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Sunshine Bus Lines, Inc., Extension of Operations--Clarksville, Tex.....
Swank, Irvin E., Contract Carrier Application ------
Sweet, Naomi, Common Carrier Application -------
System Freight Service Common Carrier Application; Extension of Opera-

tions—El Paso..
Tait, Leander G., Extension of Operations-Maine-New Hampshire.
Talmadge, C. H., and Pittsley, L. W., Common Carrier Application.-
Taraborelli, Peter, Common Carrier Application.-----
Tarrant, M, D., Common Carrier Application.-.-.-.
Taylor, James Jessie, Extension of Operations.---..
Taylor, Thomas A., Contract Carrier Application ---
Tenny, N. H., Extension of Operations.-----
Terzella, Charles, and Terzella, Leo, Common Carrier Application ----
Tesiero, Bartley, Common Carrier Application...----
Texas & Pacific Coaches, Inc., Extension of Operations-Camp Wolters...
Theroux, Edouard, Extension of Operations-General Commodities.....
Thomas, William Terah, Extension of Operations-Trenton, Ga., and

Dahlonega, Ga.----
Thompson, Roy R., Common Carrier Application ----
Three Rivers Cartage Co., Inc., Extension of Operations, Michigan-

Indiana; Steuben County ----------
Tiffin, Fred J., Common Carrier Application.--
Timmons, William H., Extension of Operations—Livestock...
Tirocchi, Eugene, Common Carrier Application.--------
Tischler, Samuel, Extension of Operations-Canned Goods
Tobler, H. J., Transfer, Inc., Extension of Operations-Indiana
Toler, Robert F., Extension of Operations.----
Tolone, Jr., Louis, Common Carrier Application ----
Towns, Marvin Jackson (Bob), Common Carrier Application
Trago, Oliver C., Extension of Operations—Bel Air, Md....
Traina, Matthew, Common Carrier Application -------
Trapasso, Ed Thomas, Common Carrier Application...
Travelstead Transp. Co. Charter Bus Operations.---
Tri-State Motor Transport, Inc., Extension of Operations-Fort Leonard

Truckers, Inc., Extension of Operations...------
Trumbo, 0. C., Common Carrier Application.-----
Truxon, Elijah B., Extension of Operations-District of Columbia, Vir-

ginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.---------T. S. C. Motor Freight Lines, Inc., Extension of Operations— Mississippi

River Bridge.-------------
Tucker Bros., Inc., Extension of Operations-Massachusetts-Rhode Island;

Waltham, Mass -----------
Tucker, L. O., Common Carrier Application -----
Tufts, Sr., Gerald A., and Tufts, Floyd J., Common Carrier Application..
Tulalatin Valley Stages, Inc., Extension of Operations—Collins View and

St. Paul.-----------------------------
Turner, Hamish, Extension of Operations-Jonesville-Laurens-Alternate

Turnmire, J. W., Common Carrier Application....
Tuttle, Jr., J. Lewis, Extension of Operations-Household Goods
Tyrrell, C. L., Extension of Operations.------
Union Bus Co. Extension of Operations—Dinsmore....

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Union Pacific Stages, Inc., Extension of Operations Pendleton-Adams,

Union Transfer Co. Extension of Operations—Newport, Minn.----------
United Terminals & Forwarding Co., Inc., Broker Application.....
United Truck Lines, Inc., Extension of Operations—Lake Washington

Urschel, Harry, Extension of Operations—Wabash, Ind.-------
Utah-Arizona Freight Lines Extension of Operations-Irregular Routes.
Valente, Louis, Common Carrier Application -----
Van de Berg, John W., Common Carrier Application -----
Van Bibber, Jr., W. C., Contract Carrier Application ---
Van Broeke, William, Common Carrier Application..--
Van Patten, Wilbur L., Common Carrier Application...
Vanportation & Warehouse Corporation Common Carrier Application --
Van Someren, John F., Extension of Operations—Emigrant Movables
Varley, H. G., Common Carrier Application -------
Vassmer, Albert, Contract Carrier Application -----
Verdoarn, Henry, Common Carrier Application.--
Verity, Austin, Common Carrier Application.------
Vermont Explosives Co., Inc., Common Carrier Application..
Vermont Maple Products Co. and, or Edmund F. Cushman Common

Carrier Application -----
Vermont Transit Co., Inc., Extension of Operations-Springfield, Vt----
Via, Jr., James Alley, Extension of Operations.-----
Viera, Ernest R., Common Carrier Application ----
Villaume, Irving A., Extension of Operations-Yakima, Kittitas, and

Benton Counties, Wash..---
Virginia Trailways Extension of Operations—Clifton Forge, Va...------
Vogel, Inc., John, Extension of Operations-Albany-New York.------
Vogel, Simon J., Extension of Operations—Metal Blanks and Stampings

Between Granville, N. Y., and Middletown, Conn.---
Von Arx, Glenn, Common Carrier Application ---
Vulcan Lines, Inc., Extension of Operations-Iron and Steel Articles -
Walker, John, Common Carrier Application --
Walker, W. M., Extension of Operations—Roosevelt County, N. Mex.
Wall, Henry C., Broker Application ----
Wamble, A. C., and Harris, Hal, Common Carrier Application...
Wanner, Samuel, Common Carrier Application..---
Ward, O. E., Contract Carrier Application ---------
Ward, Ray I., Contract Carrier Application ---------
Warner, Thomas Clyde, Extension of Operations..-
Washington Motor Coach Co., Inc., Extension of Operations-Hood

Canal Sightseeing Tour------------------
Wasmuth, James P., Extension of Operations.------
Way, James, Contract Carrier Application ----------
Weaver, Dick Coates, Common Carrier Application..
Weaver, Ralph, Extension of Operations-Maryland.
Weeks, Charles Arthur, Extension of Operations.---
Weller, William J., Extension of Operations-Kentland, Ind..
Wells, M., Contract Carrier Application --------
Wenzl i ce, Common Carrier Application -------------
Wessel Dxtension of Operations.
West I Factor & ipment Co. Contract Carrier Application ---

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West Virginia Transp. Co. Extension of Operations-Fort Meade...-
Western Truck Lines, Ltd., Extension of Operations-Mono and Inyo

Whaling City Bus Service, Inc., Common Carrier Application..-----
Wheeler, H., Common Carrier Application..---
Wheeler Transp. Co. Extension of Operations-Sheboygan-Manitowoc...
Whippo, Miller, Contract Carrier Application ----
White, Harry R., Extension of Operations-Grapes and Olives.--..
White Owl Exp., Inc., Extension of Operations- Alternate Route; U. S.

Highways 12 and 112 and Indiana Highway 212....
Whitney, A. M., Extension of Operations-New Orleans.----
Whorton, Aaron, Common Carrier Application --------
Wilhelm, Rudie, Warehouse Co. Broker Application..
Wilder, Herman, Contract Carrier Application -------
Willey, George A., Common Carrier Application -----
Williams, Dennis L., Common Carrier Application --------
Williams, Robert Cleveland, Common Carrier Application --------
Williamson, Henry G., Extension of Operations-Copper and Brass...
Willig, E. J., Truck Transp. Co. Extension of Operations—Rockport..
Wilson, Slacer, Extension of Operations-Delaware, District of Columbia,

New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania Points."
Wine, Mervin Benjamin, Contract Carrier Application -----
Windholz, L. H., and Hawkins, Morris H., Receivers of Norfolk & S. R.

Co. Common Carrier Application .------
Winker, Fred J., Extension of Operations-Lewis Run, Pa...--
Witkind, Herbert, Contract Carrier Application.
Witte, Frank L., Contract Carrier Application ----
Wodlinger, R., Common Carrier Application.--
Wonnacott, F. E., Contract Carrier Application ---
Wood, Roy, Extension of Operations-Household Goods
Wood Truck Lines Common Carrier Application -
Woodcock, Ralph H., Common Carrier Application...
Woodruff, Hillard, Contract Carrier Application ----
Wright, J. J., Common Carrier Application...
Yates, A. C., Common Carrier Application -------
Yearous, N. A., Extension of Operations-Iowa-Missouri.
Yellow Cab Transit Co. Extension of Operations-Fort Leonard
Yoder, Irvin R., Extension of Operations.---
Yohn, Milton E., Extension of Operations-Wilmington, Del..
Young, Curtis H., Extension of Operations---Massachusetts.-
Young, Ned, Common Carrier Application -------
Young, William A., Extension of Operations-Petroleum Products
Zahn, John A., Broker Application ----
Zammarelli, Rose, Common Carrier Application.--
Zickefoose, I. S., Common Carrier Application.---
Ziffrin's Overnite Exp., Inc., Common Carrier Application...
Zink, John, Contract Carrier Application ---
Zottola, Henry, Extension of Operations-Pennsylvania Turnpike
Zueck, Emil, and Zueck, John, Common Carrier Application ---


Chi to Detroit, Mich., 173 (178).

... ...

[Numbers in parentheses following citations indicate pages on which commodities are considered. ADVERTISING MATTER. St. Louis, Mo., to North Chicago, Ill., 173 (180). ALCOHOL. Peoria, Ill., to Indianapolis, Ind., 173 (177). ALE. Cincinnati, Ohio, to Asheville, N. C., and Spartanburg and Greenville,

S. C., 662. ALUM. Everett, Mass., to Mechanic Falls, Maine, 537. APPLIANCES, TELEPHONE. New York, N. Y., metropolitan area, Watertown,

Mass., and West Haven, Conn., from and to New England, 537 (561). AUTOMOBILE PARTS. Toledo, Ohio, to Detroit, Mich., 173 (178). BAGS, BURLAP. Boston and Chelsea, Mass., to Searsport, Maine, 537 (540).

Lawrence, Mass., to Corinna, Maine, 537 (564). BAGS, Cotton. Richmond, Va., to Baltimore, Md., and New York, N. Y.,

463 (464). BAKERY Goods. Central territory, 571 (572). BEANS, DRIED. Port Huron, Mich., to Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Elyria, and

Massillon, Ohio, 571 (575). BEER. Cincinnati, Ohio, to Asheville, N. C., and Spartanburg and Greenville,

S. C., 662. BEVERAGES, ALCOHOLIC Malt. Milwaukee, Wis., Chicago and Peoria, Ill.,

St. Louis, Mo., Louisville and Newport, Ky., and Cincinnati, Cleveland, and

Columbus, Ohio, to Indiana, 468.
Biscuits. Boston, Mass., to Lebanon, N. H., 537 (542).

Boston and Lowell, Mass., to Hartford and New Haven, Conn., 537 (542).

Lowell, Mass., to Providence, R. I., 537 (542). BLANKETS. Troy, N. H., to Massachusetts and Maine, 537 (549). BLUEBERRIES. Burlington County, N. J., to New York, N. Y., and Philadelphia,

Pa., 156. BOARD, BINDERS', Box, CHIP, FIBER, NEWS, AND STRAW. Monroe, Mich., to

Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West

Virginia, and Wisconsin, 217 (225). BOBBINS. Lawrence, Mass., to Corinna, Maine, 537 (564). Boxes, BATTERY, ELECTRIC STORAGE. Central territory, 571 (575). Boxes, FIBERBOARD. Monroe, Mich., to Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri,

New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin, 217 (225). Boxes, FIBERBOARD, CORRUGATED. New York, N. Y., to Massachusetts,

537 (543). BOXES, PAPER. Ilchester, Md., to Winston-Salem, N. C., 254. BOXES, PULPBOARD AND STRAWBOARD. Monroe, Mich., to Illinois, Indiana,

Kentucky, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and

Wisconsin, 217 (225).
BRASS AND BRONZE SCRAP. Chicago, Ill., to St. Louis, Mo., 571 (598).
BUILDING MATERIALS. Central territory, 217 (224).

Waukegan, Ill., from and to Waukesha, Wis., 571 (589).
BURLAP. Boston and Chelsea, Mass., to Augusta, Biddeford, Lewiston, and

Saco, Maine, 537 (544).

BUTTER, Cocoa. St. Louis, Mo., to North Chicago, Ill., 173 (180).
CABLE, ELECTRIC, BRASS AND BRONZE. Central territory, 571 (576).
CALCIUM, CARBONATE OF. Detroit, Mich., and adjacent points, to Indiana,

Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Chicago, Ill., 571 (576).
Calcium, CHLORIDE OF. Detroit, Mich., and adjacent points, to Indiana, Ohio,

and Pennsylvania, 571 (576). Calcium, PHOSPHATE OF. St. Louis, Mo., to Terre Haute, Ind., 571 (576). Candy. St. Louis, Mo., to North Chicago, Ill., 173 (180). CANNED Goods. Chicago and Rochelle, Ill., to Council Bluffs, Iowa, and

Beatrice, Fremont, Grand Island, Hastings, Lincoln, and Omaha, Nebr., 339 (360). La Porte City and West Liberty, Iowa, to Beatrice, Fremont, Grand Island,

Hastings, Lincoln, and Omaha, Nebr., 359 (360).

Vinton, Iowa, to Beatrice, Nebr., 359 (360). CASEIN, CRUDE. Argo, Chicago, Chicago Heights, and Joliet, III., and East

Chicago, Ind., to Biron, Nekoosa, Port Edwards, Stevens Point, and Wisconsin

Rapids, Wis., 571 (576). Cases, Show. Kansas City, Mo., to Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn., Sious

Falls, S. Dak., Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska, 151. CASTERS, FURNITURE OR TRUCK. Central territory to western trunk-line ter.

ritory, 721. CASTINGS. Laconia, N. H., to Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts

537 (545). CATALOGS. Illinois Freight Association territory, 571 (577). CATCHUP. Ambridge and Pittsburgh, Pa., from Bowling Green and Fremont,

Ohio, 173 (177).
CHAINS, STEEL. Central territory, 217 (218).
CHALK. Lawrence, Mass., to Corinna, Maine, 537 (564).
CHEESE. Illinois Freight Association territory, 571 (577).

Madison, Wis., to Chicago, Ill., and points taking same rates, 173.
CHEMICALS. Buffalo, N. Y., to Chicago, Ill., 571 (578).
CHEMICALS, PAPERMAKERS'. Waterbury, Conn., to Dalton, Mass., 537 (555).
CHESTNUTS. Kansas City, Mo., to Minneapolis, Minn., Sioux Falls, S. Dak.,

Iowa, and Nebraska, 151. CHOCOLATE. St. Louis, Mo., to North Chicago, Ill., 173 (180).. CINDERS. Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, New York,

Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin from and to Illinois, Indiana,
Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West

Virginia, and Wisconsin, 385.
CLAY PRODUCTS. Southern territory, 713 (714).
Cloth, COTTON. Illinois Indiana State line, territory east of, 571 (579).

Watertown, Mass., to lower Manhattan, N. Y., 537 (538).
CLOTH, WOOLEN. Broad Brook, Rockville, Stafford, and Stafford Springs, Conn.,

to Springfield, Mass., 537 (564). Coating, CHOCOLATE. St. Louis, Mo., to North Chicago, Ill., 173 (180). Cocoa. St. Louis, Mo., to North Chicago, Ill., 173 (180). COFFEE. Baltimore, Md., to Charlotte, N. C., 747. COMPOUNDS, CLEANING, SCOURING, AND WASHING. Albany, N. Y., to Vermont, 537 (559).

Boston, Mass., to East Hartford, Conn., 537 (559).

Cambridge and Waltham, Mass., to Schenectady, N. Y., 537 (558). CONCRETE PRODUCTS. Southern territory, 713 (714).

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