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Supplies and Materials increased from $50,000 to $52,700...

$ 2,700

Costs under this allotment continue to rise due to inflation. The
5% increase of $2,700 will bring the allotment in line with current
expenditure requirements.

This allotment provides all miscellaneous supplies and materials for the Main Garden, Nursery, Conservatory and office, including electrical supplies, flower pots and tubs, gas and oil for motor vehicles, mowers and tractors, hardware and tools, labels and boxes, manure, fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, scalecides, medical and office supplies, paints and brushes, periodicals and books, towels, soap and cleaning supplies.

Penalty ma il increased from $1,600 to $2,000..


This allotment provides mail for all U. S. Botanic Garden functions. With the creation of a Public Programs Division, there are increased mailings for publicity, horticultural classes, and general plant information requests.

The increase of $400 will allow continued development of these programs.

Equip new growing facility at D.C. Village......


The replacement facilities which will be located at D.C. Village for the Poplar Point Nursery are expected to be ready for occupancy in the fall of 1988. New equipment is necessary in order to move in and begin operation of the new facilities. Most of the items must be ordered 6-12 months in advance to assure delivery and installation prior to Occupancy. These funds are requested to begin the process of purchasing new equipment for the growing facility. This amount is proposed to be left in the base until the new growing facility is fully operational and equipped.


$ 103, 100


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The purchase of a new pick-up will allow the replacement of a 1978 Ford pick-up that was purchased used and has been driven over 55,000 miles and is in very poor condition. This vehicle is essential for transport of equipment and supplies from the Nursery Facility to the Conservatory, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi Park and the Administrative Office. The 1978 pick-up is no longer a reliable vehicle or safe to operate. Replacement will eliminate slowdown and inefficiency due to breakdowns and repairs. A replacement truck is estimated to cost $11,000.

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The Conservatory Building of the United States Botanic Garden was built in 1931. It has steel columns supporting an aluminum superstructure, the first of its kind for this type of building. In 1971 the National Bureau of Standards analyzed the aluminum structure and prepared a report on the exfoliation and deterioration of the aluminum. Following that report, several aluminum members were replaced by the Botanic Garden maintenance staff.

Since that time, there has been further deterioration and exfoliation of the aluminum, as predicted in the 1971 report. In addition to the aluminum, there is a marked deterioration of the steel columns at the footings, at their junction with the aluminum, and where they are faced with brick. The original glass has become permanently etched and the glazing system has deteriorated resulting in increased slipped glass and the shattering of entire roof sections in wind storms. There are also large structural cracks in the masonry particularly in the display galleries near the junction of the walls and the roof beams.


Estinale 1988 Botanic Garden

Increases (continued)

Continuing and Initiating Other Programs (continued)

Conservatory Building Analysis (continued)

In addition to the structural analysis, the study must also review the heating and ventilating systems, water distribution and humidification systems, doors, drainage, lighting and service and storage areas. The entrance modifications and the skylight installation that were proposed in the fiscal year 1987 budget should also be reviewed as part of the total package.

The proposed Engineering Study of the Conservatory must look at the above mentioned problems and analyze the extent and seriousness of each.

The engineers should address the scope and phasing of necessary corrections, cost estimates, and a recommended timetable.

The estimated cost of this work is $89,000, of which $50,000 is requested in the fiscal year 1988 budget. The balance of the funding is to be derived from unobligated balances in the Botanic Garden "No Year" account, primarily from the roof replacement project. This request includes approval of this redirection of funds. This comprehensive engineering review of the Conservatory and all its systems will determine the measures needed to bring it up to current technological standards.

$ 50,000

Continuing and Initiating Other Programs.

Total Increase

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This appropriation provides for the care and upkeep of the Conservatory, gardens and grounds, including the Poplar Point Nursery.

At the main gardens, there are a large Main Conservatory, with its collections of tropical and
subtropical plants, the large outdoor garden, office building and storage sheds. At Poplar Point there
is a nursery used for the growing of plants for exhibition at the Conservatory and plant materials to
help beet landscape demands for the Botanic Garden and the Capitol Grounds. There are 16 greenhouses
and 2 boiler houses located at Poplar Point.

The Architect of the Capitol has been serving as Acting Director since July 3, 1934, under the direction of the Joint Coromittee on the Library.

A regular force of 57 employees is requested for 1988,

, for carrying on the work of the gardens, as follows:

6 Horticultural workers at the Conservatory.
27 Horticultural workers and heating attendants for the 16 greenhouses at Poplar Point

5 Horticultural workers for growing nursery stock at Poplar Point Nursery.
1 Horticultural worker for outside gardening work at the Conservatory.
7 Mechanics (1 carpenter, I painter, 1 steamfitter, I glazier, 1 maintenance foreman,

l assistant maintenance foreman, I storekeeper).
1 Laborer for general cleaning.
3 Heating and ventilating attendants in the Conservatory.
1 Supervisory and clerical (1 executive director, 2 horticulturists, 1 botanist, 1 office

supervisor, 2 clerks).


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