 8vo, sexed, 1s6d

1856 cloth, 7s6d pub at 14s

Oxonii, 1847 | Burke's (sir Bernard) Order of Knighthood and Bickersteth's (Rev. E.) Testimony of the Refor. Decorations of Honour of all Nations, wilh fac mers, selected from Cranmer, Jewell, Ridley,

simile coloured plates of the insignia of the various Becon, Bradford, &c., 12mo. cloth, 1s6d 1836

orders, royal 8vo. cloth extra, gilt edges, 21s pub Bishop (J., Surgeon) on Articulate Sounds, and on

at £2 2s

1858 the Causes and Cure of Impediments of Speech, Burnet's (Bp.) History of his Own Time, 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, 28 185)

1808 Black's Guide to the Lakes, with map and plates,

8vo. half culf, 8s6d 12mo. cloth, 2s


"I am reading "Barnet's Own Times.' Black's Picturesque Tourist of Scotland, with map Butler's Exercises on the Globes, Ly Bown, 12mo.

ever read that garralous pleasant history."--Chas. Lamb and numerous plates, 12mo. cloth, gilt, good as new, 386d pub at 8s6d 1847


roan, neat, ls6d Brewster's (Sir David) Treatise on Optics, 12mo.

CAMDEN'S Britannia, abridged, with improveengravings, cloth, 2s pub at 68


ments and continuations, 2 rols. 8vo. portrait and 60 folding maps, calf, 5s


Did you

Camerarias's (P.) Living Librarie, translated from Cottage (The) Bible and Family Expositor, by the Latin by 1. Yolle, folio, calf, neat, 5s 1625 Thomas Williams, 3 vols. 8vo. half calf, neat, CONTENTS :-Orthe Acridophogi-Lastie Beggars

153 pub at 365

N.D. -Ge-Beard and the Haire-Satires and Sphinxes

This work, though primarily designed for families, of lecle and Spirits, and the Lycanthiops-Sandry Sorts of 1,400Dranke-True Attire of Women, &c. A very

will be a desiratum for schools, where selection is equally

necessary; and the notes will renaer it particnlarly useful cunas book.

to the poorer Clergy, to Missionaries, and to SundayCemoen's Poems, with remarks on his Life and

school Teachers, as they will be found to contain the

substance of many learned and expensive volumes. Writings, notes, &c., by Viscount Strangford: Count of Monte Christo, by Alex. Dumas, 2 vols. portrait, 12mo. calf, neal, 1s6d

1805 Carey's Astronomy as it is knowa in the present CUMBERLAND, WESTMORELAND & LAN

12mo. half bound, 2s6d

1846 day, with a supplement on the Nature and Use of Astronomical Instruments, the Distances and

CASHIRE, including the SCENERY OF THE Magnitudes of the Planets, &c., engravings, 8vo.



letterpress description by Rev. J. Wilkinson, Carey's Mechanic's Instructor, a popular view of

folio, crimson morocco, gilt sides and edges, scarce, 21s

1821 the most useful Sciences, the Mechanical and Cseful Arts, Biographies of eminent Scientific Cyclopædia of Religious Denominations, containing MED, &c., with engravings, 2 vols. bound in 1,

authentic accounts of the different creeds and 870. half caif, 2s6d


systems prevailing throughout the world, post 8vo. cloth, 2s

1853 Carr's Synopsis of Practical Philosophy, alphabeti. calıy arranged, 18mo. cloth, 1s6d pub at 93 1832 Cyril Thornton, his Youth and Manhood, a novel,

1842 Catalogue Official) of the Great Exhibition of 1851; D'AUBIGNE'S (Dr. Merle) Discourses and Essays,

12mo, cloth, 1s6d pub at 6s Index of Articles and Exhibitors, and British and Foreign Priced Lists, small 4to. cloth, 23

with introduction by Dr. Baird, post 8vo. cloth,

1860 pub at 7s6d Chambers (Robert) Picture of Scotland, 12mo. Demosthenes Orations, translated by Leland, 2 vols. cioth, 1s6d

8vo. calf, 2s6d

1777 Cheever's (Rev. Dr.) Powers of the World to come,

Benson on Clock and Watch Making, and on Bells, podro. cloth, 1s8d

with engravings, 12m'). cloth. 2-3d pub at 33 Chess Pratis, containing all the important modern Dick's Christian Philosopher, 2 vols. in 1, crimson improvements in the openings. a revised Code of Dick (Dr.) on the Improvement of Society by the

N.D. Chess Laws, and a collection of Morphy's Matches in England and France, by Staunton, post 8vo.

Diffusion of Knowledge, post 8vo. cloth, 1s6d eich etira, 3s6d sells at 6s


1860 Cicero's Orations, translated, with notes and argu

post 8vo. uniform in green cloth, gilt, new, £2 78 tits, 3 vols. 8vo. calf, 33


pub at £2 163 Clarke's (Dr.) Manual for the Preservation of Health Separately as follows :-- Pickwick, 4shd-Nickleby, er.d the Prevention of Diseases, 12mo. boards, 1s6d

456d-Martin Churzlewhit, 456d-Dombey and Son, 4564

-Bleak House, 4s6d - David Copperfield, 4sod -- Little Clarke's (Dr. Samuel) Sermons, with an account Dorrit, 4sod-old Curiosity Shop, 386d - Barnaby Rudge,

of his Life, Character, and Writings, by Bishop 356d--Sketches by Boz, 39-.Oliver Twist, 3s-Christmas Hadley, compleie in 10 vols. 12mo. portrait, Books, ös-American Note8, 2s8d. calf, neat, 53—or in 8 vols. 8vo. calf, 5s 1749-56 Dickson's Exposition of the Hebrews, Is * His sentiments and expressions were so mag.

Dictionary of Terms used in Architecture, Buildterly his wry of expiaining the phraseology of Scripture ing, Ecclesiastical Art, Engincering, Mechanics, 50 extraordinary and convincing, as to make his preaching Fine Arts, Mining, Surveying, &c., engrarings, universally acceptable."--Bp. Hoadly. “The best model

1860 I can think of, are the Sermons of Dr. Samuel Clarke."

12mo. cloth, 3s6d Bp. Warburton

D'Israeli's Curiosities of Literature, new edition, Cal-History and Des ription of Fossil Fuel, the

with mimoir and notes, 3 vols. post 8vo. doth,

1859 Colleries, and Coal Trade of Gt. Britain, 8vo.

10s6d pub at 13s6d engrucings, cloth, 3s pub at 158

1835 "An agreeable and amnsing compilation."— Lowndes. Cobbeti's (Wm.) Treatise of Gardening, 12mo. D'Israeli's Miscellanies of Literature, Quarrels of

boards, 2s pub at 6s, 1829– Another copy, new Authors, Calamities of Authors, Character of edition, cloth, 3s

James I., the Literary Character, in 1 vol. royal Colquhoun's (John, D.D.) Treatise on the Covenant

8vo. cloth eatra, 6s pub at 14s Moxon, 1856 of Grace, portruit, 12mo. boards, 1s6d 1818 Dodson's Mathematical Repository, containing COOKE'S Topographical, Historical, and Statistical solutions to nearly 600 questions from scarce DESCRIPTION OF EACH COUNTY OF and valuable authors, 12mo. old calf, 186d 1775 ENGLAND, WALES, AND SCOTLAND, with Domestic Hours, Poems by Mrs. Perrin, 8vo. hali XAPS OP EACH, and NUMEROUS VIEWS (MANY calf, Js6d

1841 ADDITIONAL), 20 vols. 18mo. half calf, neat, 20s Donovan's Domestic Economy, Brewing, Distilling, Coper's (Rev. Edward) Practical and Familiar Wine Making, Baking, and Human Food, Animal

dermons, for parochial and domestic instruction, and Vegetable, and the processes to which they 5 gols. 1 2mo. boards, ós

1818 are subjected, 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, 3s6d pub at Cooper's Complete Guide to Distilling, 18mo. 12s

1830-37 boards, 1s6d

1826 | Doyle's Cyclopædia of Practical Husbandry and Corner's Mis:, Bistory of Rome, 12mo. may, clath, Rural Affairs, enlarged by Rhind, 8vo, engran Isod

vings, elo'h, 3860


Electro Metallurgy, by Walker, cloth, 1s

Freesc's Commercial Class Book, Commerce, Bills
Ellis's Demonstrations of Anatomy, 4th edition. of Exchange, Bills of Lading, Invoices, &c.,

thick post 8ro. cloth, 6s pub at 12s6d 1856 Foreign Exchangos, Book Keeping by Single and

EMBLEMS (Spanish)-Faxardo Idea un Principe Double Entry, &c., 8vo. cloth, 29


Politico Christiano y la Republica Literaria, Freigii (J. T.) Synopsis of History, in Latin,

representada en cien Empressas, numerous curi- small 12mo. seved, vellum, 136d Basilæ, N.D.

ous old emblamatical engrivings, thick small 4to. French Plays, by De Boissy, 8 vols half catf, 28

boards, 3s6d

1660 | GEOLOGY-Bakewell's Introduction to Geology,

Eveleigh's Bampton Lecture Sermons, containing 8vo. boards, Isod, 1815– Phillips's Guide to

a view of our religion with regard to its substance, Geology, plates, 12mo. cloth, 1s5d 1836--

history, evidence, and objections by which it is Rkind's Elements of Geology. rloth, Is 1845

opposed, 8vo. calf, Is6d

Oxford, 1794 Gilpin's (Richd) Demonologia Sacra, or a Trea-

Ewbank's (Rev. W. W ) Commentary on the Ro- tise of Satan's Temptations, small 4to. old
mans, with a NEW TRANSLATION and explanatory calf, scarce, 55

1 i7
notes, 2 vols. in ), post 8vo. cloth, 2:6d pub at

“If ever there was a man that was clearly ac


J. W. Parker, 1851 quainted with the cabinot councils of hell, this author is

Extracts from the Fathers and Church Historians, the man.Rylanil's Cotton Mather.

Eusebius, Soerates, Sozomen, Minutius Felix, Gleig's (Rev. G. R ) School History of England,
Cyprian, Lactantius, Ambrose, Augustine, Jer-

with examination questions, &e., post Sv).
oms, Tertulian, Bernard, Basil, Gregory, Chry-

roan, neat, 2s6d pub at 78 J. W. Parker, 1856

sostom, &c., post 8vo. cloth, 4s pub at 7s6d

Glenny's Hand Book to the Flower Garden and

Dublin, 1860

Greenhouse, Lessons on the Cultivation of all

FAITIIS (The) OF THE WORLD, an Account

the popular Fiowers and Plants, 12mo. cloth,

of all Religions and Religious Sects, their Doc.


trines, Rites, Ceremonies, and Customs, from the Goldfinch's Builder's Readiest Reckoner, with

gilt, 2s pub at 5s6d

last and best authorities, by Rev. J. Gardner,

remarks for Artificers, Contractors, and Tim-

COMPLETE in parts, numerous fine plates, clean as ber Dealers, 18mo, cloth, 1s6d


new, £l 1s pub at £2 83 Fullarton & Co., 1861 Godwin's (Dr. Thos.) Expositions, and other

Familiar Things, their History, and Events which Works, 4 vols. 8vo. cloth extra, vermillion

led to their discovery, with explanation of Na.

edges, 1236d

1861 2

tural Phenomena, 12mo. cloth, is pub at 286d

Gospel of Si. Matthew, Greek and English inter-
Female Happiness, or the Lady's Hand Book of

linear, on the Hamiltoniau System, 8vo. half

Life, with preface by Rev. J. E. Cox, 12mt. calf, 2s


cloth, 1s6d pub at 3s68

1854 Grabam's (Professor) Elements of Chemistry,

Fenelon's Adventures of Telemachus, in French,

2nd edition, with engravings, vol 1, 8vo. cloth,

good edition, post 8vo. sewed, 3s Paris, 1854

5s pub at £l Is

Bailliere, 1850

Ferguson's Astronomy, explained upon Sir Isaac Gray's Supplement to the Pharmacopeia, Svo,

Newton's Principles, and made easy, 8vo platos, cloth, 3s


calf, 1s6d

1794 Green's Biblical and Theological Dictionary, with

Ferguson’s Seloct Mechanical Exercises, shewing engravings, 12mo. cloth, 2s pub at 3s6d 1850

how to construct Clocks. Oreries, and Sun Diais, Greener's Science of Gunnery, as applied to the
on easy principles, plates, 8vo. 1s6d 1790

use and construction of Fire Arms, 8vo. eng-

Feuillet's The Marquis D'Hauterive, or the Ro- ravings, cloth, 3s6d

mance of a Poor Young Man, post 8vo. cloth GUAGING—Symons' Practical Gager, 12mo.

ertri, 2:

Cassell, 1860 bound, 1s6d 1826-Todd and Rowlandson's

Flavell's (John) Mystery of Providence, 8vo. calf, Guager's Useful Companion, 8vo.cloth, 1s6d N.D.


Bolton, 1788 Hamilton's (Sir. Wm.) Observations on Mount

Fletcher's (Rev. John) Last Check to Antinomi- Vesuvius. Mount Etna, and other Volcanoes,

anism, 12mo. cloth, 1s6d


Evo, caf, 1s6d

Flowers and their Associations, cloth, 1s

HARRINGTON'S OCEANA and other Works,

Forster's Monuments of Assyria, Babylonia, and with Life by Toland, to which is added all his

Persia. with a new key for the Recovery of the Political Tracts, not inserted in Toland's edition,

Lost Ten Tribes, 8vo. engravings, cloth, 3s pub folio finely printed, frontispiece, calf very neat;

at 10s6d


portrait, 7s6d


Forster's Perenniai Calendar and Companion to the

“ The Oceana is, according to Hume the only
Almanacs, illustrating the events of every day valuable model of a Commonwealth, that has ever been
in the year, connected with History, Chronology, offered 10 the Public.”
Botany, Natural History, Astronomy, Popular Hawker's (Col.) Instructions tv Young Sportsmen,
Customs, Antiquities. Useful Rules of Health, &c.. in all that relates to Guns and Shooting, 5th

thick 8vo. boards, curious and scarce, 3s6d 1824 edítion, 8vo. platós, calf, neat, 4s6d

Fortune Telling-Kaphael's Witch, or the Oracle Hebrew Reading Lessons, with Analysis, Inter-

of the Future, post 8vo. plutes, cloth, ishd pub lincary Translation &c, by Tregelles, post Svo.

at 58

18:37 cloth, 2s

Francis's Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Manu. Herodotus ; translated, with Notes by Beloe,

factures, with 1100 engravings, 8vo. half calf, vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 4s6d

896d pub at 10561

1342 Historical Gallery of Criminal Portraiture, and

Francis's Electrical Experiments, 8vo. engravings, Account of celebrated Crimes and Criminals, 2

cloth, 28

1848 vols. 8vo. boards, scarce, 6s6d

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