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Jet thrust units (Jato),
Class A explosives.
"Rocket motors, Class
A explosives.
Igniters, jet thrust (jato),
Class A explosives.
"Igniters, rocket motor,
Class A explosives.

Metal cylinders containing a mixture of chemicals capable of burning rapidly and producing considerable pressure. Under certain conditions the chemical fuel with which the unit is loaded may explode.

Jet thrust units are designed to be ignited by an electric igniter. They are used to assist airplanes to take off. Rocket motors are devices containing 8 propelling charge and consisting of one or more continuous type combustion units closed at one end (closure may be an igniter with a thrust plate) and with one or more nozzles at the other end. (The rocket motor carries its own solid oxidizer-fuel combination.) The propelling charge consists of a mixture of chemicals which when ignited is capable of burning rapidly and produring considerable pressure and which will sustain a detonation.

Igniters are devices consisting of an electrically operated or remotely controlled ignition element and a charge of fast-burning composition meeting the definition for Type Class A explosives, assembled in a unit, for use in igniting the propelling charge of jet thrust units or rocket motors.

DOT regulations require that igniters must not be shipped assembled in the units unless shipped by, for, or to the Departments of the Army, Navy, or Air Force of the U. S. Government

Jet thrust units or rocket motors may be packed in the same outside shipping container with their separately packaged igniters or igniter components when these containers are approved by the DOT or are of apiproved military specificat.ons complying with $146 02-8(a).


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No label required.. Stowage; Magazine...
Outside containers:

Wooden boxes or wooden boxes,
fiberboard lined (DOT-14, 15A,
15E, or 16A) not over 500 lb.
gr. wt.

Wooden boxes, wooden crates, or other containers of approved military specifications complying with $146.02-8(a).

Jet thrust units; rocket motors; igniters, jet thrust, or rocket motor, Class A explosives, packed or prepared for shipment in any other manner must be approved by the Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard.

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Table A-Classification: Class A;

Descriptive name of article

Characteristic properties, cau. tions, markings required

Label required

Propellant explosives. Propellant explosives, Class A
Class A.

Rocket ammunition with explosive projectiles. Rocket ammunition with gas projectiles. Rocket ammunition with smoke projectiles. Rocket ammunition with incendiary projectiles. Rocket ammunition with illuminating projectiles.

are solid chemicals or chemical mixtures which are designed to function by rapid combustion of successive layers, generally with little or no smoke. The combustion is controlled by composition, size, and form of grain. Propellant explosives, Class A, include some types of smokeless powder and some types of solid propellant explosives for jet thrust units, rockets or other devices.

Each outside container must be plainly marked: "Propellant explosives, Class A".

Rocket ammunition (includ ing guided missiles) is ammunition designed for launching from a tube, launcher, rails, trough or other launching device, in which the propellant material is a solid propellant explosive. It consists of an igniter, rocket motor, and a projectile (warhead) either fuzed or unfuzed, containing high explosives or chemicals. Rocket ammunition may be shipped completely assembled or may be shipped unassembled in one outside container.

DOT packing regulations require that detonating fuzes, tracer fuzes. explosive or ig nition devices, bouchons or fuze parts with explosives contained therein, must not be assembled in ammunition or included in the same outside package unless shipped by, for or to the Departments of the Army, Navy, or Air Force of the U. S. Government, or unless of a type approved by the Bureau of Explosives.

Each outside package must be plainly marked with the appropriate descriptive name of the contents as: "Rocket ammunition with explosive projectiles," "Rocket ammunition with gas projectiles," "Rocket ammunition with smoke projectiles," "Rocket ammunition with incendiary projectiles," or "Rocket ammunition with illuminating projectiles."

Required conditions for transportation

Cargo vessel

No label required.. Stowage: Magazine...................
Outside containers:

No label required

except "Rocket ammunition with gas projectiles loaded with a poisonous gas or liquid, Class A, and an explosive charge must bear the white "Poison gas" label.

Wooden barrels or kegs (DOT10B) not over 200 lb. gr. wt.

Metal kegs (DOT-13) not over 150 lb. gr. wt.

Bundles of metal kegs (DOT-13), roped, wrapped in burlap, canvas or similar materials, securely sewed or roped, not over 100 lb. net wt.

Tight metal containers not over 200 lb. gr. wt.

Tight wooden boxes with tight inside metal cases not over 200 lb. gr. wt.

Wooden boxes (DOT-14, 15A, 15B, 15C) with DOT approved inside containers, not over 200 lb. gr. wt.

Fiberboard boxes (DOT-23F, 23H) with DOT approved inside containers not over 65 lb. gr. wt. Stowage: Magazine.. Outside containers:

Strong wooden or metal contain


Preformed fiber glass resin impregnated containers approved by DOT.

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