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The official seal of the National Aeronautics and Space
Administration is a disc of blue sky strewn with white stars,
dexter a large yellow sphere bearing a red flight symbol apex
in upper sinister and wings enveloping and casting a brown shadow
upon the sphere, all partially encircled with white horizontal
orbit, in sinister a small light blue sphere; circumscribing the
disc a white band edged gold inscribed "National Aeronautics and
Space Administration U.S.A." in red letters.

8 1221.103 Establishment of the NASA Insignia.

The NASA Insignia was designed by the Army Institute of Heraldry, and approved by the Commission of Fine Arts and the NASA Administrator.

It symbolizes NASA's role in aeronautics and space in the early years of the agency and has been retired. It is used only in an authentic historical context, and only with prior written approval of the NASA Administrator.

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The Insignia may be reproduced or used in various sizes. Size to be determined on basis of (a) desired effect for visual identification or publicity purposes, (b) relative size of the object on which insignia is to appear, and (c) consideration of any design, layout, reproduction, or other problems involved.


The NASA Insignia will not be used for any purpose without the written approval of the Administrator.

8 1221.104 Establishment of the NASA Logotype Insignia.

The NASA Logotype Insignia, to be referred to as the NASA Logotype, was established by the NASA Administrator as the signature and design element for all visual communications formerly reserved for the NASA Insignia. The NASA Logotype was developed under the Federal Design Improvement Program initi. ated by the President in 1972 and approved by the Commission of Fine Arts in October 1975. The NASA Logotype shall be used as set forth in § 1221.112, the NASA Graphics Standards Manual, and any related NASA directive or specification approved by the NASA Administrator and published subsequent hereto.



The NASA Logotype Insignia

This logotype is the central element in NASA's visual communications system. Through consistent and repetitive use as a signature device and design element in all of NASA's visual communications, the logotype becomes a visual shorthand which identifies the agency and symbolically embodies its activities, achievement and goals.

In the logotype, the letters N-A-S-A are reduced to their most simplified form. The strokes are all of one width, envoking the qualities of unity and technical precision. Elimination of crossstrokes in the two "A" letters imparts a vertical thrust to the logotype and lends it a quality of uniqueness and contemporary character.

Technical Description:

The NASA Logotype design is solid stroke letterforms, shown freestanding horizontally against a solid neutral background.

The Logotype sizes are based on (a) desired effect, (b) relative size of object on which applied, and (c) considerations of any design layout and reproduction. See NASA Graphics Standards Manual.

It is reproduced only photographically except that, for larger applications, the Logotype is reproduced using the grid shown in the Manual. Otherwise, the Logotype is never reproduced mechanically or by hand.

The preferred color of the NASA Logotype is NASA red (PMS 179), used only when a second color is available and appropriate. Against a white background, the Logotype may be shown in NASA red, black, or NASA warm gray. For background of other values, the Manual is to be consulted and followed.

8 1221.105 Establishment of the NASA

Program Badges. A separate and unique badge may be designed and approved in connection with or in commemoration of a major NASA program. Each approved badge shall be officially identified by its title such as “Apollo,” “Skylab," "Viking," “Space Transportation System (Space Shuttle),” or a major NASA anniversary. NASA Program Badges shall be used as set forth in $ 1221.113 pursuant to approval as set forth in $ 1221.116.

NASA Administrator on February. 18, 1977. The Badge is a triangular styl. ized drawing of the Space Shuttle in launch configuration designed to provide overall program identity. The Add-on Bar is a rectangular patch, with border, enclosing one or two lines of text positioned at the base of the badge. The Add-on Bar is designed to augment the badge and to provide subordinate Space Shuttle mission-related identity such as project, payload, organization, text, experiment, system, or subsystem. The NASA Space Transportation System Program Badge and Add-on Bar shall be used as set forth in $ 1221.114, and shall conform to NASA standard design specifications.

8 1221.106 Establishment of the NASA

Space Transportation System Program Badge and Add-on Bar. The NASA Space Transportation System Program (Space Shuttle) and Add-on Bar were established by the

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The official identification device for the Space Transportation System
Program is a triangular badge, pointed upward, with a stylized drawing
of the Space Shuttle in launch configuration; white and gray shadow edge;
symmetrically enclosed against two shades of blue background; gold and
white edged; inscribed horizontally at the base "SPACE SHUTTLE" in white

Add-on Bar

The official Add-on Bar augments the NASA Space Transportation System
Program Badge to provide mission-related identity. Add-on Bars are
rectangular; gold and white edged with one or two lines of text on a
red band. Add-on Bars are positioned horizontally at the base of the


Dimension and color specifications for the Badge and Add-on Bar are
available from NASA installation graphics coordinators.

8 1221.107 Establishment of the NASA Flag.

The NASA Flags for interior and exterior use were created by the NASA Administrator in January 1960. Complete design, size, and color of the NASA interior and exterior flags for manufacturing purposes are detailed in U.S. Army QMG Drawing 5-1-269; revision September 14, 1960. The NASA Flags shall be used as set forth in 8 1221.115.

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