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the extent and manner of presenting such evidence. The weight to be attached to any evidence presented will be determined by the Board.

by the party entitled thereto. The substitution of true copies of exhibits or any part thereof may be required by the Board in its discretion as a condition of granting permission for such withdrawal.

$ 29-60.218 Representation of parties.

$ 29-60.217-5 Examination of witnesses.

Witnesses before the Board may be examined orally under oath or affirmation, unless the facts are stipulated, or the presiding Board member shall otherwise order. If the testimony of a witness is not given under oath, the presiding Board member may, if he deems it expedient, warn the witness that his statements may be subject to the provisions of 18 U.S.C. 287 and 1001, and any other provisions of law imposing penalties for knowingly making false representations in connection with claims against the United States or in any matter within the jurisdiction of any department or agency thereof.

$ 29-60.218-1 Representation of appellant.

An appellant may appear before the Board in person or may be represented by counsel or by any other duly authorized representative.

§ 29-60.217-6 Copies of papers.

(a) All documents offered in evidence at a hearing must be submitted in triplicate.

(b) When books, records, papers, or documents have been received in evidence, a true copy thereof, or of such part thereof as may be material or relevant, may be substituted therefor during the hearing or at the conclusion thereof.

$ 29-60.218-2 Representation of Govern

ment. Counsel designated by the Solicitor of Labor shall represent the interests of the Department before the Board. They shall file notices of appearance with the Board, and notice thereof will be given appellant or his attorney in the form specified by the Board from time to time. Whenever it appears that appellant and the Solicitor's Office are in agreement as to disposition of the controversy, the Board may suspend further processing of the appeal in order to permit reconsideration by the contracting officer: Provided, however, That if the Board is advised by either party that the controversy has not been disposed of by agreement, the case shall be restored to the Board's docket.

§ 29–60.217–7 Posthearing submissions.

Unless otherwise directed by the Board, the parties will submit simultaneous briefs within 30 days of the receipt of the transcript, and reply briefs within 20 days of receipt of the initial briefs.

$ 29-60.219 Decisions of the Board.

Decisions of the Board will be made in writing and a certified copy thereof will be forwarded to appellant. Copies also will be sent to the Solicitor of Labor and to the contracting officer.

$ 29-60.217-8 Transcript of proceedings.

Testimony and argument at hearings shall be reported verbatim. Transcripts of the proceedings shall be supplied to the parties at such rates as may be fixed by contract between the Department and the reporting firm.

$ 29-60.220 Motions for reconsideration.

A motion for reconsideration, if filed by either party, shall set forth specifically the ground or grounds relied upon to sustain the motion, and shall be filed within 30 days from the date of the receipt of a copy of the decision of the Board by the party filing the motion. The opposing party shall have the right to file an answer to such motion within 30 days from the date of receipt of the motion for reconsideration, and either party shall have the right to request an oral argument.

§ 29-60.217-9 Withdrawal of exhibits.

After a decision has become final, the Board may, upon request and after notice to the other party, in its discretion, permit the withdrawal of original exhibits, or any part thereof,

Reconsideration of a decision, which may include oral argument, may be granted if, in the judgment of the Board, sufficient reason therefor appears.

§ 29-60.221 Dismissal without prejudice.

Where appeals docketed before the Board are required to be placed in a suspense status and the Board is unable to proceed with disposition thereof for reasons not within the control of the Board, and in any such case where the suspension has continued, or it appears that it will continue for

inordinate length of time, the Board may,

its discretion, dismiss such appeals from its docket without prejudice to their restoration when the cause of suspension has been removed.

in the awarding or administration of the contract in question. There shall be no communication between any party to an appeal and a Board member or Board employee concerning the merits of the appeal, unless such communication (if written) is also furnished to the other party. The Board also shall exercise care to avoid receiving, except as part of the formally established appeal record, any information having a substantial bearing upon an appeal from persons who do not represent a party in the appeal, but nonetheless have an interest in the decision to be rendered.


Subpart 29-60.3-Transitional


$ 29-60.222 Remands from courts.

Whenever any matter is remanded to the Board from any court for further proceedings, each of the parties shall, within 20 days of such remand, submit a report to the Board, recommending procedures to be followed in order to comply with the court's order. The Board will review the reports and enter special orders governing the handling of matters remanded to it for further proceedings by any court, to the extent the court's directive and time limitations will permit, such orders will conform to these rules.

$ 29-60.301 Appeals in progress.

All appeals pending before the General Services Administration Board of Contract Appeals on the effective date of the rules in this part (i.e., those with respect to which a notice of appeal had been properly filed before such date) shall be processed in accordance with Department of Labor appeals procedures heretofore in effect. All other appeals pending in the Department on such date shall be processed under the procedures in effect at the time the notice of appeal was filed.

$ 29-60.223 Standards of conduct.

No member of the Board shall consider an appeal if he has participated

Subtitle B-Other Provisions

Relating to Public Contracts




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