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It will produce an holy Confidence Cr humble Security, whereby the soul hall be enabled to enjoy rear in God, even in the midst of trouble.

Jc Devi Ps .5,6.

Ir will ensure they preservation from all thy spirit! Foes, so that they shall not prevail agithee,

& from all outward Calamities, except so far as they hall work together for they good. die hoogte te hou up 1. The blecie Word of God Mall be, to

being you a Solace in their seasons of Retirement. When thou wakest it hall talk with She om

of agreeable friend, cannot affor Douch pleasure aga Recollect of the way, 407, by a spiritual Mind. - 3r is by this means that himself communes with the soul, other the soul intang hutro commune with her. As. 1x**.

a P. 85, 8. jur. xv 16. mic

Thus we hear what said tous, whether by way of Instruction, Direcrion, Invitation. Consolatim, w war. ing. He has spoken peace to his saints in his way. And here we are rayht how to pour out our ♡s, before him, and to express the desiruofour soul in the Language which the Holy Spirit Yanghrvó sminto d, swa -This also we do in a sort connnine with the saints of God in post ages: we become acquainted with their son's ments and sellings; we learn to imitate their exemples, and are encouraged to expect ulure communion with them in Heuven.

While, by all, we are forted. admmished, edified, as prepare for the Km A gol. 2 ribave you any such Valuation of the world H ofgãos are you used than to use it, or

rusce delight in it? Or is the Bible a ull,uninuut my ook? Or if you rodit at all, is it for more Curiosity and not for any warriol que pare? youwi and the Histo ria, yu рulаам и гъбіш ( you neither tremble at the Threatening nor are charmed with in. Discoveries, feast in its promises, nor are careful to conform ro ito mesepte - If you love to go, whither the Bitte a Drens fully. never lead you , your journey will end

in If you love to indulge that kind of stumber in which the word of God affords you no sourrity, you will are Long awake in the pluced Lorment. -If you daily rive without unsulting the

Orades of as you will be likely wery day Fond de to the wriwwer of wrathi mne pre

any div.jugem.

the may wratterighti' rwolaroid , Wo is now, your Guide

wherever you go, your Cuer wheww you rut, your M.Diration when cuor you wake; you Thall make progrms in the way! of God, you hull abide under the shadow

the Almighty, enjoy communion with him here, and le prepared for full enjoyment of God, and of the impury of all his in rall Eternity

future commu

Colomon is here representing the blessão

♡ Advantages of Attention to good Advice. Gors, whose conniebo urrespond with the div.Word,

u given by godly Parents or other Instruc: for the following y! (13) proves that he meant it betried by that Test. For the Command is a camp de

It may, therefore, with the utmost propriety be apply to the divine Word itill: fur as Fathers

Mother must be obeyd only in the Lord. (when their Communes do not clash with God's Law) so the Ar. quments which prove that wého listen to an earth. Cy Parent, enforce our Attention to our heavenly Father As it is a great advantage that we cave his Wat in writing, that it is now more complete than it was in the days of Solomon.

If this is bound upon our ♡r, o alides the us conrinually, the Declaratim in the Text will have its

full accomplishment; When (goust


talk with
This guide in Action :
It shall be f. Thy Guard in Repose.

1. They solau in privacy N.The Counselo which correspond non The divine Word, being laid up in thy 8. small be thy Guide in active Life When thou taket thyfelfa Walk, it Thall lead thee. Man is an active Creature, he will be long or pursuing something. Now the divine word will divir you. "What Endo to pursue. - The God of - The Glory of god must always be ultimate

Mankind mould be connected. - Andour own best Interests included. • Whether ya eat or drink or is hatever yodoodo all to the Glory of God. Gr. x. 31. Look every man not unon his own things, but

Jiu wpm Things of there. Phil.c.4. • What shall a mon le profired if he gain the whole world. & love his own soul. Matt. xvi. 86

Ir will also direct you,

To the bet Means for attaining ther. End, - A cordial compliance with the Gospel.

A cordial Conformity to the div. Lun. In this connection I place the Gospel first, because the law haviny buen once 'violab@. it is invainto hope for real Conformity to it, will we an bröt into a state of Reconcitation to God. Motives. g. It will cheer, support and animate the Sout. "in this pursuit, by discovering the ground there is, to expect the attainment of this End: not. with standing all the Difficulty & opposition that may attend the pursuit & any temporal &parHial Disappointments. Key from wor a Sen 2. The World of God, if due Attention be paid to its Admonitions will be thy

Guard in seasons of Repore , When there is still thall keep quand over thee.

It will keep thee from south'fulnes Osinful In. activity. Ironi falling asleep like the fo dish Virgins, in our Cord's parable. Mall-xxv. -It will keep up a spirit of holy Jealousy, and Warehfedness, in times of outward prosperity.

.com forteris

Engraved by Sid. Hall, Bury St Bloomsby

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