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COLLYRIUM HYDRARGYRI SUBMURIATIS. Mr. WARE. Calomel 3ss, water 3ss. Agitate the bottle when used, and drop 3 drops into the eye, in scrofulous ophthalmia.

COLLYRIUM HYDRARGYRI BICHLORIDI. TRAVERS. Sublimate gr. ij to iv, distilled water f 3viij. GERM. H. Sublimate gr. ss, rose water 3iij, mucilage of quince seeds 3j, cherry-laurel water 3ss. MACKENZIE. Sublimate gr. j, water f3viij. COLLYRIUM HYDRARGYRI ET PLUMBI ACETATIS. Dr. REECE. Acetate of mercury gr. ij, acetate of lead gr. v, distilled vinegar f 3ss, distilled water f3vj. Mix. [3ss of opium is occasionally added.]

COLLYRIUM IODINII. M. Iodine gr. i to ij, iodide of potassium Dj, rose water 3vj. Dr. LOHSSE prescribes a stronger solution for dropping into the eye in opacity of the cornea. Iodine gr.

j, iodide of potassium gr. ij, water f3vj. A similar solution has been proposed for removing particles of iron from the eye. COLLYRIUM JUGLANDIS. M. NEGRIER. Decoction of walnut leaves f 3viij, extract of belladonna Dj, wine of opium m xiv. In Scrofulous Ophthalmia.


ij, distilled water f 3j.


See Col. Plumbi.

Sulphate of morphia gr.

Extract of opium gr. iv, rose water Ziv. LAWRENCE. Soft extract of opium gr. x, camphor gr. vj, hot water f 3xij. See Col. Anodynum.

COLLYRIUM OPII COMPOSITUM. GUY'S H. Liquor of acetate of ammonia f 3iij, wine of opium f 3j.

COLLYRIUM PAPAVERIS. BEER. Decoction of poppy-heads f3iv, rose water f zij, camphor mixture f zij.

COLLYRIUM PLUMBI. CH. Solution of diacetate of lead 10 drops, distilled water (or rose, or elder-flower water) f ziv [my xx of wine of opium, or of spirit of camphor, are occasionally added.]


ij, d. water 3j.

Acetate of lead gr.

COLLYRIUM PLUMBI CARBONATIS. Mr. CAM. Compound ceruss powder 3j, rose water f3 viij.

COLLYRIUM RESOLVENS. ALIBERT. Melilot flowers j, boiling water f3xij. Infuse, strain, add acetate of lead 3ss. U. C. H. Distilled water f3x, muriate of ammonia gr. xij, liquor of diacetate of lead f3ss.

Distilled water f 3 viij, opium
Mix, and filter.

COLLYRIUM SEDATIVUM. U. C. H. 9j, ferro-prussiate of potash j. COLLYRIUM SICCUM. DUPUYTREN. White sugar 3j, red oxide of mercury ss, oxide of zinc j. Or, sugar-candy, calomel, and oxide of zinc, equal parts. RECAMIER prescribes equal parts of oxide of zinc and sugar-candy. LAGNEAU, sugar-candy and nitre. VELPEAU, trisnitrate of bismuth and candy, e. p. These powders should be triturated till perfectly impalpable, and a small pinch blown into the eye through a quill. [For Collyrium Siccum Ammoniacale, P., see Pulvis Ammoniatus Aromaticus.]

COLLYRIUM SODE MURIATIS. Dr. J. HAYS, in Granular Ophthal mia. A saturated solution of common salt. TAVIGNOT prescribes from 3iv to 3x of salt to ziv of water. COLLYRIUM SODE CHLORINATE. Dr. HERZBERG. Labarraque's solution gr. xv, distilled water ziv.

COLLYRIUM STRYCHNIÆ. HENDERSON. Strychnia gr. ij, distilled vinegar f3j, water f3j. Mix, and filter. In Amaurosis.

COLLYRIUM TABACI. Dr. VETCH. Tobacco 3j, boiling water f3viij. Infuse, and strain.

COLLYRIUM TANNINI. M. CAVARRA. Tannin gr. ij to iij, water f3j.

COLLYRIUM ZINCI ACETATIS. WARE. 3ss, distilled water f 3xij.


Acetate of zinc gr. xv to

Cyanide of zinc gr. viij,

wine of opium my xxiv, powdered gum acacia 3ij, cherry-laurel water 3vj, black cherry water 3iij.

COLLYRIUM ZINCI IODIDI. MANNOIR. Iodide of zinc gr. iv, distilled water 3vj.


Oxide of zinc j, elder

flower water f3ij. H. DES ENFANS. Gr. j of oxide, to 3j of plantain water.

COLLYRIUM ZINCI SULPHATIS. Various authorities direct from

gr. ss to iv of the sulphate to each f3j of distilled water, rose water, or elder water. Extract or wine of opium is frequently added.


GUY'S H. GUY's H. Sulphate of zinc j, tincture of camphor f3j, distilled water f3viij; mix, and filter. COLLYRIUM ZINCI COMPOSITUM. GUY'S H. Sulphate of zinc gr. xij, water f3vj, wine of opium f3ij.

COLOCYNTHINUM. Colocynthin is obtained by digesting watery extract of colocynth in alcohol, evaporating the clear tincture to dryness, washing the residue with cold water, and again drying it.

CONFECTIO AMYGDALE. L. [Conserva Amygdala. E.] Sweet almonds, blanched by maceration and peeling 3 viij, powdered gum acacia 3j, white sugar iv. Beat them together to a uniform mass. The confection keeps longer if the ingredients, powdered separately, are merely mixed, and only beaten into a mass at the time of using.

Strained juice of kermes Ibiij, oil of cinnamon ss.

CONFECTIO ALKERMES. L. 1745. rose water f3vj, white sugar bj, CONFECTIO ALUMINIS. ST. B. H. Powdered alum 3ss, confection of roses 3iij. Dose, 3j three times a day. For directs 3j alum to 3j of confection.

CONFECTIO AROMATICA. L. Cinnamon 3ij, nutmegs zij, cloves 3j, cardamom-seeds 3ss, saffron 3ij, prepared chalk 3xvj, white sugar bij. The ingredients, finely powdered and uniformly mixed, are to be kept in a close vessel; and a portion of the powder mixed with water q. s. when required for use. Aromatic powder [E.] 1 part, syrup of orange-peel 2 parts. Mix.


CONFECTIO AURANTII. L. Fresh bitter orange-peel rasped bj, white sugar biij; beat together in a marble mortar with a wooden pestle.

CONFECTIO CASSIE. L. Cassia pulp Ibss, manna 3ij, tamarind pulp 3j, syrup of roses f3viij. Dissolve the bruised manna in the syrup, add the pulps, and evaporate to a due consistence. CONFECTIO CINCHONE. St. B. H. Powdered bark (yellow) 3vj, ginger 3ss, treacle 3iijss. Dose, 3j-ij.

CONFECTIO CONII. Dr. OSBORNE. Fresh hemlock-leaves, beaten

up with an equal weight of treacle. Dr. O. proposes to preserve other narcotic plants in the same manner. Dr. M. HALL had previously recommended the use of sugar for the same purpose.

CONFECTIO CYNOSBATI. See Confectio Rosa Canina.

CONFECTIO DAMOCRATIS. Mithridate. L. 1745. It consisted of 45 ingredients, and contained 1 grain of opium in 3ss. CONFECTIO FERRI SUBCARBONATIS. St. B. H. Subcarbonate (sesquioxide) of iron 3ss, treacle q. s. Dose 3ss. See Electuarium Ferri Subcarb.

CONFECTIO FERRI TARTARIZATI. St. B. H. Bitartrate of, potash 3jss, tartarized iron 3ij, powdered ginger ej, treacle 3ijss. Dose 3ij, 3 times a day.

CONFECTIO HAMECH (purgative), and CONFECTIO DE HYACINTHO (astringent), are obsolete.


Quicksilver rubbed

to extinction, with an equal weight of treacle or manna. CONFECTIO JALAPE COMPOSITA. St. B. H. Powdered jalap 3ij, cream of tartar 3jss, ginger Dj, treacle 3ijss. Dose 3ij. CONFECTIO OPII. L. Opium 3vj, long pepper 3j, ginger 3ij, caraway seeds 3iij, tragacanth 3ij. Mix the ingredients, finely powdered, with f 3xvj of hot syrup. The powder should be kept in a close vessel, and the syrup added when it is required for use. The proportion will be f3j of syrup to 3iijss of the powder.

CONFECTIO PAULINA. L. 1745. Zedoary, cinnamon, long pepper, black pepper, styrax, galbanum, castor, opium, of each. 3ij; thick syrup biv. Mix.

CONFECTIO PIPERIS NIGRI. L. Ward's Paste. Black pepper Ibj, elecampane bj, fennel seed biij, white sugar bij. Reduce them to a very fine powder, and keep it in a close vessel. When required for use, mix it with bij of honey, [or 3vij of the powder with zij of honey.]


B. H. Nitrate of potash
Dose 3j, 3 times a day.
St. B. H. Bitartrate of

potash 3iij, ginger 3ss, syrup 3iij. CONFECTIO RESINE. Dr. WATSON. Pulverized resin 3j, clari

fied honey 3v. Mix. Dose 3ij to 3iij. If the stomach will bear it, ss balsam copaiva may be added. In hemorrhoids with constipation.

CONFECTIO ROSE CANINE. L. Confection (or Conserve) of Hips. Pulp of fruit of dog-rose Ibj, white sugar 3xx. Heat the pulp gently in an earthen vessel, gradually add the sugar, and rub together till they are incorporated. E. To 1 part of hips, deprived of carpels, and beaten to a pulp, gradually add 3 parts of sugar.

CONFECTIO [CONSERVA, E. and D.] ROSE GALLICE. L. Red roses (the unblown flowers deprived of their heels) Ibj, pure sugar biij. Beat the roses in a marble mortar, add the sugar, and beat them together. [D. the same. E. tbij sugar.] CONFECTIO RUTE. L. Rue dried, caraway seed, bay berries, of each 3jss, sagapænum 3ss, black pepper 3ij. Powder them finely, and mix with honey 3xvj.

CONFECTIO SCAMMONII. L. [Electuarium Caryocostinum. L. 1720.] Scammony 3jss, cloves 3vj, ginger 3vj; powder finely, and add syrup of roses q. s.; rub together with oil of caraway f3ss. The powders are directed to be kept mixed, and the syrup and oil added when required for use.

CONFECTIO SENNE. L. Electuarium Sennæ, E. Lenitive Electuary. Figs j, liquorice root 3iij, water Oiij; boil to half, press, and strain. Reduce by evaporation by water-bath to f3xxiv, and add white sugar bijss to form a syrup; to which add pulp of tamarinds, cassia, and prunes, of each Ibss, powdered senna 3viij, and powdered coriander seeds 3iv. E. directs fbj pulp of prunes, and omits the tamarind and cassia, adding pint more water. Mix. [See Electuarium Sennæ, D.] CONFECTIO SENNÆ COMPOSITA. St. B. H. Confection of senna 3ij, jalap powder 3j, supertartrate of potash 3ij, ginger 3jss, syrup q. s. Dose 3j.

CONFECTIO SPONGII. St. B. H. Burnt sponge 3j, syrup of orange-peel q. s. Dose 3j, 3 times a day.

CONFECTIO STANNI. St. B. H. Powdered tin 3j, confection of dog-rose 3ij. Mix. Dose 3ss every morning.

CONFECTIO SULPHURIS COMPOSITA. St. B. H. Precipitated sulphur 3ss, supertartrate of potash 3j, clarified honey 3j. Mix. For other Confections, see Conserva and Electuarium.

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