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Employment record - Continued

Military service:

Describe any military service not listed above, including dates, rank, and type of discharge.


Honors and awards:

List below all scholarships, fellowships, honorary degrees, military medals, honorary society

memberships, and any other special recognitions for outstanding service
or achievement.
Member Stanford Law Review
"Sustained Superior Performance Award". President's Commission on

the Accident at Three Mile Island


New England Region, Rhodes Scholarship

Phi Beta Kappa/Magna Cum Laude

Dartmouth College

National Honor Society, Nottingham High School

"Pride Award" - U.S. Department of Energy


List below all memberships and offices held in protessional, fraternal, business,

scholarly, civic, charitable and other organizations.


Otice held

(if any)


Attachment B

Attachment A

Employment Record

List below all positions held since college, including the title and descnption of ion. name of employer, location, dales.

Sensor Policy Advisor, U S. Department of Energy (present);
Chief of Staff, U.S. Department of Energy (1996 - 1997);
Assistant Secretary of Energy for Policy (Acling). U.S. Department of Energy (1999 10

Deputy Chuer of Suff and Counselor to the Secretary. U.S. Department of Energy (1993

10 1996): Special Assistant to the Secretary. U.S. Department of Energy (1993); Clinton-Gore Transioon Team, Natural Resources Cluster, Washington, DC (1992 10

Senior Anomcy, Natural Resources Defense Council, Washington, D.C. (1985 10 1492):
Land Use and Zoning Advisor, Town of Cazenovia N.Y., including National Trust For

Histonc Preservation Rural Project (1980 to 1992);
Instructor, Stanford University (Washington Program) (1992);
Adjunct Professor, University of Maryland Law School, Baltimore, Maryland (1991):
Assistant Atomey General - Department of the Aromcy General, Environmental

Proiecuon Division, Boston, Massachusetts (1984 to 1985).
Judicial Clerk - Judge David S. Nelson. U S. Disonci Coun, Boston, Massachusetts

Teaching Assistant - Stanford University, Department of Human Biology. Sianlord.

Califomia (January March 1983);
Legal Iniem - Natural Resources Defense Council, NY, NY (Julv. August, 1982);
Summer Associac - Goodwin Procter & Hour, Boston, Massachusetts (June July

Summa Associate -- Hale and Dorr. Boston, Massachusetts June. August. 1981).
Peralegal - US Department of Justice, Hazardous Waste Seclion, it ishingion, DC

1 November 1979. June 1980).
Legal Assistant - President's Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island.

Washington, DC. (May. November, 1979);
Race Sieward - 1980 Winter Olympics, Nordic Events, Lake Placid, VY February.

Professional Sexophonise.

Attachmeat B


List below all memberships and offices beld in professional frateroal business. scholarly, civic, cbaritable aod other organizations.

Fnvironmental Protecuion Agency. Common Sense Initiative Council, 1945-140
Cuzcovia Lake Association, 1994 10 present;
National Academy of Sciences, Board on Radioactive Waste Management. 1741 10

I'S Congress, Office of Technology Assessment Advisory Panel on Aging lucica

Power Plants, 1992,
League of Conservation Voters, Political Advisory Committee, 1991 10 1942.
Airedale Temer Club of Washington, 1991 10 1995.
US Congress, Office of Technology Assessment, Advisory Panel on Sucles Wespuns

Waste, 1990;
Sandia National Laboratory, Advisory Panel on the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, 1*3*800.
US Congress, Oifice of Technology Assessment, Review Panel un Manaying Lun.

Level Radioactive Waste, 1989;
Keystone Center. Department of Defense Hazardous Waste Management Panel. I'94.

Keystone Center. Defense and Environment Initiative Working Group. 94. izme
District of Columbia Bar Membership. 1989 10 presenti
New York Bas Membership. 1989 10 present;
Fdison Electnc Institute, Environmental Dialogues Group. 1950-1988.
Amencans for the Environment Board of Directors. 1950 10 121,
Massachusetts Bas Membership. 1984 to present.
Sianford Law School Alumni Fund. 1983 to present.
1) 17 mouth College Alumni Fund, 1979 10 present



List the titles, publishers and dates of any books, articles, or reports you have written.

Attachment C

1. Attach a copy of your Executive Personnel Financial Disclosure Report (SF 278).



Attachment D

2. List sources, amounts and dates of all anticipated receipts from deferred income

arrangements, stock options, uncompleted contracts and other future benefits
which you expect dorive from previous business relationships, professional
services and firm memberships or from former employers, clients, and custom-
ers. Amounts should be indicated by the categories established for reporting

income on Form SF 278, Schedule A.
Natural Resources Defense Council Defined Contribution Plan
Diversified Investment Advisors Fixed Fund.

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Current Value = Approx. $20,000

Natural Resources Defense Council Defined Benefit Plan
Payment = $209.68 per month starting at age 65.



1. Will you sever all connections with your present employer, business firm, association

or organization if you are confirmed by the Senate?


Additional questions - Continued

2. Do you have any plans after completing government service to resume employment,

attiliation or practice with your current or any previous employer, business firm, association or organization?


3. Has a commitment for employment after you leave government been made to you by

anyone? Have you made any such commitment?


4. (a) If you have been appointed for a fixed term, do you expect to serve the full term?


(b) If you have been appointed for an indefinite term, are there any known limitations

on your willingness or ability to serve for the foreseeable future?


5. Are you currently a party to any legal action? If so, describe its nature and status.


6. Have you ever declared bankruptcy? If so, describe the circumstances


7. Have you filed a Federal income tax return for each of the last 10 years? If not, please explain.


8 Has the Internal Revenue Service over audited your Federal tax return? If so, what

resulted from the audit?


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