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Title 41—Public Contracts and

Property Management

(This book contains Chapters 6–17)



tinued): CHAPTER 6–Department of State


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CHAPTER 7–Agency for International Development, Department of State

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CHAPTER 14 H—Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior


CHAPTERS 15-17 [Reserved]

Cross REFERENCES: Armed Services Procurement Regulations, 32 CFR, Chapter 1, Subchapter A.

Army Procurement Procedure, 32 CFR, Chapter V, Subchapter G.

Department of the Navy procurement, property, patents, and contracts, 32 CFR, Chapter VI, Subchapter D.

Department of the Air Force Procurement Regulations, 32 CFR, Chapter VII, Subchapter W.



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Subpart 6-1.1-Introduction Sec. 6-1.101 Scope of subpart. 6-1.102 Purpose. 6-1.103 Authority. 6–1.104 Applicability. 6-1.105 Exclusions. 6-1.106 Issuance. 6-1.107 Arrangement. 6-1.107-1 General plan. 6-1.107–2 Numbering. 6-1.107–3 Citation. 6-1.108 Relationship of the DOSPR, FPR,

and IAPR. 6-1.109 Control of deviations.

Subpart 6-1.3-General Policies Sec. 6-1.302 Procurement sources. 6-1.302-1 General. 6–1.302–3 Procurement from employees of

the Government. 6-1.350 Procurement by posts within the

United States. 6–1.351 Numbering contracts. 6–1.351-1 Policy. 6–1.351–2 Contract register. 6-1.351-3 Numbering. 6-1.351-4 Contract file. 6-1.352 Distribution of numbered con

tracts. 6-1.352-1 Definition. 6-1.352-2 Distribution. 6-1.353 English language translations. Subpart 6-1.4-Procurement Responsibility and

Authority 6-1.400 Scope of subpart. 6-1.401 Responsibility of the head of the

procuring activity. 6–1.402 Authority of contracting officers. 6–1.403 Requirements to be met before

entering into contracts. 6-1.404 Selection, designation, and termi

nation of designation of contracting officers.

Subpart 6-1.2-Definition of Terms 6-1.201 Definitions. 6-1.250 Government. 6–1.251 Department. 6–1.252 Post. 6-1.253 Local procurement. 6-1.254 Third country procurement. 6-1.255 Central supply post. 6–1.256 Constituent supply post. 6-1.257 Supplies. 6–1.258 Service contracts. 6–1.258–1 Nonpersonal service contracts. 6-1.258-2 Personal service contracts.

Sec. 6–1.404–2 Designation. 6-1.404-3 Termination of designation. Subpart 6–1.6—Debarred and Ineligible Bidders 6-1.601 Purpose. 6-1.602 Department of State procedure for

administrative debarment. Subpart 6–1.8—Labor Surplus Area Concerns 6–1.800 Scope of subpart. Subpart 6–1.9—Reporting possible Antitrust

Violations 6-1.901 General.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 6-1 issued under sec. 205(c), 63 Stat. 390, as amended, 40 U.S.C. 486(c); sec. 4, 63 Stat. 111, 22 U.S.C. 2658.

Subpart 6–1.1-Introduction SOURCE: The provisions of this Subpart 61.1 appear at 28 F.R. 7779, July 31, 1963, unless otherwise noted. $ 6–1.101 Scope of subpart.

This subpart describes the Department of State Procurement Regulations in terms of establishment, relationship to the Federal Procurement Regulations (FPR), arrangement, applicability, and deviation procedure. Procurement procedures are integrated with the regulations so as to provide a complete, logical and comprehensive publication. $ 6–1.102 Purpose.

This subpart establishes the Department of State Procurement Regulations (DOSPR) as Chapter 6 of the Federal Procurement Regulations System. $ 6–1.103 Authority.

The DOSPR are prescribed by the Secretary of State pursuant to the Act of May 26, 1949 (63 Stat. 111), as amended, and the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 (63 Stat. 377), as amended. $ 6-1.104 Applicability.

(a) The DOSPR and the FPR apply to all procurement of personal property and nonpersonal services (including construction) by the Department of State both within and outside the United States except for those operations which have exemption from the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, as amended.

(b) The DOSPR and FPR do not apply to the acquisition or leasing of real property.

(c) The FPR has been edited for use by the Foreign Service. Those portions which are not applicable to procurement outside the United States have been removed except that the contents pages are complete for reference purposes. (29 F.R. 12070, Aug. 25, 1964, as amended at 31 F.R. 10193, July 28, 1966] 8 6–1.105 Exclusions.

Certain Department of State policies and procedures which come within the scope of this chapter nevertheless may be excluded from the DOSPR. These exclusions include the following categories:

(a) Subject matter which bears a security classification.

(b) Policy or procedure which is expected to be effective for a period of less than six months.

(c) Policy or procedure which is being instituted on an experimental basis for a reasonable period. (Redesignated, 31 F.R. 10193, July 28, 1966) § 6–1.106 Issuance.

Regulations contained in the DOSPR deemed necessary for business concerns, and others properly interested, to understand basic and significant Department of State procurement policies are published in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) as Chapter 6 of Title 41, Public Contracts, and are published in issues of the FEDERAL REGISTER and in separate loose-leaf volume form. [Redesignated, 31 F.R. 10193, July 28, 1966) § 6–1.107 Arrangement. (Redesignated, 31 F.R. 10193, July 28, 1966) § 6-1.107-1 General plan.

The DOSPR conform with the style and arrangement of the FPR. (Redesignated, 31 F.R. 10193, July 28, 1966) § 6–1.107–2 Numbering.

Material in the DOSPR which implements or deviates from related material in the FPR is captioned and numbered to correspond with such material in the FPR, except that while the first digit of the FPR number is 1, the first digit of the DOSPR number is 6. Material in the DOSPR which supplements the FPR will be assigned numbers 50 or above at the part, subpart, section, or subsection at which there is no counterpart material in the FPR. For an example, see section 6-1.350. Where material in the FPR requires no implementation or devi

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