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SPIRITUS VANILLE. NIEMANN. Bruised vanilla 1 part, rectified spirit 12 parts, water 12; distil 12 parts.

STANNI PROTOCHLORIDUM. It is obtained, in solution, by digesting granulated tin in strong muriatic acid, as long as hydrogen gas is given off. [Used as a Test.]

STIBIUM SULPHURATUM, &c. See Antimonii Sulphuretum, &c. STRYCHNIÆ MURIAS. D. On 3j of strychnia pour f3j, or q. s., of dilute muriatic acid, and adding f3iiss of distilled water, apply heat till a perfect solution is obtained. Let this cool, and let the crystals be dried on bibulous paper. By evaporating the residual liquid to of its bulk, and allowing it to cool, an additional quantity of the salt will be obtained.

STYRAX PREPARATA. L. (S. Colata.) Dissolve bj of storax (liquid) in Oiv of rectified spirit, strain through linen, distil off most of the spirit, and evaporate what remains by water-bath to a due consistence. [Styrax Purificata, D. 1806, was made by softening storax in tepid water, and expressing it between warm iron plates.]

SUCCUS ACONITI. See Succi Alcoholati. It is less active than the tincture of the dried root.

SUCCUS BELLADONNE [Alcoholatus]. Mr. BENTLEY. See Succi Alcoholati. Dose, from my xx.

SUCCUS CONII. [BENTLEY.] As the other Succi Alcoholati. Dose, from my xx.

SULPHUR FUSCUM. This is sulphur in an amorphous state, obtained by melting sulphur, increasing the heat till it becomes brown and viscid, and continuing it at that temperature for half an hour. It may be made into pills by softening it with hot water. Three to four 2-grain pills daily.

SULPHURIS HEPAR. See Potassii Sulphuretum.

SULPHURETUM ANTIMONII. See Antimonii Sulphuretum. [For the sulphurets, see their respective bases.]

SUPPOSITORIUM SODA SULPHATIS. PHŒBUS. Dried sulphate of soda 3ij, powdered soap 3iv, honey q. s. For 4 supposito

ries. To be smeared over with oil when applied.

SYRUPUS ACACIA. U. S. Gum arabic 3ij, sugar 3xv, water fz viij. Dissolve the gum in the water without heat, then the sugar with a gentle heat, and strain.

boiling water add 250 parts of red poppy petals; infuse, strain
with pressure, filter, mix it with 8000 parts of simple syrup
previously reduced by boiling to 7500, and add a filtered solu-
tion of 30 parts of extract of henbane in 500 parts of orange-
flower water.

SYRUPUS ATROPIÆ. BOUCHARDAT. Atropine gr. iss, water
(acidulated with a few drops of muriatic acid) 3iiss, syrup
f3xxv. Dose, f3iv, equivalent to gr. 4.


Concentrated infusion of fresh-roasted cof-
fee 3iv, refined sugar 3 viij; dissolved in a closed vessel by a
gentle heat.

syrup 3j. See Mistura Caffeine Citratis.

(1 part of the resin to 10 of r. spirit) 1 part, simple syrup 100
parts. By spoonfuls.

3v, cherry-laurel water iiss, castor (dissolved in spirit q. s.)
Zij, white sugar 3xv. In spasmodic asthma, &c.


Mr. PROCTER. Macerate Ziv of bruised
leaves of umbellate winter-green in f3viij of water for 36
hours, then subject it to percolation till fxvj of liquid have
passed; reduce to half, and dissolve in it 3xij of sugar. Dose,
3ss to 3j.

SYRUPUS CODELE. Codeia j, water f3iv, sugar 3viij. Dose, a
tea-spoonful, in hooping-cough.

SYRUPUS CROCI [VINOSUS]. P. Saffron 3j, Malaga wine 3xvj;
macerate, strain, and add sugar 3xxiv.

SYRUPUS FERRI ACETATIS. Mr. ROPER. Dissolve bij of white
sugar in Oss of water by water-bath, and add f3xj of solution.
of acetate of iron. [Mr. ROPER's acetate of iron is thus made:
Dissolve 3j of iron wire in fiv of muriatic acid diluted with
fziv of water; add Oiv of water, and precipitate with f3v of
liquid potassæ: set aside for 24 hours, draw off the supernatant
liquid with a syphon; fill again with water, and repeat the pro-
cess a third time. Collect the precipitate on a linen filter, dis-
solve it in f3ij of strong acetic acid, add water to make up f3x,
set aside for 24 hours, and filter. To make the ammonio-acetate

add to Oj of the filtered liquor f3ss of strong liquor ammoniæ. But for the syrup it is used without the ammonia.]

SYRUPUS FERRI ET POTASSII IODIDI. Dissolve 3j of iodide of potassium in f3vj of hot water, add f3xij of syrupus ferri iodidi, L., and sufficient simple syrup to make up Oiss. [There is no authorized formula; this contains gr. ij of each salt in f3j.]



3iv of potassio-tartrate of iron in fiv of cinnamon water, and mix the solution with 3xvj of simple syrup. A teaspoonful contains about 2 grains of the salt.

SYRUPUS FERRI SESQUINITRATIS. Mr. DUHAMIL. Clean iron wire 3vj, nitric acid f3iss, water f3 viij let the mixture stand for 12 hours, or till all action has ceased, stirring it occasionally. Filter the solution, and dissolve in it 3xiv of white sugar. Dose, 16 drops.



phosphate of iron (see Ferri Biphosphas) ij, simple syrup f3viij. Dose, my xij—xxiv.

SYRUPUS IODINII CUM ACIDO TANNICO. PUCHE. Iodide of potassium 3v, iodine gr. xv, tannin 3ss, syrup of orange-peel 3xiv.

SYRUPUS MANGANESII MALATIS. M. HANNON. Malate of manganese 3j, simple syrup 3xvj, spirit of lemon-peel 3ij. Dose, 3ss to 3j.

SYRUPUS MANGANESII PHOSPHATIS. M. HANNON. Phosphate of manganese 3ss, syrup of Tolu 3iij Ziij, syrup of cinchona 3v, spirit of lemon-peel 3iss, powdered tragacanth ss. Mix quickly, and preserve in a well-stopped bottle.

SYRUPUS MANGANESII TARTRATIS. It is made with tartrate of manganese, as Syr. Manganesii Malatis.

SYRUPUS MARRUBII. P. Dried horehound 3j, horehound water ij digest in a water-bath for two hours, strain, and add sugar biv.

SYRUPUS MEZEREI. CAZENAVE. Alcoholic extract of mezereum gr. j, simple syrup 3x.

SYRUPUS MORI. L. Strained juice of mulberries Oj, sugar Ibiiss; dissolve with a gentle heat, set aside for 24 hours, remove the scum, and pour off the clear syrup from the dregs.

Lastly, add f3iiss of rectified spirit. [SOUBEIRAN directs the mulberries to be crushed with the hand, and left to ferment for 2 or 3 days, not allowing it to proceed so far as to injure the color of the juice.]

SYRUPUS PHELLANDRII. MIALHE. Infuse 3j of the seeds of phellandrium aquaticum in 3iij of boiling water; when cold, strain, and add to the filtered infusion 3x of simple syrup previously reduced by evaporation to 3vij. Dose, 3j-iv. In bronchitis, &c.

SYRUPUS QUINE IODIDI. Mr. DAVENPORT'S contains gr. j in each f3j [perhaps held in solution by hydriodic acid?]. SYRUPUS QUINE SULPHO-TARTRATIS. Sulpho-tartrate of quinine 1 part, water 3, hot syrup 20 parts. SYRUPUS QUINE LACTATIS. BOUCHARDAT. Lactate of quinine gr. xv, water 3j; dissolve and add 3ij of syrup. By teaspoonfuls, in intermittents of children.

SYRUPUS RHEI AROMATICUS. U. S. Spiced Syrup of Rhubarb. Rhubarb iiss, cloves 3ss, cinnamon 3ss, nutmeg 3ij, proof spirit f3xxxij; macerate for 14 days, strain, evaporate by water-bath to f3xvj, filter while hot, and mix with Oiv fzxvj of syrup previously heated. It may also be prepared by percolation. Dose, for infantile bowel complaints, f3j.

SYRUPUS RIBIUM (Syrup of Currants); SYRUPUS RUBI IDEI (Raspberries); SYR. RUBI FRUTICOSI (Blackberries); &c. As Syrupus Mori [P.], or Syrupus Limonis.

SYRUPUS SALICARIE. Infuse 3iij of flowering tops of willowherb in boiling water q. s. to obtain 3v of infusion; add this to 3xx of syrup previously evaporated to 3xv.

SYRUPUS SENEGÆ. U. S. Bruised seneka root 3iv, water f3xvj; boil to f3 viij, strain, and add sugar bj; make a syrup. Or-take of senega in coarse powder 3iv, water fiv; let them stand 12 hours; then put it in a displacement apparatus, and gradually pour water upon it until the liquid passes nearly tasteless. Evaporate it to f3 viij, and make a syrup with f3xv of sugar. U. S., 1851, substitutes for the water a mixture of f3 viij of spirit, and f3xxiv of water.

SYRUPUS SPIGELIÆ ET SENNA CONCENTRATUS. See Extractum Spigeliæ et Sennæ Fluidum, U. S.

SYRUPUS SYMPHYTI. E. 1744. Mr. BOYLE'S Syrup. Fresh

comfrey root Ibss, plantain leaves Ibss; bruise, express the juice, boil to half, and make a syrup with an equal weight of


SYRUPUS VALERIANE. P. Bruise bj of valerian root, and put it into a still with Ibviij of water. In 12 hours distil off biss; strain and filter what remains, mix the liquor with bviij of simple syrup, evaporate to bviss, and add the distilled


TAFFETAS ANGLICUM. Court Plaster. See Emplastrum Ichthyo


TAFFETAS VESICANS. OETTINGER. Stretch taffeta on a frame, and brush it over twice with a solution of isinglass; when quite dry brush it over twice, at short intervals and in the same direction, with the following solution, repeating the application a third and fourth time, at intervals of 24 hours. Cantharidal æther, sulphuric æther, of each 3x; boiled turpentine and black resin, of each 3iiss; mix and dissolve. It is recommended to apply over it, some days after the last coating of the cantharidal solution, a solution of isinglass of a gelatinous consistence. This is to be wiped off before applying it to the skin, with a wet rag. [The same method answers for puper, which should be laid on a smooth plank.]

TAMARINDUS PRÆPARATUS. L. Tamarinds bj, water q. s. to cover them: macerate with a gentle heat for four hours, then finish as directed for Prunes. [See Pulpa Prunorum.]

TEREBINTHINA COLATA. Common raw turpentine, melted in a still, and strained while warm.

TEREBINTHINA COCTA. P. Put Venice (larch) turpentine in a basin with water, and boil, until a portion thrown into cold water assumes a pilular consistence. When required to form it into pills, soften it by warm water, and roll the pills in powdered starch. PRUS. PH. describes Ter. Cocta as the resin left in distilling oil of turpentine.

THERIACA ANDROMACHI. L. 1746. Venice Treacle. It consists of 61 ingredients, and contains 1 grain of opium in 75. The Theriaca of P. consists of 72 ingredients, and contains gr. j of opium in 72. For these polypharmic electuaries (which are rarely prescribed in this country, and probably never made according to the authorized formula) may be substituted the following:

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