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No. 1, page 1.-Statement of Rear Admiral Philip Andrews, United States Navy,

Chief of the Bureau of Na igation.

No. 2, page 47. Statement of Rear Admiral N. C. Twining, United States Navy,

Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance.

No. 3, page 119.Staetment of Rear Admiral R. C. Hollyday, Chief of the

Bureau of Yards and Docks, Navy Department.

No. 4, page 265.-Statement of Surg. Gen. C. F. Stokes, United States Navy.

No. 5, page 279.-Statement of Rear Admiral T. J. Cowie, Paymaster General,

United States Navy.

No. 6, page 353.--Statement of Rear Admiral Richard Morgan Watt, Chief

Bureau of Construction and Repair.

No. 7, page 463.-Statement of Rear Admiral Hutch I. Cone, Chief Bureau of

Steam Engineering.

No. 8, page 481.-Statement of Capt. J. H. Gibbons, superintendent of the United

States Naval Academy, accompanied by Commander W. C. Cole, United

States Navy.

No. 9, page 511.-Statement of Maj. Gen. William P. Biddle, commandant,

Lieut. Col. Charles L. McCawley, assistant quartermaster, in charge of

the quartermaster's department, and Col. George Richards, paymaster,

in charge of the paymaster's department, United States Marine Corps.

No. 10, page 589.–Statement of Capt. John J. Knapp, United States Navy,


No. 11, page 597.-Statement of Col. E. G. Buckner, representing the Du Pont

Powder Co.

No. 12, page 617.-Statement of Hon. J. Hampton Moore, a Member of Con-

gress from the State of Pennsylvania.

No. 13, page 633.-Statement of Hon. Everis A. Hayes, a Member of Congress

from the State of California.

No. 14, page 647.-Statement of Mr. John T. Watkins, Member of Congress.

No. 15, page 677.- Additional statement of Rear Admiral N. C. Twining, United

States Navy, Chief Bureau of Ordnance.

No. 16, page 695.-Statement of Hon. George von L. Meyer, Secretary of the



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