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Sec. 1214.606 Postflight disposition. 1214.607 Media and public inquiries. 1214.608 Safety requirements. 1214.609 Loss or theft. 1214.610 Violations.

Sec. 1214.106 Damage to payload. 1214.107 Responsibilities. APPENDIX A TO SUBPART 1214.1-COSTS FOR






Subpart 1214.7—The Authority of the Space

Shuttle Commander

1214.700 Scope. 1214.701 Definitions. 1214.702 Authority and responsibility of

the Space Shuttle commander. 1214.703 Chain of command. 1214.704 Violations.

Subpart 1214.8—Reimbursement for Spacelab


Subpart 1214.2—Reimbursement for Shuttle

Services Provided to Civil U.S. Government Users and foreign Users Who Have Made Substantial Investment in the STS

Program 1214.200 Scope. 1214.201 Definition. 1214.202 Reimbursement policy. 1214.203 Optional reflight guarantee. 1214.204 Patent and data rights. 1214.205 Revisit and/or retrieval services. 1214.206 Damage to payload. 1214.207 Responsibilities. APPENDIX A TO SUBPART 1214.2-COSTS FOR



1214.800 Scope. 1214.801 Definitions. 1214.802 Relationship to Shuttle policy. 1214.803 Reimbursement policy. 1214.804 Services, pricing basis, and other

considerations. 1214.805 Unforeseen customer delay. 1214.806 Premature termination of Space

lab flights. 1214.807 Exceptional payloads. 1214.808 Standby payloa:is. 1214.809 Short-term call-up and acceler

ated launch. 1214.810 Integration of payloads. 1214.811 Reflight guarantee. 1214.812 Payload specialists. 1214.813 Computation of sharing and pric

ing parameters.

Subpart 1214.3—Payload Specialists for Space

Transportation System (STS) Missions

1214.300 Scope. 1214.301 Definitions. 1214.302 Background. 1214.303 Policy. 1214.304 Process. 1214.305 Payload specialist responsibilities. 1214.306 Payload specialist relationship

with sponsoring institutions.

Subpart 1214.47{Reserved)
Subpart 1214.5—Mission Critical Space System

Personnel Reliability Program
1214.500 Scope.
1214.501 Applicability.
1214.502 Definitions.
1214.503 Policy.
1214.504 Screening requirements.
1214.505 Program implementation.

Subpart 1214.9-Use of Small Self-Contained

Payloads 1214.900 Scope. 1214.901 Relation to Subparts 1214.1 and

1214.2. 1214.902 Definitions. 1214.903 Conditions of use. 1214.904 Reimbursement policy. 1214.905 Flight scheduling. 1214.906 Transfer of ownership, apportion

ment and assignment of services. 1214.907 Reflight. 1214.908 Patent and data rights. 1214.909 Damage to payloads. 1214.910 Special provisions for users whose

earnest money deposits or letters of intent were accepted prior to the effec

tive date of this final rule. 1214.911 Small self-contained payload

standard services. 1214.912 Small self-contained payload op

tional services.

Subpart 1214.6—Momentos Aboard Space

Shuttle Flights 1214.600 Scope. 1214.601 Definitions. 1214.602 Policy. 1214.603 Official flight kit (OFK). 1214.604 Personal preference kit (PPK). 1214.605 Preflight packing and storing.


bia, Panama Canal Zone, and Puerto Subpart 1214.10—[Reserved)


(b) Public organizations of the Subpart 1214.11–NASA Astronaut Candidate

United States that are not part of the Recruitment and Selection Program

Government of the United States. 1214.1100 Scope.

(c) Foreign governments or private 1214.1101 Announcement.

persons and private or public organiza1214.1102 Evaluation of applications.

tions of foreign countries, except for 1214.1103 Application cutoff date.

the government of Canada and gov. 1214.1104 Evaluation and ranking of

ernments of the European Space highly qualified candidates. 1214.1105 Final ranking.

Agency (ESA) member nations partici1214.1106 Selection of astronaut candi

pating in Spacelab development when dates.

conducting experimental science or ex1214.1107 Notification.

perimental applications missions, with

no near-term commercial implications, Subparts 1214.12–1214.16{Rosorved). undertaken on behalf of government

agencies. The NASA Administrator Subpart 1214.17—Space Flight Participants

shall determine the missions which 1214.1700 Scope.

qualify for this exception. 1214.1701 Applicability.

(d) International organizations, 1214.1702 Relation to other Part 1214 ma except the ESA when conducting exterial.

perimental science or experimental ap· 1214.1703 Definitions.

plications missions with no near-term 1214.1704 Policy.

commercial implications. 1214.1705 Selection of space flight partici

(e) Other U.S. Government agencies, pants, 1214.1706 Program management.

Canadian government agencies and 1214.1707 Media and public inquiries.

the ESA, requesting Shuttle services

from NASA in connection with launch AUTHORITY: Sec. 203, Pub. L. 85-568, 72

and other services being performed by Stat. 429, as amended (42 U.S.C. 2473); sec.

such agencies for users listed in para201(b), Pub. L. 87-624, 76 Stat. 421 (47 U.S.C. 721(b)), unless otherwise noted.

graphs (a) through (d) of this section.

8 1214.102 Reimbursement policy. Subpart 1214.1-Reimbursement for (a) Features of policy. (1) All users

Shuttle Services Provided to will be charged on a fixed price basis;
Non-U.S. Government Users

there will be no post-flight charges,
except for prespecified optional serv-

ices. SOURCE: 42 FR 3829, Jan. 21, 1977, unless (2) The price will be based on estiotherwise noted.

mated costs.

(3) The price will be held constant 8 1214.100 Scope.

for flights in the first three years of This Subpart 1214.1 sets forth:

Space Transportation Systems (STS) (a) The policy on reimbursement for operations. Shuttle services which are provided by (4) Payments with respect to total NASA to non-U.S. Government users operations costs shall be escalated ac(as defined in g 1214.101) under launch cording to the Bureau of Labor Statisservices agreements, and

tics Index for Compensation per hour, (b) Responsibilities for putting such Total Private. Payments with respect policy into effect and carrying it out. to the use charge shall not be escalat

ed. 8 1214.101 Definition.

(5) Subsequent to the first three For the purpose of this subpart, the years the price will be adjusted annu. term Non-U.S. Government Users ally to insure that aggregate costs are means:

recovered over a twelve-year period. (a) Private persons or private organi. (6) Pricing incentives are designed to zations of the United States, including maximize the proper utilization of the its territories, the District of Colum- STS.

(b) Dedicated flight reimbursements. mined by an STS Exceptional Pro(1) For the purposes of this policy, a gram Selection Process. In all cases, dedicated flight is one sold to a single the Administrator will be the selection customer.

official. (2) The policy is established for two (viii) For dedicated flight users, distinct phases of Shuttle operations. NASA and the user will identify a deThe first phase is through the third sired launch date within a period of full fiscal year of Shuttle operations ninety days three years prior to flight. and the second phase consists of nine One year prior to the flight a firm full fiscal years subsequent to the first launch and payload delivery date will phase.

be identified by NASA. The firm (i) For a dedicated Shuttle flight launch date will be within the first during the first phase, NASA shall be sixty days of the original ninety-day reimbursed in an amount which is a period. Launch will occur on the pro-rata share of forecast additive firmly scheduled launch date or costs averaged over the first phase of within a period of thirty days thereafthree years, plus a use charge in lieu ter. The payload must be ready to of depreciation for the use of facilities, launch for the duration of that period. support equipment and the Shuttle (c) Shared flight reimbursements. (1) fleet; however, the price shall not be The price of a shared Shuttle flight less than a pro-rata share of forecast will be a fraction of the dedicated aggregate costs averaged over both the Shuttle flight price. The fraction will first and second phases of the twelve be based on the length and weight of year Shuttle operation period.

the payload and the mission destina(ii) For a dedicated Shuttle flight tion at the time of contract negotiaduring the second phase, NASA shall tions. The formula for computing the be reimbursed a pro-rata share of fore- fraction is set forth in Appendix D to cast aggregate costs over both phases this subpart. to insure that total aggregate costs are (2) For shared flight users, NASA recovered over the twelve year period. and the user will identify a desired

(iii) The definition of the costs as launch date three years prior to flight. specified in this subpart are set forth Launch will occur within a period of in Appendix A to this subpart.

ninety days, beginning on the desired (iv) Subject to NASA approval, a launch date. One year prior to flight a dedicated flight user may apportion payload delivery date and a firm and assign STS services to other STS launch date will be coordinated among users provided they satisfy STS user the share flight users. This firm requirements. The price of integrating launch date will be within the first additional payloads will be negotiated. thirty days of the original ninety-day

(v) A summary of standard Shuttle period. The launch will occur on the services included in the flight price is firmly scheduled launch date or set forth in Appendix B to this sub- within a period of sixty days thereafpart.

ter. The payloads must be ready to (vi) The prices of optional Shuttle launch for the duration of that period. services are being developed and shall (3) A 20 percent discount on the be set forth in the Shuttle Price Book standard flight price will be given to which is being developed. A summary shared flight users who will fly on a of the optional services is set forth in space-available (standby) basis. NASA Appendix C to this subpart.

will provide launch services within a (vii) For the user with an experimen prenegotiated period of one year. tal new use of space or first time use Shared flight payloads must be flight of space of great public value, the re- deliverable to the launch site on the imbursement to NASA for the dedicat first day of the one-year period and ed, standard Shuttle flight in either sustain that condition until delivery to the first or second phase shall be a the launch site. The user will be notipro-rata share of the average twelve- fied sixty days prior to the firmly year additive costs as estimated at the scheduled launch date which has been time of negotiations. Programs which established by NASA. At that time, qualify for this price will be deter- NASA will also establish a payload de

livery date. The payload must be avail. contract execution, the user will begin able at the launch site on the assigned to make payments according to a 33delivery date and ready to launch for a month reimbursement schedule for period of sixty days after the firmly this launching. At any time during scheduled launch date.

Phase 1 or 2, the user may exercise (d) Small self-contained payloads. this option by informing NASA of his Packages under 200 pounds and small desired launch date for this option

than five cubic feet which require which will then be negotiated by no Shuttle services (power, deploy- NASA and the user. This launch date ment, etc.), and are for R&D purposes, must be at least 33 months after the will be flown on a space-available basis date of the first reimbursement pay. during both phases of Shuttle oper- ment. If the desired launch date is ation. The price for this service will be within one year of the date of declaranegotiated based on size and weight,

tion, the short term call-up option and but will not exceed $10,000 in 1975 dol associated fee will apply. If the desired lars. A minimum charge of $3,000 in launch is to occur in a year for which 1975 dollars will be made. If Shuttle

a new price per flight is in effect, the services are required, the price will be

user will pay the new price. The fee individually negotiated. Reimburse

for this option is 10 percent of the ment to NASA will be made at the

user's flight price in effect at the time time the package is scheduled for

of contract execution and is payable at flight.

that time. This fee will not be applied (e) Options. (1) Options for future

to the price of the user's flight. flights will be made available to STS

(4) Options must be exercised for a users already contracting for STS

flight by the end of the second phase launch services. Fixed price options

of operations or the option fee will be for flights in a given year beyond the

retained by NASA. three year fixed price period will be

(f) Fixed price period and escalation. made available. For fixed price op

(1) The price will remain constant for tions, NASA shall be reimbursed the

flights during the first phase of Shutuser's flight price compounded at 8 percent per year for each year beyond

tle operation. For flights during the the fixed price period. The fee for this

second phase, the price will be adjustoption is one million dollars in 1975

ed on a yearly basis, if necessary, to dollars. The option fee will be applied

assure recovery of aggregate costs over to the price of the user's flight. The

a twelve year period. These adjusted user will exercise his option by con

prices will be applicable only to agreetracting for the flight on the normal

ments executed after the adjustment 33-month reimbursement schedule or

is made. the option fee will be retained by

(2) Shuttle services for both phases NASA.

will be contracted on a fixed price (2) In order to insure that space will

basis. The payments in the contract be available for flights in a given

will be escalated to the time of the future year, scheduled launch options,

payment using the Bureau of Labor where NASA will provide a launch

Statistics Index for Compensation per during a ninety-day period, will be hour, Total Private. given to STS users already contracting (g) Earnest money. Earnest money for flights at a fee of $100,000 in 1975 shall be paid to NASA prior to NASA's dollars. The option fee will be applied accepting a lunch reservation. The to the price of the user's flight. The earnest money required shall be user will exercise his option by con $100,000 per payload; however, if the tracting for the flight on the normal payload is a small self-contained pay33-month reimbursement schedule or load, the earnest money shall be the option fee will be retained by $500.00 per payload. The earnest NASA.

money shall be applied to the first (3) In order to allow the user greater payment for each payload made by flexibility in selecting a launch date, the customer, or shall be retained by the user may purchase a “floating NASA if a launch services agreement launch date” option. At the time of is not signed.

(h) Reimbursement schedule. (1) Re- will provide STS launch services on a imbursement shall be made in accord space-availalble basis. NASA shall be ance with the reimbursement schedule reimbursed the dedicated flight price contained in this subsection. No according to the reimbursement schedcharges shall be made after the flight, ule plus short term call-up additional except as negotiated in the contract costs. The additional costs will be for prespecified extra services. Those based on estimated costs to be inusers who contract for Shuttle services curred. less than three years before the de (3) For shared flights contracted one sired launch date will be accommodat year or less before launch, but more ed and will pay on an accelerated basis than six months before launch, users according to the reimbursement sched may elect to short term call-up option. ule.

The user shall reimburse NASA the (2) Standby payloads. (i) Before the

standard shared flight price according establishment of a firmly scheduled to the reimbursement schedule plus a launch date, the number of months load factor-recovery fee. The load facbefore launch will be computed assum tory-recovery fee is half the difference ing a launch date at the mid-point of between a dedicated flight price and the designated one-year period.

the user's shared flight price or the (ii) Once the firmly scheduled

difference between a dedicated flight launch date is established, the user

price and the total adjusted reimshall reimburse NASA to make his

bursements from all shared users, payments current according to the re

whichever is less. imbursement schedule.

(4) For shared flights contracted six (3) Reimbursement schedule.

months or less before launch, but

more than three months before (Percent of price]

launch, users may elect the short term

call-up option. The user shall reimMonths prior to scheduled

burse NASA the standard shared Number of months before

launch date launch flight is scheduled

flight price according to the reim33 271 21 15 9

bursement schedule plus a load factor

recovery fee which is the difference 33 or more ......................

between a dedicated flight price and 27-32... 21-26....

the total adjusted reimbursement 15-20...

from all shared flight users. 9-14...

(5) Shared flights contracted three months or less before launch will be

flown on a space-available basis. NASA This schedule holds unless there are shall be reimbursed the shared flight offsetting advantages to the U.S. Gov- price according to the reimbursement ernment of an accelerated launch schedule plus short term call-up addischedule.

tional costs. These additional charges (4) Contracts for Shuttle services will be based on estimated costs to be made one year or less before a flight incurred. and up to three months before a flight (6) For the purposes of this parawill be made on a space-available basis graph, "adjusted reimbursements” is unless the short term call-up option is defined to be reimbursements assum. elected.

ing all shared users are non-U.S. Gov(i) Short term call-up option. (1) For ernment. flights contracted one year or less (7) The load factor-recovery fee will before launch, but not less than three never be less than zero. months before launch, short term call (8) The load factor-recovery fee is up will be provided to dedicated flight payable upon receipt of NASA's billing users at the dedicated flight price ac therefor. cording to the reimbursement sched (j) Accelerated launches. For users

who reschedule a launch so that it (2) For dedicated flight users requir occurs earlier than the planned ing short term call-up flights less than launch, the user will pay on an accelthree months before launch, NASA erated reimbursement schedule. The



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