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aid in the advancement of Cryptic Masonry, and of these degrees receiving the proper attenti in and position to which they are entitled, the following resolution was finally unanimously adopted:

RESOLTED, That a Committee of five be appointed to prepare a Provincial Constitution for the organization of a General Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of the l'nited States of America, which shall be submitted to the several state Grand Bodies, for either their adoption or rejection,

M. . Io. Companion John FRIZZELL, of Tennessee,

G. FRED. WILTNIE, of Mew York,
JOHN H. Browx, of Kansas,
W.C. Swain, of Wisconsin.
W. R. WHITAKER, of Louirania.

('OMMITTEE The following resolution was then adopted:

RESOLVED, That the present officers of this Convention be continued, and that the Committee on Provincial Constitution for a General Grand ('ouncil, be, and they hereby are, directed to prepare such a document, which shall be submitted by the officers of this Convention, to the various Grand Councils in the l'nited States, for their action thereon, and when two-thirds thereof shall concur therein, approving such Provincial Constitution, the same shall become operative, and a meeting shall be called by the President, for the purpose of duly organizing such body, which shall be provided for by said ('onstitution, at such time and place as may be designated.

The Committee to memorialize the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States, reported that they had performed the duty assigned them and that, after consideration, the Grand Encampment laid the matter upon the table.

The following resolution of adjournment was then adopted, after several matters of minor importance had been disposed of.

RESOLVED. That this Convention do now adjourn to meet in the city of Buffalo, N. Y., on the Monday before the third Tuesday of August, 1877, and that the several State Grand Bodies be requested to send delegates to the same, unless the convention shall sooner be called together by the President.

The Grand Recorder was ordered to publish officially the proceedings of the Convention, as well as the report of the Committee on Provincial Constitution in pamphlet form, and issue same to each of the Grand Councils.”

Anticipating the meeting of the Convention at Buffalo, the Grand Council of New York, invites the co-operation of this Grand Council, as per the following circular letter. I trust that favorable consideration will be accorded the proposition. Office of the Grand Master of Royal and Select Master Masons of the State of

Vew York.

NUNDA, New York, September 18, 1876. MOST ILLUSTRIOLS COMPANION.

At the Annual Assembly of the Grand Council of this State, held at the Masonic Temple in the city of New York, on the 12th and 13th inst.,

there was a committee, consisting of myself as Chairman, and M:. 1.:. Past Grand Master John D. Williams, and Illustrious Companion the Rev. Charles G. Hudson, appo nted to attend in behalf of this Grand Council the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States, to be held at Cleveland in August next, to present and urge upon the Grand Encampment the adoption of the Cryptic degrees as a pre-requisite to the degrees of Knighthood, and the following resolution was adopted:

RESOLVED, That the Committee appointed by this Grand Council to attend the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States to urge that the Council degrees be made pre-requisite to the orders of Knighthood be, and they are hereby vested with full power to propose a plan, or basis. upon which such action may be had by such Grand Encampment, and that this Grand Conucil will carry out and fulfill the terms of such plan, or basis, which may be agreed upon by such i ommittee.

In compliance with this resolution, the Committee will attend as desired, and as the present time seems to be a favorable one to urge the desired action upon the Grand Encampment it is earnestly desired that all Grand Councils should take similar action, appointing of their best and most influential Companions a similar Committee with like powers. The Committees should be composed of Knights Templar, so as to entitle them to a seat in the body to be so visited.

I submit this matter for your consideration, and should be pleased to receive from you suggestions in regard to it. A Committee was also appointed to visit the Grand Commandery of this state and urge its co-operation in this matter which I would also recommend. Please acknowledge, &c., With kind regards and assurances of high esteem, I am FRATERNALLY AND FAITHFULLY YOURS,


GRAND MASTER. To Most Illustrious Geo. L. McCahan,

Grand Master of the State of Maryland. (Acknowledged October, 26th, 1876.)

In view of the fact that this Grand Council is not specially in need of funds, I would recommend that balance-due by Subordinate Conncils, be remitted, as well as the return of amounts paid at this Grand Assembly. In this connection I would also suggest authority being conferred upon the Subordinate Councils, to drop from the rolls the names of members in arrears for such time as may be thought best.

I would further advise the adoption of such measures as would fix the status of those who were members of the several Councils prior to the formation of this Grand Council.



The Committee on Credentials made the following report, which was accepted. TO THE M.:. ILL. GRAND COUNCIL OF ROYAL AND SELECT MASTERS OF

MARYLAND. The Committee on Credentials, beg leave to report the following Representativer entitled to seats in this Assembly of the Grand Council of Maryland.


.T.:. III.·. Master PHILIP D. BOYD..

.Dep. Ill. . Master. H. W. WORTHINGTON.

P.:. ('.:. of the Work. JERI'SALEJ COV('IL, NO. 2. CHAS. W. VIRTU'E...

P.:. (.. of the Work. ADONIRAN (ory(IL. VO. 3. JAMES W. BOWERS,

T.. Ill. Master. CHAS. W. DORSEY.

.Dep. . III. . Master. HARRY H. FLACK,.

P.:. (*.:. of the Work. TADYOR (OVCIL, NO. 4. W. W. HOWSON.....

T... Ill... Master C. B. WACK...

Dep.:. III.. Master. A. J. HOOFNAGLE..

P.:. ('... of the Work. DRUID COI'VOIL, NO. 5. JAMES B. PURCELL,

T.:. Ill... Master. GEORGE W. SHEIVE.

Dep.'. Ill.'. Master. WILLIAM K. CARROLL,

P.:. ('. of the Work. SALEM (Oly('IL, VO), 6. SAML. M. HALLER..

.T.. Ill.:. Master. GEORGE M. DEETZ,

Dep.:. Ill.:. Master, JOHN H. GEPHART,

P.:. C.. of the Work.
Fraternally submitted,


CHAS. F. ACHEY. The Grand Recorder and Grand Treasurer presented their Books and Accounts for the past year, which were on motion referred to the following Committee on Finance, Companions Samuel M. Haller, Philip 1). Boyd, George W. Sheive.

On motion of Companion Stephen C. Bush, the M.:. III.. Grand Master, Dep.'. Ill.:. Grand Master and Grand P.:.C.::of the Work, were appointed a Committee of Foreign (orrespondence.

On Motion of Companion James B. Purcell, the first three Grand Officers of this Grand Council we appointed as Representatives (in person, or by proxy,) in the Convention of Royal and Select Masters of the United States, to be held in Buffalo, N. Y., in August, 1877. Companion Stephen C. Bush presented the following, which was adopted.

RESOLVED, That all arrears of dues owing hy Subordinate Councils, to date, be remitted, and that the amount of dues paid by Subordinate Councils at the present AnDual Assembly, be donated to the several Councils.

Companion John T. Gorsuch, presented the following, which was adopted.

ResoLVED, That any Subordinate ('ouncil, may, in its discretion, drop from the roll the name of any member who may be in arrears for dues over two years, and who may neglect or refuse to pay the same after thirty days notice of the intention of the Council, to consider his delinquiency. Companion Edwin L. Parker Jr, presented the following which was adopted.

RESOLVED, That the membership of the Subordinate Councils forming this Grand Council, be considered to be those who where members of the various Councils, prior to the formation of this Grand Council, and who have not expressed a desire to be releived of their membership, in addition to those who have since become members of the said Councils. Companion James W. Bowers, presented the following which was adopted.

RESOLVED, unanimously, That that portion of Sec., 11 Art., 1 of the Constitution which reads, "The stated meetings of this Grand Council shall be held in the City of Baltimore, on the first Tuesday after the second Monday in November, be changed so as to read the first Wednesday after the second Tuesday at 3 o'clock in the afternoon annually, and a quorum for business shall consist of the representatives of three Councils.

The Committee of Finance made the following report which was accepted. TO THE M.. ILL:: GRAND COUNCIL OF ROYAL AND SELELT MASTERS OF

MARYLAND. Your committee to whom was referred the Books and Accounts of the Grand Recorder and Grand Treasurer, respectfully report that they have performed the duty assigned them, and that they find the Books and Accounts correct, and supported by proper vouchers. The amount of Balance in the hands of the Treasurer, is $71.66.

Fraternally submitted,



GEORGE W. SHEIVE On motion the Grand Council then proceeded to the election of officers for the ensuing year with the following result, Companion JAMES W. Bowers,

M.:. Ill.: Grand Master.
Edwin L. PARKER, JR.,

Dep.:. Grand Master.

G.. P.:.C.:. of the Work.

G.. Recorder.

G.. Treasurer.
The Grand officers elect were duly presented and Installed by M.:. Ill.:.

M.: Ill.:. Grand Master JAMES W. BOWERS, then appointed the following subordinate officers. Companien SAMUEL M. HALLER,

G.:.C.:. of the Guard. CHAS, F. ACHEY,

G.: C:. of the Council.

G.:: Marshall

G.:. Steward.

G.:. Sentinel.


Companion Saml. M. Haller, proposed the following which was adopted.

RESOLVED, That the Proceedings of the Annual Assemblies of 1875 and 1876 of this Grand Council be printed under the supervision of the Committee of Correspondence. Companion, Saml. M. Haller, proposed the following which were adopted.

RESOLVED, That this Grand Council pay to Companion John T. Gorsuch, the sum of Ten Dollars for services as Grand Recorder.

RESOLVED, That this Grand Council pay to Companion Louis C. Coon. the sum of Two Dollars for services rendered.

No further business claiming the attention of the Grand Council, it was closed in ample form.


Grand Recorder.

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