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tablish a graduate fellowship program higher education, institute or laborato provide educational assistance to tory), or any State, political subdiviqualified individuals in fields related sion thereof, or agency or officer of a to space, and to establish an independ- State or political subdivision thereof. ent committee known as the Space (f) “Space” means “aeronautical and Grant Review Panel to review and space activities” which has the meanadvise the Administrator with respecting given to such term in section to Space Grant programs.

103(1) of the National Aeronautics and (b) The regulations of this part do Space Act of 1958, as amended (42 not apply to awards made by NASA U.S.C. 2452). under any other authority.

(g) "Space Grant college" means any

public or private institution of higher 8 1259.101 Definitions.

education which is designated as such For the purposes of this part, the by the Administrator or designee purfollowing definitions shall apply:

suant to section 208 of the Act. (a) "Field related to space” means (h) "Space Grant regional consortiany academic discipline or field of um” means any association or other study (including the physical, natural alliance which is designated as such by and biological sciences, and engineer- the Administrator or designee pursuing, space technology, education, eco- ant to section 208 of the Act. nomics, sociology, communications, (i) “Space Grant program" means planning, law, international affairs any program which: and public administration) which is (1) Is administered by any Space concerned with or likely to improve Grant college, Space Grant regional the understanding, assessment, devel- consortium, institution of higher eduopment and utilization of space.

cation, institute, laboratory or State or (b) “Institution of higher education" local agency; and means any college or university in any (2) Includes two or more projects inState which:

volving education and one or more of (1) Admits as regular students only the following activities in the fields reindividuals who have a certificate of lated to space: graduation or equivalent from a sec (i) Research; ondary school;

(ii) Training; or (2) Is legally authorized within such (iii) Advisory services. State to provide a program of educa (j) "Space Grant program award” tion beyond secondary education;

means any award contemplated under (3) Provides an educational program section 206(a) of the Act. for which a bachelor's degree or other (k) “Special Space Grant program higher degree is awarded;

award” means any award extended (4) Is a public or other nonprofit in under section 206(b) of the Act. stitution; and

(1) “Specific national need grant” (5) Is accredited by a nationally rec means any award extended under secognized accrediting agency or associa- tion 207 of the Act. tion.

(m) “State” means any State of the (c) “National of the United States" United States, the District of Colummeans a citizen of the United States or bia, the Commonwealth of Puerto a native resident of a possession of the Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, AmerUnited States. It does not refer to or ican Samoa, the Commonwealth of the include a citizen of another country Northern Mariana Islands and any who has applied for United States citi. other territory or possession of the zenship.

United States. (d) “Panel” means the Space Grant (n) “State Space Grant cooperating Review Panel established pursuant to institution" means any institution of section 210 of the Act.

higher education in a State which does (e) “Person" means any individual, not have a designated Space Grant public or private corporation, partner college that is named by the Adminisship or other association or entity (in trator or designee to provide selected cluding any Space Grant college, Space Grant program functions within Space Grant consortium, institution of that State.

and award fellowships, grants, contracts and other transactions competitively in a merit-based review process.

(d) It shall be NASA's policy to designate and make awards without discriminating on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national origin or handicap.

8 1259.102 General policy.

(a) In accordance with subsections 103(a)(2) and (3) of the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958, as amended. (42 U.S.C. 2457(a)(3)), it is NASA's policy, through various educational programs, to provide direct support for and encouragement to teachers, students and prospective students in fields related to space.

(b) In compliance with the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Act (42 U.S.C. 2486), it shall be NASA's purpose to:

(1) Increase the understanding, assessment, development and utilization of space resources by promoting a strong educational base, responsive research and training activities and broad and prompt dissemination of knowledge and techniques;

(2) Utilize the abilities and talents of the universities of the Nation to support and contribute to the exploration and development of the resources and opportunities afforded by the space environment;

(3) Encourage and support the existence of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary programs of space research, to engage in activities of training (in cluding teacher education), research and public service and to have cooperative programs with industry;

(4) Encourage and support the existence of consortia, composed of university and industry members, to advance the exploration and development of space resources in cases in which national objectives can be better fulfilled than through the programs of single universities;

(5) Encourage and support Federal funding for graduate fellowships in fields related to space;

(6) Support activities in colleges and universities generally for the purpose of creating and operating a network of institutional programs that will enhance achievements resulting from efforts under this Act; and

(7) Encourage cooperation and coordination among Federal agencies and Federal programs concerned with space issues.

(c) It shall be NASA's policy to designate Space Grart colleges, State Space Grant cooperating institutions and Space Grant regional consortia

8 1259.103 Special authorities-gift accept

ance and other Federal funding. (a) Acceptance of gifts:

(1) In order to carry out the provisions of the Act, the Administrator is authorized to accept conditional or unconditional gifts or donations of seryices, money or property, real, personal or mixed, tangible or intangible. This authority is delegated to the Director, Educational Affairs Division.

(2) The Administrator or designee may decline any gift or donation that the Administrator determines is not in accord with the purposes of the program. Also, conditional gifts or donations that are not in compliance with the Act or the implementing regulations shall be declined. NASA may use a reasonable amount from a gift or donation to cover any administrative costs associated with such gift or donation.

(b) Acceptance and use of funds from other Federal agencies:

(1) To carry out the provisions of the Act, the Administrator is author. ized to accept and use funds from other Federal departments, agencies and instrumentalities to pay for awards under this program. This authority is delegated to the Director, Educational Affairs Division.

(2) The Administrator or designee may decline any such funds when the Administrator determines acceptance would not be in accord with the purposes of the program. NASA may use a reasonable amount from transferred Federal funds to cover any administrative costs associated with such trans


Subpart 2—Space Grant Program and

Project Awards 81259.200 Description.

Awards are authorized to establish any Space Grant and/or fellowship

program or project if such program or project will further the purposes of the Act.

(3) Purchase or construct any launch facility or launch vehicle.

(b) Funds may be used to lease any of the items listed in paragraph (a) of this section as long as prior written approval is obtained from the Administrator or designee.

Subpart 3—National Needs Grants

$ 1259.201 Types of Space Grant program

and project awards-regular and special. (a) A regular Space Grant program or project award shall:

(1) Be funded by NASA up to 66 percent of the total cost of the Space Grant award and/or fellowship program involved; or

(2) Be funded up to 100 percent of its cost if funded by another Federal entity.

(b) A special Space Grant program or project award may be funded up to 100 percent of the total cost of the special project if the Administrator or designee, the Director, Educational Af. fairs Division, finds that:

(1) No reasonable means is available through which the applicant can meet the matching requirements for a regular Space Grant award under paragraph (a) of this section;

(2) The probable benefit of such project outweighs the public interest in such matching requirement; and

(3) The same or equivalent benefit cannot be obtained through the award of a regular Space Grant program or project award under paragraph (a) of this section or the award of a specific national need grant under section 207 of the Act. 8 1259.202 Application procedures.

(a) The opportunity to apply shall be announced by the Director, Educational Affairs Division.

(b) The application procedures and evaluation guidelines for awards under this section will be included in the announcements of such programs.

(c) The applications will be reviewed by a peer review merit selection panel appointed by the Director, Educational Affairs Division.

8 1259.300 Description.

National needs awards may be awarded by the Administrator or designee to meet such needs or problems relating to aerospace identified by the Space Grant Review Panel, by NASA officials or by any person. Such awards may be up to 100 percent of the total cost of the program or project. § 1259.301 Identification of national

needs. National needs shall be identified by the Administrator who shall consider specific national needs and problems relating to space proposed by the Space Grant Review Panel, any NASA official or any person.

§ 1259.302 Application procedures.

(a) The Administrator or designee has the authority to make awards to meet identified national needs.

(b) The Director, Educational Affairs Division, shall establish a competitive, merit-based review process to examine unsolicited national needs proposals.

8 1259.303 Limitations.

The same limitations shall apply as are stated in § 1259.203.

Subpart 4-Space Grant College and

Consortium Designation

8 1259.203 Limitations.

Public Law 100-147, Section 206(d) (2) and (3), states that:

(a) Funds for apards made under this section may not be used to:

(1) Purchase land; (2) Purchase, construct, preserve or repair any building; or

8 1259.400 Description.

(a) The Administrator may designate Space Grant colleges, Space Grant college consortia and Space Grant regional consortia in order to establish Federal/university partnerships to promote a strong educational base in the space and aeronautical sciences. These designated colleges and consortia will provide leadership for a

network of American colleges and uni. um, if the Administrator or designee versities, industry and State and local finds that such association or alliance: governments in space-related fields. (1) Is established for the purpose of The Administrator hereby delegates sharing expertise, research, educationthis authority to the Director, Educa. al or training facilities and other capational Affairs Division.

bilities in order to facilitate research, (b) Designation of Space Grant col- education, training and advisory seryleges, Space Grant college consortia ices, in any field related to space; and Space Grant regional consortia (2) Will encourage and follow a reshall be for 5 years. Designation of gional approach to solving problems or Space Grant colleges and consortia meeting needs relating to space, in comay be continued based on a merit operation with other institutions of review at the beginning of the fifth higher education, Space Grant proyear.

gram grantees and other persons in (c) Each designated Space Grant col the region. lege or consortium will receive:

(c) The opportunity to apply for des(1) A Space Grant award that re- ignation shall be announced by the Di. quires a 100 percent match; and

rector, Educational Affairs Division. (2) Funds for fellowships.

The application procedures and eval(d) Each Space Grant college or con uation guidelines for designation shall sortium will be funded annually.

be included in the designation an

nouncement. 8 1259.401 Responsibilities.

(d) Designation will be decided by a Each designated Space Grant college

competitive merit review of the proor consortium shall:

gram proposal measured against the (a) Designate a Space Grant Pro

purposes of the Act and including, but

not limited to, proposed linkages with gram Director;

other colleges and universities (par(b) Establish a Space Grant Office;

ticularly institutions with significant (c) Administer a fellowship program;

enrollments of under-represented mi(d) Develop and implement pro

nority groups), public service and colgrams of public service, interdiscipli

laboration with space-related industry. nary space-related programs, advisory activities and cooperation with indus 8 1259.403 Limitations. try, research laboratories, State and local governments and other colleges

The same limitations shall apply as and universities, particularly institu

are stated in § 1259.203. tions in their State and/or region with

8 1259.404 Suspension or termination of significantly large enrollments of

designation. racial minorities who are under-represented in science and technology; and

The Administrator or designee, the (e) Provide nonfederal matching Director, Educational Affairs Division, funds (exclusive of in-kind contribu- may, for cause, and after an opportutions) for the Space Grant program nity for a hearing before an Adminisequal to that provided by NASA.

trative Judge appointed by the Deputy

Administrator, suspend or terminate 8 1259.402 Basic criteria and application the Space Grant designation of any inprocedures.

stitution or consortium. (a) Any institution of higher education may be designated a Space Grant Subpart 5—Space Grant Fellowships college if the Administrator or designee finds that it has a balanced pro

ed pro- § 1259.500 Description. gram of research, education, training The Space Grant fellowship proand advisory services in fields related gram will provide educational and to space, as further defined in the pro- training assistance to qualified individgram announcement.

uals at the graduate level in fields re(b) Any association or other alliance lated to space. Awards will be made to of two or more persons may be desig. institutions of higher education for nated a Space Grant regional consorti- fellowships. The student recipients

shall be known as NASA Space Grant cation, extension services, State govFellows.

ernment, industry, economics, plan

ning or any other activity related to $ 1259.501 Responsibilities.

the purposes of the Space Grant pro(a) All institutions which receive gram. Space Grant fellowships will be expected to use the awards to increase $1259.601 Establishment and composithe pool of graduate students in fields tion. related to space.

(a) The Panel, to be located at NASA (b) The overall fellowship program

Headquarters in Washington, DC, will shall be cognizant of institutional di

be composed of ten voting members versity and geographical distribution.

who are not current NASA employees. $ 1259.502 Application procedures.

(b) It shall include four from Feder

al departments, agencies or entities (a) All applicants for designation as Space Grant colleges and consortia

that have an interest in space pro

grams or science and education, and must apply for Space Grant fellowships.

six nonfederal representatives. (b) Applicants for Space Grant pro

(c) The nonfederal representatives gram or project grants (under

shall include two persons who are di$ 1259.200) and for national needs

rectly involved with the Space Grant grants (under $1259.300) may also

program at a Space Grant college or apply for Space Grant fellowships. consortium, one person involved with

(c) There will be a merit review se the Space Grant program at a univerlection of Space Grant fellowship sity that is not a designated Space awards.

Grant college, a university president

or chancellor, one representative of a § 1259.503 Limitations.

space-related industry and the last (a) Fellowships shall be awarded person to be from whatever field the only to Nationals of the United States. Administrator determines to be of

(b) Any students supported under greatest concern. this fellowship program shall not be (d) The Panel members shall be apfunded for more than 4 years unless pointed by the Administrator or desigthe Director, Educational Affairs Divi

nee. sion, makes an exception.

(e) The relevant organizations and

associations in aerospace and science Subpart 6-Space Grant Review education fields will be asked to proPanel

vide three names for each position on

the panel. The Administrator shall 8 1259.600 Panel description.

consider them, but not be limited to An independent committee, the them, in the selection process. Space Grant Review Panel, which is (f) The Administrator or designee not subject to the Federal Advisory shall select a Chair and a Vice Chair. Committee Act, shall be established to The Vice Chair shall act as Chair in advise the Administrator with respect the absence or incapacity of the Chair. to Space Grant program and project

(g) The Administrator or designee awards, the Space Grant fellowship

may select NASA officials to serve as program and the designation and oper

ex officio, nonvoting members of the ation of Space Grant colleges and consortia. A majority of the voting mem

panel. bers shall be individuals who, by $1259.602 Conflict of interest. reason of knowledge, experience, or training are especially qualified in one

Any member of the Panel who has a or more of the fields related to space. personal or financial interest in an The other voting members shall be in issue before the Panel shall abstain dividuals who, by reason of knowledge, from voting on such issue. experience or training, are especially qualified in, or representative of, edu

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