Endless Amusement; a Collection of Nearly 400 Entertaining Experiment in Various Branches of Science All the Popular Tricks and Changes of the Cards, &c &c &c. To which is Added a Complete System of Pyrotechny 4th Ed

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1839 - 216 pages

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Page 156 - In a few hours (I cannot now be exact as to the time) the black, being warmed most by the sun, was sunk so low as to be below the stroke of the sun's rays; the dark blue almost as low, the lighter blue not quite so much as the dark, the other colours less as they were lighter; and the quite white remained on the surface of the snow, not having entered it at all.
Page 156 - But first let me mention an experiment you may easily make yourself. Walk but a quarter of an hour in your garden when the sun shines, with a part of your dress white, and a part black; then apply your hand to them alternately, and you will find a very great difference in their warmth. The black will be quite hot to the touch, the white still cool.
Page 149 - Into a large glass jar inverted upon a flat brick tile, and containing near its top a branch of fresh rosemary, or any other such shrub, moistened with water, introduce a flat, thick piece of heated iron, on which place some gum benzoin in gross powder. The...
Page 168 - If a storm of thunder or lightning be approaching, it is exceedingly agitated, and expresses its feelings in violent convulsive starts, at the top of the glass. It is remarkable that however fine and serene the weather may be, and...
Page 173 - In these experiments, one circumstance struck me with particular surprise. This was the sudden, wide, and forcible spreading of a drop of oil on the face of the water, which I do not know that anybody has hitherto considered.
Page 189 - ... rocket and stick to spin very fast in their return, and represent a worm of fire descending to the ground. There is another method of placing the small case, which is by letting the stick rise a little above the top of the rocket...
Page 167 - It is still safer to bring two or three mattrasses or beds into the middle of the room, and folding them up double, place the chair upon them...
Page 88 - Make a small cross of two light strips of cedar, the arms so long as to reach to the four corners of a large thin silk handkerchief when extended; tie the corners of the handkerchief to the extremities of the cross, so you have the body of a kite; which being properly accommodated with a tail, loop, and string, will rise in the air, like those made of paper; but this being of silk is fitter to bear the wet and wind of a thunder-gust without tearing.
Page 77 - An opposite effect will be produced, if the month of a bottle be sealed so close that no air can escape; then place it in the receiver, and exhaust the air from its surface. The air which is confined within the bottle, when the external air is drawn off, will act so powerfully as to break the bottle into pieces.
Page 173 - ... for a considerable space, and beyond them so much thinner as to be invisible, except in its effect of smoothing the waves at a much greater distance. It seems as if a mutual repulsion between its particles took place as soon as it touched the water, and a repulsion so strong as to act on other bodies swimming on the surface, as straw, leaves, chips, &c.

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