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8mall-arms am

munition w/o explosive bullets, detonating fuzes, DOT Class O, mechanical time fuze and like Items.


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Small-arms ammunition is a variety of Axed ammunition “Cannon primers".

and includes blank ammunition and shotgun shells de “Combination prim-
signed to be fired from a pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun,
or similar weapon held by the hand, or by the hand and "Cordeau deto-
shoulder, or machine guns of callber less than 0.75 in.
(19.05mm), or blank remover cartridges for pilot seat "Empty cartridge
ejectors and canopy removing catapults, and consists of case, primed."
a metallic, plastic composition or paper cartridge case, & "Explosive cable
primer and a propelling charge, with or without bullet,

shot, tear gas material, tracer components or incendiary | “Explosive rivets”.-
compositions or mixtures, but not including bullets “Fuse lighters".
loaded with high explosives. (For small arms ammunf. | "Grenades, empty,
tion with explosive bullets or projectiles see Class IV.)

Other items of ammunition or component parts of ammu.

nition having similar hazard characteristics to small. “Percussion caps."
arms ammunition are also included in this class.

"Percussion fuze."
Includes but is not limited to:

"Safety fuse." Cartridges (small-arms type, less than 0.75 inch or “Small-ermsammu19.05m):

nition." Aircraft engine starter.

"Small-arms ammuArmor piercing.

nition, tear gas Armor piercing incendiary.

Armor piercing incendiary tracer.

"Small-arms prim.

“Time fuze (me-

chanical w/o
Catapult, alrcraft ejection seat.

High pressure test.
Impulse charges, DOT Class C.
Powder actuated tool, shipped separately.
Remover, aircraft canopy.
Rifle grenade.
Slick marker (MK1).
Tear gas.

Catapult w/cartridge:

Aircraft ejection seat.
Chemical delay pencil.
Detonating cord.
Detonating fuzes, DOT Class C.
Empty cartridge case, primed.
Firing device w/o detonator.
Fuse, blasting cap.
Grenade projection adapter and similar inert devices

when packed with blank sinall-arms cartridge.
Grenades, empty primed.
Igniter, torpedo.
Mechanical time fuze.
Miniature practice bomb signal,
Powder actuated too) w/cartridge packed in the same

outside box.
Primer, lock combination.
Primer, lock electric.
Primer, small-arms.
Primers, percussion cap (such as used in small-arms

Remover w/cartridge, aircraft canopy, Mi.
Shell, shotgun.
Small-arms ammunition w/o explosive bullets.
T cutter (MK2).

Note: The U.S. Army and Navy definitions of smallarins is based on tactical considerations. The Coast Guard definition shall take precedence in all cases involv. ing transportation, handling, and stowage as cargo on board merchant vessels which are subject to the regulatons in this part. This Coast Guard class does not require a per mit. See 146.29-13 and 4 146.29-16.

handling and stowage chart.




The principal hazard in con- Any compartment or hold... 1. Observe marking on package to be certainļthat

nection with the stowage May be stowed in any hold Do small-arms ammunition with explosive bullota of this class of ammuni. above, any bold below, or is included. tion is its involvement in a hold adjacent to one in 2. Do not subject packages to rough bandling. fire from outside source. which flainmable liquids, 3. Maximum weight per draft shall not exceed 3,000 Under such conditions the flammable solids or oxidiz- lbs. plus 10% presence of this type of ing materials, flammable 4. Drafts consisting of one or more palletized units ammunition will not con- compressed gases, hazardous shall not exceed 4,000 lbs. plus 10%. tribute excessively to the articles or combustible liq. 5. Lifts of palletized units shall not be tiered except fire. uids are stowed.

when using a sling so designed as to prevent the Fire may be controlled and Provisions of $ 146.29-59 upper tier or tiers from shifting or falling from the extinguished by flooding (Stowage adjacent to other draft. or spraying with large dangerous articles) shall be 6. The limiting weights noted above are for a 8-ton amounts of water.

complied with unless spe- boom. See 146.29-41. Missiles from burning am. cifically exempted by the

munition will not be pro- above paragraph. jected with any consider. May be overstowed. able velocity.

May be transported in vans Fire Öghting personnel stowed on deck,

should take normal precautions and not expose themselves unnecessarily.

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Bulk propellants

such as: Bal.
listite, Cordite,
and NC
powders; pro-
"Madeup bag
charges'' in
outside ship-
ping con.


or masses.

Propellant explosives for cannon in bulk. Rocket pro. “Propellant ex.

pellants in bulk. Propellant charges (made-up charges) plosives, soud,
in cloth powder bags with igniter attached and with or Class A."
without its primer and packed in outside metal or fiber. “Propellant ex.
pack containers.

plosives, solid,
Includes but is not limited to:

Class B."
Ballistite (bulk) for any purpose in large grains, sheets, "Starter cartridge,

jet engine."
Cartridge starter, jet engine.
Charge, propelling for rod, earth blast driven.
FNH powder.
NC powder (SPD).
NH powder (SPDN).
Propellant charges for separate loading ammunition
such as: 6'', 8", 12"', 14", 16", 155mm, 240mm, 280mm.
SPCA powder.
SPCG powder.



Fixed ammunition

without explosive projectile and like items.





Fixed ammunition with solid projectile, blind loaded pro- “Ammunition

for jectile, empty projectle or without projectile-(the ex- cannon with plosive components consisting of the primer and powder empty projectile. charges in a cartridge case); cartridge cases primed and “Ammunition for containing powder charges; practice grenades; practice cannon with inert. and target rockets.

loaded projectile." Includes but is not limited to:

“Ammunition for Ammunition for cannon:

cannon with solid Blank.

projectile." Blind loaded and plugged (BL & P).

"Ammunition for Blind loaded with tracer (BL & T).

cannon w/o proEmpty projectile.

jectile." Solid projectlle.

"jet thrust units Without projectile.

(JATO) Class B."
Ammunition, armor plercing, shot (w/o HE).

"Special reworks"..
Cartridges, blank, saluting.
Cartridges, fixed and semifred, with smoke projectiles

(other than HC).
Cartridges, semi-fixed for Navy type guns: 5"/38, 5'151,

5''/54, 6"]47.
Cartridges, semi-Axed 120mm (Army w/o projectlle).

Catapult (other than aircraft personnel).
Jato (DOT Class B).
Rocket motors (w/o rocket heads).
Rocket, packed with but not assembled to inert rocket

Rocket, practice, assembled with inert head.


and stowage chartContinued




Loose powder may be ignited AMMUNITION STOWAGE 1. Handle by hand or mechanical means.

by spark, friction, or in. OR PORTABLE MAGA- 2. Do not drop, drag, tumble, walk or otherwise tense heat. ZINE

subject packages to shock. Powder dust_is especially shall not be overstowed with

3. Packages shall be handled in such a manner as hazardous. Buras rapidly

to insure that no spark or friction will occur. with excessive heat.

any other kind of cargo ex. Burning powder in ships

cept bomb fin assemblies,

4. Observe packages or containers for evidence of hold ma yexplode, producempty water fillable prac

sifting or inability to retain contents and reject ing structural damage and tice bombs and empty aur.

any showing such signs.

5. In event a package is damaged and powder is missiles.

illary gas tanks. It Involved in a fire, immeWhen Class I ammunition is

spilled, immediately stop operations and sweep stowed in the same hold or

up any loose powder. diately apply water freely

6. Remove damaged container and residue of and in quantity.

magazine with this class, the
two stowages must be sepa.

powder to a safe location,
rated by a partition bulk.

7. Gravity roller conveyor shall not be used unless head or type "A" dunnage

authorized by the Captain of the Port in ports floor.

or facilities under his jurisdiction. At other Propellant charges of this class,

ports or facilities authority for such use may be for separate loading artillery

granted by the Officer in Charge. projectile, filled with Class

8. Cargo handling stevedore gear may be trays, XI-A or XI-B chemical

skipboards, paliets, or pieplates provided they may be stowed together in

are fitted with cargo nets or sideboards. Boxes the same hold or compart

or trays with fixed or removable sides are au.

ment provided the propel-
lant charges are "top-

9. Cargo nets w/o trays, skipboards, pallets, or stowed," the two items

pieplates are not permitted. being separated by a type

10. The maximum permitted weight per draft "A" dunnage floor. When

when handled by pallet, skipboard, tray, or pleSO stowed, the propellant

plate fitted with cargo net or sideboards shall charges shall not be over.

not exceed 2,400 lbs. plus 10%. stowed with any other cargo.

11. Drafts consisting of one or more palletized For stowage adjacent to other

units shall not exceed 4,000 lbs. plus 10%.

12. Lifts of palletized units shall not be tiered dangerous articles see $ 146..

except when using a sling so designed as to 29-59. Bulk propellants shall not be

prevent the upper tier or tiers from shifting or loaded at an ammunition

falling from the draft.

13. The limiting weights noted above are for a loading pier.

5-ton boom. See $ 146.29-41. May be transported in vans

stowed on deck.

The principal hazard asso. AMMUNITION STOWAGE 1. Handle by hand or mechanical means.

ciated with this class of OR PORTABLE MAGA- 2. Do not drop, drag, tumble, walk or otherwise ammunition is its involve- ZINE

subject packages to shock. ment in a fire. Boxed and crated ammunition

3. Cargo handling stovedore gear may be trays, Pressures which would cause

skipboards, pallets, or pieplates provided they may be overstowed with serious structural damage

are fitted with cargo nets or sidebogds. Boxes nondangerous cargo and are not usually generated.

or trays with ixed or removable sides are author. Il involved in a fre, it is permitted explosives.

ized. Tanked ammunition may be possible the fire may be overstowed with bomb fin

4. Cargo nets without trays, skipboards, palets controlled or extinguished

assemblies, by flooding or spraying

or pieplates are not authorized.

empty water with large amounts of Allable practice bombs and

5. The maximum permitted weight per draft when

handled by pallet, skipboard, tray or pleplate water.

empty auxilary gas tanks, May be stowed in the same

fitted with cargo net or sideboards shall not Fire-fighting personnel should take appropriate deep tank, lower hold or

exceed 2,400 lbs. plus 10%.

6. Drafts consisting of one tweendeck hold with Class precautions and not ex

or more palletized

units shall not exceed 4,000 lbs plus 10%. II-F ammunition provided pose themselves. the Class II-F is bottom

7. Lifts of palletized units shall not be tiered except stowed and provided further

wben using a sling so designed as to prevent the that no other class of mili

upper tier or tiers from shifting or failing from the

tary explosives is stowed in
the hold or the tank below.

8. The limiting weights noted above are for a 5-ton

boom. See 146.29-41.
May be stowed in the same

deep tank or lower hold with
Class II-J ammunition pro-
vided the Class II-J is bot.

tom stowed.
For stowage adjacent to other

dangerous articles

$ 146.29-59.
May be transported in vans

stowed on deck.


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Fireworks are all manufactured articles designed primarlly “Common ire.

for the purpose of producing visible or audible pyro. works."
technic effects by combustion or oxplosion.

“Electric squlbs"...
Includes but is not limited to:

"Fuse Igniters" Bluo sump

"Fuso lighters" Bomb, target Identification.

"Igniter. Cartridge Igniter, turbo jet engino.

"Rallway tusen" Delay electrio igalters.

"Railway tor Depth charge markers, day.

pedoes". Destroyer, document, No. 3.

"Safety squlbs".
Firecrackers, except M80.

"Special Greworks"..
Fire starter.
Flares of all types, such as:

High altitude parachute.
Parachute trip.
Tow target.
Flash cartridge 72 grains or under.
Flash reducer (non black powder).
Flash sheets (lid. packing, DOT).
Float lgbts.
Fuse igniters.
Fuse lighters.
Fusee, warning, rallroad.
Grenade, hand' or rifle, colored smoke (other than HC,

WP, or WPW filled).
Igniters, M1 and M2.
Iluminating grenades and projectlles.
Metal powders (ltd. packing DOT).
Photoflash bomb M122.
Photographic flash powder (Itd. packing DOT).
Pull wire fuse lighter.
Pyrotechnic mixture, 72 grains or under.
Quick match.
Roman candles.
Separate loading smoke projectiles (other than HC, WP,

WPW filed) when assembled with or without ejection
charges and/or fuze.

Alrcraft float light.
Day distress alrcralt.
Distress hand smoke.
Double star.
Drift day (bronze powder, Inert).
Drift night (red phosphorous).
Emergency identification: smoko, star submariae.
Ground cluster.
Ground high burst ranging.
Ground parachute smoke.
Ground parachute star.
Pistol rocket: Comet shower. smoke star.
Single star.

Submarine float.
Boobytrap, flash, iluminating, whistling, 72 gralns or

Hand grenade, M116.
Smoke pots w/o ou.
Squlbs of all kinds.
Tear gas pot fuse.
Torpedo signalling, rallway.
Very signal lights.

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