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Standard Specifications

for Construction of
Roads and Bridges on
Federal Highway Projects



U.S. Department of Transportation


Bureau of Public Roads

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ment Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20404—Price $3.50


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ТЕ 180 .052 1969

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This book, Standard Specifications for Construction of Roads and Bridges on Federal Highway Projects, is patterned to the extent possible after the AASHO Guide Specifications for Highway Construction in order to establish nationwide uniformity and consistency of specifications and contractual matters in highway construction.

These specifications are designed to prevent early obsolescence of the specifications and controversy in the administration of contracts, and to encourage increased production and decreased costs consistent with high quality work.

The book is issued primarily for use in the construction of roads and bridges on Federal highway projects under the direct supervision of the Bureau of Public Roads. When so designated in the contract of a project, it becomes part of the contract document, binding upon the parties signatory to the contract. For simplification in reference, this book may be cited as "FP-69", indicating Federal projects specifications issued in 1969.

All construction contracts of the Bureau of Public Roads are governed by the Federal Procurement Regulations (FPR) promulgated by the General Services Administration and such regulations apply and shall prevail in event of any conflict in the contract provisions. Portions of Standard Form 22, “Instructions to Bidders" and Standard Form 23A, “General Provisions” of the FPR, which apply specifically to construction contracts, have been interspersed throughout Division I as appropriate to provide a reasonably complete collection of contractual provisions within the book of standard construction specifications (FP-69).

This book contains specifications for those items of work, materials, and construction methods that are generally applicable to direct Federal highway contracts, but it is adaptable for use by other highway agencies.

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