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Part I: Transactions
Report any purchase, sale, or exchange by you, your spouse,
or dependent child during the reporting period of any real
property, stocka, bonds, commodity futures, and other
securities when the amount of the transaction exceeded
$1.000. Include transactions that resulted in a loss. Do not


Amount of Theertion (s)

report a transaction involving property used solely as your
personal residence, or tranonction solely between you, your
spouse, or dependent child. Check the "Certificate of divesti.
ture" block to indicate sales made pursuant to a certificate of
divestituro fom OGE.

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Identification of Amer

Esample Central Airlines Common

Part II: Gifts, Reimbursements, and Travel Expenses
Report the source, a briel description (including travel, dates, and the nature of more from one source. Exclude giro, reimbursements and travel expenses from the
expenses provided), and the value of: (1) transportation, lodging, food, or entertain. U.S. Government. Also exclude girls from relatives, gilla of $75 or less when angrepnt
ment received from one source totaling $260 or more (unless received as personal ink gills for the tolal from one nource, and gifs and reimbursementa received by your
hoepllalily at the donor's personal or family

residence); (2) other gifts from one pouse or dependent child that were given totally independent of the relationship to
source lolaling $100 or more in value; and (3) cash reimbursements of $250 or you. See Instructions for further exclusions.

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Department of Energy

Washington, DC 20585

September 11, 1997

The Honorable Frank H. Murkowski
Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Mr. Chairman:

Gary Ellsworth of the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources informed me that the Committee would like me to update my response to Question 3 of the Committee's Statement for Completion by Presidential Nominees. That question deals with pending litigation. After I completed the Statement, I was sued in my official capacity (Deputy General Counsel for Environment and Civilian and Defense Nuclear Programs). The plaintiff in the suit, Waste Control Specialists, alleges that the Department of Energy unlawfully rejected its proposal to provide radioactive waste disposal services. The case was filed in the Northern District of Texas.

If you require any additional information, please contact me at (202)586-6732.


Mary Anne Sullivan

Mary Anne Sullivan
Deputy General Counsel
Environment and Civilian

and Defense Nuclear Programs


The Honorable Dale Bumpers
Ranking Minority Member

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