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The Poems of Burns appear in these volumes as arranged and edited by Robert Chambers in his Life and Works of Robert Burns, Edinburgh and London, 1856. Such parts of the Biography as are necessary for the understanding of the poems, or of the occasions which gave rise to them, are retained in the form of prefaces to the individual pieces. Verbal changes of a trifling description have here and there been required.

The Memoir of Burns is taken from the eighth edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica.


Italic: letters indicate the publication devoted to his

writings, in which, as far as ascertained, the various compo

sitions of Burns were first included. The poems and songs

marked a composed the first edition, published at Kilmarnock

in 1786 ; those marked b were added in the second edition,

published at Edinburgh in 1787; those marked c were added

in the edition of 1793. These, with certain pieces which ap-

peared in the early volumes of Johnson's Scots Musical

Museum, and Thomson's Select Melodies of Scotland, wero

all that Burns himself committed to print; the rest, as well as

his letters, have been published since his death. In this list

of contents, the pieces published in Johnson's Museum are

marked d; the poems presented in Currie's first edition of the

poet's works in 1800 are marked e; those added in the second

edition, f; those published by Stewart of Glasgow in 1801, 9;

those in Croinek's Reliques of Burns, 1808, h ; those in Lock-

hart's Life of Burns, i ; those in Cunningham's edition, 1834,

j; those in Hogg and Motherwell's edition, 1834-6, k; those

in the People's Edition of Messrs. Chambers, 1838-40,1;

those in Blackie's edition, 1846, m; those added in the pres-

ent work, n; those from the authorized edition of the Lettere

10 Clarinda, Edinburgh, 1843, 0; an asterisk being given in

certain cases where it is ascertained that the poem was pre-

viously sent forth fugitively.


Memoir of the Life of Robert Burns


Dr. Currie's Description of Burns


Preface to the First Edition of Burns's Poems


Dedication prefixed to the Second Edition


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