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Stewart, Right Hon. Lady Euphemia, Park Street.
Stewart, Hon. Montgomery, Queen Anne Street East.
Stewart, Hon. and Rev. Charles, M. A. Rector of Orton.
Stewart, Hon. Col. Wm. London.
Stewart, Hon. James Henry, London.
Saltmarsh, Mr. Wm. Coleman Street.
* Sangar, Rev. John, T. M. A. Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford.
Sargent, Rev. John, M. A. Rector of Graffham, near Petworth.
Saunders, Rev. Issac, M. A. Lecturer of St. Anne's, Blackfriars.
Seeley, Mr. L. B. (Bookseller,) Ave Maria Lane: 12 copies demy,

6 copies royal.
Sharpe, Granville, Esq. Fulham.
Sharpe, Mr. Joseph, Cannon Street.
Shelvington, Mrs. Dewsbury, Yorkshire.
Shepherd, Rev. John, M. A. Lecturer of St. Giles's in the Fields.
Shepherd, Mr. Thomas, Grange Walk, Bermondsey.
Simcox, George, Esq. Birmingham.
Simcox, Mr. Thomas, Green, Ditto.
Simeon, Rev. Charles M. A. Fellow of King's College, Cambridge.
Simons, Rev. John, M. A. Rector of Paul's Cray, Kent.
Singleton, Mrs. Bernard Street, Russel Square.
Slade, Daniel, Esq. Three Crown Court, Southwark.
Slarck, Mrs. Caroline Buildings, Bath.
Sleath, Rev. Mr. Repton.
Smith, General Edward, Bristol.
* Smith, Mr. Thomas, Little Moorfields.
Soley, Miss, John Street, Bedford Row.
Spencer, Rev. Edward, M. A. Rector of Winkfield, Wilts.
Spencer, Rev. Thomas, M. A. North Bradley, Wilts.
Spooner, Isaac, Esq. Birmingham.
Spragg, Rev. F. R. B. A. Queen's College, Cambridge.
Springitz, John, Esq. Maidstone.
Sprott, Mark, Esq. King's Road.
Stewart, Rev. James Haldane, B. A. Reading.
Stewart, Michael, Esq.
Stroud, Wm. Esq. Bath.
Stubbs, Rev. Jonathan, M. A. Uttoseter.
Summers, Mr. Wm. jun. New Bond Street.
Surtees, Rev. Matt. M. A. Prebendary of Canterbury.
Sutton, Rev. Charles, B. D. Norwich.
Sutton, Miss, Charter House Square.
Symes, Mr. Edward, Lincoln College, Oxford.
Symonds, Mr. (Bookseller,) Paternoster Row: 12 copies.

Tanner, Mr. Wm. George's Place, City Road.
Tate, Rev. Wm. M. A. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Taylor, Mrs. Millman Street,
* Taylor, Mr. Charles, Hatton Garden.
Taylor, Mr. Samuel, Aldgate.
* 'Perrington, Wm. Esq. Gould Square.

Thomas, Moy, Esq. Bearbinder Lane.
Thomas, Mr. Christopher, jun. Trump Street.
Thomason, Rev. T.' T. M. A. Little Shelford, Cambridge: 2

Thomson, Douglas, Esq. Chiswick.
Thorne, Mr. Bristol.
Thorpe, Anthony, Esq. York.
Timmins, Mr. George, Birmingham.
Tindale, Mr. Ratcliffe.
*Tomlin, Rev. James, M. A. Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford.
Townsend, Mr. Wm. Holborn.
Townshend, Rev. Edward, M. A. Rector of Henley upon Thames.
Turner, Miss, Cheshunt.
Trollope, Rev. A. W. M. A. Christ's Hospitali
Trounsell, Mr. Deal.
Turner, Mr. John, Birmingham.
Turton, Thos. Esg. M. A. Catharine Hall, Cambridge.
Tyndale, Rev. T. G. M. A. Vicar of Woburne, Herts.
Upjohn, Rev. Wm. M. A.

Valentine, Miss, F. Leicester.
Vansittart, Miss, Great George Street.
Vaughan, Rev. James, M. A. Rector of Wraxhall, Somersetshire.
Vaughan, Miss, Bristol.
Venn, Rev. John, M. A. Rector of Clapham.
Vesey, Hon. Charles, Dublin.
Vickers, Rev. John, M. A. Rector of Swannington, Norfolk.

Walsh, Bemut. Mr. Tro. M. A

Wagner, Anthony, Esq. Fulham.
Wait, Rev. Wm. M. A. Bristol.
Wait, Mr. D. jun). Bristol.
Walker, Josiah, Esq.
Walsh, Benjamin, Esq. Clapton.
Walton, Rev. Mr. Trinity College, Cambridge.
Watkins, Rev. H. G. M. A. Rector of St. Swithin's, Cannon

Watson, Mr. Pearson, Tokenhouse Yard.
Waugh, George, Esq. Lincoln's Inn.
Way Miss, Thame.
Wayland, Mr. Daniel.
Wayte, Kev. Thoinas, B. A. Master of the Grammar School, But-

terwick, near Boston. Weddell, Mrs. Upper Brook Street. * West, Rev. John, M. A. Lecturer of Wethersfield, Essex. Wharton, Rev. Robert M. A. Archdeacon of Stowe. * Wheeler, Rev. Wm. M. A. Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. Wheeler, Rev. Mr. Bath. * Whincop, Mr. R. Lynn. Whittal, Mr. F. M. London House Yard.

Whittingham, Mr. Charles, Goswell Street.
* Wigg, Mr. North Place, Gray's Inn Lane.
Wilberforce, William, Esq. M. P. Old Palace Yard.
Williams, Rev. E. Eaton, Salop.
Williams, Rev. Daniel, London.
Williams, and Smith, Messrs. (Booksellers,) Stationers' Court: 50

copies demy, 25 copies royal. * Wilson, Rev. Daniel, M. A. Vice Principal of St. Edmund Hall,

Oxford. Wilson, Joseph Esq. Highbury. Wilson, Benjamin, Esq. B. A. Queen's College, Cambridge. Wilson, Mr. John, Queen Street, Cheapside. Wilson, Mr. Wm. Fenchurch Street. Wolston, Mr. Adderbury, Oxon. Wood, Mr. Henry, College Place, Bristol. * Woodd, Rev. Basil, M. A. Minister of Bentinck Chapel. Woodhouse, Mr. George Edward, Vere Street, Oxford Street. Wcodrooffe, Rev. Nathaniel, M. A. Rector of Somerford Haynes,

Wilts. * Woodthorpe, Mr. Henry, jun. Guildhall. Wordsworth, Rev. Christopher, M. A. Fellow of Trinity College,

Wright, Mr. Nicholas Lane.
Wyatt, Mrs. Bellefield, near Birmingham.

Yeadon, Rev. Wm. M. A. Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford.
Yorke, Rev. Philip, M. A. Prebendary of Ely.

C. WHITTINGHAM, Printer, 103, Goswell Street, London.

** The Reader is requested to alter the word Three, in the Advertisement prefixed to

the First Volume, to Four : and also to notice the following


lo speaking of the Revision of the Author's writings, the Editor should have added to what he has said in the Preface on this subject, that he has endeavoured to render the Sermons and the most complicated pieces more intelligible than they are in former editions, by a more systematic and clear notation of the principal and subordinate divisions. The Author usually divided his Treatises into Sections or Chapters, with little or no regard to the real gradations of his subject. Some of these pieces are left unaltered in this edition, as a specimen of his mapper : such are the Treatises contained in the Vlth volume, and a few others: and whereever the division is uniform, into Sections, or Chapters, or Epistles, or Casęs, &c. it may be considered to be that of the Author; but, for the more accurate and artificial divisions, the Editor is responsible.

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IV. - 508,
V. Page


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380, 400, 459, 493, 499, 592, 595,

604, VI. Page 203,

267, VII. Page 130,

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155 417,

VIII. Page 31

194, 351,

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VIII. Page 367, line ult. for c. 46.

read c. 44. 375, -- 29,

- time. 454, remove the reference 1, in the text, to the next paragraph. 456, Note. By Sixtus's edition is to be understood the revision of that

edition by Clement VIII. and not the edition published by Sixtus himself: for several of the errors censured by our author are to be found in Sixtus's own edition, but are corrected in the revision by Clement.

IX. Page 92, line 2, a pede for Mart.

read Marr. 370, Add to the Note-"as they now stand, but not as they stood in the

author's time.” The revision took place in the reiga of

Charles II.
520, line 9, a pede for fu

read fer.

- taxon TOS.

571. 860, - 12, a pede – AD

- S. T.D.

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X. Page 187, - 19,


- Aspera. 201, - 4, a pede - Roma

- Roma. 205, - 17,

nyodor zice - TTXodoyle. 298, Note 5. By Ope-lyde was meant, in all probability, Skrove-Tide ; tbe

Carnival of the Roman Church : which is, in most Popish Countries, a time of unusual liberty ; in recompence, as it were, of the abstinence wbich is to be encountered during the subsequent Lent. Our Author uses it elsewhere, in contra. distinction to Lent. See Vol. V. p. 458. “There is an Ope

tide by his allowance, as well as a Lent." 361, In running Title, for Book I. read Book V.

*** The Binder should be directed to cut very little off the margins on account

of the extent of the letter-press.

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