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Subpart 3—Boards and Committees

(ii) Applications for award for scien

tific and technical contributions deter8 1201.300 Boards and committees.

mined to have significant value in the Various boards and committees have

conduct of aeronautical and space acbeen established as part of the perma tivities, pursuant to the National Aeronent organization structure of NASA.

nautics and Space Act of 1958, as These include:

amended (42 U.S.C. 2457 (f) and (g), (a) Board of Contract Appeals. (1) 2458), and the Government Employees The Board is established in accordance Incentive Awards Act (5 U.S.C. 2121with the Contract Disputes Act of 23), respectively. 1978 (41 U.S.C. 601-613). The function (2) The charter of the Board is set of the Board is to decide appeals from forth at subpart 4 of part 1209 of this decisions of contracting officers relat. chapter. The Board's rules of proceing to a contract made by NASA.

dure are set forth at 14 CFR parts (2) The charter of the Board is set 1240 and 1245. forth in subpart 1 of part 1209 of this (3) The decisions of the Board on rechapter. The Board's rules of proce- quests for waiver are available for indure are set forth in 14 CFR part 1241. spection at NASA Headquarters,

(3) The texts of decisions of the Office of Inventions and ContribuBoard are published by Commerce tions Board. Clearing House, Inc., in Board of Contract Appeals Decisions, and are

Subpart 4-General Information hereby incorporated by reference. All decisions and orders are available for

8 1201.400 NASA procurement program. inspection and for purchase from the Recorder of the Board of NASA Head (a) The Office of Procurement, quarters, Washington, DC. Decisions headed by the Assistant Administrator and orders issued after July, 1967, area for Procurement, serves as a central available for inspection and for pur point of control and contact for NASA chase at NASA Information Centers. procurements. Although the procure

(b) Contract Adjustment Board. (1) ments may be made by the field instalThe function of the Board is to consid lations, selected contracts and coner and dispose of requests by NASA tracts of special types are required to contractors for extraordinary contrac

be approved by the Assistant Administual adjustments pursuant to Public trator for Procurement prior to their Law 85-804 (50 U.S.C. 1431-35) and execution. The Office of Procurement Executive Order 10789 dated Novem is also responsible for formulation of ber 14, 1958 (23 FR 8397).

NASA procurement policies and pro(2) The charter of the Board is set vides overall assistance and guidance forth at subpart 3 of part 1209 of this to NASA field installations to achieve chapter. The Board's rules of proce- uniformity in NASA procurement dure are set forth at 48 CFR part processes. 1850.

(b) The NASA procurement program (3) Indexes of and texts of decisions is carried out principally at the NASA of the Board are available for inspec- field installations listed in subpart 2 of tion and for purchase from the Chair this part and in the “U.S. Government person of the Board, National Aero- Manual.” The Headquarters Acquisinautics and Space Administration, tion Division is responsible for conWashington, DC 20546, and from the tracts with foreign governments and NASA Information Centers.

foreign commercial organizations, the (c) Inventions and Contributions procurement of materials and services Board. (1) The function of the Board required by Headquarters offices is to consider and recommend to the except for minor office supplies and Administrator the action to be taken services procured locally, and the with respect to:

award of grants and cooperative agree(i) Petitions for waiver of rights to ments for Headquarters. The Headany invention or class of inventions quarters Space Station Freedom Promade during the performance of curement Office is responsible for NASA contracts; and

managing and directing the full range of acquisition functions in support of fied needs. Such services may be obthe Space Station Freedom Program tained by contacting one of the followOffice

ing: (c) All procurements are made in ac- (1) Aerospace Research Applications cordance with the Federal Acquisition Center (ARAC), Indianapolis Center Regulation (FAR) (48 CFR chapter 1) for Advanced Research, 611 N. Capital and the NASA Federal Acquisition Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204. Regulation Supplement (NASA/FAR (2) Southern Technology ApplicaSupplement) (48 CFR chapter 18). tions Center, Progress Center, Box 24, Copies of these publications are avail. 1 Progress Boulevard, Alachua, FL able from the Superintendent of Doc- 32615. uments, U.S. Government Printing

(3) NASA/UK Technology ApplicaOffice, Washington, DC 20402, on an

tions Program, University of Kenannual subscription basis.

tucky, 10 Kinkead Hall, Lexington,

KY 40506-0057. 8 1201.401 Special document depositories.

(4) NASA Industrial Applications NASA provides the National Techni

Center, 823 William Pitt Union, Unical Information Service (NTIS), U.S.

versity of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA Department of Commerce, 5285 Port

15260. Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22161,

(5) New England Research Applicawith copies of NASA and/or NASA

tion Center (NERAC), One Technolosponsored unclassified unlimited docu

gy Drive, Tolland, CT 06084. ments to provide availability to the

(6) North Carolina Science and public. These documents may be re

Technology Research Center, P.O. produced by NTIS and sold at prices

Box 12235, Research Triangle Park, established by NTIS. NASA also uses

NC 27709. the regional depository libraries established through the Federal Depository

(7) Technology Application Center Library Program by chapter 19 of title

(TAC), University of New Mexico, Al

buquerque, NM 87131. 44 of the U.S. Code under the Government Printing Office (GPO) to make

(8) Kerr Industrial Applications its technical documents and biblio Center, Southeastern Oklahoma State graphic tools available to the general

University, Station A, Box 2584, public. These depository libraries are

Durant, OK 74701. responsible for permanent retention of

(9) NASA Industrial Applications material, interlibrary loan, and refer

Center, Research Annex, Room 200, ence services.

University of Southern California,

3716 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, 8 1201.402 NASA Industrial Applications CA 90007. Centers.

(10) NASA/SU Industrial Applica(a) As part of its Technology Utiliza

tions Center, Southern University, Detion Programma program designed to

partment of Computer Science, Baton transfer new aerospace knowledge and

Rouge, LA 70813-2065. innovative technology to nonaerospace

(b) To obtain access to NASA-develsectors of the economy-NASA oper

oped computer software, contact: ates a network of Industrial Applica. Computer Software Management and tions Centers. These centers serve U.S.

Information Center (COSMIC), Uniindustrial clients on a fee paying basis versity of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602. by providing access to literally millions of scientific and technical documents published by NASA and by

PART 1203—INFORMATION other research and development organizations. Using computers, the NASA

SECURITY PROGRAM Industrial Applications Centers conduct retrospective and current aware

Subpart A-Scope ness searches of available literature in accordance with client interests, and 1203.100 Legal basis. assist in the interpretation and adap- 1203.101 Other applicable NASA regulation of retrieved information to speci. tions.


1203.802 Reporting.

Subpart B-NASA Information Security

Program 1203.200 Background and discussion. 1203.201 Information security objectives. 1203.202 Responsibilities. 1203.203 Degree of protection.

Subpart |--NASA Information Security Program

Committee 1203.900 Establishment. 1203.901 Responsibilities. 1203.902 Membership. 1203.903 Ad hoc committees. 1203.904 Meetings.

AUTHORITY: 42 U.S.C. 2451 et seq. and E.O. 12356.

SOURCE: 44 FR 34913, June 18, 1979, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart C-Classification Principles and

Considerations 1203.300 General. 1203.301 Identification of information re

quiring protection. 1203.302 Combination, interrelation or

compilation. 1203.303 Dissemination considerations. 1203.304 Internal effect. 1203.305 Restricted data.

Subpart D-Guides for Original Classification 1203.400 Specific classifying guidance. 1203.401 Effect of open publication. 1203.402 Classifying material other than

documentation. 1203.403 State-of-the-art and intelligence. 1203.404 Handling of unprocessed data. 1203.405 Proprietary information. 1203.406 Additional classification factors. 1203.407 Duration of classification. 1203.408 Assistance by installation security

classification officers. 1203.409 Exceptional cases. 1203.410 Limitations. 1203.411 Restrictions. 1203.412 Classification guides.

Subpart E-Derivative Classification 1203.500 Use of derivative classification. 1203.501 Applying derivative classification


Subpart A-Scope $ 1203.100 Legal basis.

(a) Executive Order 12356 (hereinafter referred to as "the Order'). The responsibilities and authority of the Administrator of NASA with respect to the original classification of official information or material requiring protection against unauthorized disclosure in the interest of national defense or foreign relations of the United States (hereinafter collectively termed "national security”), and the standards for such classification, are established by the “the Order" (47 FR 14874) and the Information Security Oversight Office Directive No. 1, June 25, 1982;

(b) E.O. 10865. Executive Order 10865 (24 FR 1583) requires the Administrator to prescribe by regulation such specific requirements, restrictions and other safeguards as the Administrator may consider necessary to protect:

(1) Releases of classified information to or within United States industry that relate to contracts with NASA; and

(2) Other releases of classified information to industry that NASA has responsibility for safeguarding.

(c) The National Aeronautics and Space Act. (1) Section 304(a) of the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958, as amended (42 U.S.C. 2451 et seq.), states in part: "The Administrator shall establish such security requirements, restrictions, and safeguards as he deems necessary in the interest of the national security * * *"

(2) Section 303 of the Act states: “Information obtained or developed by

Subpart F-Declassification and Downgrading

1203.600 Policy. 1203.601 Responsibilities. 1203.602 Authorization. 1203.603 Systematic review for declassifica

tion. 1203.604 Mandatory review for declassifica


Subpart G-Foreign Government Information 1203.700 Identification. 1203.701 Classification. 1203.702 Duration of classification. 1203.703 Declassification.

Subpart H-Delegation of Authority To Make

Determinations in Original Classification

Matters 1203.800 Delegations. 1203.801 Redelegation.

the Administrator in the performance (1) Basic classification, downgrading of his functions under this Act shall and declassification guidelines; be made available for public inspec- (2) The issuance of directives pretion, except (i) information authorized scribing the procedures to be followed or required by Federal Statute to be in safeguarding classified information withheld, and (ii) information classic or material; fied to protect the national security: (3) A monitoring system to ensure Provided, That nothing in this Act the effectiveness of the Order: shall authorize the withholding of in

(4) Appropriate administrative sancformation by the Administrator from

tions against officers and employees of the duly authorized committees of the the United Sta

the United States Government who Congress.”

are found to be in violation of the (44 FR 34913, June 18, 1979, as amended at Order or implementing directive; and 48 FR 5889, Feb. 9, 1983)

(5) Classification limitations and re

strictions as discussed in 88 1203.410 8 1203.101 Other applicable NASA regula

and 1203.411. tions.

(C) “The Order” requires the timely (a) Subpart H of this part, “Delega identification and protection of that tion of Authority to Make Determina- NASA information the disclosure of tions in Original Security Classifica which would be contrary to the best tion Matters.”

interest of national security. Accord(b) Subpart I of this part, “NASA In- ingly, the determination in each case formation Security Program Commit must be based on a judgment as to tee.”

whether disclosure of information (c) NASA Handbook 1620.3, "NASA could reasonably be expected to result Physical Security Handbook.”

in damage to the national security.

[44 FR 34913, June 18, 1979, as amended at Subpart B~NASA Information

48 FR 5889, Feb. 9, 1983) Security Program

8 1203.201 Information security objectives. 8 1203.200 Background and discussion.

The objectives of the NASA Infor. (a) In establishing a civilian space

mation Security Program are to: program, the Congress required NASA

(a) Ensure that information is classito “provide for the widest practicable

fied only when a sound basis exists for and appropriate dissemination of in

such classification and only for such formation concerning its activities and

period as is necessary. the results thereof,” and for the with

(b) Prevent both the unwarranted holding from public inspection of that

classification and the overclassificainformation that is classified to pro

tion of NASA information. tect the national security.

(c) Ensure the greatest practicable (b) In recognition of the essential requirement for an informed public con

uniformity within NASA in the classi

fication of information. cerning the activities of its Government, as well as the need to protect

(d) Ensure effective coordination certain national security information

and reasonable uniformity with other from unauthorized disclosure, “the

Government departments and agenOrder" was promulgated. It designates

cies, particularly in areas where there the National Aeronautics and Space

is an interchange of information, techAdministration certain responsibility

niques or hardware. for matters pertaining to national se

(e) Provide a timely and effective curity and confers on the Administra

means for downgrading or declassify. tor of NASA, or such responsible offi ing information when the circumcers or employees as the Administra stances necessitating the original clastor may designate, the authority for sification change or no longer exist. original classification of official information or material which requires pro

8 1203.202 Responsibilities. tection in the interest of national secu (a) The Chairperson, NASA Inforrity. It also provides for:

mation Security Program Committee (Subpart I of this part), is responsible (c) Each NASA official to whom the for:

authority for original classification is (1) Directing the NASA Information delegated shall be accountable for the Security Program in accordance with propriety of each classification (see NASA policies and objectives and ap- Subpart H) and is responsible for: plicable laws and regulations.

(1) Ensuring that classification de(2) Ensuring effective compliance

terminations are consistent with the with and implementation of “the policy and objectives prescribed above, Order" and the Information Security and other applicable guidelines. Oversight Office Directive No. 1 relat

(2) Bringing to the attention of the ing to security classification matters.

Chairperson, NASA Information Secu(3) Reviewing, in consultation with

rity Program Committee, for resoluthe NASA Information Security Pro

tion, any disagreement with classificagram Committee, questions, sugges

tion determinations made by other tions, appeals and compliance concern

NASA officials.

(3) Ensuring that information and ing the NASA Information Security Program and making determinations

material which no longer requires its concerning them.

present level of protection is promptly

downgraded or declassified in accord(4) Coordinating NASA security clas

ance with applicable guidelines. sification matters with NASA installa

(d) Other Officials-in-Charge of tions, the Department of Defense, the

Headquarters Offices are responsible Department of Energy and other Gov

for: ernment agencies.

(1) Ensuring that classified informa(5) Issuing Security Classification

tion or material prepared within their Guides for NASA programs and

respective offices is appropriately projects.

marked. (6) Developing, maintaining and rec

(2) Ensuring that material proposed ommending to the Administrator

for public release is reviewed to elimi.

for public release is guidelines for the systematic review nate classified information. covering 30-year-old classified infor- (e) Directors of Field Installations mation under NASA's jurisdiction. are responsible for: (7) Reviewing and coordinating with

(1) Developing proposed Security appropriate offices all appeals of deni. Classification Guides. als of requests for records under sec (2) Ensuring that classified informations 552 and 552a of Title 5, United tion or material prepared in their reStates Code (Freedom of Information spective installations is appropriately and Privacy Acts) when the denials marked. are based on the records continued

(3) Ensuring that material proposed classification.

for public release is reviewed to elimi(8) Recommending to the Adminis- nate classified information. trator appropriate administrative (4) Designating Security Classificaaction to correct abuse or violations of tion Officers at their respective instalany provision of the NASA Informa- lations, to whom responsibilities listed tion Security Program, including noti- in paragraphs (e) (1), (2), and (3) of fications by warning letter, formal rep- this section may be reassigned. rimand and to the extent permitted by (f) The Senior Security Specialist, law, suspension without pay and re- NASA Security Office, NASA Headmoval.

quarters, who serves as a member and (b) All NASA employees are respon Executive Secretary of the NASA Insible for bringing to the attention of formation Security Program Committhe Chairperson of the NASA Infor- tee, is responsible for the NASA-wide mation Security Program Committee coordination of security classification any information security problems in matters. need of resolution, any areas of inter- (g) The Chief, Information and est wherein information security guid- Physical Security Branch, NASA Secuance is lacking, and any other matters rity Office, is responsible for establishlikely to impede achievement of the ing procedures for the safeguarding of objectives prescribed herein.

classified information of material (e.g.,

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