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TABLE 2.Family housing items in fiscal year 1959 MCA bill action by House of

Representatives under provisions of sec. 419, Public Law 968/84–Continued

[blocks in formation]

Neral Air Station, Brunswick, Maine
Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, N. C.
Naval Facility, Cape Hatteras, N. C.
Naral Facility, Centerville, Calif..
Naval Auxiliary Air Station, Chase Field, Tex
Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, N. C
Naval Facility, Coos Head, Oreg..
Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, II..
Naval Air Station, Lemoore, Calif.
Naval Facility, Nantucket, Mass
Naval Snbmarine Base, New London, Conn.
Naval Facility, Pacific Beach, Wash.
Naval Facility, Point Sur, Calif....
Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island, Wash.
Nava! Ordance Missile Test Facility, White Sands Proving Ground,

N. Mex.
Naval Radio Station, Winter Harbor, Maine
Naval Air Station, Barber's Point, Oahu, T. H
Flert Marine Force, Pacific, Headquarters, Camp H. M, Smith,

Oahu, T. H.
Naval Station, Guam, Mariana Islands
Marine Corps Air Station, Kaneohe Bay, T. H.
Natal Ammunition Depot, Oahu, T. H
Naval Station, Pearl Harbor, Oahu, T. H.
daral Station, Roosevelt Roads, P. R.


[blocks in formation]

Adair Air Force Base, Oreg.
Amarillo Air Force Base, Tex..
Belo Air Force Base, Calif.
Bunker Hill Air Force Base, Ind.
Chanute Air Force Base, III.
Clinton-Sberman Air Force Base, Okla.
Cooke Air Force Base, Calil.
Dorer Air Force Base, Del
Dow Air Force Base, Maine
Duluth Municipal Airport, Minn.
Edvards Air Force Base, Calif.
Ellsworth Air Force Base, s. Dak.
Fairchild Air Force Base, Wash.
Forbes Air Force Base, Kans.
Fort Custer Air Force Station, Mich.
Fort Lee Air Force Station, Va..
Geiger Field, Wash..
Glasgow Air Force Base, Mont.
Grand Forks Air Force Base, N. Dak
Griffiss Air Force Base, N. Y
Hamilton Air Force Base, Calif.
Holloman Air Force Base, N, Mex.
Jardez Connally Air Force Base, Tex.
Kipsler Air Force Base, Miss.
Kinross Air Force Base, Mich.
K. I. Sawyer Airport, Mich.
Kinland Air Force Base, N. Mex.
Lake Charles Air Force Base, La
Langley Air Force Base, Va.
Larson Air Force Base, Wash
Laurence G, Hanscom Field, Mass.
Linnin Air Force Base, Nebr
Lokbourne Air Force Base, Ohio.
Malmstrom Air Force Base, Mont-
Matber Air Force Base, Calil..
MeChord Air Force Base, Wash.
McClellan Air Force Base, Calif..
McConnell Air Force Base, Kans.
McGuire Air Force Base, N. J.
Minot Air Force Base, N. Dak.
Monntain Home Air Force Base, Idaho.
Nellis Air Force Base, Nev..
Slagara Falls Municipal Airport, N. Y.
Ofuit Air Force Base. Nebr.
Omard Air Force Base, Calif.
Pease Air Force Base, N. H.
Presque Isle Air Force Base, Maine.
Richard Bong Air Force Base, Wis.
Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base, Mo.
Robins Air Force Base, Ga..

150 500) 570 250 450

50 525 500 530 240 778 220 250 414 169 154 168 460 744 730 550 400) 366 290 475 935 490 300 500 200 395 000 400 150

220 1,000



No report.
Report withdrawn,


Do. No report. 240 cleared, 504 not cleared. 460 cleared, 270 no report. Cleared.


No report.

575 cleared, 360 no report.
Not cleared.
Not cleared.


Not cleared.

490 1,750

932 270 200 290 616 315 483 114 900 610 423

644 cleared, 288 no report.


350 cleared, 550 no report.
273 cleared, 150 report with-




580 No report.
500 Not cleared.
235 Cleared.


Do. 216

Do. 117

Do. 280

Do. 200

Do. 1,500

1,200 cleared, 300 no report 230

Cleared. 310

Do. 154

No report, 150

Cleared. 618 135 report withdrawn, 483

no report. 1, 050 Cleared. 600


30, 376

50, 116




Air Force

99, 223

32, 203

13, 560

53, 460

35, 224 11, 646 11, 144 41, 209 12, 391 28, 818

11, 750 2,735 1,001 16, 717

4,052 12, 665

6, 986

0 4, 260 2, 314

225 2,089

16, 488 8,911 5,853 22, 178

8,114 14, 064

$653, 996, 402 $268, 761, 123 15, 870

16,077 622, 511, 397 254, 632, 516 15, 106

15, 232 185, 724, 641 61, 263, 233 436, 786, 756 193, 369, 283 31, 485, 005 14, 128, 607 764


$37, 274, 718

16, 108 35, 487, 183

15, 336 3, 438, 360 32, 048, 823 1,787, 535


$347, 960, 561

15, 689 332, 391, 698

14, 987 121, 023, 048 211, 368, 650 15, 568, 863


TABLE 2.Family housing items in fiscal year 1959 MCA bill action by House of

Representatives under provisions of sec. 419, Public Law 968/84-Continued


AIR FORCE-- continued

Selfridge Air Force Base, Mich.-
Sheppard Air Force Base, Tex..
Sioux City Municipal Airport, Iowa.
Stewart Air Force Base, N. Y
Suffolk County Air Force Base, N. Y.
Syracuse Air Force Station, N. Y.
Topsham Air Force Station, Maine.
Truax Field, Wis..
Turner Air Force Base, Ga.
U. S. Air Force Academy, Colo..
Vance Air Force Base, Okla.
Westover Air Force Base, Mass.
Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo..
Williams Air Force Base, Ariz..
Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Mich-
Anderson Air Force Base, Guam.
Hickam Air Force Base, T. H...


Grand total for the 3 departments..

TABLE 3.Title VIII (Capehart) housing program--Summary of development

program as of May 13, 1958

Approved by Assistant Secretary of Defense

(Properties and Installations).


In process
Bidder accepted.
Under contract ?


Total cost of units under contract.

Mortgage proceeds.-


Appropriated funds.


! Includes 9,377 units for which development has been deferred (Army, 4,155; Navy, 3,242; Air Force,
2 Includes 5,483 units in completed projects (Army, 2,617; Navy, 160; Air Force, 2,706).

TABLE 4.-Department of Defense surplus commodity housing program (status

as of May 1, 1958)

[blocks in formation]

The CHAIRMAN. Members of the committee, I was privileged to have the opportunity to examine this statement some days


I read it and reread it. I want to say that it contains valuable information that will and should enable the committee to reach prompt decisions on a great many items.

When we come to deal with the questions of the various sections of the bill, we will no doubt have to have Mr. Bryant back to go over it in more detail in regard to why a certain item is set out in the sections.

I have no particular questions to ask you, Mr. Bryant, because the information I will seek to obtain is through the department witnesses. But I do want to compliment you on your fine statement.

Mr. KILDAY. Mr. Chairman

The CHAIRMAN. It gives all the facts necessary for the committee to get the overall viewpoint of the objective of the bill.

Mr. Kilday.
Secretary Bryant. Thank you, sir.

Mr. KILDAY. I agree that we will probably have most of our questions for the departments. But I did want to say that I believe Mr. Bryant's statement is the most comprehensive summary of the Department of Defense property activities that I have seen since I have been here. It is a very fine document. [Applause.]

Mr. Kilday. I think there would be a good many people who would like to see it—the acreage and your cost, capital costs, and things of that kind. It is a very fine statement.

Mr. RIVERS. Mr. Chairman, I would like to join Mr. Kilday in that, too, because this is a valuable document, and I think it will be very helpful to us in our deliberations.

The CHAIRMAN. Are there any questions by any members of the committee?

Mr. Gavin. I also want to take this opportunity, too, Mr. Chairman, to congratulate the gentleman on a very comprehensive statement. It is documented, factual, clear, and understandable. And we are very grateful for having such a fine presentation.

Secretary BRYANT. May I say on behalf of my associates, Mr. Chairman, and those members of the committee who have been so kind as to offer these congratulatory messages, that this is the result of very excellent team work. I would not like to have it assumed that I could have produced it without this type of help.

The CHAIRMAN. Now, members of the committee, for the benefit of those who were not here when the committee started its session at 10 o'clock, I stated that I was asking the committee to meet at 9 o'clock each morning until we finish this bill. So I am expecting all of you to be here tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock.. And if you are not here, the chairman will be here, and we will start the hearings. (Laughter.)

The CHAIRMAN. Now, Mr. Bryant
Secretary BRYANT. Yes, sir.
The CHAIRMAN. Unless there are any questions-
Mr. DEVEREUX. Yes, sir; I have a question.
The CHAIRMAN. By members of the committee
Mr. RIVERS, Mr. Chairman.
The CHAIRMAN. Mr. Bates, any questions?
Mr. BATES. How much time do we have?
The CHAIRMAN. You have 10 minutes.

Mr. Bates. Mr. Chairman, I want to take part of my time congratulating the Secretary for this magnificient statement. But it is certainly one of the finest, if not the finest, I have ever seen presented to the committee.

Mr. Secretary, you have now the list of items which are to be rescinded, having gone over the 3-year period?

Secretary BRYANT. May I ask Mr. Fore to answer that question, Mr. Bates?

Mr. FORE. Mr. Chairman, that list was furnished
The CHAIRMAN. I believe Mr. Kelleher has that list, haven't you?
Mr. KELLEHER. I have that; yes, sir.
The CHAIRMAN. We have that.

Secretary BRYANT. I wanted to be sure. That is the reason I asked Mr. Fore to answer the question.

Thank you very much. It has been submitted.

Mr. BATES. Well, what is that to which you refer on page 32, concerning a report to the Congress at the beginning of the first session? Is that the same thing? All military

Secretary Bryant. In a sense it is, yes, Mr. Bates, because in reporting to the Congress at the beginning-I mean on the military construction authorization bill-we do show the extent of the recissions and those, again, will be supported in the same fashion by insertion in the record.

I only outlined the numbers here, rather the dollars. But it seems that inasmuch as it is being offered, and I think in such complete shape as you would want it, at the time that we submit the bill, that the biennial reports would only be duplicatory.

Mr. Bates. Now, before we eliminate the Rivers subcommittee [laughter]

The CHAIRMAN. May I suggest, let's don't go into the various sections of the bill at this time, because there will be considerable discussion on each and every one of these sections.

I was going to suggest that we withhold any general inquiry about that until we reach them in the consideration of the bill, in order. Then we will have to have Mr. Bryant return to justify the various proposed changes in the bill. And I thought in that way we could sare considerable time, and it will be a little bit more chronological consideration of the bill. Mr. Bates. I see. WellThe CHAIRMAN. However, if any member wants to inquire about it, go ahead and inquire into it now. Mr. PRICE. Would the gentleman yield? The CHAIRMAN. Go ahead, Mr. Bates.

Mr. Bates. If we can't discuss the bill at this time, I have no further questions.

I yield back the balance of my time.
Mr. PRICE. Will the gentleman yield?
The CHAIRMAN. Go ahead, Mr. Bates.

Mr. PRICE. I wish the gentleman would develop it. I think I know the paragraph he is going to develop. I think he should develop it with the Secretary now. So often we hear they will return and they never return.

Mr. RIVERS. That is right. The CHAIRMAN. Go ahead, Mr. Bates. Mr. Bates. If Mr. Bryant is going to be here later---The CHAIRMAN. Take it up now. We have plenty of time this morning. We have half an hour before the Congress convenes.

Mr. Bryant, state the reason why you are advocating repeal of making the report to the Congress.

Secretary BRYANT. May I ask: You mean with respect to the provisions of section 507 of this bill?

The CHAIRMAN. Acquisitions and disposals.
Secretary BRYANT. I thought we had answered Mr. Bates on that.
The CHAIRMAN. Go ahead.

Secretary BRYANT. That is, this matter of biennial-I mean the
Mr. BATE. No
Secretary BRYANT. Perhaps I am not on the right provision, Mr.


Mr. SMART. Title 6 of Public Law 155. Mr. BATES. With reference to the approval of this subcommittee, the Rivers subcommittee on items of $5,000. Secretary BRYANT. That is right. Mr. Price. Your first full paragraph on page 35.

Secretary BRYANT. Yes. This is with respect to the revisions formerly contained in title VI of Public Law 155.

With your permission, Mr. Bates, I would like Mr. Nash, of the Office of General Counsel, to answer that question.

Mr. BATES. All right, sir.

Mr. Nash. Mr. Bates, that is based on the President's recommendation as contained in the budget message of last January

Mr. RIVERS. A little louder. Mr. Nash. Which, in turn, was based on an opinion that he received from the Attorney General last summer, a copy of which I

20066-58-No. 86

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