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(V) Bung label.

ing in a foreign port shall not be (Reduced size)

transported, carried, conveyed, or stowed

by any vessel upon the navigable waters (Black printing on white)

of the United States unless accompanied ----...5 Inches.----

by bills of lading upon which the shipper

or his agent has certified that the goods CAUTION Unscrew This Bung are described, packed and marked in

accordance with the regulations in this

part. Do not unscrew entirely until all interior

[Order 74, 6 PR. 273, Jan, 11, 1941) pressure has escaped through the loosened threads.

$ 146.06–2 Explosives prohibited on REMOVE BUNG IN OPEN AIR. Keep

any vessel. all open dame lights and fires away. Inclosed No explosive or explosive composition Electric Lights are safe.

expressly prohibited by the provisions of subsection 3 of R.S. 4472 as amended

shall be transported, carried, conveyed, (Sec. 6, 56 Stat. 244, as amended; 80 U. 8. O.

stored, stowed or used on board any App. 1275) (CGFR 52-8, 17 F. R. 6463, July

vessel. 17, 1952, as amended by CGFR 68-142, 34 F.R. 2088, Feb. 12, 1969)

[Order 74, 8 PR. 273, Jan. 11, 1941] Subpart 146.06 Vessel's Require. $146.06–3 Articles not permitted on

vessels. ments, Regarding Acceptance, Handling, Stowage, Etc.

No high explosive or other explosive or

other dangerous article or substance or $ 146.06–1 Acceptance on board vessels. combustible liquid shall be transported, Explosives other other dangerous arti

carried, conveyed, stored, stowed or used cles or substances or combustible liquids

on board any vessel unless such transthat are permitted by the regulations in portation, carriage, conveyance, storage, this part to be placed on board vessels,

stowage or use is permitted by the reguor to be on board a vessel within the

lations in this part. navigable waters of the United States, (Order 74, 6 FR, 273, Jan. 11, 1941) may be accepted and transported or

$ 146.06-4 Acceptance of permitted stored on board vessels subject to the articles. regulations in this part when such articles are described upon the shipper's

The commodity list and the tables originating shipping order or a transfer

forming part of the regulations in this shipping paper or otherwise in writing

subchapter indicate the explosives and by a shipping name as shown in the other dangerous articles and combuscommodity list of explosives and other

tible liquids that are permitted to be dangerous articles herein, and provided transported, carried, conveyed, stored, label notations are shown on the shipping

stowed, or used on board any vessel. No paper as they apply to the various sub

such articles shall be transported, carstances. The owner, charterer, agent,

ried, conveyed, stored, stowed, or used master or person in charge of a vessel

on board any vessel unless they comply shall ascertain to his own satisfaction

with the conditions as shown for the that the outside container is one of the

substance in the commodity list and acceptable containers as shown in the

tables and the other provisions of the tables for the particular substance

regulations in this subchapter as they named on the shipping paper. Ship

apply to the particular character of ments tendered in United States ports to

vessel. vessels which are initial carriers shall not (Order 74, 6 F.R. 274, Jan, 11, 1941) be accepted unless the originating ship

$ 146.06–5 “Order-Notify” or “C.O.D." ping order carries the shipper's certifica

shipments. tion as to description, packing, marking and condition as required by $ 146.05-11.

Except on through bills of lading to Shipments tendered in United States

a foreign port, shipments of Class A ports to vessels which are connecting dangerous explosives or blasting caps carriers shall not be accepted unless the in any quantity shall not be transtransfer shipping paper contains suffi- ported, carried or conveyed on board & cient information to identify the preced- vessel, when consigned to "Order-Notify" ing shipping paper. Shipments originat- or "C.O.D." Such articles shall not be transported, carried or conveyed on (b) When only one stowage is shown, board any vessel when a shipper consigns no other stowage shall be utilized. When a shipment to himself unless the shipper more than one stowage is indicated any has a resident representative authorized or all of the indicated stowages may be to receive the shipment at the port of utilized. When “Tween decks" is audischarge.

thorized for stowage "Tween decks read(Order 74, 6 TR. 274, Jan. 11, 1941]

ily accessible" may also be used, but not

the reverse thereof. When "Under deck" 146.06–6 Canadian shipments.

is authorized for stowage "Under deck Explosives (except commercial Class A away from heat" may also be used, but explosives) or other dangerous articles not the reverse thereof. or combustible liquids, as defined herein, (c) Explosives of different classes or which are described, packed, marked and characteristics shall not be stowed tocertified in conformity with the regula- gether in the same compartment or tions of the Board of Transport Commis- magazine except as indicated in the sioners of Canada may be transported, chart in $ 146.20-90, and the detailed carried or conveyed on board such ves- regulations shown in $$ 146.20-1 to sels as are permitted by the regulations 146.20–300. Explosives and other danin this part to transport, carry or convey gerous articles or substances shall not be the particular explosive or other sub- stowed together in the same hold or stance contained within the package. compartment except as indicated in the (CGFR 63-26, 18 FR. 6216, Sept. 1, 1953) detailed regulations preceding each table 8 146.06–7 Emergency shipments.

of the various classifications and the

provisions set forth for the particular For conditions of the regulations gov

substances as shown in the tables. erning emergency shipments see $ 148.

(d) The provisions of this section 02-15.

shall not apply to railroad vehicles, (Order 74, 8 F.R. 273, Jan. 11, 1941, as amend

highway vehicles, vans or portable coned by Order 129, 6 FR. 8182, July 1, 1941) tainers in which are loaded any permit8 146.06–8 Handling on board vessels. ted explosives or other dangerous artiExplosives or other dangerous articles

cles, which are provided for in Subpart

146.07. or substances shall be handled on board vessels in conformity with the provisions

(e) The provisions of this section of the detailed regulations preceding

shall not apply to railroad and highway

vehicles in which are loaded any pereach table of the various classifications and provisions set forth for the particu

mitted explosives or other dangerous ar

ticles in compliance with the DOT lar substances as shown in the tables: Provided, however, That railroad ve

regulations governing such loading, or

combustible liquids when loaded in comhicles, highway vehicles, vans, or porta

pliance with the regulations in this part, ble containers loaded with any permitted when carried on board & ferry vessel in explosives or other dangerous articles or accordance with the provisions of Subsubstances shall be handled on board the part 146.08. vessel in accordance with the provisions (Order 74, 6 F.R. 274, Jan. 11, 1941, as of Subpart 146.07. Highway or railroad amended by CGFR 63-26, 18 F.R. 5216, Sept. vehicles loaded with permitted explosives

1, 1953; CGFR 58-9, 23 F.R. 4839, June 28,

1958) or other dangerous articles or substances shall be handled on ferry vessels in ac

8 146.06–10 Labels. cordance with the provisions of Subpart

Vessels or their owners, charterers or 146.08.

agents shall keep on hand an adequate (CGFR 62–11, 27 F.R. 8281, June 8, 1962)

supply of labels. Lost or detached labels

shall be replaced from information given $ 146.06–9 Stowage on board vessels. on shipping order, delivery receipt or (a) Stowage of a particular explosivo

transfer shipping paper applying to the or other dangerous article or substance

shipment. or a combustible liquid on board a vessel

(Order 74, 6 F.R. 274. Jan. 11, 1941) may be any permitted stowage in accord- $ 146.06-11 “No smoking" signs. ance with the provisions as shown in the Where smoking is prohibited during tables as applying to the character of the loading, stowing, storing, transport vessel upon which the substance is per- ing or unloading of explosives or other mitted to be transported or stored. dangerous articles or substances by the

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