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X Office of Assistant Secretary for Housing-Federal Housing

Commissioner, Department of Housing and Urban Develop-
ment (Interstate Land Sales Registration Program) (Parts

1700—1799) XI Solar Energy and Energy Conservation Bank, Department of

Housing and Urban Development (Parts 1800—1899) XII Office of Inspector General, Department of Housing and Urban

Development (Parts 2000—2099) XV

Mortgage Insurance and Loan Programs under the Emergency

Homeowners' Relief Act, Department of Housing and Urban

Development (Parts 2700—2799) XX Office of Assistant Secretary for Housing-Federal Housing

Commissioner, Department of Housing and Urban Develop

ment (Parts 3200—3699) XXV Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation (Parts 4100—4199)

Title 25—Indians



Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior (Parts 1–

299) Indian Arts and Crafts Board, Department of the Interior

(Parts 300-399) National Indian Gaming Commission (Parts 500—599) Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation (Parts 700—799)


Title 26—Internal Revenue


Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury (Parts


Title 27–Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms


Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Department of the

Treasury (Parts 1—299)

Title 28-Judicial Administration

I Department of Justice (Parts 0—199) III Federal Prison Industries, Inc., Department of Justice (Parts

300-399) V Bureau of Prisons, Department of Justice (Parts 500—599) VI Offices of Independent Counsel, Department of Justice (Parts

600—699) VII Office of Independent Counsel (Parts 700—799)

Title 29-Labor

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of Labor (Parts 0—99)
SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Labor
National Labor Relations Board (Parts 100—199)


II Bureau of Labor-Management Relations and Cooperative Pro-

grams, Department of Labor (Parts 200—299)
III National Railroad Adjustment Board (Parts 300—399)
IV Office of Labor-Management Standards, Department of Labor

(Parts 400—499) V Wage and Hour Division, Department of Labor (Parts 500–899) Construction Industry Collective Bargaining Commission

(Parts 900—999) X National Mediation Board (Parts 1200-1299) XII Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (Parts 1400-1499) XIV Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Parts 1600-1699) XVII Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Department

of Labor (Parts 1900–1999) XX Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (Parts

2200-2499) XXV Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration, Department of

Labor (Parts 2500—2599) XXVI Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (Parts 2600—2699) XXVII Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission (Parts


Title 30—Mineral Resources

I Mine Safety and Health Administration, Department of Labor

(Parts 1–199) II Minerals Management Service, Department of the Interior

(Parts 200—299) III Board of Surface Mining and Reclamation Appeals, Depart

ment of the Interior (Parts 300—399) IV Geological Survey, Department of the Interior (Parts 400—499) VI Bureau of Mines, Department of the Interior (Parts 600—699) VII Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement, De

partment of the Interior (Parts 700—999)

Title 31-Money and Finance: Treasury

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of the Treasury (Parts 0


SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Money and Finance
I Monetary Offices, Department of the Treasury (Parts 51–199)
II Fiscal Service, Department of the Treasury (Parts 200—399)
IV Secret Service, Department of the Treasury (Parts 400—499)
V Office of Foreign Assets Control, Department of the Treasury

(Parts 500—599)
VI Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Department of the Treasury

(Parts 600—699) VII Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Department of the

Treasury (Parts 700—799)

VIII Office of International Investment, Department of the Treas-

ury (Parts 800—899)

Title 32-National Defense

SUBTITLE A-Department of Defense
I Office of the Secretary of Defense (Parts 1–399)
V Department of the Army (Parts 400—699)
VI Department of the Navy (Parts 700—799)
VII Department of the Air Force (Parts 800—1099)

SUBTITLE B-Other Regulations Relating to National Defense
XII Defense Logistics Agency (Parts 1200-1299)
XVI Selective Service System (Parts 1600-1699)
XIX Central Intelligence Agency (Parts 1900–1999)
XX Information Security Oversight Office (Parts 2000—2099)
XXI National Security Council (Parts 2100—2199)
XXIV Office of Science and Technology Policy (Parts 2400—2499)
XXVII Office for Micronesian Status Negotiations (Parts 2700—2799)
XXVIII Office of the Vice President of the United States (Parts 2800—


Title 33—Navigation and Navigable Waters


Coast Guard, Department of Transportation (Parts 1–199)
Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army (Parts 200—399)
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation, Department

of Transportation (Parts 400—499)

Title 34-Education

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary, Department of Education

(Parts 1-99)
SUBTITLE B-Regulations of the Offices of the Department of

I Office for Civil Rights, Department of Education (Parts 100–

II Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, Department of

Education (Parts 200—299)
III Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, De-

partment of Education (Parts 300—399)
IV Office of Vocational and Adult Education, Department of Edu-

cation (Parts 400-499)
Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs,

Department of Education (Parts 500—599)
VI Office of Postsecondary Education, Department of Education

(Parts 600—699)
VII Office of Educational Research and Improvement, Department

of Education (Parts 700—799)


I Panama Canal Regulations (Parts 1–299)

Title 36—Parks, Forests, and Public Property

I National Park Service, Department of the Interior (Parts 1–

199) II Forest Service, Department of Agriculture (Parts 200—299) III Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army (Parts 300—399) IV American Battle Monuments Commission (Parts 400—499)

V Smithsonian Institution (Parts 500—599) VII

Library of Congress (Parts 700—799) VIII Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (Parts 800—899) IX Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation (Parts 900-999) XI Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board

(Parts 1100—1199) XII National Archives and Records Administration (Parts 1200–


Title 37—Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights



Patent and Trademark Office, Department of Commerce (Parts

Copyright Office, Library of Congress (Parts 200—299)
Copyright Royalty Tribunal (Parts 300—399)
Assistant Secretary for Technology Policy, Department of

Commerce (Parts 400-499)
Under Secretary for Technology, Department of Commerce

(Parts 500-599)


[blocks in formation]

50 51

SUBTITLE B-Other Provisions Relating to Public Contracts
Public Contracts, Department of Labor (Parts 50-1-50-999)
Committee for Purchase from the Blind and Other Severely

Handicapped (Parts 51-1451-99)

Chap. 60 Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, Equal Em.

ployment Opportunity, Department of Labor (Parts 60-1

60-999) 61 Office of the Assistant Secretary for Veterans Employment and

Training, Department of Labor (Parts 61-1-61-999)
SUBTITLE C-Federal Property Management Regulations

System 101 Federal Property Management Regulations (Parts 101-1-101

99) 105 General Services Administration (Parts 105–1–105-999) 109 Department of Energy Property Management Regulations

(Parts 109-1—109-99) 114 Department of the Interior (Parts 114-1-114-99) 115 Environmental Protection Agency (Parts 115-1-115-99) 128 Department of Justice (Parts 128-1–128-99) 132 Department of the Air Force (Parts 132–1–132-99)

SUBTITLE D-Other Provisions Relating to Property Manage

ment [Reserved] SUBTITLE E-Federal Information Resources Management Reg.

ulations System 201 Federal Information Resources Management Regulation (Parts


SUBTITLE F_Federal Travel Regulation System 301 Travel Allowances (Parts 301-1—301-99) 302 Relocation Allowances (Parts 302-1-302-99) 303 Payment of Expenses Connected with the Death of Certain

Employees (Parts 303-1-303-2) 304 Payment from a non-Federal source for travel expenses (Parts


Title 42—Public Health



Public Health Service, Department of Health and Human Servo

ices (Parts 1–199) Health Care Financing Administration, Department of Health

and Human Services (Parts 400—499) Office of Inspector General-Health Care, Department 01

Health and Human Services (Parts 1000-1999)


Title 43—Public Lands: Interior

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of the Interior (Parts I

199) SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Public Lands I Bureau of Reclamation, Department of the Interior (Part

200—499) II Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interio

(Parts 1000—9999)

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