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Regular turbojets..

165 and 0.
117 and 3..
105 and 4.
93 and 5
81 and 6..
63 and 7.
51 and 8.

0 and 12.
DC-8F-61, -63..

219 and 0..
159 and 5.
65 and 12.
47 and 13.

0 and 18.
B-727, CV-880, CV-

990, Pacific inter-

105 and 0..
61 and 2.
50 and 3.
46 and 4.

0 and 7..
B-727, CV-880, CV-
990, all other

105 and 0. 61 and 2.. 50 and 3.. 46 and 4. 0 and 7...

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* On and after August 15, 1969, the minimum rate for operation of B-707 aircraft in Recreation and Rehabilitation (R & R) service between the Republic of South Vietnam, on the one hand, and Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Republic of the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, on the other, shall be 2.30 cents per passenger-mile.

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Provided, That, subject to the provisions per pound shall not be less than the rates of § 288.8, the minimum rates specified to/from the nearest commercial point, in subparagraphs (1) and (2) of this computed in accordance with subparaparagraph shall not be applicable to pas- graphs (2) and (3) of this paragraph. sengers or cargo carried on a particular (6) The cargo charges determined in trip in excess of the amount that the accordance with subparagraphs (2) contract calls for DoD to supply and the through (5) of this paragraph shall be carrier to provide space: And, provided applied on the basis of a standard weight further, That, if a carrier performs a per pallet of 4,500 pounds: Provided, one-way charter flight carrying non- That it is not required that cargo be military traffic for a nonmilitary user, tendered in pallets. the carrier may charter the return flight (e) For Category X transportation, of that aircraft to DoD at a published 1.75 cents per passenger-mile and 7.06 one-way charter tariff rate that is in cents per cargo ton-mile. fact available to the general public for (f) For suspension charges, 36 percent equivalent services.

of the charge based on the passenger (b) For Logair and Quicktrans serv- charter minimum rate and 38 percent ices, other than specified in paragraph of the charge based on the cargo charter (c) of this section:

minimum rate otherwise applicable to

the suspended flight.
Linehaul rate per

Rate per

(Secs. 401, 404, 72 Stat. 754, 760; 49 US.C. Aircraft type statute inile

directed 1371, 1374) (ER-494, 32 F.R. 7908, June 1,

landing Logair Quicktrans

1967, as amended by ER-536, 33 F.R. 6651,

May 1, 1968; ER-540, 33 F.R. 9337, June 26, DC-9-30. $1.6108 $1.6992

$150 1968; ER-584, 34 F.R. 11087, July 1, 1969: L-188C. 1.6108 1.6992


ER-602, 35 F.R. 104, Jan. 3, 1970; ER-608, 35 B-727-100

1. 8837
1. 9334

150 L-100-20/30.

F.R. 5113, Mar. 26, 1970; ER-626, 35 F.R. 1. 8837 1. 9334

150 AW-650. 1.7111

125 10290, June 24, 1970] DC-6A 1. 1535 1. 1535

125 DC-8-55F

2. 5540
2. 6178


8 288.8 Minimum aircraft loads. DC-8-61CF 2. 9437 3.0110


The minimum charges established by (c) The compensation for substitute

$ 288.7(a) shall be deemed economic service shall not be less than that which

only when the resulting revenues are at the prime contractor would have re

least the equivalent of such charges apceived under his contract with DOD. plied to the following minimum loads: (d) For Category A transportation:

Number of Tons of cargo (1) Passengers, 3.15 cents per pas

passengers, senger-mile.

Aircraft type all-passenger

and con-

Convert(2) Cargo: Outbound, 12 cents per ton

vertible lights mile; and inbound, 10 cents per ton-mile.


flights (3) The foregoing rates per passenger


165 36. 5

33. 7 mile and per ton-mile shall be applied B-707-300 series.

159 to the shortest mileage between the com



B-707-100 series mercial air-carrier points as set forth in (other)

149 the current IATA Mileage Manual to DC-8F-61, 63.

219 45

42. 5 DC-SF.

165 36. 5

33. 7 compute point-to-point passenger fares

DC-8 (50 series).

149 and cargo rates per pound.

DC-8 (other). (4) For cargo services to/from military


95 B-727.

105 18

16. 5 bases in the United States, the rates per CV-990..

105 pound computed in accordance with

CL 44.

148 29.35

28 L 382.

20.7 subparagraph (3) of this paragraph shall L-1649A

95 18

15 be increased in the following amounts: 1-1049-C/E/G/H


15 DC-7B/C/CF/F.


15 L-1049A


12 Add-on per pound DC-7

SS 15

12 Certificated Air force


83 13

12 terminal point base



Air Truck
pickup pickup

Provided, That, for the purpose of this

section, compensation equal to the mini

Cents Cents New York....... McGuire.



mum rate applied to the load that acDover..


2 tually can be accommodated shall be San Francisco....! Travis.



considered economic whenever a carrier (5) For cargo services to/from military is prevented from accommodating a load bases outside the United States, the rates equal to the minimum specified above,


ان ناشاد 2

for reasons other than adverse weather, off-loading by DOD, or the bulk of the cargo supplied by DOD, but in no event less than 90 percent of the above minimum loads. For purposes of this proviso, failure by the carrier to accommodate more than 12 loaded pallets on the B-707-320B, C and DC-8F aircraft, or 10 loaded pallets on the CL 44 aircraft, irrespective of the total weight thereof, on the all-cargo segment of any convertible charter flight, due to the presence of galley equipment and/or crew facilities on the main deck of the aircraft for use on that convertible charter flight, is deemed to be due to the bulk of the cargo supplied by DOD. (ER-494, 32 F.R. 7908, June 1, 1967, as amended by ER-602, 35 F.R. 104, Jan, 3, 1970) § 288.9 Round-trip services.

For purposes of this part, round-trip services mean charter service other than Logair and Quicktrans services where: (a) Passengers and/or cargo are transported on two or more successive revenue flights and the last revenue flight terminates within 250 statute miles of the point of origin of the first revenue flight or, by mutual consent of DOD and the carrier, at a point within 250 statute miles of the carrier's principal operating base; (b) the scheduling permits departure within 4 hours after arrival at each point to be served except at one point where the aircraft may be scheduled for departure within 72 hours after arrival: Provided, That, on flights

serving more than one U.S. departure point, by mutual consent, DOD and the carrier may agree on not more than three points where the aircraft may be scheduled for departure within 72 hours after arrival; and (c) the air carrier operates en route not more than one ferry flight not exceeding 50 statute miles without compensation and not more than one ferry flight not exceeding 1,500 statute miles for compensation equal to not less than 75 per cent of the round-trip cargo rate specified in 8$ 288.7 and 288.8 where only cargo is carried on the other portions of the whole trip and for compensation equal to not less than 75 percent of the round-trip all-passenger rate specified in $ $ 288.7 and 288.8 in all cases where passengers are carried on any other part of the whole trip. & 288.10 Computation of passenger

miles and cargo ton-miles. (a) General rule. For the purpose of this part, the computation of passengermiles and cargo ton-miles for charter service other than Logair and Quicktrans shall be based on no lesser mileage than the nonstop airport-to-airport distance, in terms of statute miles from the point of origin of the revenue flight to the point of destination of such flight, via such intermediate points as are required to be served by the terms of the DOD contract.

(b) Pacific services. In the case of Pacific services between points specified in the following table, the mileage shall be computed via the indicated routings:

[blocks in formation]

ROUTINGS 1: Direct.

7. Via Honolulu-Wako Clark. 2. Via Anchorage.

8. Via Wake. 3. Via Yokota.

9. Via Wake-Guam. 4. Via Anchorage-Yokota.S

10. Via Guam. 5. Via Honolulu.

11. Via Wake-Clark. 6. Via Honolulu-Wake.

12. Via Honolulu-Wake Guam. NOTE: Alternative routings 6, 7, and 12 are to be used for calculation of the mileage if DoD requires that an intermediate point along the mid-Pacific route be served.

1 Any place in the State of California, Oregon, or Washington.
. For services to and from Japan, compute mileage to and from Yokota Air Base.
: For turboprop and piston aircraft, via Clark.
• For turboprop and piston aircraft, via Yokota-Clark.
6 For turboprop and piston aircraft, via Anchorage-Yokota-Clark.


(c) Transatlantic services. In the

Subpart D-Duration case of transatlantic services, when the

8 288.18 Expiration. nonstop airport-to-airport distance between origin and destination of the flight (a) With respect to Logair and Quickis 4,000 miles or more and no intermedi- trans services and substitute service ate points are specified by the terms of within the 48 contiguous States, this the DOD contract, the mileage shall be part shall remain in effect indefinitely. no less than as computed via Shannon, (b) With respect to foreign and overIreland, or via Lajes/Santa Maria, seas transportation, transportation beAzores, whichever routing yields a lower

tween the 48 contiguous States, on the mileage.

one hand, and Hawaii or Alaska, on the

other hand, and for transportation (ER-494, 32 F.R. 7908, June 1, 1967, as amend

within Alaska, including substitute served by ER-536, 33 F.R. 6652, May 1, 1968)

ice therefor, this part shall remain in 8 288.11 On-loading and off-loading of effect indefinitely. traffic.

(c) The Board reserves the right to It shall not be deemed a violation of

rescind this part or any provision thereof

at any time, with or without notice or the provisions of this part for an air

as the public interest may carrier operating a charter flight to per

require. mit DOD to on-load and/or off-load (d) The transportation services pertraffic (passenger or cargo) at any opera- formed pursuant to the authorization tional stops en route made for the car- granted in this part do not constitute an rier's convenience, to the extent that it activity of a continuing nature within does not interfere with the carrier's the meaning of 5 U.S.C. 558(c). scheduled ground operation: Provided,

(ER-584, 34 F.R. 11087, July 1, 1969, as That the carrier receives minimum com

amended by ER-602, 35 F.R. 104, Jan. 3, 1970; pensation consistent with the provisions

ER-626, 35 F.R. 10290, June 24, 1970) of this part for resulting load carried on any ight stage which is in excess of the

PART 289-EXEMPTION OF AIR load paid for under the contract.


ING REQUIREMENTS OF SECTION § 288.12 Application for other relief.

412 OF THE FEDERAL AVIATION Air carriers may make timely applica- ACT OF 1958 1 tions for authority to engage in air trans

Sec. portation for the military establishment 289.1 Definition. not covered by this part, including relief 289.2 Exemption of air carriers. from any limitation or requirement im

289.3 Types of agreements which need not

be filed. posed by this part. Such applications

289.4 Effect of exemption. shall be governed by the provisions contained in Part 302, Subparts A and D of

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 289

issued under sec, 204, 416, 72 Stat. 743, 771; this chapter.

49 U.S.C. 1324 1386 unless otherwise noted. Subpart C—Enforcement

§ 289.1 Definition. 8 288.15 Violations.

For the purpose of this part:

(a) “Certificated route air carrier Operations by any carrier for the mill

means any air carrier which holds a certary establishment which are not within tificate of public convenience and necesthe scope of such carrier's basic author- sity issued under section 401(d) (1) or ity or of this part or of other authority (2) of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958 granted by the Board prior to the time authorizing unlimited regularly schedsuch operations are undertaken, or non- uled route service between specified compliance with any applicable require

points or, in case of foreign air transments, conditions, or limitations in this

portation, along a general route or part, constitute violations of the Federal

routes, designated in the certificate.

(b) "Indirect air carrier" means any Aviation Act of 1958 and will render the

citizen of the United States who enoffending air carrier subject to imposi

gages indirectly in interstate, overseas tion of lawful sanction, including in proper cases criminal prosecution under 1 ER-350, 27 F.R. 1068. Feb. 6. 1962. section 902(a) of the Act.

2 As defined in section 101(13) of the Act,


or foreign air transportation % of property only, and who: (1) Does not engage in the operation of aircraft in air transportation, and (2) does not engage in air transportation pursuant to any Board order authorizing air express services under a contract with a direct air carrier.

(c) "Supplemental air carrier" means any air carrier which holds authority from the Board to engage in supplemental air transportation. (ER-309, 25 F.R. 6614, July 14, 1960, as amended by ER-350, 27 F.R. 1067, Feb. 6, 1962) $ 289.2 Exemption of air carriers.

Air carriers are hereby exempted from the filing requirements of section 412(a) of the Act with respect to any type of agreement listed in § 289.3 of this part, and amendments thereto, and from filing any subsequent amendment to an agreement which was filed prior to the effective date of this part where such filed agreement and the amendment quality for an exemption under this part; except that such exemption does not apply to an agreement or an amendment to an agreement that:

(a) Is between "afiliated" carriers within the meaning of that term as it is used in Part 261 of this subchapter; or

(b) Amends an existing agreement which itself is ineligible for exemption under this part; or

(c) Is a resolution or similar action of the members of an association of air carriers; or

(d) IS violative of the “anti-trust laws" as that term is defined in section 1 of the Clayton Act, 15 U.S.C. 12. (ER-350, 27 F.R. 1068, Peb. 6, 1962) 8 289.3 Types of agreements which need

not be filed. (a) Ground services and facilities. Agreements between certificated route air carriers, or between any such air carrier(s) and any foreign air carrier(s), for the furnishing of ground facilities, ground equipment, ground service, or building or ground space: Provided, That the fees or charges therefor are known or anticipated not to exceed $50,000 during any twelve-month period: And, provided further, That in case the aggregate annual charge under an agreement believed to fall within this exemption at the time of execution thereof

exceeds the dollar limitation in any twelve-month period, the carrier shal (1) report promptly the total amount paid, and (2) file the agreement with the Board under section 412(a) of the Act upon request by the Director of the Board's Bureau of Economic Regulation.

(b) Free or reduced-rate transportation. Agreements between certificated route air carriers, or between supplemental air carriers, or between certifi. cated route carriers and supplemental carriers, or between any such air carriers and foreign air carriers for the issuance or interchange of free or reducedrate transportation: Provided, That such agreements do not provide for the issuance or interchange of passes for free or reduced-rate transportation other than as described in documents filed pursuant to $ 223.6 of this subchapter.

(c) Pick-up and delivery. Agreements between certificated route air carriers or indirect air carriers on the one hand and surface motor carriers on the other hand for pick-up and delivery of property: Provided, That all of the points named in the agreement and the rates and charges to the public for such service are set forth in tariffs filed by the air carriers with the Board pursuant to Part 221 of this subchapter. (Interpret or apply secs. 101(3), 412, and 416 (b) of the Act, 72 Stat. 737, 770; 49 U.S.C. 1801, 1982) (ER-350, 27 FR. 1068, Feb. 6, 1962) 8 289.4 Effect of exemption.

The exemption granted by this part shall not be deemed to constitute an "order made under sections 408, 409, and 412" within the meaning of section 414 of the Act. (ER-309, 25 FR. 6814, July 14, 1960. Redesignated by ER-350, 27 F.R. 1068, Feb. 6, 1962)



290.1 Definitions.
290.2 Exemption for lease of aircraft.
290.3 Exemption for operations.
290.4 Reports.
290.5 Effect of exemption.
290.6 Extension.
290.7 Termination of exemption.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 290 issued under sections 204(a), 401, 403, 408, 412 and 416(b), 72 Stat. 743, 754, 758,

3 As defined in section 101 (21) of the Act.

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