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" The World - Renouned Conversations Lericon."-EDIN. REVIEW.




BLACKIE & SON'S Beautiful Editions of Original and Standard Works in the various Departments of ART, SCIENCE, HISTORY, Ancient

CONVERSATIONS LEXICON; Being a General Dictionary of Arts, SCIENCES, LITERATURE, BIOGRAPHY, HISTORY, and Politics, reprinted from the American edition of the “ CONVERSATIONS LEXICON." With corrections and additions, so as to render it suitable to this country, and bring it down to the present time. To which will be added, Dissertations on the Progress of Science, Literature, and the Fine Arts,


Regius Professor of Chemistry in the University of Glasgow

Professor of Greek in the University of Glasgow ;

Author of " Lives of British Painters," &c. In Parts at 23. 6d., and Half Vols., at 118.; illustrated by Numerous Plates and Diagrams. The Conversations Lexicon' was originally published in Germany about fifteen years ago, under the superintendence of several distinguished German literati : and such has been its popularity, thatalthough a work consisting of twelve large volumes-it has already gone through seven EDITIONs in that country. It has also been translated into the Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Italian, and French languages, and is altogether the most popular Work, of an extensive nature, upon the Continent.

Nearly Two Hundred of the most eminent German writers contributed to the original Work; and the American edition, upon which the present is formed, has been improved by a variety of original articles from eminent American writers, so that this edition will combine the excellencies both of the original and translated copies. To render it still more worthy of public favour, and especially to suit it to the wants and interests of this country, it is carefully revised, and such additions made to it as are considered necessary for the English reader. The whole will be completed in about 48 Parts, at 25. 6d. each, or half vols. at Ils. The first 6 half vols. contain 1500 illastrative figures.

** For Reviews of the Work, see Prospectus in Part First.

MECHANICS, the FINE ARTS, ANTIQUITIES, and IMAGINATIVE LITERATURE, combining Elegance and Utility with Economy.

CHEAP AND BEAUTIFUL IMPERIAL 8vo EDITION OF STACKHOUSE'S HISTORY OF THE BIBLE. A History of the Bible, from the Beginning of the World to the Establishment of Christianity; with Answers to Infidel Objections, Dissertations on Remarkable Passages and important Doctrines, and a Connexion of Prosane with sacred History ; also, numerous Notes, explaining difficult texts, rectifying mis translations, and reconciling seeming contradictions. By the Rev. Thomas STACKHOUSE, M.A., late Vicar of Beepham, Berkshire. With an Introduction, additional Notes and Dissertations, and a complete Index. By Daniel Dewar, D.D., Principal of Marischal College and University, Aberdeen. lustrated with Maps, Plans, &c. In about 48 Nos., Ga., or 12 Parts, 2s. each.


DWIGHT'S THEOLOGY, Or Complete Body of Divinity: in a series of Sermons on the Existence, Attributes, Decrees, and Pro. vidence of God: with a comparative view of Atheism and Christianity; the character of Jesus Christ the Mediator ; a System of Duties, consisting of a large and luminous Exposition of the Ten Commandments. To which is prefixed, an Essay on the Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, by Daniel Dewar, D.D., Principal of Marischal College and University, Aberdeen. In 40 Nos. at 6d., or 10 Parts, 2s. each.

Forming a Complete Scottish Biographical Dictionary, By Robert Chambers, Author of “The Picture
of Scotland." Editor of " Chambers's Journal," &c., in 24 Parts, 23. each ; embellished with 24 Portraits,
or with 72 Portraits in hall vols., 8s. 6d.

" Such a national work was a great desideratum, and we hall its completion in a manner alike worthy of the design, of
the country, and the author.". Literary Gazette.--" The Scottish Biographical Dictionary' is a work of great merit."
Alkenaum.--" It is a standard work, and honourable to every library in which it may find a place." Metropolitan Mag.-
* There is not a page that can be pronounced unworthy of an undertaking, which will form a standard work in the Litera.
ture of Scotland, and a Book of Reference in every library throughout the British dominions." New Monthly Mag.


THE PORTRAIT GALLERY OF THE CASQUET OF LITERARY SCOTLAND, with Memoirs, in Parts containing GEMS, with 16 Engravings, 16 Parts, at 2s. These five Portraits, royal 8vo, 2s, 6d. The present public volumes contain npwards of 700 extracte in Poetry cation is intended to form an Extensive Series of and Prose, chiefly from the most popular inodern Portraits of Eminent Scotsmen, engraved in the writers, interspersed with Gems from the elder best dotted style by Mr Freeman and others, and poets. when completed, will form a unique and splendid “ We do not know any work of the some priee which we collection of Engravings at a very moderate price. could name as containing greater attractions than the Casquet

"We trust the National feeling will afford it ample support say that its contents fully justify the title bestowed upon ito and encouragement." Lil. Gos.

Atheneum. THE RIGHTS, PRIVILEGES, AND THE REPUBLIC OF LETTERS; A LIBERTIES OF EVERY BRITISH SUBJECT Selection in Poetry and Prose, from the Works as embraced in the Constitution of his country: of the most eminent writers; with many Original containing a Full Account of the Rise, Progress. Pieces. By the Editor of the Casquet of Literary and Present Constitution of the Three Estates of Gems. In 12 Parts at 28., or Nos. 6d. each, with 20 the Realm, King, Lords, and Commons; and of Engravings, by Eminent Artists. those Acts by which the Liberties or Rights of the Subject are affected. By Tbomas Stephen. In 33 purity, as for the splendour of genius which pervades them."

" The several pieces are as remarkable for their moral Nos. 6d., or Parts, 2s, each.

Lit. Museum. * The Republic of Letters ought to be on ** We know of no better source for obtaining information every parlour table, and in every family library, for it is than Mr Stephen's Compendium, which we warmly recom

really a gem; and one, too, of surpassing lustre. Scottish mend to notice." Metrop. Hlag.

Lal Gaz. " We have no hesitation in pronouncing it highly useful, not to the Politician merely, but to every one who lakes an

GOLDSMITH'S MISCELLANEOUS interest in public inalters." Aberdeen Journal.

WORKS, comprising the Citizen of the World, " It treats of subjects interesting to every one who wishes Vicar of Wakefield, Pcetical Works, Essays, the a knowledge of his country." Greenock Intelligencer,

It is a book which has long been wanted by the student Bee, &t with an E-say on his Life and Writings, in history." Carlisle Journal.

by A. Whitelaw, editor of the Casquet of Literary

Gems, Republic of Letters, &c. With 26 IllustiaROLLIN'S ANCIENT HISTORY, tions by Wright, from designs by Mr W. Harvey. with Notes, Geographical, Topographical, Histori. In 27 Nos., at 6d. cal, and Critical, and a Life of the Author, by James Bell; numerous Plates and Maps. In 63 Nos., 6d.,


TIONS on the Historical Passages of the Old and

New Testaments. With an Essay on his Life and ROLLIN'S ARTS AND SCIENCES Writings, by Ralph Wardlaw, D.D., Glasgow. In OF THE ANCIENTS, with copious Notes, con 4 Nos., 6d. taining whatever is most valuable in the Works on "The Contemplations of Bishop Hall are incomparably the Arts and Sciences of the Ancients, published valuable for language, eritieison, and devotion." DY since the time of Rollin. By James Bell..n 28 poddruge." One of the best of our old divines." Metrop. Nos., 6d.

Mag • The edition now before us is the best that has yet issued THE WORKS OF THE REV. from the Press." Oriental Herall.-" The present edition THOMAS HALYBURTON, Professor of Divinimust be pronounced to be vastly superior to all former ones." Evang. Mag. “We think this edition of Rollin well deserves ty in the University of St Andrews, Conta ning, to supersede its predecessors." Asatte Journal.

The Great Concern of Salvation-Treatise ou

Natural and Revealed Religion-Communion SerWODROW'S HISTORY OF THE mons-and Memoirs. With an Essay on his Life SUFFERINGS OF THE CHURCH OF SCOT. and Writings, by the Rev. Robert Burns, D.D. LAND, with a Memoir of the Author, Extracts F.A.S.E., Paisley. In 30 Nos., 6d. from his Correspondence, and a Preliminary Dis- * Halyburton is one of the most original, and profound, and sertation, and Notes. By the Rev. Robert Burns, philosophical thinkers amongst our old Scottish divines. The D.D., F.A.S.E., Paisley. Numerous Portraits. It republication of his works, in a cheap and elegant form. We

regard as a public service : and no christian's, and especially 22 Parts, 2s. each.

DO Scottish clergyman's library should be without a copy. " It is written with a delity that has seldom been disputed, Scottish Guardian, and confirmed at the end of each volume by a large mass of public and private records." -Chalmers." No historical BEAUTIES OF THE RIGHT REV. facts are better ascertained than the accounts which are found JEREMY TAYLOR, D.D. Bishop of Down, in Wodrow." Charles James Pos.

Connor, and Dromore. Selected from his whole KNOX'S HISTORY OF THE REFOR

Works. With an Essay on his Life and Writings, MATION IN SCOTLAND, with an Historical

by the Rev. Jolm Brown Patterson, Minister of

Falkirk. In 24 Nos., 6d. Introduction and Notes. By W. M'Gavin, Esq. Author of "The Protestant.' Portraits. 28 Nos., quent man that ever adorned the Protestant church." Sperch

"Bishop Taylor was the most virtuvus, learned, and elo6d, each

of the Bishop of London, in the House of Lords, 2014 June, 1833. Besides all the Author's productions appended to former BROWN'S DICTIONARY OF THE editions, to the present edition has been added the following HOLY BIBLE; with a Memoir of the Author, by with any former edition, viz., The First Book of Discipline: his Grandson the Rev. John Brown Patterson, Quentin Kennedy, Abbotor Crossraguel's. Oration in favour Minister of Falkirk; to which is added, an Enlarged of the Mass, and against Knox and the Reformers ; the dis- and Corrected edition of Brown's Concordance to putation betwixt Knox and the Abbot of Crossraguel, at the Bible. Illustrated with numerous Notes, Maps, Maybole, 1562. These scarce Tracts alone have hitherto

cost and Plates. In 32 Nos., 6d., or Parts, 2s. each. more than is now charged for a complete copy of the present work.

THE PROTESTANT, A Series of MOSHEIM'S CHURCH HISTORY, Essays on the Principal points of Controversy be

By Translated and accompanied with Notes and Chron? Itween the Romish and Reformed Churches.

W. M'Gavin, Esq. Portrait. ological Tables, by Archibald Maclaine, D.D. In

Complete in 40 32 Nos., 6d, each.

Parts, 6d. each. "The historian Mosheim is full, rational, correct, and moled by Mr M'Gas in of Glasgow, contains the fullest delineation of

" THE PROTESTANT.-A series of periodical papers, compos. derale," Gibbon,

the Popish system, and the most powerful coafutation of its prin.

Whoever wishes THE WHOLE WORKS OF FLAVIUS ciples, ina popular style, that we have seen.

to see Popery drawn to the life in its bidenus wickedness and JOSEPHUS, the learned and authentic Jewish deformity, will find abundant satisfaction in the pages of Sat historian, and celebrated warrior: Translated by writer, Robert Hall's Rerier of Birt': Popery. William Whiston, A.M., Professor of Mathematies valuable documentary proof on the subject of the popish contro

" This work contains more clear sound reasoning, and more in the University of Cambridge. With Maps, and versy, than ever was contained in the same compass of the Eng numerous other Illustrations. Complete in 56 Nos., lish Language, Speech of the Rev. dr M Ghee at the Glasgoro at 6d. or 14 Parts, 2s, each.

Protestant Meeting, 1636.



HAWEIS'S EVANGELICAL EXPO- PRACTICAL MEASURER, or TradesSITOR, or a Commentary on the Holy Bible ; To man and W pod-merchant's Assistant, containing a which are annexed, an Introduction, Marginal variety of 'lables, showing the superficial and solid References, and Readings, by the Rev. John Brown, content of round, square, and unequal sided, Timber of Haddington ; a Complete Index and Concise and Store, with many other subjects exi eedingly Dictionary, by the Rev. John Barr, Glasgow. useful. By Alexander Peddie. With Plates illusWith Maps, Plans, and other Engravings. Com-trative of the various Tables. In 10 Nos., 60, each. plete for Seventy Shillings.

This edition will be comprised in 35 Parts, at 2s. ILLUSTRATIONS OF SURGICAL each; and to it will be appended Barr's Index and ANATOMY, founded on the work of M. Blandin, Dietionary, which will make an additional Part; by J. G. M. Burt, Surgeon to the Edinburgh City and thus the reader, at an expense of only seventy-Dispensary, Extraordinary Member of the Royal two shillings will be put in possession of a Popular Medical Society, Edinburgh, &c. Family Bible and Concordance to the Holy Scrip; each, boards, 17s.

In 8 Parts, 2s. tures, combining altogether a treasury of Biblical koowledge seldom to be met with in one publica- prove of Service to the operative surgeon." Medico- Chirurgi.

" The present series is calculated, so far as plates can go, to tion. The New Testament can be had separately, in

cal Review. 40 Nos., 6d., or in Parts, 2s. each.

THE FARMER'S GUIDE, or A Treatise BROWN'S SELF-INTERPRETING on the Management of Breeding Mares and Cows, BIBLE, genuine Edition, with Corrections and with a selection of proved prescriptions for the Additions, under the Superintendence of the Diseases of Horses and Black Cattle. By James Author's Family. To this edition are annexed, Webb, Veterinary Surgeon, Elgin. Third edition, Two Thousand Critical and Explanatory Notes, | 4s. cloth. Bumerous References and Readings: also a Memoir of the Author, by his grandson, the Rev. J. Brown THE BEAUTIES OF THE REV. Patterson, Minister of Falkirk; and a complete EBENEZER ERSKINE, enriched with copious Index and concise Dictionary, by the Rev. John Notes from other eminent authors. By the Rev. Barr, Glasgow With Engravings and lilustrative Samuel M.Millan, Aberdeen. With a beautiful Tables. Complete in 20 Parts, 2s, each.

Portrait from an original painting. ln 20 Nos., 6d. * The specific excellencies of the present edition are, un.

each. usual accuracy both in point of the textual references and typography. The notes in the margin are selected with great BUNYAN'S PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, judgment, and the concise Dictionary and Index of persons with Mason's explanatory Notes, a Memoir of the places, and subjects, &c. is a valuable supplement. In it will be found explanations of almost all difficult words, to. Author, aud key to the work, 6 piates. lu 17 Nos., gether with reference into most of the principal topics of the 6d. each. suered writings." Congreg. Nag.

A TREATISE ON THE ART OF NAPOLEON BUONAPARTE AND WEAVING, with Calculations and Tables con- HIS TIMES; or the History of the Wars of the nected with the Art of Weaving, illustrated by 15 French Revolution, including Sketches of the Civil Engravings, containing nearly 260 different figures. History of Great Britain and France. From the By John Murphy. In 32 Nos., 6d., or 8 Parts, 23. Revolutionary Movements, 1783, to the Restoration each,

of a General Peace, 1815. Illustrated with Plans " It is written with much perspicuity : the different pro

of the various Campaigns. In 20 Nos., 6d. each. cesses being at once concisely and clearly explained, and well Mustrated by a series of Engravings.' Glasgoro Mechanics' NEW GAZETTEER OF SCOTLAND, Magazine.-" The illustrative plates contain nearly two hundred and ofty different figures, executed with great clear by Robert Chambers, auihor of the “ Picture of ness and accuracy, and serve to render the work altogether Scotland," “ Scottish Biography," &c. and William one of unrivalled utility to our cloth manufacturers of every Chambers, author of The Book of Scotland," with deseription." London Mechanica' Mag.

Maps, and Plates, in 11 Parts, at 2s. each. TEXT BOOK FOR MECHANICS. WALKER'S DICTIONARY & KEY, THE MECHANIC'S CALCULATOR; Beautifully printed in royal 18mno., with a Portrait Comprehending Principles, Rules, and Tables. in of the Author. This edition is printed from the the various departments of Mathematics and Me- last edition revised by the Author, carefully comchanics, useful to Students, 13. and Artisans pared with others. Complete in 19 Nos., 6d. each. in general; and THE MECHANIC'S POCKET The Key to the Pronunciation of Proper Nannes, DICTIONARY; Being a Complete Note Book separately, 2s. of Technical terms, Rules, and Tables, useful in the Mechanical Arts. By William Grier, Civil A HELP TO PROFESSING CHRISEngineer. Wlustrated by Engravings of Machinery, TIANS, in Judging their Spiritual State and and nearly 200 Cuts and Diagrams on Wood, in 22 Growth in Grace. By the Rev. John Barr, Author Nos., 6d. éach.

of Plain Catechetical Instructions on Baptism and “This is truly an excellent work, far better calculated for the the Lord's Supper, and the Scripture Student's diffusion of Useful knowledge, than any or all of the treatises yet published by the Society, that assumes that monopoly of in

Assistant. 12mo, price 4s. 6d. in boards. telligence. The introduction is replete with the practical wisdom

By the same Author, of common sense; the scientific part of the work is equally dis. tinguished for accuracy and simplicity; a profound mathematician may read it with pleasure, and a beginner can read it with

THE SCRIPTURE STUDENT'S ASprofit. From the modest title-page, few persons can learn the SISTANT: being a complete Index, and concise great value of the book; it is, in fact, a complete introduction to Dictionary of the

Bible ; in which the various perthe mathematical and mechanical sciences, and one of the very sons, places, and subjects mentioned in it, are arcu. best in the language, and well executed volume for the artisan. It bears the stamp of rately referred to, and every difficult word briefly utility, and is evidently the work of a person who knows the explained ; designed to facilitate the consultation wants of the working classes, in a scientific point of view, and and study of the

Sacred Scriptures. Third Eaitivu, who has ably contributed to supply them.". Scots Times. 12mo, price 3s. 6d. cloth. "The tables are numerous, and of everyday utility." Glasgow Jornal. “It cannot fail to be of great service to the practical Mechanic." Aberdeen Observer. " In this little, and very

PLAIN CATECHETICAL INSTRUCcheap publication, the author has given to the practical man such TIONS for Young, Communicants, desigued to a body of useful matter as we do not believe can be found in any assist them in forming Scriptural views of the so much is bardly to be found even in twice the size and bulk. Lord's Supper; with an Address to Young Persous. Nothing gives us greater pleasure, or, as the phrase is, more Thirteenth Edition. Stitched, Gd. * agreeable disappointment," than to read the very interesting and able Introduction. So plain, and yet so demonstratire a paper- PLAIN CATECHETICAL INSTRUCso philosophical and yet so tasteful, in a work for schools, or for TIONS on Infant Baptism ; to which is pretixed, working persons, we never for a moment expected." Tyne Mercury.

an Address to Young Parents. 7th Edition, 6d.

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Edited by James Boyd, LL.D., one of the Masters MEMORABLE TRANSACTIONS IN SCOT-
of the High School, Edinburgh.

LAND, from the year 1624 to 1645. By John
In this edition the references to anthors are transferred from Spalding, Commissary Clerk of Aberdeen. New
the text to the foot of the page : translations of the classical edition, I vol. 8vo, !Os. 6d.
quotations are given; numerous notes on imporant subjects
from Niebuhr, Anthon, Blair, and others, who have published JOHNSON'S DICTIONARY IN MINI-
since Dr Adam wr. te, are supplied ;-new and copious indices ATURE, with the addition of several Thousand

ENGRAVINGS CA wood and steel. Price 5s.6dWords, and the pronunciation on the basis of in cloth.

Walker. Subjoined are a concise Heathen MythoUnder the Patronage of the Highland Society of numerous other useful Tables. By William Maver,

logy, Vocabulary of Scripture Proper Names, and Scotland,

18mo, 3s. bound. AN ESSAY ON THE CONSTRUC- LETTERS TO YOUNG LADIES, By TION OF COTTAGES, suited for the Dwellings Mrs L. H. Sigourney, of Hartford, Connecticut. of the Labouring Classes, for which the Premium Royal 32mo, cloth, gilt edges, Is. 6d. was voted by the Highland Society of Scotland. Illustrated by Working Plans of Single and Com

COMMERCIAL VADE MECUM, conbined Cottages on different scales of Accommodation taining a complete Ready Reckoner, Interest and Cost; also, with Specifications, Details, and Tables, and numerous Lists not in any other work Estimates. By George Smith, Architect, Edin- of the kind, 48mo, roan, Is. Gd. burgh. Cloth, 4s.

"A TOM THUMB of a book, bat as full of commercial know.
This Work will be found of great importance to Landed ledge as if it were a GIANT FOLIO." Lil. Gas.
Proprietors and their Stewards; as also to Masons, Builders,
and all others employed in the coustruction of dwellings for the THE HARP OF CALEDONIA. A
Working Classes,

Selection of the best Amatory, Heroic, National,
WILLISON'S AFFLICTED MAN'S Convivial, Humorous, and Sentimental Songs,
COMPANION, or a Directory for Families and ancient and modern, 1 vol. 4s.
Persons alllicted with Sickness or any other Dis- THE BRITISH MINSTREL. With
tress. New edition, boards, 28. od.

Plates, 2 vols. 18mo, boards, 6s.
GOSPEL TRUTH accurately stated and A BOTANICAL CHART; or Concise
illustrated by the Rev. Messrs James Hog, Thomas Introduction to the Linnæan System of Botany.
Boston, Ebenezer and Ralph Erskine, and others; By James Rattray, Surgeon, and Lecturer on
occasioned by the republication of the Marrow of Botany, Glasgow. With 300 engraved Illustrations.
Modern Divinity: Collected by John Brown, Min: Handsomely done up for the Pocket, price 4s. 60.
ister of the Gospel, Whitburn. A new and improved
edition, cloth, 7s.

“To persons desirous of obtaining a knowledge of British

Plants in the smallest, and at the lowest cost, we strongly recomCHURCH ESTABLISHMENTS con

mend Mr Rattray's Chart. Floracultural Magasine. This is

the most comprehensive and useful Botanical field manual which sidered in a series of letters to a Covenanter. By has ever appeared." Caled. Mer. W. M'Gavin, Esq., author of "the Protestant, &c. 2s, boards.

New Gaelic Work, by the Rev. Dr M Leod,

Minister of Campsie. FOREIGN TALES AND TRADI- LEABHAR NAN CNOC, or THE TIONS, selected chiefly from the Fugitive Litera. / MOUNTAIN SKETCH BOOK. This roluine ture of Germany. In 14 Parts, 1s. each, embellished consists of Original Articles and Translations, in with Engravings.

Prose and Verse, written exclusively by Dr ST KENTIGERN, A Romance of Strat- M-Leod. They form a Series of Short Essays on

some of the most important Doctrines and Facts of clyde, I vol. 6s. cloth.

Scripture-of Stories, or Fictitious Compositions, The details are interesting, and well brought out ; the nar: subservient, in a pleasing manner, to moral or rative animated, and well sustained ; and the matter proves most religious improvement-of subjects of Natural attractive reading." Aberdeen Journal.

History, Speciinens of Ancient Gaelic Tales, or
THE BRIDAL NIGHT, the First Poet, "Sgeulachdan," &c., &c. 12mo, 4s. extra bds.
and other Poems, by Dugald Moore, author of "the
African," " Scenes from the Flood," &c. price 75.6d. New Edition, 12mo, 4s. boards.



with the Principles of Elocution, simplified and illustrated by suitable examples; intended for and Plain History of the Church. By the Rev. the Use of Public and Private Seminaries. Fifth Thomas Lewis, M.A. 18mo, 5th edition, 3s. 60. edition, bound, 3s. 6d.

BROWN'S MEMOIRS OF PRIVATE " Whether regarded as a book purely designed for Schools, or CHRISTIANS, Svo, boards, 8s. as a selection of the choicest pieces of composition, calculated for the instruction and auausement of the general reader, Hartley's BROWN'S CONCORDANCE Oratorical Class Book must be viewed as a performance highly creditable to its author, and well fitted for the use for which it THE BIBLE, new edition, beautifully printed, intended." Free Press.

small 18mo, 2s. 6d. cloth. (nearly ready. I


In a Series of Sermons on the Shorter Catechistn, composed by the Reverend Assembly of Divines at
Westminster. To which is appended, Select Sermons on Various Subjects, including the Art of Divine
Contentment, and Christ's Various Fulness. The whole revised and corrected, with occasional Notes
froin approved authors. In 28 Nos. 6d. each.

New ana Improved Imperial 8vo Edition, Embellished with Superb Engravings, of
With the Lives of the Apostles and Evangelists, by the Rev. John Fleetwood, D.D. Also the Lives
of the most Eminent Fathers, and Martyrs, and the History of Primitive Christianity. By William Cave,
D.D., with an Essay on the Evidences of Christianity, and numerous Notes not to be found in any
other Edition. In 23 Nos. Gd. each.

The ahere works may be had at the Warehouses of the Publishers ; 40, Broad Street, Aberdeen ; 5, Crichton Street, Dundee; 55, Great Crosshall Street, Liverpool ; and 79, High Street, Belfast.

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