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All disabled soldiers, whether in or out of the hospital, should address their communications either to the Federal Board for Vocational Education, Washington, D. C., or to the district oflice of the Federal Board of the district in which he is located. The district offices of the Board are located at the following points, respectively: Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, Atlanta, New Orleans, Dallas, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, San Francisco, and Seattle.


The Object of this Pamphlet is to Inform All Those Interested as

to What the Federal Board for Vocational Education Can Do for Those Disabled in this War.

What are your present circumstances, you who have returned from the battle field wounded more or less seriously, or you who have lost a limb, or you who have been handicapped by disease contracted in the service? You had thought of dying and you find yourself living, happy to be in this quiet hospital.

Yet, as you are about to taste the unalloyed joy of being alive, you suddenly remember your wounds, your disability, and you say to yourself: “No, I am not as I used to be; without doubt, my future is wrecked; what am I to do now?"

What am I to do now?”--that is the question we want to answer.

If, in your opinion and in that of those looking after you, your injury is such as to allow you to take up again your former occupation, in your own interest do so. You will most probably be more efficient in your previous calling, even though handicapped, than you would be in a newly acquired one. If you can be helped by training before returning to your old occupation, Uncle Sam will provide it for you through the Federal Board for Vocational Education. That Board will also help you to get employment.

If, however, you have been so unfortunate as to have lost a limb or to have received a grievous wound or be suffering from some other disability and are forced in consequence to take up a new vocation, to whom will you address yourself for guidance in the choice and carrying out of such reeducation?

This question which so many before you have asked of themselves and which we have helped solve, and which you ask of yourself in your turn, perhaps at this very moment---is the question which we propose to help you in solving.

Have you heard of the Federal Board for Vocational Education, which was founded by Uncle Sam almost two years ago



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