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Motitation-A commotion.

Parasitical-Flattering. Mucb-what-Nearly.

Parcel-sainted_Imperfectly sanctified, or Mure—To wall, to immure.

separated into small and distant bodies. Mutation-A change.

Parieting-Repairing walls.

Paris-Garden, a place of low amusement, Name-Respect, account.

formerly situated in the Borough. Napery-Linen.

Parle-Conference. Necotian Incense_Tobacco.

Parture-Separation. Nep-Mint.

Pasch-Easter. Nescience- Igaorance.

Pasquin-A lampoon. Nooce-Occasion.

Pass-To make account of. Noursled Nursed.

Patent-Open. Nuudination-An open and scandalous Paternity--The relation of a father. sale of justice.

Patrocination-Defence, support, protec

Obdormition-Sleeping, going to rest. Patter-To make a noise like bail.
Obduration, Obduredness—Hardness. Peccant-Corrupt, faulty.
Obdure-To harden.

Pectoral-A breast-plate.
Obedible-That can be preyed upon. Pedagogy-Discipline, institution.
Obfirm—To confirm, to settle.

Pelting-Pitiful, paltry. Object—To offer.

Peragration-The act of passing over or Oblatration-Barking.

about. Oblivious—Capable of being forgotten. Pererration—Wandering about. Obsecration-Entreaty.

Perfunctory-Slight. Obsecratory-Supplicatory.

Perfunctorily-Negligently. Obstetrication-Office of a midwife. Perition-Loss. Obsignation-Sealing or confirmation. Permeation—Passing or piercing through. Obstination-Making obstinate.

Persistance-Perseverance, stedfastness. Obtestation-Entreaty.

Petard-An engine for blowing up places. Obtortion-Distortion.

Petulcity-Wautonness, mischievousness. Obturation-Smearing or closing up. Pbrontisteries-Monasteries. Occæcation-Blinding.

Piacular-Atrocious. Occurrent-Occurring, occurreuce. Pill—To rob, to peel. Offuscation-Obscuration.

Ominate—To forebode.

Pisht at–Despised.
Onwards—In advance, in anticipation. Pitcb-brand-Mark of infamy.
Ope-tide-See p. 298, note 5, and the Er. Plaining—Making plain or smooth.
rata, in this volume.

Operosity-Toil, labour.

Pleasance--Pleasure. Oppugn-To oppose.

Plerophory_Fulness. Oppugnation-Opposition, attack. Pleuritical-Belonging to a pleurisy, or inOrbation-Deprivation.

flammation of the lungs. Orbity-Want of children.

Plight-To pledge, to engage, Ordalian-Ordeal.

Point-To appoint. Ordinate—To direct; regular, methodical. Poise-Weight. Ordinately-Regularly.

Pole-Head. Orts--Fragments.

Poll-To strip, to exact. Ostended-Discovered itself.

Polling-Stripping, exaction. Ostension-Shewing.

Polycoyrany-The government by many. Otherwise-One way, another way.

Pooderation–Weight. Out-To dispossess.

Portage-Carrying. Overlash-To exceed.

Portuise-A breviary, or Romish priest's Overlay—To oppress by weight.

office-book. Overliness—Pride, overbearing.

Postiller-One who writes glosses. Overly-Proud, overbearing.

Posy-Motto. Overture-Aperture.

Potential-In possibility of existence. Over-ween—To think too bigbly of.

Præscious-Anticipating, aware.

Prankingly-Flauntingly. Pact-Covenant; agreement.

Pieception—Command. Painim-A Pagan.

Precocity-Too early ripeness. Painful-Laborious.

Preconization—The act of warning or Painfully-Laboriously.

announcing. Pandarisms- Pretences, or occasions. Predication-An affirmation, a declaration. Parænetical-Exbortatory, persuasive. Prefer-To advance. Paralogism-False or bad reasoning. Pregravate-To clog heavily. Paranomasy—A play upon words.

Prejudicate-Prejudiced. Parasiteism-Flattery.

Prepensed - Preconceived..

Prepossess—To possess beforehand. Recollect—To collect.
Presention-Perception beforehand. Recollection-Collection.

Reconcilement-A re-obtaining, a regain Pressive_Urgent.

ing. Preterition-Passing by.

Recordation-A remembrance. Prevent—To precede, to anticipate, to Recrements-Dross, filth. fortify.

Recule-To retire. Prevention--Anticipation.

Reduct-To reduce. Prevision-Foresight.

Redivived-Revived. Prime Stole-Best robe,

Redolence-Sweet scent. Primere-Principal.

Redolent—Sweet-smelling. Primigenous—Original.

Reduce-To bring back. Proclivity-Tendency to evil.

Reduct-To reduce. Prodigence-Prodigality.

Reduction—Bringing back Prodition—Treachery, deceitfulness. Reductively-By reduction, by conse. Promerit-To lay under obligation, to me. quence. rit for.

Refection-Refreshment. Promove-To advance, to promote. Refel-—To refute, to disprove. Promoving-Promoting.

Reflection-Return. Prophylactical-Preventive of disease. Refossion—Digging up. Proper-Peculiar.

Refrication-Refreshing. Proprieties-Possessions.

Regest-To cast or turn up again. Propriety-Exclusive right.

Regiment-Government. Propugnation-Defence, support.

Reluctation-Resistance, aversion.

Proritation—The act of inciting or alluring. Remiss-Lower.
Prosopopey-A personification.


Renitency-Reluctance. Puisne-Younger, inferior.

Reonible-Rupning, voluble. Puissance-Strength, valour.

Reposed-Laid up. Pursuivant-A pursuer, an officer of jus- Reposition--Firm hold or repose, bariai, tice,

treasuring or laying up. Pute-Perfectly pure.

Reputation-Estimation, judgment. Puttock-The buzzard.


Reservation-Withholding. Quack-salver-One who boasts of salves. Resolution—Explanation, satisfaction, tee Quail-To daunt.

solved expectation. Quarrelled-Quarrelled with.

Resolve-To dissolve, to inelt, to explain. Quarry-To prey upon.

Respective-Kind. Quean-A strumpet, a worthless woman. Restipulation—A reciprocal engagement. Queasy-Squeamish.

Resultance-An assemblage. Querimony-A complaint.

Retch, or Reach—To stretch. Questman-A stater of lawsuits, inquirer, Retractive Withholding. officer,

Revicted—Proved on the other side. Questuary-One stndious of profit.

Reviction—Reviving. Quick-Living.

Revoke-Te recover. Quintessential Consisting of the quiu. Rife-Common. tessence.

Rifely—Commonly. Quiritation-Complaining.

Rift-Cleft, crack. Quodlibetical Subtle.

Rivality-Rivalry. Quotidian-Daily,

Rhetoricate—To play the orator.

Round-Plain, faithful, decisive. Rack-A frame.

Rouodel—The circumference of a wheel, Radicated-Rooted.

a circle. Raked-Covered, hid.

Roundly-Plainly, faithfully. Ramping-Rushing.

Ruff-Success, prosperity. Rapture-Being carried along.

Ruffle-To disturb. Rarely-Singularly.

Ruinate-To ruin. Rathe-Early, prematurely.

Run descant-To enlarge. Ravine-To plunder.

Sacred— Consecrated. Reave--To contract.

Sad-Grave, serious.
Reaving-Taking by violence,

Sadly-Soberly, seriously.
Rebate-To blunt.
Recidivation-Backsliding, relapse.

Sag-To hang low or beavy.
Reclaim-To cry out.

Sagamore-- A king or supreme ruler among

the American Indians. Reclamation Reformation.

Saine --Say.

Sanation- A cure.

Stoppel-What stops the hole of a vessel. Sapiential-Relating to wisdom.

Stridulous-Making a small creaking noise. Scabious-A herb so called.

Stroid-Destroyed. Scaith-Injury.

Styed-Soared, ascended. Scant-Scarcely.


pen. Scarce-valuable-Scarcely to be estimated. Subact—To subdue. Sciscitations-Questionings.

Subduction-Withdrawing. Scissure-A rent, division.

Subduce—To withdraw. Scoganism–Jesting; from a celebrated Subincusation-An implied accusation. jester named Scogan.

Sublation-Withdrawing. Scoganly-Jestingly.

SubmissSubmissive. Sconces--Forts.

Subornation-Seduction to a base action. Scoppet—To lade, to empty.

Subreption—The act of obtaining by surScurrile-Scurrilous.

prise or deceit. Scruze-To press, to squeeze.

Suffect-To choose or put in the place of Securance-Security.

another. Securitan-A secure person.

Suffosion-Undermining, digging up. Seen-Skilled.

Suffumigation-Raising fume by means

fire. Segregate—To separate. Segregation-Separation.

Suhit and Gazul-Certain weeds growing Seized--Possessed.

in Egypt, of which, being burnt to ashes, Sejoin—To separate.

the finest sort of Venice glasses are Sejunction Separation.

made, Seldom when-Uofrequently.

Superfoetation-One conception made on Sepelition—Burial.

another. Sequel-A consequence.

Supernal-Celestial. Sequence-Order of succession.

Supernatation-Swimming on the surface. Sere or Seare-Dry, withered.

Supersecular-Spiritual. Sereness—Dryness.

Suppalpation-Wheedling, gently stroking. Sermocinations Preachings.

Supparisitation-Flattery, pimping. Several-Separated, distinct.

Supputation-Computation, account. Severalized-Distinguished.

Surcease-To leave off. Severals-Particulars.

Surreption-Stealth. Severalty-Separation, distinction.

Surrogate-To depute. Sharp-Sword.

Surrogation-Deputation. Shaveling—A friar, one shaven.

Susception-Assuming, taking up. Sheeped-Disgraced.

Swelt-To dry up, or be pained, with Shimmering-Glittering.

heat. Shot--Reckoning.

Swinge-Sway, sweep. Shrewd-Proward.

Sybaritical-Effeminate, from the people Shrift-Confession of sin to a priest.

of Sybaris, a city in the south of Italy, Shriven-Confessed.

infamous for its effeminacy. Sidereal-Bright, starry,

Syllabical-Adhering to the merely literal Sign-To ratify, to consign, to signify. Simulation-Deceit, pretence.

Symbol-Type, emblem, sign. Simulatory--Pretended.

Symboles-Shares in a reckoning. Sinisterly-Absurdly, towards the left Symbolize-To agree.

hand. Site-Situation, token.

Tallying-Recording, punishing. Skill of—To know how.

Talmudiges-Adherents to the Talmud. Slip-A pretender, a counterfeit.

Tang-A strong taste. Sort-Aim.

Tazel, or Teasel—The Dipsacus: Eng. Sort to-To produce.

The Shepherd's rod. Sortition--Casting lots.

Techiness—Peevishness. Soul-bell—A passing-bell, a bell rung at Techy-Peevish. the death of a person.

Tender-To treat tenderly: Spagiric-A chemist.

Tent—To fill a wound with lint. Spend Stover—To consume provisions. Tentative-Trying, essaying. Spiration-Breathing.

Tenter-To stretch out as on tenters. Sportulary-Liviog by alms.

Tentigo-Itching. Squinancy-Quinsy.

Termined-Terminated. Stale-A handle, step, means.

Terrivagus—A vagabond. Stated-Settled.

Terrene-Earthly. Stave off—To push off, to defer.

Tew-To beat. Stead-To help, to support.

Theophanies-Services in the immediate Stigmatical-Marked, branded, stigma. presence of God. tized.

Theorical Theoretical.


*Thrave-Twenty-four in number.

Valediction-Farewell. Thurification—T'he act of fuming with Value-To imply, to signify. incense.

Vastation—Wasting. Timely-Early, premature.

Vatical—Prophetical. Till-To urge.

Velitation—The act of quarreling * Topped-Spuffed.

bickering with, Torrefaction—Scorching or drying. Velleity—The lowest degree of desire. Tort-Injury, wrong.

Venditate—To display, to boast. Tour-To fly round.

Venditation-Display, parade. Towards-Forwards, in preparation. Vendure-A thing sold. 'Tiact of time-Process of time.

Tractation-Treating on a subject. Ventilation-Diffusion, the act of fanging
Traduce-To propagate, to convey or de. or sifting.
liver down.

Veny-Push, thrust in fencing.
Traduction-Derivation, propagation. Verdure-Taint.
Tralation-A metaphorical expression. Vertigo-Giddiness.
Transient-Passing by.


Vespertine-Of or relating to the evceTreachor-A traitor.

ing. Trochisees—A kind of medical lozenge. Vestiary-Relative to clothing. Tropical-Figurative.

Vicariate-Deputed office. Troth-Truth, faith.

Viduity-Widowhood. Trucheman-do interpreter.

Vigilancy- The state of life. Tuition-Defence.

Villenage-Base servitude. Tutor-A defender.

Visive-Belonging to the sight.
Twit–To reproach, to sneer at.

Voice-To represents
Tympany- A hard swelling of the belly.
Tyred, tyring-Fed or feeding as a vul- Wales-Risings or marks from blors.

Wasters—Poils, or cudgels.

Weal-Prosperity. Ubiquitary-One who believes the omni- Wearish-Soft, tame. presence of Christ's body.

Ween-To think. Ubiquity-A being in every place,

Weildance-Weilding. Umbratical-Shadowy.

Well--To spring. Umbrage-A pretext.

Well-stated--Well-regulated. Unconvincibleness—Safety from convic- Welt-Border. tion.

Weltereth-Rolls in the mire. Undefeasible-Certain, that cannot be What?-Why? annulled.

When as-Whereas. Unfeisible— Impracticable.

Whiffler- A serjeant, one who clears the Univocally--In a deterinined sense.

way. Unpleasive-Unpleasing.

While-To amuse, to beguile.
Unreaved-Unrent, unopened.

Whittle-A knife.
Uorespective-Acting without reasons. Wight-A person.
Upright-Unrighteous, not upright. Wis, Ywis, I wis—Truly, verily.

Unthrift-A prodigal.

Withed-Bound with withes. Usurary–Usurious.

Wont-Habit. Ure-Practice, use, habit.

Woolward-Clothed in woollen garments Use-Interest,

Wringing-Writhing. Usurp-To employ, to use.

Writheled-Wrinkled. Utter-To sell.

Wrought-Forced. Utopical-Imaginary, chimerical.

Zedoary-A Chinese root like ginger, but Vail-To yield, to give place.





men ..........

on ............


Aaron, bis silence under God's judg- Actions, speak plainer than Words.
ment on his Sons ....
i. 118

No. 51. vi. 33
a type of Christ, our High

all subject to the eye of evil
Priest- ......

i. 133 Men, or evil Spirits . No. 73. vi. 69
Abbey, meditation on the sight of the

good, not well done, when
rains of one...............

vi. 171 we are glad that they are done.
Abilities, presumption of them fre-

No. 52. vi. 93
quent and dangerous............. vii. 374

difference in the nature of
to be exactly surveyed in order

God's and ours ............No. 58. vi. 94
to cure presumption of them .... vii. 377

the best, do riot escape the
Abound, the difficulty of knowing how censure and misinterpretation of
to do this, and the ill consequences

...........No. 81. vi. 293
of not knowing it ......

viii. 37

the Difference of,Soliloquy 362
Abraham denies his Wife

i. 27

to refrain in them from all sin
bis Circumcision. i. 28 and to perform all duty, a Means of
and Sarah a lively pattern of


vii. 32
strong and weak faith ........ i. 28

to do nothing doubtingly, vii. 33
his and Sarah's laughter .. i. 28

or Manners of Men, not to draw
the trial of his Faith con-

them to the prejudice of their cause,
cerning Isaac ....
i. 29 a Rule of Moderation .....

vii. 459
his Purchase and Employe

Admonition, a fruit of Christian
ment of a Burying Place, Sermon

union ....

vii. 245
....... V. 426 Adonijah, his second plot defeated.. i. 426
his Purchase of Ground .. V. 427 Adoration, inward, what; wherein it
the employment of his pur-

consists, and how to be wrought. vii. 351
chased Ground ......

of the Infinite
his faith

No. 78, vi, 291 Greatness of God; in the Creation
Absolution before Satisfaction, the No-

and Government of the World. vii. 351
velty of it....

ix. 277

of the Infinite Mer-
Abstinence, benefit of it

i. 113 cy of God in the Redemption of
Abuse of God's mercy, in giving and


vii. 353
forgiving, leads to Security . vii. 367

compounded of
Abuses, power of reforming them

many holy affections

............ vii. 354
given to the Church, and the issue

to be continued and
of the neglect of it ..............

................ ix. 464 perpetuated through our lives .. vii. 354
Accordance, heavenly, Soliloquy on.. vi. 373

to be diffused thro'
Account to be rendered of earthly pos- our whole carriage; to the Name,

sessions, one of the Inconveniences Word, Services, House, and Mes-
which attend the Great ........ viï. 17

sengers, of God .....

vii. 355
Acquaintance, Long, reconciles us to

to be shewn in
all things.................

No. 62. vi, 95 humble subjection of ourselves to
Action, mischief of an Jodiscreet Good

the band of God.

vii. 360
No. 31. vi. 10 Adultery, Epistle on Divorce in this
Actions, ordered by God to other ends

........... vii. 188
than their own ......... .... ii. 204 Adversaries not to be branded without
Holy Carriage in those of a just reason ........

viii. 362
Hypocrite ......

v. 395

Christian, the limits of
Fools' and Wise men's mea-

approach or remoteness with re-
sure of Good ones, .......No. 43. vi. 12 spect to them

vii. 465

..... V. 429


case ..........

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