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List the titles, publishers and dates of any books, articles, or repons you have wnilen

Published unting

The Opportunities and Challenges of Pavalization. Co-Author, Department of Energy (1997),

Controlling the Alem in the 21st Century. Co-Editor, Westview Press (1994);

Sustainable Environmental Law, Cononbuling Author, West Publishing Company

Hidden Dangers. Environmental Consequences of Propanng for War. Conubuling
Author (1991)

"Radioactive Waste and Contamination in the Former Soviet Union,“ Environmental Science and Technology (1993) (with K. Suokko);

"One Hundred Billion Dollars and Counting." The Environmental Forum
(January February, 1989) (with J Salzman);

First Descents. In Search or Wild Rivets. Coninbuling Author. Menasha Ridge Press. (1989).

"High-Tech Proiest Againsi Plutonium Plant," Bulletin of the Aloinic Scientists
Ilovember, 1988) (with 1 Salzman),

"Ljving Waste to the Environment." Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
vinuar February 1988) (with J Scheer).

"China by Kavak," Small Boa Joumal (June July, 1987) (with R Poreman),

"Conllicus of Interest in Inspector General, Jusace Department and Special Prosecutor Investigations of Agency Heads" Suanford Low Renew (1983);

Cononbutor to the Report of the Legal Staff - President's Commission on the accident ut Three Mile Island (October, 1979);

Vanous Op-Eds: New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer. The Seanle Times,
Cleveland Plain Dealer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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9. Have you ever been investigated, arrested, charged or held by any Federal, State or

other law enforcement authority for violation of any Federal, State, county or municipal law, regulation, or ordinance, other than a minor traffic offense? If so, please explain.


10. Have you ever been convicted (including a plea of guilty or nolo contendre) of any

criminal violation other than a minor traffic ottense?


11. Have you ever been disciplined or cited for a breach of ethics for unprofessional conduct

by. or boon the subject of a complaint to any court, administrativo agency, protessional association, disciplinary committee, or other professional group? If so. provide details.


12. Have you or your spouse ever represented in any capacity (e.g., employee, attorney.

business, or political adviser or consultant), with or without compensation, a foreign government or an entity controlled by a foreign government? If so, please fully describe

such relationship. In 1991-1992, I served on a team of U.S. non-government and governm experts who advised the environmental committee of the Russian Parliament on nuclear waste legislation. I receive payment for this work other than my normal Natural Resources Detense Council sal 13. If you or your spouso have ever been formally associated with a law, accounting, public

relations firm or other service organization, have any of your or your spouse's as. sociates representod, in any capacity, with or without compensation, a foreign govern. ment or an entity controlled by a foreign government? If so, please fully describe such relationship.


14. During the past 10 years, have you or your spouse received any compensation from,

or been involved in any financial or business transactions with, a foreign government or an entity controlled by a foreign government? If so, please furnish details.


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15. Have you or your spouse ever registered under the Foreign Agent Registration Act? If so, please turnish details.


16. Were all your taxes (Federal, State, and local) current (filed and paid) as of the date

of your nomination hearing? If not, please explain.


17. Have all your Federal, State, and local taxes always been paid on time? If not, please
YES (automatic valension riant exercised on a couple

of occasions in 1980's for federai filing)

18. If confirmed, are there any known limitations on your willingness or ability to serve for

your full term or until the next Presidential election, whichever is applicable?


19. Please advise the Committee of any additional information, favorable or unfavorable.

which you think the Committee would want to be aware of in considering your nomination.


20. If you are a partner in a law firm or other organization, provide the Committee with

a list of all clients which you have personally represented, and all clients the firm has represented within the past 5 years and a brief description of the nature of the representation. If you wish the list to be kept confidential so indicate.


21. List any investments, obligations, liabilities, or other relationships which might involve

potential conflicts of interest with the position to which you have been nominated.

See attached statement of the Department of Energy's.
Designated Agency Ethics Official.

Additional questions - Continued

22. Describe any business relationship, dealing or financial transaction (other than taxpay

ing) that you have had during the last 10 years with the Federal Government, whether
for yourself or relatives, on behalf of a client, or acting as an agent, which might
in any way constitute or result in a possible conflict of interest with the position to
which you have been nominated.


23. Describe any lobbying activity which you have pertormed during the past 10 years with

respect to legislative or administrative actions at the Federal, State or local level.

I testified before Congress and reviewed and commented on
proposed legislation while employed by the Natural Resources

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24. Have you been informed of the conflict of interest laws and regulations applicab'e to

the position to which you have been nominated?


25. Explain how you will resolve any potential conflict of interest that may be disclosed

by your responses to this form and the attachments thereto. Attach a statement of
the appropriate agency ethics official explaining the applicable laws or regulations,
any potential conflicts, and the action required to resolve such conflicts.

I will abide by the advice of the Designated_Agency Ethics.

Official. See attached statement.

Additional questions - Continued

26. Explain how you will resolve any potential conflicts of interest that may arise in the

tuture if you are confirmed for the position for which you have been nominated.

I will consult with the Designated Agency Ethics Official of the Department of Energy and follow his/her advice to

avoid any real or perceived conflicts of interest.

27. Except as noted in question No. 20. do you have any objections to this form and the

attachments thereto being made public?




being duty sworn, hereby state that I have read the foregoing Statement for Completion by Presidential Nomingos, including an attachments thereto, and that the information provided therein is, 10 the best of my knowledge and beliel, current, accurate, and completa

Dan W

(Sighature of Nominee)

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