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CETRARINA. Digest bruised Iceland moss in rectified spirit, express, distil off most of the spirit, and filter the solution whilst hot. Purify the cetrarin which is deposited, by again dissolving it in spirit. Febrifuge; dose, gr. ij to v, every 3 hours. CHARTA ANTIRHEUMATICA. M. BERG. Euphorbium 30, cantharides 15, alcohol 150 parts. Digest 8 days, filter, and add black resin 60, turpentine 50 parts. Thin paper to be brushed over 2 or 3 times with this varnish. The following is said to resemble Poor-man's plaster. Black resin 3 parts, tar 2, yellow wax 1.


For keeping blis

ters open. White wax 3j, spermaceti 3iij, olive oil 3iv, turpentine 3j, cantharides (for No. 1) 3j, (for No. 2) Div, water 3x. Boil slowly in a tinned vessel for 2 hours, constantly stirring, and filter through flannel. Dip slips of paper into the melted mixture, and draw them between two wooden rules. Or the paper may be spread on one side only by the usual method. [WISLIN's plan of spreading paper with emplastic compositions is this:-Cut white printing paper in strips; melt the composition in a plate over boiling water; take one extremity of the paper in the left hand, and raise the other end with the right, so as to form the arc of a circle; draw the under side of the paper over the surface of the composition, gradually lowering the right hand.]

CHARTA EPISPASTICA CUM MEZEREO. GUIBOURT. The ingredients are the same as the last, substituting for the cantharides 3ss or Dij of ethereal extract of mezereon dissolved in a little alcohol. The whole should be melted by a gentle heat, and stirred constantly till the alcohol is evaporated, and then strain through linen, and spread as above.

CHARTA PRO FONTICULIS. SOUBEIRAN. Issue Paper. White wax 10 parts, spermaceti 5, elemi 5, turpentine 6. Melt over a slow fire, and strain. To be spread on paper by a proper machine.

CHARTA VESICATORIA. See Tela Vesicatoria, and Sparadrapum Vesicans.

CHLORINIUM. Chlorine gas may be procured by gently heating muriatic acid with half its weight of black oxide of manganese, in a flask or retort.

CHLORINEI AQUA. E. See Aqua Chlorinii.

CHLOROFORMUM. Chloroform is obtained from 1 part of chloride

of lime, 3 of water, and 3 of alcohol. These are put into a capacious retort, and distilled by a gentle heat into a receiver kept very cool. The heavy oily fluid (chloroform) is separated from the water, and may be rectified by redistilling it with oil of vitriol. CHOCOLATA. The nuts are picked, slightly roasted to loosen the envelopes, broken, winnowed, and cleansed from the skins, &c., again heated, and ground in a mill. The powder is then beaten to a paste in a warm iron mortar, and mixed with sugar. CHOCOLATA SIMPLEX VEL SALUTIS. Chocolat de Santé. P. 96 pounds each of the richer and inferior kind of cacao (Cacao Caraque and Maraignan), treated as above, with 160 pounds of sugar, and 1 ounce of cinnamon.

CHOCOLATA LICHENIS. P. Chocolate (as above) 32 parts, powdered sugar 29 parts, dried jelly of Iceland moss 11 parts. [Another form directs-sugar bvij, cacao bvij, cinnamon 3j, dry extract of lichen (freed from bitter) 3xiij, jelly of lichen j; to be finely ground with a muller on a warm slab.] CHOCOLATA MARTIS. TROUSSEAU. Spanish chocolate 3xvj, subcarbonate of iron 3ss. Triturate, on a warm slab, and divide into cakes of 3j each. Others direct levigated filings of iron. CHOCOLATA IODIDI FERRI. colate 3xvj.


PIERQUIN. Iodide of iron 3ij, cho

Guarana 3j, simple chocolate 3xvj.

CHOCOLATA PURGANS. Calomel 3ij, jalap 3iij, chocolate 3xxxj. Divide into 3j cakes.


P. To 3xvj of prepared chocolate add 3ss of powdered salep. Arrow-root, and tapioca, are mixed with chocolate in the same proportion.

CHOCOLATA CUM VANILLA. P. To 3xvj of chocolate add 3ss of vanilla powdered with a portion of the sugar.

CIGARRE ARSENICALES. TROUSSEAU. Dip white paper in a solution of 1 part arseniate of soda in 30 of water; make it into cigars the length of the finger. 4 or 5 inspirations twice or thrice daily, in phthisis. CIGARRÆ BELLADONNE OPIATE. Extract of opium gr. j, belladonna leaves 3j. Dissolve the extract in water, and moisten the leaves with the solution. Dry them, and form into cigars. CIGARRE CAMPHORÆ. M. RASPAIL. These are used cold.

Pieces of camphor may be included in a quill, straw, or other tube, confined by blotting paper, and the air drawn through it. CIGARRE MERCURIALES. M. BERNARD proposes to steep tobacco leaves (previously deprived of narcotine by repeated washing) in a weak solution of corrosive sublimate and opium ( gr. of the former and gr. of the latter to 3ss of tobacco), and to smoke it in paper, as a mercurial inhalation.

CIGARRE STRAMONII. Stramonium leaves, rolled into the form of cigars. Smoked for the relief of asthma, but often without benefit. Henbane and belladonna are also used in this form. CIGARRÆ TABACI. Tobacco leaves are formed into cigars for smoking. Dr. APJOHN attributes to this practice "the pallid, emaciated visages, debilitated frames, and deranged digestion of the young men of the present day."

CINCHONIA. Cinchonine is prepared from the disulphate, in the same manner as quina. The acetate, arseniate, hydrochlorate, nitrate, and other salts of cinchonia are obtained in the same way as those of quina.

CINCHONIÆ DISULPHAS. Boil coarsely powdered pale (gray) bark with 8 or 10 parts of water acidulated with 2 parts of muriatic acid. Let the decoction cool, filter; add powdered lime till the liquor is alkaline, wash the precipitate with a little water and dry it. Boil it in alcohol, mix the solution with water, distil off the spirit, neutralize the residue with diluted sulphuric acid, evaporate, and crystallize. Uses and doses as disulphate of quina.

CINGULUM ANTIRHEUMATICUM. MARJORLIN. Camphor 3ss, benzoin 3j, euphorbium 3j, muriate of ammonia 3ij. Powder them finely and sprinkle on wadding, which is to be slightly quilted between two folds of flannel, to form a belt, to be applied over the seat of rheumatic pains.

CINGULUM MERCURIALE. Agitate 3iij of quicksilver with 3ij of lemon juice: pour off the liquid, and mix the quicksilver with the white of an egg and 9j of tragacanth. Spread on the belt of flannel. A popular remedy for the Itch.

CODEIA. This is left in solution when ammonia is added to ordinary muriate of morphia, and is obtained by evaporating the residual liquor, crystallizing, treating the salt by liquor potassæ, dissolving the precipitate in æther, and evaporating. MAGENDIE says it is half the strength of morphia.

COLCHICINA. Digest colchicum seeds in boiling alcohol, precipitate by magnesia, treat the precipitate with boiling alcohol, and evaporate the filtered solution. Very poisonous; dose, undetermined.

COLLUTORIA. Mouth washes; usually of a thicker consistence than gargles. They are altogether extemporaneous.

COLLUTORIUM ACIDUM. Muriatic acid 3j, honey of roses 3iij. COLLUTORIUM ACIDI OXALICI. M. NARDO. Oxalic acid 3j, barley water 3xv.

COLLUTORIUM ANTISEPTICUM. WENDT. Extract of bark 3j, rue water 3ij, muriatic æther 3ij, honey of roses 3j.

COLLUTORIUM ASTRINGENS. NEUHOF. Alum 3j, honey of roses 3ij, tincture of myrrh 3ss. KOEKER prescribes tincture of catechu 3ij, clarified honey 3ij, infusion of sage 3vss.

COLLUTORIUM BORACIS. SWEDIAUR. Borax Zij, water 3j, tincture of myrrh 3j, honey of roses 3ij. BAHI. Mucilage of quince seeds f3viij, borax 3iij, honey of roses 3ij.

COLLUTORIUM DETERGENS. PRINGLE. Infusion of roses 3jss, borax 3iij, honey of roses 3ij.

COLLUTORIUM HYDRIODATUM. RIGHINI. Dissolve j of iodide of potassium in 3iv of water, and 3ij of rose water, and add 10 drops of tincture of iodine, and f3iv of simple syrup. In mercurial salivation.

COLLUTORIUM MYRRHÆ. CH. Lime water 3jss, tincture of myrrh 3ij, honey of roses 3ij.

COLLUTORIUM PYRETHRI. U. S. D. Pellitory root 3iv, vinegar 3vj, extract of opium gr. iij. Infuse for an hour. See also Gargarisma.

COLLYRIA. Eye Waters. Aquæ Ophthalmicæ.

COLLYRIUM ACETI. SCARPA. Vinegar f3j, brandy f3j, rose water f 3viij. WARE. Vinegar f 3iv, spirit of rosemary f 3iij, elder water f3vij.

COLLYRIUM ACIDUM. KRIMER. Muriatic acid my xx, mucilage 3j, rose water 3ij. For removing particles of iron from the eye. COLLYRIUM ALOETICUM. Collyre de Brun. Aloes 3j, rose water


water 3vj. MID. H.

GUY'S H. Alum 9j, distilled (or rose)
Burnt alum gr. iv, water f 3j.

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COLLYRIUM AMMONIÆ ACETATIS. CH. Liquid acetate of ammonia f3j, rose water f 3vij. WARE. Liquid acetate of ammonia f 3vj, elder water f3vij. WARDROP. Liquid acetate of ammonia fij, camphor mixture 3vj. BEER adds gr. x of soft extract of opium.

COLLYRIUM ANODYNUM. F. H. Saffron 3j, decoction of linseed 3iv, wine of opium 3j.

COLLYRIUM ANTIMONIALE. PEREIRA. Potash-tartrate of antimony gr.j, distilled water f 3ij. In chronic ophthalmia, and spots on the cornea.

COLLYRIUM ARGENTI NITRATIS. MACKENZIE. Nitrate of silver gr. ij to iv, distilled water f3j. A stronger solution is used in some cases.

COLLYRIUM BATEANUM. BATE'S camphorated water (Aqua cupri sulphatis camphorata) f 3ij, distilled water f3iv. GUTHRIE. Sulphate of copper gr. viij, bole gr. viij, camphor gr. ij, hot water f 3viij. Mix and filter.

COLLYRIUM BORACIS. RICHARD. Borax 3ss, white sugar 3j, rose water f zij.


to ij, rose water f 3j.

Sulphate of cadmium gr. j

COLLYRIUM CALCIS CHLORIDI. VARLEZ. Chloride of lime j, water 3j; dissolve and filter.

COLLYRIUM CAPSICI. CH. Capsicum gr. viij, distilled water 3viij. Infuse without heat for 3 hours, and filter. In Amaurosis, 2 or 3 drops to be used daily.

COLLYRIUM CUPRI ACETATIS. Verdigris gr. viij, rose water f3viij, sedative solution of opium 3ij. COLLYRIUM CUPRI AMMONIATI. CH. water f3viij, muriate of ammonia 3ss. decant.

Verdigris gr. iv, lime
Digest 24 hours, and


COLLYRIUM DIVINUM. Dissolve 3j of the compound called Lapis Divinus (P.) in f 3xxxvj of water, and filter.

COLLYRIUM EMOLLIENS. F. H. Marsh-mallow root 3j, boil in water q. s. to obtain 3iv of decoction. CRUVEILHIER. White of egg 3jss, emulsion of the cold seeds 3iij, sugar-candy 3j. COLLYRIUM HYDRARGYRO IODO-CYANIDI POTASSII. Cyanhy-. drargyrate of iodide of potassium gr. iv, water f ziv.

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