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The Committee on Work made a verbal report, and stated, that the work agreed upon by them had been exemplified in nearly all the Subordinate Councils, since the last assembly of the Grand Council, when, on motion of Companion H. L. Emmons, the work recommended by the Committee was adopted as the work of this Grand Council.

Companion S. M. Haller offered a motion to amend the 1st section of Article No. 1, of the Constitution, by striking out the word Sentinel, and inserting the word Marshall, which was unanimously adopted.

Companion E. L. Parker, Jr. offered a motion to amend the 11th Section of Article 1, of the Constitution, by striking out the words Second Monday in November, and inserting the words : The First Tuesday after the Second Monday in November, at 3 o'clock, P. M., which was unanimously adopted.

On motion of Companion H. L. Emmons, it was

Resolved, That, the Constitution and Proceedings of this Grand Council be printed under the direction of the Most Illustrious Grand Master, and the usual distribution of the same made.

The Grand Recorder presented the following Report, which was on motion received and referred to the Finance Committee.


Your Recorder begs leave to present the following Annual Report:

Received of Concordia Council No. 1, for Charter..

$15.00 of Druid Council No. 5, for Charter.

15.00 of Tadmor Council No. 4, for Charter.

15.00 of Jerusalem Council No. 2, for Charter.

15.00 of Adoniram Council No. 3, for Charter.

15.00 of Salem Council No. 6, for Charter..

15.00 of Concordia Council, for dues.

14.37 of Jerusalem

21.00 of Tadmor

2.00 of Druid

6.50 of Salem

1.37 of Adoniram

2.50 Total Receipts...

$137.74 All of which has been paid over to the Grand Treasurer, and his receipt taken therefor.

Respectfully submitted,

JOHN T. GORSUCH, November 10th, 1874.

Grand Recorder

The Grand Treasurer presented the following Report, which was on motion received and referred to the Finance Committee.


Your Treasurer begs leave to present his Annual Report.
F. J. S. GORGAS, GRAND TREASURER, in account with the Grand Council

of R. & S. M. of Maryland.


Nov. 10, Received from the

Grand Recorder,
By Cash, ....... $137.74


CR. May 15, Paid Cushing & Co.,

for Record Book..$ 2.65 Paid for G. Council Seal

10.00 July 27, Paid for Stamps and Envelopes.

4.99 31, Paid J. Young for

Printing Charters. 5.00 Nov. 9, Paid A. S. Abell for Advertisement ...

90 Paid for Postage Stamps ...

99 To Balance in Treasury..... 113.21



All of which is respectfully submitted.

F. J. S. GORGAS, November 10th, 1874.

Grand Treasurer.

The Committee on Finance presented the following Report, and on motion it was received and adopted. TO THE MOST ILLUSTRIOUS GRAND COUNCIL OF R. & S. M. OF THE STATE

OF MARYLAND. Your Committee to whom was referred the Reports and Accounts of the Grand Recorder and Grand Treasurer, respectfully report that they have per: formed the duty assigned them, and find the Accounts correct and supported by proper vouchers.

Respectfully submitted,

W. J. WALKER, Committec.

W. F. COCHRAN, No further business offering, the Grand Council was closed in ample form.


Grand Recorder.

Abstract of Annual Returns of Subordinate Councils under the Jurisdiction of the Granit

Council of Royal and Select Masters, of the State of Maryland.

[blocks in formation]





As Amended and Adopted, Nov. 10, 1874.

PREAMBLE, Whereas, The Grand Chapter of Maryland did in the year 1824, officially recognize the degrees now known as Cryptic Mas nry; and said degrees continued to be practiced under the control of Councils, formed within the several subordinate Chapters, until the year 1872, when the Grand Chapter prohibited her subordinates from conferring the Council degrees,

And whereas, The several Councils deem it for the best interests of Cryptic Masonry to organize a Grand Council, and which has this day been perfected with great unanimity,

Therefore, We, the several Councils, now hailing from and constituting the jurisdiction of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of the ate of Maryland, for the purpose of promoting harmony and brotherly love, advancing our Order, diffusing Masonic instruction and regulating our labors by one uniform standard, do ordain and declare the following to be the Constitution of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of the State of Maryland.

ARTICLE I. Sec. 1. This Grand Council shall be composed of a Grand Master (whose title is Most Illustrious), a Deputy Grand Master, Grand Principal Conductor of the Work, Grand Recorder, Grand Treasurer, Grand Captain of the Guard, Grand Conductor of the Council, Grand Marshall and Grand Steward, all Past Ill. Grand Masters, Deputy Grand Masters, Grand Principal Conductor of the Work, Grand Recorders, Grand Treasurers, and all Masters, Deputy Masters, and Principal Conductors of the Work for the time being of the several Councils under its jurisdiction, with all Past Masters of such Councils, so long as such Past Grand and subordinate officers shall remain members of any Council under the jurisdiction of this Grand Council.

SEC. 2. Each regular membur of this Grand Council has one vote, and the Grand Master an additional vote in case of an equal division, and each Council is entitled to three votes, without reference to its representatives present, and a Grand Officer, Past Grand Officer or a Past Master, may vote both as such and as a representative.

Sec. 3. Any subordinate Council entited to representation in this Granı! Council, may appoint, as its proxy, any member of this Grand Council provided, always, that no one member shall represent more than two subordinate Councils.

SEC. 4. The first five officers of this Grand Council shall be elected at the Annual Assembly by ballot, and by a majority of votes; and the remaining officers shall be appointed by the Grand Master, and hold office during his pleasure; but no Companion shall be eligible to the office of Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, or Grand Principal Conductor of the Work, unless he shall be a present or Past Master of a subordinate Council; provided, nothing herein shall be so construed as to render ineligible any Companion who has heretofore served in either of these offices.

Sec. 5. The Grand Council shall have the sole government and superintendence of the several Councils under its jurisdiction, shall have power to assign their limits, prescribe the fees for admission, and settle controversies that may arise between them. It shall also have power to grant charters to new Councils within the State of Maryland, or in any other State or Territory unoccupied by a Grand Council.

SEC. 6. The Grand Master has power to convene any Council within this jurisdiction, to preside therein, to inspect its proceedings and require its conformity to Masonic rules; he may require the attendance of, and information from any Thrice Illustrious Master, respecting his office; he may grant dispensations for new Councils on proper application, when the Grand Council is not in session; and during the recess of the Grand Council, may exercise all its executive functions.

Sec. 7. In case of the death, absence or inability of the Grand Master, the Deputy Grand Master, and Grand Principal Conductor of the Work, will, in succession, succeed to his perogatives and duties for all purposes.

Sec. 8. It shall be the duty of the Grand Recorder : 1. To record the transactions of the Grand Council; 2. To receive, duly file, and safely keep all papers and documents of the

Grand Council ; 3. To sign and certify all instruments from the Grand Council; 4. To prepare for the Annual Assembly a correct list of the Officers, Past

Officers and members of the Grand Council entitled to vote, together with names and members of all subordinate Councils, entitled to repre

sentation in this Grand Council; 5. To receive and keep a proper account of all moneys belonging to the

Grand Council, and pay over the same without delay to the Grand

Treasurer; 6. To report annually to the Grand Council the amount of money received

by him, by items, and the specific sources from which it was received ; also the Councils that have neglected to render proper returns of their elections, members and dues, and such general information as to the state of the Councils, as may be proper for the information or action of

the Grand Council; 7. To conduct the correspondence of the Grand Council, under the direc

lion of the Grand Master, and in a Masonic manner;

8. To attend with all necessary writings, papers and documents under his

control, on all assemblies of the Grand Council, on the requisition of the Grand, and also to attend upon the Grand Master on Masonic business when required;

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