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6. Authorize all agencies to settle patent infringement claims out of available appropriations prior to the filing of suit.

4–124, 164, 208 7. Grant all agencies express statutory authority to acquire patents, applications for patents, and licenses or other interests thereunder.

4–124, 164, 208 8. Give the United States District Courts concurrent jurisdiction with the Court of Claims for suits brought pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1498 subject to the jurisdictional amount under the Tucker Act.

4-124, 164, 208

thority to acquire private copyrights or interests therein.

4–133, 164, 208 16. Establish an interagency task force under the lead of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy to develop and evaluate the implementation of a statement of Government copyright policy.

4-134, 164

Chapter 2
Codification-A Consolidated Procurement
Title in the United States Code

1. Establish a program for developing the technical and formal changes needed to organize and consolidate the procurement statutes to the extent appropriate in Title 41, Public Contracts, of the United States Code.

4–169, 208, 229

Chapter 3
Technical Data

9. Amend or repeal statutes limiting agency flexibility concerning rights in technical data.

4–129, 164, 208 10. Undertake, through the Federal Council for Science and Technology in coordination with the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, to develop and evaluate the implementation of a statement of Government policy on rights in technical data supplied under Government contracts. Give specific consideration to the relationships between prime contractors and subcontractors.

4–129, 164 11. Authorize agencies to acquire information and data.

4-129, 164, 208 12. Undertake, through the Federal Council for Science and Technology, in coordination with the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, to develɔp and evaluate the implementation of a statement of Government policy on the treatment of data submitted with proposals or other related communications.

4-130, 164 13. Establish a remedy for the misuse of information supplied to the Government in confidence.

4–131, 164, 208

Chapter 4
Statutes of Limited Application

2. Extend the Truth in Negotiations Act to all Government procurement agencies and develop coordinated regulations for interpretation and application of its provisions.

4_187, 208, 209, 229 3. Extend the Renegotiation Act for periods of five years.

4–188, 209, 229 4. Extend the Renegotiation Act to contracts of all Government agencies.

4–188, 209, 229 5. Raise the jurisdictional amount under the Renegotiation Act from one million to two million dollars for sales to the Government; and from twenty-five thousand to fifty thousand dollars for brokers' fees. [Two Commissioners dissent).

4–189, 209, 229 6. Expand and clarify the criteria used by the Renegotiation Board. 4–190, 209, 229

Chapter 4

14. Amend or repeal statutes limiting agency flexibility in dealing with the publication of works developed under Government contracts.

4–133, 164, 208 15. Enact legislation giving all agencies au

Dissenting Position

Dissenting Recommendation 6. Expand and clarify the criteria utilized by the Renegotiation Board in determining excess profits and include therein a limitation of renegotiation to cost-type contracts.

4–191, 229 Total recommendations Parts A-J: 149



PROCUREMENT REGULATIONS Armed Services Procurement Regulation (ASPR) Federal Procurement Regulations (FPR) Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) AEC Procurement Regulations (AECPR) EPA Procurement Regulations (EPPR) GSA Procurement Regulations (GSPR) HEW Procurement Regulations (HEWPR) HUD Procurement Regulations (HUDPR) NASA Procurement Regulations (NASA PR) NSF Procurement Regulations (NSFPR) OEO Procurement Regulations (OEOPR) DOT Procurement Regulations (DOTPR) VA Procurement Regulations (VAPR) Procurement regulations cited in the report can be converted to the Code of Federal Regulations by prefixing the agency procurement regulation number by 32 CFR for the ASPR, 41 CFR 18– for the NASA PR, and 41 CFR for all other agency Procurement Regulations. Thus:

ASPR 1–103.4 becomes 32 CFR 1.103–4; NASA PR 1.103–4 becomes 41 CFR 18– 1.103–4; FPR 1-1.007–3 becomes 41 CFR 1-1.007–3;— etc.

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