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Page Blinn, Morrill Co. Contract Carrier Application.. -------

299 Books, Scrip—Exchange of Coupons.. Interchangeable.--

363 Bos (A. H.), d/b/a Bos Transfer Co., Contract Carrier Appli

cation --- ------
Bos Freight Lines, Inc.-Extension of Operations—Groceries
and Canned Goods ----

Store Supplies---
Bos Transfer Co., A. H. Bos., d/b/a, Contract Carrier Appli-

Bos Truck Lines, Inc., Extension of Operations—Groceries,

Canned Goods, and Store Supplies ----
Boulevard Bus Co., Inc., Common Carrier Application ------
Bowman (Ralph M.) Extension of Operations—Steel Articles...
Boxes, Paper, from Ilchester, Md., to Winston-Salem, N. C..---
Bozzetti (Lawrence) and Liberton (Joseph) Common Car-
rier Application -----

395 Bringwald (Will C.) Common Carrier Application....

263 B-6 Bus Co., Inc., Common Carrier Application.

395 Burlington Transp. Co. Extension of Operations—Council Bluffs-Weldon-Kansas City -----

783 Calvin (Gilliam) Contract Carrier Application.

755 Canned and Preserved Foods from Kansas City to Kansas

and Missouri --Casper Bus Co., Inc., Common Carrier Application... Casten (Sam) Common Carrier Application ------

91 Casters, Ratings, Central to Midwestern Territories..

721 Cederbaum (Nathan) Contract Carrier Application. Central Territory Motor Carrier Rates...


199, 217, 349, 385, 571, 603, 604 Chicago, R. I. & P. Ry. Co. Extensions—Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska --


5 Chustckie (Bernard) Contract Carrier Application ---Clancy Limousine Service, Inc., Common Carrier Application. 465 Clay, Concrete, and Shale Products--Between Southern Points. 713 In the South.----

713 Cleveland, Columbus & Cincinnati Highway, Inc., Common Carrier Application.-

305 Coffee from Baltimore, Md., to Charlotte, N. C.---------Cohen (Mollie) Common Carrier Application ---

91 Coleman Bros. Transfer Co. Common Carrier Application. ".

See Herrin Transp. Co. Common Carrier Application. Columbus and Chicago Motor Freight, Inc., Common Carrier Application...

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296 395

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Commodities—Between Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska, Don- ". aldson Transfer..-

359 Between New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, Atkinson Motor Freight, Inc.-----

147 From Kansas City to Midwestern States. ----

In New England States, M. H. Winn Trucking Co.------ 228 Concrete, Clay, and Shale Products Between Southern Points. 713 In the South.----

713 Confectionery Between Colorado and Kansas-Missouri. 248 Containers, Empty, and Beverages, Minimum Charges, United

Cartage Co.------
Contracts, Filing of, by Contract Carriers by Motor Vehicle..
Cook (Harry R.) Extension of Operations.---

679 Cooper, Agent, Motor Carriers Traffic Assn., W. S. Dickey Clay Mfg. Co. v.--------

713 Costa (Peter) and Costa (Joseph) Common Carrier Application. 395 Couch (W. F.) Extension of Operations-Louisiana.

120 Couplings and Cylinders, Steel, Minimum Charges, Premium Coal Co.----------- -----

251 Coupons, Exchange of, Scrip Books ---Cozoran (Joseph) Common Carrier Application..

91 Craig (N. S.) Contract Carrier Application.

629 Crain (George W.) Common Carrier Application ---

142 Cylinders and Couplings, Steel, Minimum Charges, Premium Coal Co.---

251 Cyr (Louis) Common Carrier Application --Dairy Products from—Dickinson and Mandan, N. Dak., to Twin Cities ----

-------- 267 Madison, S. Dak., to Chicago, Ill.--

267 Minnesota and North Dakota to Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.-------------

267,490 Minnesota to Chicago, Ill -Dairy Products in the Northwest --

-- 267,490 Daly, Inc., Broker Application.--

259 Danishefsky (Abraham S.) Contract Carrier Application.

91 Daquila Bus Corp. Common Carrier Application... De Luca (John), De Luca (George) and De Luca (Salvatore) Common Carrier Application.-

395 Dickey Clay Mfg. Co. v. Cooper, Agent, Motor Carriers Traffic

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Dieckbrader (Robert E.) Contract Carrier Application -----
Domenico (James) and Domenico (Castano) Common Car-

rier Application ---
Dominick Raimondo, Inc., Common Carrier Application.--

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Donaldson Transfer, Commodities Between Illinois, Iowa and
Nebraska ----

---------- 359 Dorby Bus Co., Inc., Common Carrier Application --

395 Dorio (Frank) and Polera (William) Common Carrier Application ---------

--- 395 Doyle (Estelle W.) Extension of Operations—Cincinnati, Ohio. Dreyer & Heinemann Bus Co., Inc., Common Carrier Applica

---Dugan (Dan S.) Extension of Operations—Nebraska Points... 489 Dunn (C. Hobson) Contract Carrier Application.

476 Duttweiler (F. H.) Common Carrier Application..

356 Dvorin (Jacob) and Dvorin (Harry) Common Carrier Application -------------

395 Eastern Carrier Corp. Common Carrier Application.. Edelson (Irving) Contract Carrier Application... Edelstein (Leo) Contract Carrier Application ---E. F. Daly, Inc., Broker Application --

259 Eldridge (Earl) and Sullivan (Dennis) Common Carrier Application.------------

395 Ellis Bus Corp. Common Carrier Application...

395 Employees, Motor Carrier, Maximum Hours of Service----- 125 Empty Containers and Beverages, Minimum Charges, United

Cartage Co.---Epstein (Abe and Dora) Common Carrier Application ------- 91 Erie R. Co. (Robert E. Woodruff and John A. Hadden, Trustees of the Property) Self-Insurance.

649 Esposito (Henry) Common Carrier Application -Establishing Reasonable Requirements to Promote Safety of

Operation of Motor Vehicles Used in Transporting Property by Private Carriers.--

125 Exchange of Coupons, Scrip Books..

363 Ex Parte-No. MC-2...

No. MC-3..
No. MC-9----
No. MC-20.

---- 45, 369, 463, 773 No. MC-21.

173, 199, 217, 349, 385, 571, 603, 604 No. MC-22

--- 31, 355, 537 No. MC-23. Fabricant (Alex A.) Contract Carrier Application.

91 Farber (Harry) Contract Carrier Application...---

91 Feller (Hyman) Common Carrier Application.-----

91 Fertilizer from Carteret, N. J., to Points in New York and Vermont.-----


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Feureisen (Simon S.) Contract Carrier Application --
Filing of Contracts by Contract Carriers by Motor Vehicle...
Fisher (Fred) Common Carrier Application ------
Fisher (William) Contract Carrier Application ---
Fleischer (Alex) Common Carrier Application.-
Fonda, J. & G. R. Co. (Judson Zimmer, Substitute Trustee)

Self-Insurance. .----
Foods, Canned and Preserved, from Kansas City to Kansas

and Missouri.---
Foster (W. J.) Broker Application ----
Freedman Motor Service, Inc., Contract Carrier Application..
Freight, All-Between Los Angeles and Albuquerque --

Between Portland, Oreg., and Seattle, Wash.

From Chicago and St. Louis to El Paso, Tex------
Friedman (Meyer) Contract Carrier Application ---
Friedman Transp. Co. Common Carrier Application.
Fulton Bus Co., Inc., Common Carrier Application --
Garden State Lines Lincoln Tunnel Application -----
Gendelman (Samuel) Contract Carrier Application...
General Transp. & Storage Co. Extension of Operations....
Giroux (Joseph George Arthur) Broker Application.---
Gloria Bus Co., Inc., Common Carrier Application..
Goldberg (Jacob) Contract Carrier Application..--.
Golden (Michael) Contract Carrier Application...
Goldstein (Max) Contract Carrier Application...-
Goldstein (Moe) Contract Carrier Application --
Gordy (G. Oscar) Common Carrier Application.-
Graff & Sons—Contract Carrier Application ----

Extension of Operations-Joliet, nl.-Detroit, Mich....
Great Central Transport Corp., W. A. Barrows Porcelain

Enamel Co. v.-------------------
Greener (Joseph B.) Contract Carrier Application ----
Gregory (Lillian H.) Broker Application..---
Griffith Freight Lines, Inc., Common Carrier Application ----
Gurwitz (Perez) Common Carrier Application ---------
Habermann Bus Co. Common Carrier Application ----------
Hadden (John A.) and Woodruff (Robert E.), Trustees of the

Property of Erie R. Co., Self-Insurance-------
Hannah (James A.) Extension of Operations-Petroleum

Products -------
Hansen (William) Contract Carrier Application -----
Harford Bus Co., Inc., Common Carrier Application.--
Harpster (Lawrence M.) Common Carrier Application.-

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Hartford Transp. Co., Inc.-Purchase_Salvatore J. Squa

Harvey (Newton) Contract Carrier Application..-----
Hendricks (Roy Carl) Common Carrier Application....
Herrin Transp. Co.-Common Carrier Application..---

Successor to Coleman Bros. Transfer Co., Common Carrier
; Application ------
Hides and Scrap Metals from Nebraska and Iowa to Chicago.
Hinton (Charles, Sr.) and Hinton (Charles, Jr.) Common
· Carrier Application ----
Hoey Cartage Co. Contract Carrier Application..--
Horowitz (Abe) Common Carrier Application ----
Horowitz (Harry) Common Carrier Application...--
Horowitz (Isidore) Common Carrier Application ------
Hours of Service, Maximum, of Motor Carrier Employees...
Hulbert Forwarding Co., Inc., Common Carrier Application.-
Inter-Carolinas Motor Bus Co. Common Carrier Application..
Interchangeable Scrip Books..-..

363 Irvan Bus Co., Inc., Common Carrier Application.

395 Jones (Lee B.) Broker Application ------

257 Jones (Ogle Z.) Common Carrier Application.--.

330 J. R. M. Bus Co., Inc., Common Carrier Application -- 395 J. S. Bus Corp., Inc., Common Carrier Application ---- 395 Kansas City Southern Transport Co., Inc.-Common Carrier

. Extension of Operation.-----
Kaplan Trucking Co.-Common Carrier Application.

Extension of Operations.---
Kershner (Louis) Common Carrier Application...
Kimmelman (Robert) Common Carrier Application.
Klayman (Louis) Contract Carrier Application ----
Kleiman (Reuben J.) Common Carrier Application --
Klinger (Solomon) Common Carrier Application ---
Kowalski (Stephen) and Kowalski (Benjamin) Common

rier Application.---Kukowski and Sons, Inc., Common Carrier Application. 395 LandA Motor Lines Contract Carrier Application..---

5 Leavey Bus Corp. Common Carrier Application...

395 Lederer Term. Warehouse Co., Inc., Broker Application. Lefkowitz (John) Contract Carrier Application --------Leibensperger (Adam C.) Common Carrier Application.--. 401 Lenker (Karl) Contract Carrier Application (Operations North of Richmond, Va.)-----



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