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Lindsay & Blakiston, 1856 - 526 pages

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Page 1 - Wythe's Dose and Symptom Book. Containing the Doses and Uses of all the principal Articles of the Materia Medica, etc.
Page 1 - DR. HEADLAND. ON THE ACTION OF MEDICINES IN THE SYSTEM. Being the Prize Essay to which the Medical Society of London awarded the Fothergillian Gold Medal for 1852. Second Edition. 8vo. cloth, 10s. MR. HIQGINBOTTOM, FRS, FRCS AN ESSAY ON THE USE OF THE NITRATE OF SILVER IN THE CURE OF INFLAMMATION, WOUNDS, AND ULCERS. Second Edition. Price 5s. ADDITIONAL OBSERVATIONS' ON THE NITRATE OF SILVER; with full Directions for its Use as a Therapeutic Agent.
Page 427 - For children under twelve years, the doses of most medicines must be diminished in the proportion of the age to the age increased by 12 ; thus, at two years to 4, viz.: -^ — = 4- At 21 the full dose may be given.
Page 2 - GENERAL' RECEIPT-BOOK : comprising a copious Veterinary Formulary and Table of Veterinary Materia Medica ; Patent and Proprietary Medicines, Druggists
Page 425 - Centigrade into those of Fahrenheit, multiply by 9, divide by 5, and add 32. To convert degrees of Centigrade into those of Reaumur, multiply by 4 and divide by 5.
Page 1 - Pereira's Physician's Prescription Book. Containing Lists of Terms, Phrases, Contractions and Abbreviations used in Prescriptions Explanatory Notes, Grammatical Construction of Prescriptions, etc., etc. By Professor Jonathan Pereira, MD Sixteenth Edition.
Page 137 - Dissolve the sulphate in the water, add the sulphuric acid, and boil the solution ; add iheu the nitric acid in small portions, boiling the liquid for a minute or two after each addition, until it acquires a yellowish-brown colour and yields a precipitate of the same colour with ammonia. Filter ; allow the liquid to cool ; and add in a full stream the aqua ammonias, stirring the mixture briskly.
Page 185 - Upon the lime, first slaked with a little of the water, pour the remainder of the water, and shake them together. Then immediately cover the vessel, and set it by for three hours ; afterwards keep the solution with the remaining lime, in stoppered glass bottles, and when it is to be used take from the clear solution.
Page 2 - THE POCKET FORMULARY AND SYNOPSIS OF THE BRITISH AND FOREIGN PHARMACOPOEIAS; comprising standard and approved Formulas for the Preparations and Compounds employed in Medical Practice. Eighth Edition, corrected and enlarged. 18mo. cloth, 6s. ^> DR. HENRY BENNET. A PRACTICAL TREATISE '' ON INFLAMMATION AND OTHER DISEASES OF THE UTERUS.
Page 127 - Boil scammony in fine powder, in successive portions of proof spirit, till the spirit ceases to dissolve anything; filter, distil the liquid till little but water passes over. Then pour away the watery solution from the resin, wash the latter with boiling water, and dry it at a temperature not exceeding 240░.

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