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Motor Truck Transfer, Inc., Contract Carrier Application, 23... M. C. C. 709----

409 Myers Common Carrier Application, 23 M. C. C. 451.------National Poultry, Butter & Egg Assn. v. Aberdeen & R. R. Co., 192 I. C. C. 13.-------

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196, 197, 229, 355, 537, 552 New Jersey-New York Bus Applications, 23 M. C. C. 219---- · 107 New York & New Brunswick Auto Exp. Co., Inc., Com. Car. App., 23 M. C. C. 663.

------ 343, 699 New York Central Securities Corp. v. United States, 287 U. S.

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Oilfields Trucking Co.-Purchase-Dunbar, 5 M. C. C. 137.--
Onondaga Freight Corp. Common Carrier Application, 21

M. C. C. 810; 24 M. C. C. 161.-----
Pan-American Bus Lines Operation, 1.M. C. C. 191.-
Paper Boxes from Lawrence, Kans., to Iowa Points, 24 M. C.C.

Parcel Delivery Service, Inc.-Common Carrier Application,
13 M. C. C. 15.

Contract Carrier Application, 8 M. C. C. 275.---Peanut Butter from Montgomery, Ala., to Georgia, 22 M.C.C.

375.---Peninsula Transit Corp. - Common Carrier Application, 1 M. C. C. 440.--

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Page! Petroleum Transport Co. Common Carrier Application, 24 M. C. C. 389..

-- --'

209 Pittsburgh-Weirton Bus Co., Inc., Com. Car. Application, 10 M. C. C. 266-----

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Sullivan County Highway Line, Inc., Com. Car. Applic., 21

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System Arizona Exp. Service, Inc., Com. Car. Application,

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System Freight Service Common Carrier Application. See

System Arizona Exp. Service, Inc., Common Carrier Appli

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W. A. Barrows Porcelain Enamel Co. v. Cushman M. Delivery,

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Ziffrin Truck Lines, Inc.—Common Carrier Application, 6
M. C. C. 722...
Merger, 25 M. C. C. 788.-----


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Submitted October 29, 1937. Decided December 18, 1940

Applicant found to have failed to establish the right to a certificate as a

common carrier or a permit as a contract carrier by motor vehicle under the "grandfather" provisions of sections 206 (a) and 209 (a) of the

Interstate Commerce Act. Application denied. Herman A. Fischer for applicant.

B. W. LaTourette, 0. R. Morrow, Ferdinand Born, Harry F. Chaddick, Carson L. Taylor, K. W. Cunningham, and H. W. Schaffer for protestants.


Exceptions were filed by applicant and by protestant rail carriers to the report and recommended order of the examiner.

By application filed February 12, 1936, as amended, C. Randell Bear, of Evanston, Ill., seeks a permit or a certificate of public convenience and necessity authorizing continuance of operation as a common or contract carrier by motor vehicle of general commodities, in truckloads, between Chicago, Ill., and Denver, Colo., as follows: From Chicago over U. S. Highway 30 to its junction with U. S. Highway 138; thence over U. S. Highway 138 to Sterling, Colo.; thence over U. S. Highway 6 to Greeley, Colo; and thence over U. S. Highway 85 to Denver; with an alternate route between Chicago and Omaha over U. S. Highway 34 to its junction with Illinois Highway 92, thence over Illinois Highway 92 to Davenport, Iowa, thence over U. S. Highway 6 to Omaha; and return over the same routes, serving

Under the "grandfather" clauses of sections 206 (a) and 200 (a) of the Interstate Commerce Act.

unspecified intermediate and off-route points. Various motor carriers and rail lines in western trunk-line territory opposed the application.

Applicant has been engaged since about June or July 1933 in the transportation of general freight, in truckloads, for the Hoey Company. He testified that this transportation has been performed from and to warehouses at Chicago, Omaha, and Denver, and that once or twice a year he would take a load of wallpaper to St. Joseph, Mo., or Lincoln, Nebr. Abstracts of freight shipments transported by applicant disclose that his principal operation has consisted of the movement of truckload shipments of property between the terminal of the Hoey Company at Chicago and warehouses at Omaha and Denver, with occasional movements of freight from Denver to points in Nebraska. His equipment as of July 1, 1935, consisted of two tractors and two trucks, and he has since acquired three more tractor-trailer units. In 1934 he was registered under a code of fair competition for the trucking industry as operating in Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska.

Bills of lading covering shipments transported by applicant are issued by the Hoey Company and do not come into applicant's possession. However, delivery receipts captioned “Hoey Cartage Co., Inc.," were submitted covering shipments transported by applicant, including movements from Chicago to Omaha and Denver in April, May, and June, 1935. These were issued in triplicate by the Hoey Company as consignor, and do not purport to describe the commodities transported. Each delivery receipt shows the name and address of a warehouse or storage company at one of the points mentioned above, sometimes the total number of pieces in the load, the total weight thereof, and either the rate and charges or merely a flat rate. Certain of the receipts also show deductions from the transportation charges, including amounts for loading, cargo insurance, and 4 percent for the Hoey Company. Most of the receipts describe the lading as “One lot Mdse" and show the time of arrival of the truck at its destination. Many are stamped “deduct five cents per cwt. if this load is late unless truckman wires showing breakdown or weather delay.” .

The operations of applicant, particularly in Iowa and Colorado, have been conducted under the State operating authority of the Hoey Company. Insurance coverage is obtained by the Hoey Company, and the name of the latter is displayed on applicant's vehicles. The goods transported by applicant for the Hoey Company are obtained by the latter from the Central States Freight Service, Inc., a freight forwarder, of Chicago, Ill., and are loaded on applicant's vehicles

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