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The committee on Credentials made the following report, which was accepted :

BALTIMORE, November 9th, 1881. To the M:. I:. Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Maryland :

The Committee on Credentials beg leave to report that the following named Representatives are entitled to seats in this Annual Assembly :

Companion HENRY C. LARRABEE, T.:. I:. Master.

Dep.:: I.:. Master.
Thomas McCOUBRAY, Jr., P:.C.:. of the Work.

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JERUSALEM COUNCIL, No. 2. Companion William F. COCHRAN, T.:. I:. Master. ('HARLES W. VIRTUE,

Dep.. I.. Master.
Cass. T. WAMALING, P.:. C':: of the Work.

Companion CHARLES B. Wack,

T.. I.. Master.

Dep:. I.:: Master.
N. W. Howsos,

P.:. (:. of the Work.


('ompanion WILLIAM H. CLARK, T.:. 1.:. Master.

John B. OLDERSHAW, Dep.:. I., Master.

P:.C.:: of the Work.


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Companion SAMUEL M. HALLER, T.. I.. Master.

GEORGE M. DEETZ, Dep.. I.. Master.
John H. GEPHART, P.. C.. of the Work.
Fraternally submitted,


The M.: I.: Grand Master read the following


Through the mercy and goodness of the Supreme Architect of the Universe we have resumed our labors in the S.. V:., and are once more assembled to deliberate for the best interests of Cryptic Masonry in this State.

While Sister Jurisdictions are mourning the loss of valued and beloved Companions of the Order, we find our numbers are complete. The strong hand of Death that levels all in the humiliation of the grave hath spared us. Companions, let us render unto Him, before whom we bow in adoration, and whose All-Seeing-Eye hath watched over us during the past year, our heartfelt thanks and gratitude, and implore that He may be pleased to vouchsafe to us His continued guidance and protection.

Since the last Annual Assembly, I have received from Companion Josiah H. DRUMMOND, G.:. G.:. Master, the following circular, and am pleased to announce to you the regular establishment of the General Grand Council as the governing body of the Rite throughout the United States :





To all regular Royal and Select Masters, and especially

to all Grand Councils thereof,

GREETING: WHEREAS, At a Convention of Royal and Select Masters, representing a majority of the Grand Councils in the world, held in Detroit, on the twenty-third, twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth days of August, A.:.D.:. 1880, a Constitution for a General Grand Council was framed and submitted to the Grand Councils of the United States :

AND, WHEREAS, The officers, provided for in that Constitution, were elected and directed to enter upon the duties of their respective offices when the Constitution should be ratified by nine Grand Councils :

AND, WHEREAS, The Grand Councils of New York, Ohio, Minnesota, Indiana, Tennessee, Maryland, Massachusetts, Alabama and Louisiana, being nine in number, have, at their respective Annual Assemblies, ratified said ('onstitution :

I, Josiah H. DRUMMOND, of Maine, elected provisional General Grand Master, at said Convention, hereby declare that the General Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of the United States of America has been regularly formed and now exists as the governing body of the Rite in the L'nited States as provided in its Constitution.

The General Grand Officers will at once enter upon the discharge of their duties; but before doing so, it is recommended that they severally take an obligation before a Grand Master or Past Grand Master of a Grand Council, to support the Constitution of the General Grand Council, and forward a certificate thereof to the P.:. General Grand Recorder, Companion GEORGE W. COOLEY, of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The General Grand Master is happy to announce that the M.. E.:. Grand Chapter of South Carolina, in view of the action of the M.:. E:. General Grand Chapter at its late Convocation, has rescinded its action in reference to the Council degrees, and that the Grand Council has reorganized, resumed work and ratified the Constitution of the General Grand Council, and is now a constituent thereof.

Given under my hand this first day of March, A.:. D.:: 1881, A.:. Dep.:: 2881.


General Grand Master.

Since the issuance of this circular the Grand Councils of New Hampshire, Maine, California, Georgia, Missouri, Kansas, Florida, North Carolina and Vermont are known to have ratified the G.. G:. Constitution, thereby becoming constituent parts of the new organization.

While the Grand Councils of North Carolina, Michigan and Pennsylvania have decided not to become constituents of the General Grand Council, and the Grand Councils of Connecticut, New Jersey and Rhode Island have taken no definite action, yet all adhere to Grand Council organization and strenously oppose the “Mississippi plan."

The General Grand Master announces in a subsequent circular that he has divided the General Grand Jurisdiction into nine districts to be assigned specially to each of the General Grand Officers. District II comprises the States of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia, to which he has assigned R.:. P.:: G.:. G.:. D:. M.:. GEORGE M. OSGOODBY, of Buffalo, New York.

My official acts can be briefly stated. No questions have been submitted for my official decision, and nothing has occurred beyond the usual routine incident to the office.

Shortly after the last Annual Assembly I issued to Jerusalem Council, No. 2, my dispensation authorizing them to hold an election for officers, they having failed to do so at the proper time.

To fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Companion DANIEL SPRy, Representative of this Grand Council near the Grand Council of Ontario, I appointed, March 30th, 1881, ('ompanion Jxo. Ross ROBERTSON, of Toronto.

Learning of the reorganization of the Grand Council of South Carolina, I requested the Grand Recorder to enter into correspondence with that Grand Body with a view of facilitating the interchange of Representatives, suggesting the name of Companion WILLIAM H. ('LARK, of this jurisdiction to be their Representative. In reply was received the commission of Companion WILLIAM H. CLARK, as Representative of the Grand Council of South Carolina near this Grand Body, and I appointed, July 25th, 1881, Companion A. H. White Representative of this Grand Council near the Grand Council of South Carolina.

During my term of office I have visited but two of the Subordinate Councils, Concordia, No. 1, and Hiram, No. 5. It pleasure to report them both in a prosperous condition, meeting regularly and making constant additions to their membership.

I am informed Jerusalem ('ouncil, No. 2, since her reorganization, has held meetings and conferred the degrees upon a number of Companions. From the zeal displayed by members of this Council in other branches of Masonry, I cannot but think if some means could be devised to interest them, they would become skilled workmen in this, and Jerusalem Council take her place beside the other Councils of the city.

As regards the status of the Councils outside the city, I regret I cannot give any information beyond the fact that they still maintain their organization.

While Cryptic Masonry in the State during the past year has not made rapid strides forward, we certainly have not retrograded. We have worked harmoniously in the S:. V:., and while the success attained may not have been as great as we bad wished, yet I feel assured, now that the question of the life of our Cryptic Rite is settled, and I hope finally, we may feel encouraged to look for renewed life and activity among the ('ompanions of our several Councils.

In retiring from the office of Grand Master, permit me to acknowledge the uniform courtesy that has been extended me during my official connection with this Grand Body, and to the Grand Recorder for the courteous assistance rendered me at all times.

Thanking you for the honor conferred upon me, for which I shall endeavor to show my appreciation by laboring with you to promote the best interests of the Order, and with my best wishes for the future prosperity of this Grand Body, I am, Very truly and fraternally,


Grand Master.

The address was referred to the following Committee: Companions JAMES W. Bowers, FerdinAND J. S. Gorgas, and WILLIAM F. COCHRAN.

The Grand Recorder and Grand Treasurer submitted their annual reports, which were referred to the Committee on Finance.

GEORGE L. McCAHAN, Grand Recorder, in account with the Grand Council

of Royal and Select Masters of Maryland.

1880, Nov. 10, To Concordia Council, No.1.....

Jerusalem Council, No. 2.
Tadmor Council, No. 4..
Druid Council, No. 5.
Salem Council, No. 6.

$37 25

6 75 3 50 22 50 3 25

$73 25 CREDIT. 1880, Nov. 10, By Cash paid Grand Treasurer.

$73 25 Fraternally submitted,


Grand Recorder.

SAMUEL M. HALLER, Grand Treasurer, in account with the Grand Council

of Royal and Select Masters of Maryland.

DEBIT. 1880, Nov. 10, To Balance from T. J. Shryock, Grand Treasurer.. $ 2 77 Cash from Grand Recorder...

73 25

$76 02 CREDIT, 1880, Nov. 10, By A. S. Abell & Son...

.$ 1 58 C. C. Fulton....

1 13 Postage....

1 02 Grand Sentinel..

2 00 Grand Recorder..

25 00 1881, Apr. 23, Baltimore Printing Co...

45 00 Nov. 9, Balance.


$76 02 DEBIT. 1881, Nov. 9, To Balance...

29 Fraternally submitted,


Grand Treasurer.

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