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Meets first and third Thursdays of each month.



T.:. I. . Master.
Dep.:. I.. Master.

I... P... C... of the Work.
. Treasurer.

SELECT MASTERS. *Beall, Frank C.

Griffith, Timothy *Colborn, Harry B.

*Noel, William E. *Davis, William

Reese, William
Davis, John

Smith, David K. *Ford, Josiah

Stern, George *Ford, Douglas P.

Sherry, Patrick E. *Fuller, James H.

Towles, C. O. *Fuller, Harry S.

William, John B. *Gunnett, Theodore

*Petitioners for Dispensation.



Meets on the second Thursday of each month.

R. M. HAYS...

*Brumbaugh, U. S.
*Barkman, G. G.
Bower, J. G.
Beachley, W. E.
Brown, Morris T.
*Burgan, Henry C.

Carr, W. A.
*Doub, Frisby


T.:: I.:: Master.
Dep.:. I.:. Master.
I... P.:. C... of the Work.


Davis, W. S.
Dunn, E. P.
Fahrney, Frank N.
Fridinger, W. H.
*Huntzbery, A. V.
*Hutson, George R.
Heard, Albert
Haring, A. S.

Hays, C. R.

*Newman, S. D.
Hay's, R. M.

* Nihiser, W. M. Hoffman, C. K.

*Oliver, W. B.
Hays, Ira W.

Ordway, A. M.
Harman, J. F.

'Oswald, George B.
Isanogle, F

*Passmore, H. E. *Irvin, Harry B.

Porter, Thomas H. Johnston, C. E.

Pearre, Walter *Keller, L. H.

*Stake, Edward
King, W. B.

Spielman, J. A.
Lane, William P.

Steffey, J. G.
Ludden, J. H.

Shafer, S. M.
Middlekauff, F. R.

Schley, Jr., B.
Miller, W. P.

Van Devanter, R. L. *Motter, Joseph

Webb, of J., Charles. *Petitioners for Dispensation.




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3 749

*Return for 1896.

+Petitioners for Dispensation.

ICharter forfeited November 1899. *Constituent of the General Grand Council.

[blocks in formation]

Alabama.. December... H. Clay Armstrong.. Montgomery... 1893 *Arkansas November... Fay Hempstead..... Little Rock.. 1898 *California.. April.. William A. Davies. . San Francisco... 1899 Canada.. July.. Sidney J. Sanford.. Barrie, Ontario. 1887 Connecticut. Mar... James McCormick... Hartford. 1899 *Colorado.... September.. Ernest L. Foster. ... Denver....

1899 England & Wales. March.... Charles F. Matier.... London, W. C. 1899 *Florida...

1895 *Georgia.. April. W. A. Wolihin.... Macon... 1899 Illinois.

October..... Gilbert W. Barnard.. Chicago.... 1898 *Indiana..

October... William H. Smythe. Indianapolis. 1899 *Indian Territory.. April..... Joseph S. Murrow... Atoka..... 1899 *Kansas .. February.... William M. Shaver.. Topeka .... 1899

Kentucky October..... James W. Staton.... Brookville.... 1898 *Louisiana.. February.... Richard Lambert.... New Orleans... 1897 * Maine.

May....... Stephen Berry.. Portland... 1899 *Maryland.... November... George L. McCahan. Baltimore... *Massachusetts.... December... J. Gilman Waite.... Boston..

1898 Michigan... . January.. Jefferson S. Conover. Coldwater... 1899 *Minnesota. October.. Thonhas Montgomery St. Paul.... 1898

Mississippi .. February.... John L. Power.... Tackson... 1899 * Missouri.. April..... William H. Mayo... St. Louis.. 1899 * Nebraska .. December... Francis E. White... Omaha. 1897 *New Hampshire.. May.....

George P. Cleaves... Concord.. 1898 New Jersey January Charles Bechtel...... Trenton....

1899 * New York.. August.. George Van Vliet... New York City. 1899 *North Carolina... May..

James C. Munds.. Wilmington. 1897 New Brunswick.. August..... John A. Watson..... St. John.... 1896 *Ohio ... October.. William E. Evans... Chillicothe .

1898 *Oregon... April.... Seth L. Pope.... Portland... 1899 Pennsylvania February.... Joshua L. Lyte...... Lancaster. 1898 Rhode Island.. April. William R. Greene.. Providence.. 1898 * South Carolina... February.... Zimmerman Davis.. Charleston... 1895 *Tennessee... January... W. A. Clendening... Nashville... 1899 *Vermont..

June.... Warren G. Reynolds. Burlington.... 1898 Wisconsin.. February John W. Laflin... ... Milwaukee .

1899 *Washington...... June.

Edward R. Hare Tacoma....

1899 G.:. G.'. Council. Sept 24. 1900 Henry W. Mordhurst. Fort Wayne, Ind 1897

Cincinnati, O.


ARTICLE I. This Body shall be known as the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Maryland.

ARTICLE II. SEC. I. This Grand Council shall be composed : 1. Of a Grand Master (whose title is Most Illustrious), a Deputy Grand

Master, Grand Principal Conductor of the Work, Grand Treasurer,
Grand Recorder, Grand Chaplain, Grand Captain of the Guard,

Grand Conductor of the Council, Grand Marshal and Grand Steward. 2. Of the Past Grand Masters, Past Deputy Grand Masters, Past Grand

Principal Conductors of the Work, Past Grand Treasurers and Past
Grand Recorders, while they continue members of a Council under

this jurisdiction. 3. Of the Past Masters of Chartered Councils, being members of

Chartered Councils under this jurisdiction, and such Past Masters who have obtained their rank in other jurisdictions and removed hereto and affiliated with a Chartered Council of this jurisdiction

and elected to membership by this Grand Council. 4. All Masters, Deputy Masters and Principal Conductors of the Work

of the Chartered Councils under this jurisdiction. SEC. 2. No Companion can be an officer or member of this Grand Council, unless he be at the same time a member of some Chartered Council of this jurisdiction.

SEC. 3. Each member of this Grand Council has one vote, and the Grand Master an additional vote in case of an equal division, and each Council is entitled to three votes, without reference to its representatives present; a Grand Officer, Past Grand Officer or a Past Master, may vote both as such and as a representative.

SEC. 4. Any Subordinate Council entitled to representation in this Grand Council, may appoint a proxy, provided the proxy is a member of the Council he represents.

SEC. 5. The first five officers of this Grand Council shall be elected at the Annual Assembly by a majority of written ballots; the remaining officers shall be appointed by the Grand Master at the opening of the

Annual Assembly. No Companion shall be eligible to the office of Grand Master unless he shall be a Present or Past Master of some Subordinate Council.

Sec. 6. The Grand Council shall have the sole government and superintendence of the several Councils under its jurisdiction, shall have power to assign their limits, prescribe the fees for admission and settle controversies that may arise between them. It shall also have power to grant Charters to new Councils within the State of Maryland.

Sec. 7. The Grand Master has power to convene any Council within this jurisdiction, to preside therein, to inspect its proceedings and require its conformity to Masonic rules; he may require the attendance of, and information from any Thrice Illustrious Master, respecting his office; he may grant dispensatiovs for new Councils to continue until the next Assembly of the Grand Conncil on application of nine or more Royal and Select Masters, and during the recess of the Grand Council, may exercise all its executive functions.

SEC. 8. In case of the death, absence or inability of the Grand Master, the Deputy Grand Master, and Grand Principal Conductor of the Work, will, in succession, succeed to his prerogatives and duties for all purposes.

Sec. 9. The Grand Treasurer shall receive all moneys belonging to the Grand Council from the Grand Recorder, and pay out the same only as may be authorized by the Grand Council, and on the order of the Grand Master attested by the Grand Recorder. He shall submit at each Annual Assembly a detailed statement of all receipts and expenditures, accompanied by vouchers. He shall promptly deliver all moneys and property of the Grand Council to his successor.

SEC. Io. The Grand Recorder shall keep a true record of the proceedings of the Grand Council, receive all moneys due the Grand Council and pay the same to the Grand Treasurer. He shall safely keep all books, papers and other property belonging to his office and promptly deliver the same to his successor. He shall prescribe the form for annual returns and present a statement at each Annual Assembly of all moneys received during the year. He shall conduct the correspondence of the Grand Council, and perform such other duties as are incident to his office. He shall receive such compensation as the Grand Council may direct.

SEC. II. It shall be the duty of the Grand Officers, whose duties have not been herein before specifically set forth, to discharge such functions as by ancient usage pertain to their offices.

SEC. 12. The stated meetings of this Grand Council shall be held in the City of Baltimore, on the first Wednesday after the second Tuesday in November annually, at such hour as the Grand Master may direct; and a quorum for business shall consist of the representatives of three Councils.

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