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THE FIFTH READER is intended for advanced classes in public and private schools. It contains some of the pieces in the Second Class Reader of the former series, which have been most approved by teachers; but the greater part of the contents is new. The aim of the compiler has been to include as wide a range of subjects as was possible, so that the powers of the pupils might be trained by various forms of expression, and different kinds of rhetorical style. While the teaching of the art of reading has been made a paramount object, the compiler has constantly borne in mind the importance of choosing such selections as inculcate sound morals and patriotic sentiment, and aid in the formation of a good literary taste. Brief biographical and explanatory notices have been prefixed to most of the selections; and at the end of each piece the pronunciation and definition of the most difficult words have been given. This latter is a feature which, it is hoped, will be approved by teachers.

The introductory portion, on reading and the training of the vocal organs, is mainly the same as that found in the Sixth Reader, which was prepared for that work by Professor MARK BAILEY of Yale College.


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6. An Indian Stratagem,


9. Memorials of Washington and Franklin,


10. Memorials of Washington and Franklin, concluded,


14. A Good Investment,

Freeman Hunt. 98

15. The Chinese Prisoner,

Thomas Percival. 103

18. Loss of the Arctic,

Beecher. 108

20. Little Edward,

Mrs. Stowe. 114

21. Little Edward, concluded,


25. Washington,

Lee. 125

26. Cousin Deborah's Legacy,

Chambers's Journal. 126

29. The Hard-hearted Rich Man, New Monthly Magazine. 135

30. Bobolink,

Irving. 137

32. The Progress of Humanity,

Sumner. 144

35. A Lion Hunt,

Gerard. 151

36. The Whale Fishery,

North American Review. 155

38. The American Indian,

Charles Sprague. 160

39. Mount Auburn,

Story. 162

41. Anecdote of Richard Jackson, London Quarterly Rev. 169

42. The Atmosphere,

Quarterly Reviev. 171

45. Motives to Intellectual Action in America,

Hillard. 177

46. The Pine Tree Shillings,

Hawthorne. 180

47. Behind Time,

Freeman Hunt. 184

61. A Storm at Sea,

Hughes. 192

52. Speech on the Reception of the Sauks and Foxes, . Everett. 197

53. The Irreparable Past,

Robertson. 199

55. Lessons of Spring,

Greenwood. 206

56. Birds,

Knickerbocker Magazine. 208

57. Birds, concluded,


58. After Marriage,

Sheridan. 214

62. Contrast between Adams and Napoleon,

Seward. 223

65. Extract from Emmet's Speech,

Emmet. 235

67. Limit to Human Dominion,

Swain. 240

68. A Mosquito Hunt,

Basil Hall. 244

71. Encounter between an Eagle and a Salmon, Life in the Woods. 251

72. The Mocking Bird,

Alexander Wilson. 254

75. The Approach of Day,

Everett. 260

78. The Death of the Little Scholar,

Dickens, 273

80. The Character of Greene,

Headley. 278

82. Peter the Great,

Macaulay. 287

83. The Bunker Hill Monument,

Webster. 292

55. The White-headed Eagle,

Alexander Wilson. 296

-6. The Scholar's Mission,

Putnam. 298

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89. National Monument to Washington,

Winthrop. 307
92. Elevating Influence of a Liberal Education, Walker. 314
95. A Curtain Lecture of Mrs. Caudle,

Jerrold. 322
98. Duty of American Citizens,

Douglas, 330
99. Liberty and Union,

Webster, 332
101. Speech on the Reform Bill,

Brougham. 338
105. The Duty of American Citizens,

Everett. 348
106. Supposed Speech of Regulus to the Carthaginians, E. Kellogg. 350
108. Appeal for Ireland,

Clay. 355
209. A Good Daughter,

Palfrey. 357
113. Labor and Genius,

Sydney Smith. 361
115. The Religious Character of President Lincoln, D. P. Gurley. 367
117. Obedience to Law the Duty of Good Men,

. J. Holt. 371
118. Our Heroes,

.J. A. Andreu, 373
119. The Responsibilities of American Citizens, .

Slory. 375

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Merrick. 141

Woodworth. 147

Mrs. Hemans. 148

Cowper. 158

Walter Scott. 165

Cummings. 173


Campbell. 187

Lyons. 189

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