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duties. There are also restrictions on the fundraising activities in which you may engage on behalf of these entities. You may not personally solicit funds from a subordinate or any entity that does business with or is regulated by the Department. There are also Government-wide statutes that affect a Department employee's outside activities. Sections 203 and 205, title 18, United States Code, generally prohibit a Government employee from representing, with or without compensation, any party other than the United States before any court or any Federal department or agency in connection with a particular matter in which the United States is a party or has a direct and substantial interest. You should also be aware that Executive Order 12674, as modified by Executive Order 12731, prohibits employees appointed by the President to positions in the executive branch from receiving outside earned income during the term of the Presidential appointment. Further, titlé v of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, as amended, contains restrictions on the outside activities of certain Government employees including those appointed by the President. Specifically, section 502 of the Ethics in Government Act provides that such an employee may not permit his name to be used by any entity which provides professional services involving a fiduciary relationship, whether or not compensation is received for such activity. Finally, as required by Executive Order 12834, you have agreed to sign a Senior Appointee Pledge upon your appointment. The pledge describes certain post-employment restrictions that will be applicable to you when you terminate your Government service. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Ralph D. Goldenberg


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In accordance with the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, I enclose copy of the financial disclosure

report filed by Robert W. Gee who has been nominated by President Clinton for the position of Assistant Secretary for Policy and International Affairs, Department of Energy.

We have reviewed the report and have also obtained advice from the Department of Energy concerning any possible conflict in light of its functions and the nominee's proposed duties. Attached to the report is a memorandum dated September 4, 1997, from the agency ethics official to the nominee with respect to recusal, waivers, ar.d cersain other matters. Unless a specific date has been agreed to, the nominee must fully comply within three months of his confirmation date, with the actions he agreed to take :. .:s ethics agreement.

Based thereon, we believe that Mr. Gee is in compicance with applicable laws and regulations governing conflicts of :..cerest.


Stephen P.
Stephen Potts



Ice Appened 17.

OMA N 5 il
V3. Old Dahle

Calender Yeer Corred
Teto el Applian. Condidor, Klection Reporting Sta-

Termination Date All

OPUSC7 Helalea fer. Pagal Ibent by Report

Termination mebla) Chond Day You)

Ne Letrant, Nomi
pyt) Chopard
tone, Candidate

SEP 0473

La Noc
First Name and Middle Initial

OGE U Only
Reporting Individuale Name

SEP - 5 1997

Robert W.
Title of Poollow
Department Agency 0 Asphable)

Fee for Late Filing
Pooltion for Which Filing
Assistant Secretary for

Any individual who is required to
Policy and International Affairs
Department of Energy

file thin report and doen in more than

30 days after the date the report is Adre. Non Stree, Cluz Stoke, ond TIP Code)

Telephone No. (Include Anne Code)

required to be filed, or, if an extension
Location of Present omce
11403 Chessington Dr.

in granted, more than 30 days after the
for foreading dress)
Austin, TX 78750

(512) 335-8868

last day of the filing extension period

shall be subject to a $200 fee
Proktinfo Hell with the Federal Title Position(s) and Dale) Hold
Cover During the preceding

Reporting Periods
17 Mentha Ner SomAbove)
Nominee Not Applicable

Incumbents. The reporting perind is
the preceding calendar year except

Part II of Schedule C and Part 1 of
Preoteattel Nome Butto Name Congressional Committo. Considering Nomination

Do You intend to Create Qualified Diversified To

Schedule D where you must also
Specto Confetlen


Senate Energy and Natural Resources

include the filing year up to the date
you file. Part II of Schedule D in not

Signature Resertiorites!

Date Mon, Day. Yeo)

Termination Filers: The reporting
CERTIPY that the statemental here

period begins at the end of the perind
mode on the fore and all attached
chedule ar true, complete and correct

June 1, 1997

covered by your previous filing and to the best of Indigo

ende at the date of termination Part II

of Schedule D is not applicable.
Signature Other Reviewer

Date (Monah, Day, Yror)
Other Rele

Nomineen, New Entrants and
ar doobed by

Candidates for President and Vice

Agency Bibles olleeto Oplalon

Schedule A. The reporting period for
Signature Dorpatel Agency EU OctaVRevjpeling Omelal

Data (Month Day, Viner)

income (BLOCK is the precedink calendar year and the current calendar

year up to the date of filing Valur



assets as of any date you choone that in

within 31 days of the date of filing Signate

Dola (Month Day, Year)
omce of Government Ethio

Schedule B. Not applicable.
Use Only


Schedule C, Part I (Liabilitima)..

The reporting period in the preceding
Comments of Reviewing Melale additional per la repaired, white wide of the Art)

calendar year and the current calendar
year up to any date you choose that is
within 31 days of the date of filing

Schedule C, Part II (Agreemenino
Arrangements) Show any agrements
or arrangements so of the date of

Schedule D. The reporting perind in

the preceding two calendar years and 2CHED NEW

the current ralendar year up to the (Check borromeral or continued on the rear del

date of filing I Can De Ward, ditanna Puweto 119 Cant De Wood

77 117

NSN 7508 01 070

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PBHG Growth Fund

(spouse) Stein Roe Mutual Fund

(spouse) American Century Ultra


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