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credit insurance, against losses which they may sustain as a result of loans and advances of credit, and purchases of obligations representing loans and advances of credit, made by them subsequent to the date of enactment of this Act and prior to January 1, 1936, or such earlier date as the President may fix by proclamation, for the pur pose of financing alterations, repairs, and improvements upon real property. In no case shall the insurance granted by the Administrator under this section to any such financial institution exceed 20 per centum of the total amount of the loans, advances of credit, and purchases made by such financial institution for such purpose; and the total liability incurred by the Administrator for such insurance shall in no case exceed in the aggregate $200,000,000. No insuralice shall be granted under this section to any such financial institution with respect to any obligation representing any such loan, advance of credit, or purchase by it the face amount of which exceeds $2.000; nor unless the obligation bears such interest, has such maturity, and contains such other terms, conditions, and restrictions, as the Administrator shall prescribe.

LOANS TO FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Sec. 8. The Administrator is further authorized and empowered to make loans to institutions which are insured under section 2, and to enter into loan agreements with such institutions, upon the security of obligations which meet the requirements prescribed under section 2. Such loans or agreements may be made for the full face value of the obligations offered as security, and shall be at such rates and upon such terms and conditions as the Administrator shall determine.

ALLOCATION OF FUNDS Sec. 4. For the purposes of carrying out the provisions of this title and titles II and III, the Reconstruction Finance Corporation shall make available to the Administrator such funds as he may deem necessary, and the amount of notes, debentures, bonds, or other such obligations which the Corporation is authorized and empowsred to have outstanding at any one time under existing law is hereby increased by an amount sufficient to provide such funds: Provided, That the President, in his discretion, is authorized to provide suuch funds or any portion thereof by allotment to the Administrator from any funds that are available, or may hereafter be mado available, to the President for emergency purposes.

ANNUAL REPORT SPO. 0. The Administrator shall make an annual report to tho Congress as soon as practicable after the 1st day of January in each year of his activities under this title and titles II and III of this Act.


DEFINITIONS SECTION 201. As used in this title

(a) The term “ mortgage " means a first mortgage on real estate in tee simple or on a leasehold (1) under a lease for not less than

"lo in original

ninety-nine years which is renewable, or (2) under a lease having a period of not less than fifty years to run from the date the mortgage was executed, upon which there is located a dwelling for not more than four families which is used in whole or in part for residential purposes, irrespective of whether such dwelling has a party wall or is otherwise physically connected with another dwelling; and the term“ first mortgage

means such classes of first liens as are commonly given to secure advances on, or the unpaid purchase price of, real estate under the laws of the State in which the real estate is located, together with the credit instruments, if any, secured thereby.

(b) The term “mortgageo" includes the original lender under & mortgage, and his successors and assigns approved by the Administrator; and the term “mortgagor" includes the original borrower under a mortgage and his successors and assigns.


Sec. 202. There is hereby created a Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund (hereinafter referred to as the “Fund”), which shall be used by the Administrator as a revolving fund for carrying out the provisions of this title as hereinafter provided, and there shall be allocated immediately to such Fund the sum of $10,000,000 out of funds made available to the Administrator for the purposes of this title.

INSURANCE OF MORTGAGES Sec. 203. (a) The Administrator is authorized, upon application by the mortgagee, to insure as hereinafter provided any mortgage offered to him within one year from the dată of its execution which is eligible for insurance as hereinafter provided, and, upon such terms as the Administrator may prescribe, to make commitments for the insuring of such mortgages prior to the date of their execution or disbursement thereon: Provided, That except with the approval of the President, (1) the aggregate principal obligation of all mortgages on property and low-cost housing projects existing on the date of enactment of this Act and insured under this title shall not exceed $1,000,000,000, and (2) the insurance of mortgages on property and low-cost housing projects constructed after the passage of this Act shall be limited to a similar amount.

(b) To be eligible for insurance under this section a mortgage Bhall

(1) Have, or be held by, a mortgageo approved by the Administrator as responsible and able to service the mortgage properly;

(2) Involve a principal obligation (including such initial service charges and appraisal and other fees as the Administrator shall approve) in an amount not to exceed $16,000, and not to exceed 80 per centum of the appraised value of the property as of the date the mortgage is executed.

(3) Have a maturity satisfactory to the Administrator, but not to exceed twenty years.

(4) Contain complete amortization provisions satisfactory to the Administrator requiring periodic payments by the mortgagor not in excess of his reasonable ability to pay as determined by the Administrator.

(5) Bear interest (exclusive of premium charges for insurance) at not to exceed 5 per centum per annum on the amount of

91167 0–62

the principal obligation outstanding at any time, or not to excood 6

per centum per annum if the Administrator finds that in cer. tain areas or under special circumstances tho mortgage market demands it.

(6) Provide, in a manner satisfactory to the Administrator, for the application of the mortgagor's periodic payments (exclusive of the amount allocated to interest and to the premium charge which is required for mortgage insurance as hereinafter provided) to amortization of the principal of the mortgage

(7) Contain such terms and provisions with respect to insurance, repairs, alterations, payment of taxes, default reserves, delinquency charges, foreclosure proceedings, anticipation of maturity, additional and secondary liens, and other matters 28

the Administrator may in his discretion prescribe. (c) The Administrator is authorized to fix a premium charge for the insurance of mortgages under this section (to be determined in accordance with the risk involved) which in no case shall be less than one-half of 1 per centum nor more than 1 per centum per annum of the original face value of the mortgage, and which shall be payable annually in advance by the mortgagee. If the Adminis trator finds upon the presentation of a mortgage for insurance and the tender of the initial premium charge that the mortgage complies with the provisions of this section, such mortgage may be accepted for insurance by endorsement or otherwise as the Administrator may prescribe; but no mortgage shall be accepted for insurance under this section unless the Administrator finds that the project with respect to which the mortgage is executed is economically sound.

(d) The Administrator is authorized and directed to make such rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this section.


Seo. 204. (a) In any case in which the mortgagee under an insured mortgage shall have foreclosed and taken possession of the mortgaged property in accordance with regulations of, and within & period to be determined by, the Administrator, or shall, with the consent of the Administrator, have otherwise acquired such property from the mortgagor after default, the mortgagee shall be entitled, upon the prompt conveyance to the Administrator of title to such property satisfactory to him and the assignment to him of all claims of the mortgagee against the mortgagor arising out of the mortgage transaction or foreclosure proceedings, to receive the benefits of the insurance as hereinafter provided. Upon such conveyance and assignment the obligation of the mortgagee to pay the annual premium charges for insurance shall cease and the Administrator shall issue to the mortgages debentures having a total face value equal to the value of the mortgage on the date of the delivery of the property to the Administrator, and a certificate of claim, as hereinafter provided. For the purposes of this subsection, the value of the mortgage shall be determined by adding to the a nount of the principal of the mortgage which is unpaid on the date of such delivery the amount of all payments whích have been made by the

mortgages for taxes and insurance on the property mortgaged in accordance with rules and regulations prescribed by the Adminis trator,

(b) The debentures issued by the Administrator under this section to any mortgagee shall bear interest at a rate determined by the Administrator at the time the mortgage was offered for insurance, but not to exceed 8 per centum per annum, payable semiannually on the 1st day of January and the 1st day of July of each year, and shall mature three years after the 1st day of July following the maturity date of the mortgage in exchange for which the debentures were issued. All such debentures shall be subject only to such Federal, State, and local taxes as the mortgages in exchange for which they are issued would be subject to in the hands of the holder of the debentures and shall be a liability of the Fund only; except that debentures issued in exchange for mortgages insurod under this section prior to July 1, 1937, shall be fully guaran. teed as to principal and interest by the United States. In the event that the amount in the Fund is insufficient to pay upon demand, when due, the principal of or interest on any debentures so guaranteed, the Secretary of the Treasury shall pay to the holders the amount thereof which is hereby authorized to be appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, and thereupon to the extent of the amount so paid the Secretary of the Treasury shall succeed to all the rights of the holders of such debentures.

(c) The certificate of claim issued by the Administrator to any mortgagee shall be for an amount which the Administrator deter. nines to be sufficient, when added to the face value of the debentures issued to the mortgages, to equal the amount which the mortgagee would have received if, at the time of the conveyance to the Administrator of the property covered by the mortgage, the mortgagor had redeemed the property and paid in full all obligations under the mortgage and those arising out of the foreclosure proceedings. Each such certificate of claim shall provide that there shall accrue to the holder of such certificate with respect to the face amount of such certificate, an increment at the rate of 3 per centum per annum. The amount to which the holder of such certificate shall be entitled shall be determined as provided in subsection (d).

(d) If the net amount realized from any property conveyed to the Administrator under this section and the claims assigned therewith, after deducting all expenses incurred by the Administrator in handling, dealing with, and disposing of such property, and in collecting such claims, exceeds the face amount of the debentures issued in exchange for the mortgage covering such property plus all interest paid on such debentures, such excess shall be divided as follows:

(1) If such excess is greater than the total amount payable under the certificate of claim issued in connection with such property, the Administrator shall pay to the holder of such certificate the full amount so payable; and any excess remaining thereafter shall be paid to the mortgagor of such property.


(2) If such excess is equal to or less than the total amount payable under such certificate of claim, the Administrator shall pay

to the holder of such certificate the full amount of such excess. (6) Notwithstanding any other provision of law relating to the acquisition, handling, or disposal of real property by the United States, the Administrator shall have power to deal with, rent, reno vate, modernize, or sell for cash or credit, in his discretion, any properties conveyed to him in exchange for debentures and certifi. cates of claim as provided in this section; and notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Administrator shall also have power to pursue to final collection, by way of compromise or otherwise, all claims against mortgagors assigned by mortgagees to the Administrator as provided in this section.

(f) No mortgagee or mortgagor shall have, and no certificate of claim shall be construed to give to any mortgagee or mortgagor, any right or interest in any property conveyed to the Administrator or in any claim assigned to him; nor shall the Administrator owe any duty to any mortgagee or mortgagor with respect to the handling or disposal of any such property or the collection of any such claim.


Sec. 205. (a) Mortgages accepted for insurance under this titlo shall be so classified into groups that the mortgages in any group shall involve substantially similar risk characteristics and have similar maturity dates. Premium charges received for the insurance of any mortgage, the receipts derived from the property covered by the mortgage and claims assigned to the Administrator in connection therewith, and all earnings on the assets of the group account, shall be credited to the account of the group to which the mortgage is assigned. The principal of and interest paid and to be paid on debentures issued in exchange for any mortgage, payments made or to be made to the mortgagee and the mortgagor as provided in sece tion 204, and expenses incurred in the handling of the property covered by the mortgage and in the collection of claims assigned to the Administrator in connection therewith, shall be charged to the account of the group to which such mortgage is assigned.

(b) The Administrator shall also provide, in addition to the several group accounts, a general reinsurance account, the credit in which shall be available to cover charges against such group accounta where the amounts credited to such accounts are insufficient to cover such charges. General expenses of operation of the Federal Housing Administration under this title may be allocated in the discretion of the Administrator among the several group accounts or charged to the general reinsurance account, and the amount allocated to the fund under section 202 shall be credited to the general reinsurance account.

(c) Whenever the credit balance in any group account exceeds tho remaining unpaid principal of the then outstanding mortgages assigned to such group by an amount equal to 10 per centum of tho total premium payments which have theretofore been credited to such account, the Administrator shall terminate the insurance as to that group of mortgages (1) by paying to each of the mortgagees holding an outstanding mortgage assigned to such group a sum

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