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he is God; it is he that hath land ; that I may root out all made us, and not we ourselves; wicked doers from the city of we are his people, and the sheep the Lord. of his pasture. · 30 go your way into his THE TWENTIETH DAY. gates with thanksgiving, and

MORNING PRAYER. into his oourts with praise ; be thankful unto him, and speak

Psalm 102, Domine, exaudi. good of his name;

HEAR my prayer, O LORD, 4 For the Lord is gracious; and let my crying come unto his mercy is everlasting ; and thee. his truth endureth from gene- 2 Hide not thy face from me ration to generation.

in the time of my trouble ;

incline thine ear unto me when Psalm 101. Misericordiam et I call; O hear me, and that right judicium.

soon : · MY song shall be of mercy | 3 For my days are conand judgment ; unto thee, osumed away like smoke, and LORD, will I sing.

| my bones are burnt up as it 2 O let me have understand were a fire-brand. ing in the way of godliness! I 4 My heart is smitten down,

3 When wilt thou coine unto and withered like grass ; so me? I will walk in my house that I forget to eat my bread. with a perfect heart.

I 5 For the voice of my groan. 4 I will take no wicked thing ing, my bones will scarce cleave in hand; I hate the sins of to my fesh. unfaithfulness; there shall no 6 I am become like a pelican such cleave unto me.

in the wilderness, and like an 5 A froward heart shall owl that is in the desert. depart from me; I will not 7 I have watched, and am know a wicked person. even as it were a sparrow, that

6 Whoso privily slandereth sitteth alone upon the house-top. his neighbour, him will I 8 Mine enemies revile me destroy.

| all the day long ; and they that 7 Whoso hath also a proud are mad upon me, are sworn look and high stomach, I will together against me. not suffer him."

9 For I have eaten ashes as 8 Mine eyes look upon such it were bread, and mingled my as are faithful in the land, that drink with weeping. they may dwell with me.

10 And that, because of thine 9 Whoso leadeth a godly indignation and wrath ; for thou life, he shall be my servant. hast taken me up, and cast me

10 There shall no deceitful down. person dwell in my house; he 11 My days are gone like a that telleth lies shall not tarry shadow, and I am withered like in my sight.

grass. 11 I shall soon destroy all 12 But thou, O LORD, shalt the ungodly that are in the endure for ever, and thy rez membrance throughout all ge- of the earth, and the heavens nerations.

are the work of thy hands. 13 Thou shalt arise, and have 26 They shall perish, but mercy upon Sion; for it is time thou shalt endure ; they all that thou have mercy upon her; shall wax old as doth a garment. yea, the time is come.

27 And as a vesture shalt 14 And why ? thy servants thou change them, and they think upon her stones, and it shall be changed; but thou art pitieth them to see her in the the same, and thy years shall dust.

not fail. 15 The heathen shall fear 28 The children of thy serthy name, O LORD; and all the vants shall continue, and their kings of the earth thy majesty. seed shall stand fast in thy

16 When the LORD shall sight. build up Sion, and when his glory shall appear;

Psalm 103. Benedic, anima mea. 17 When he turneth him PRAISE the LORD, O my unto the prayer of the poor soul; and all that is within me, destitute, and despiseth not praise his holy name, their desire;

2. Praise the LORD, O my · 18 This shall be written for soul; and forget not all his those that come after, and the benefits; people which shall be born 3 Who forgiveth all thy sin, shall praise the LORD.

land healeth all thine infirmities; 19 For he hath looked down 4 Who saveth thy life from from his sanctuary; out of the destruction, and crowneth thee heaven did the LORD behold the with mercy and loving kindness; earth.

15 Who satisfieth thy mouth 20 That he might hear the with good things, making thee mourning of such as are in young and lusty as an eagle. captivity, and deliver the child 6 The LORD executeth rightren appointed unto death. eousness and judgment, for all

21 That they may declare them that are oppressed with the name of the Lord in Sion, wrong. and his worship at Jerusalem ; 7 He showed his ways unto

22 When the people are ga- Moses, his works unto the thered together, and the king- children of Israel doms also, to serve the LORD. | 8 The Lord is full of compas

23 He brought down my sion and mercy, long-suffering, strength in my journey, and and of great goodness. shortened my days.

19 He will not alway be 24 But I said, O my God, chiding ; neither keepeth he take me not away in the midst his anger for ever. of mine age; as for thy years, 10-He hath not dealt with us they endure throughout all ge- after our sins; nor rewarded us nerations.

according to our wickednesses. 25 Thou, LORD, in the be- 11 For look how high the ginning hast lạid the foundation heaven is in comparison of the

earth; so great is his mercy thou art clothed with majesty also toward them that fear him! and honour.

12 Look how wide also the 2 Thou deckest thyself with east is from the west; so far light as it were with a garment, hath he set our sins from us! and spreadest out the heavens

13 Yea, like as a father pitieth like a curtain. his own children; even so is the 3 Who layeth the beams of LORD merciful unto them that his chambers in the waters, and fear him..

, maketh the clouds his chariot, 14 For he knoweth whereof land walketh upon the wings of we are made; he remembereth the wind... that we are but dust..

4 He maketh his angels 15 The days of man are but spirits, and his ministers a as grass ; for he flourisheth as flaming fire...!! a flower of the field.

5 He laid the foundations of 16 For as soon as the wind the earth, that it never should goeth over it, it is gone; and move at any time. the place thereof shall know it 6 Thou coveredst it with the no more,

deep like as with a garment; the 17 But the merciful goodness waters stand in the hills. of the LORD endureth for ever 7 At thy rebuke they flee; at and ever upon them that fear the voice of thy thunder they him; and his righteousness are afraid. upon children's children; ' 8 They go up as high as the

18 Even upon such as keep hills, and down to the valleys his covenant, and think upon beneath ; even unto the place his commandments, to do them. which thou hast appointed for

19 The Lord hath prepared them. his seat in heaven, and his 9 Thou hast set them their kingdom ruleth over all. ,, es bounds, which they shall not

20 O praise the LORD, ye pass, neither turn again to cover angels of his, ye that excel in the earth. strength; ye that fulfil his com- 10. He sendeth the springs mandment, and hearken unto | into the rivers, which run among the voice of his words.

the hills. 21 O praise the LORD, all ye 11 All the beasts of the field his hosts; ye servants of his drink thereof, and the wild asses that do his pleasure. Li l quench their thirst.

22 O speak good of the LORD, 12 Beside them shall the all ye works of his, in all places fowls of the air have their of his dominion: Praise thou habitation, and sing among the the LORD, O my soul.

branches. 1.10378 EVENING PRAYER...

13 He watereth the hills

lies from above; the earth is filled Psalm 104. Benedic, anima mea. Twith the fruit of thy works..

PRAISE the LORD, O myi 14 He bringeth forth grass soul : 0 LORD my God, thou for the cattle, and green herb, art become exceeding glorious, I for the service of men.


strength; seek his face ever- 19 Until the time came that more.

his cause was known : the word · 5 Remember the marvellous of the LORD tried him. works that he hath done; his 20 The king sent, and deliwonders, and the judgments of vered him; the prince of the his mouth;

people let him go free. 6 O ye seed of Abraham, his 21 He made him lord also of servant; ye children of Jacob, his house, and ruler of all his his chosen.

substance; hy He is the Lord our God; 22 That he might inform his his judgments are in all the princes after his will, and teach world.

his senators wisdom. 8 He hath been alway mind- 23 Israel also came into ful of his covenant and promise, Egypt, and Jacob was a stranger that he made to a thousand in the land of Ham. generations.

24 And he increased his 9 Even the covenant that he people exceedingly, and made made with Abraham; and the them stronger than their eneoath that he sware unto Isaac; mies; · 10 And appointed the same 25 Whose heart turned so, unto Jacob for a law, and to that they hated his people, and Israel for an everlasting testa- dealt untruly with his servants. ment,

26 Then sent he Moses his 11 Saying, Unto thee will I servant, and Aaron whom he give the land of Canaan, the lot had chosen ; of your inheritance.

| 27 And these showed his 12 When there were yet but tokens among them, and wona few of them, and they strán- ders in the land of Ham. gers in the land ;

28 He sent darkness, and it 13 What time as they went was dark; and they were not from one nation to another, obedient unto his word, from one kingdom to another 29 He turned their waters

into blood, and slew their fish. 14 He suffered no man to do 30 Their land brought forth them wrong, but reproved even frogs ; yea, even in their king's kings for their sakes :

chambers. 15 Touch not mine anointed, 31 He spake the word, and and do my prophets no harm. there came all manner of flies,

16 Moreover, he called for a and lice in all their quarters. dearth upon the land, and de- 32 He gave them hail-stones stroyed all the provision of for rain ; and Aames of fire in bread.

| their land. 17 But he had sent a man 33 He smote their vines also. before them, even Joseph, who and fig-trees; and destroyed was sold to be a bond-servant, | the trees that were in their

18 Whose feet they hurt in coasts. the stocks; the iron entered 34 He spake the word, and into his soul;

: the grasshoppers came, and

people ;


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